Thursday, May 28, 2020

Backdoor government?

KHAT-aSS has been yapping about 'backdoor' government for days on ends, wakakaka - yes lah, poor Chye-Chye has been deprived of his book-keeper position but you know something? - t'was NOT the new PN government who did it, wakakaka. I'll tell you shortly who was responsible for Chye-Chye losing his cabinet position.

But lately KHAT-aSS seems somewhat resigned to the reality of a ruling PN government as he has 
switched from raving, ranting and railing about 'backdoor government' to whether parliament will be fully locked down until the 'this and that' and what about the now-moribund Harapan-established parliamentary committees?

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The hypocrisy of KHAT-aSS has been his refusal to acknowledge that the PN government came into being by courtesy of his bromancing matey Mahathir who had petulantly and unnecessarily resigned his PM post. That eff-ed up the Harapan cabinet and government completely - that's right, the Harapan government fell because Mahathir resigned abruptly, refusing to hand over to Anwar Ibrahim. And also, please don't forget, KHAT-aSS has yet dishonourably refused to resign as he had vowed if Mahathir did not hand over the PM post to Anwar.

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It was not a PN coalition which seized the reins of government from Harapan but which opportunistically picked up those reins when a vacancy existed because a merajuking Old Evil Man created that.

Even as the Agong-appointed interim PM, Atuk had dilly-dallied because he wanted all to agree to his own cabinet of party-less people who would be expected to obey him without referring back to their respective parties and thus unnecessarily inviting brazen biadab-ish oppositions, people like his Council of Eminent Persons, to wit, Daim, wakakaka.

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So, if KHAT-aSS is still pissed off with the 'backdoor government' thingy he should screw Atuk (of course NOT literally, wakakaka) for the latter's reckless (or was it?) go-it-alone merajuking petulant abrupt resignation as PM, without even informing his own cabinet or/and Harapan colleagues. Yes, it was KHAT-aSS' bromancing matey who was the principal cause of Chye-Chye's job loss. I wonder whether poor Chye-Chye cried?

On the issue of 'backdoor government' there is no denying that the PN government has been legally appointed by HM the YDPA, but yet there continues KHAT-aSS' and ATUK's yelping about a 'backdoor government' which did NOT have the people's mandate. Everyone of the 222 members of parliament has been legitimately elected by the voters so WTF kok-tok are these 2 old men kerbau-ing about? If anyone in parliament can marshal 112 of them, Bob's your uncle lah.

Mind, the only 'backdoor' component of the PN government is a member of PM Muhyiddin's cabinet, but who has been so tolerated by Atuk himself, wakakaka.

But their constant barking about 'people's mandate' makes me wonder whether the Malaysian Parliament is an Americanised system in which the voters elected the President or in our case, the PM DIRECTLY? And I am NOT going to re-discuss the Westminster parliamentary system - if any of my readers still does not understand it after almost 65 years of its employment in Malaya/Malaysia, well, eff him/her 
(again, of course NOT literally, wakakaka).

Now, this is a bit too legally technical for me to work out so I am inviting you readers-visitors to contribute wakakaka (and stop salivating) - I have been wondering about the Harapan manifesto promises which Harapan itself admitted it couldn't fulfil most because it didn't believe it could have won GE14 and thus mucho fibbed about some of those kerbau pre-GE14 mandate promises.

He had the brazen audacity and arrogance to say Harapan's mandate promises were a BIG burden - that's the sort of politician Mahathir was/is 

virtually saying Harapan need NOT fulfil those "BIG BURDEN" promises

So, what the Eff, tell lies, tok kok and sing song lah - after all (it thought) it was not likely to take on the honourable responsibility of meeting one's pre election promises. The shameless manifesto formulators in kerbau-ing on Harapan meaningless exaggerated lying promises had sadly moved into Atuk's territory.

If that was the case, ie. Harapan telling lies because it felt it needn't fulfil those promises but then WTF, winning GE14 because of those lies, wouldn't that make PH a 'backdoor' government?

No doubt PH was given a mandate by voters but that mandate was premised on LIES, thus wouldn't that render that so-called people's mandate null and void a la Harapan signing a bouncy cheque for securing votes?


