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PAS' attempt to introduce syariah law by the backdoor


PAS' attempt to introduce syariah law by the backdoor

by Mariam Mokhtar


Is the suggestion about banning the production and sale of alcohol, another of PAS' knee-jerk reactions, or is it a carefully choreographed attempt to introduce syariah law by the back door?

Are we finally seeing the true colours of PAS?

A religious fool is more dangerous than an ignorant fool; so when PAS' information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad suggested a ban on alcohol sales until the issue of drink driving was resolved, many of us wonder what they will decide to ban next.

Thirty years ago, they banned cinemas in Kelantan to stop "social ills" in the darkened room, but this has not stopped enterprising and determined couples from meeting on the beaches, in bushes and in the back seats of cars for a bit of fun.

An alcohol ban will drive the trade underground, a bit like the multi-