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In other words, the PH govt, elected on LIES (I love the phrase 'bouncy cheque', wakakaka), would NOT have had any so-called voters' mandate if those manifesto LIES were known prior to the GE. And as PH said, if without the voters' mandate, then the coalition having majority rule is a 'backdoor government' - oh, don't forget that during the time of the euphoric May 2018 victory, that 'backdoor bloke' wakakaka was still with Harapan and Atuk.

So, what do you reckon my dear readers wakakaka, even though I personally don't believe in the Americanised 'people's mandate' but rather that the party (or coalition) which wins or commands the most number of wakil's in the Dewan Rakyat (but not members of the possible-to-enter-via backdoor Dewan Senate, wakakaka) gets to form the government as well as nominate a PM for HM YDPA's approval.

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Oh BTW, below is photo of a, no doubt erstwhile, DAP supporter who was so mad at the DAP for fibbing that he threw eggs at the DAP Menglembu service centre in Ipoh in August 2019. Arabs throw shoes as the ultimate insult and Chinese? Eggs I suppose, wakakaka. I recall, admittedly vaguely by now, when his startled daughters asked him why he was throwing eggs at the DAP, he said sadly that he made the gross mistake of believing in those men with Rockets.

Poor bloke voted DAP in 6 successive elections but I reckon based on his anger, fury and disgusted action last year, GE 14 might be the last time he and many other former 'true believers' (including sweet naive innocent kaytee who once hero-worshipped KHAT-aSS, ptui ptui yuck!) will vote again for DAP. And yes, I wonder whether he (in Ipoh means Cantonese-speaking) added Tiu Nia Mah ****** whilst hurling the eggs in anger at the DAP centre? Wakakaka.


  1. yes its a backdoor govt n backdoor pm. n whats the pn number? tell us,tok so long kok for what?

    1. Batty dumbo brain can't absorb more than 3 sentences, so he wants all, including KT, to shorten all to less than 3 sentences, and preferably in point forms. Caveat : only Batty himself is allowed to ramble on and on to half a page, dia sendiri panjang lebar bolih la....wakakaka. But beware, his rambling is full of shit....incoherent, factually wrong, massively bias and prejudiced, and almost always the last line concluded with a curse at 'evil CCP' and his love for bat soup, Ha Ha Ha. And the unfortunate thing is - even his short shit can show such stupidity too.

      Ohh..another thing...clean up your write..stop being so lazy, couldn't even bother with proof reading, littered with spelling errors and whatnot. Bad example for your children la, hehehehe

    2. sound like u hv the number, pray tell, the most 3 numeric, or else go makan taik kelawar, tiny brain oso mahu buat bising, thats the problem of free speech i guess, if in ccp china, the communist stuff all tis brainless jerk into winnie pooh arse la.

    3. Liken to yr 蔡妹妹 feeding u shits in yr fart filled well to entice into croak for her!

  2. KT so mean on Guanee. Never give credit to the provisional accountant cum book-keeper who rescued us from the abyss of a second financial disaster, on top of the 1 trillion debt already upon us (kalau kena bayar balik itu hutang lah apa cerita lagi).

    So many mega projects re-scoped, cancelled or delayed. With Covid-19 now upon us we owe Guanee a lot. And his Ministry rescued Tabung Haji, but got accused of meddling in pilgrimage matters instead.

    And how much money did Guanee approve for Toonsie's 3rd National Car? Or the flying car? He never gave Toonsie face.

    Most importantly he got rid of GST, the dreaded funder of Corruption.

    And when his daddy champion our Parliament and Democracy KT ask him to resign?

    And when Wee KHAT Siong is nothing but Boh Lam Phar, but try to mis-lead people saying he got 58 million for TARUC in 2020, when it was Guanee who had budgeted for it in the 2019 and 2020 budgets, already approved by Parliament last (legitimate) sitting but KT suck up to the Jellyfish Minister instead?

    Now Toonsie and co expelled from Bersatu he may have to crawl to LKS/Guanee/DAP, ask for forgiveness, oh how the tables have turned, Allah Truly Is Great.

  3. This blog by KT is obviously a diversion, right after Toonsie and co kicked out from Bersatu, now homeless, have to crawl to DAP for sedekah and mercy. LKS and Guanee have the last laugh. Stupid Old Fart.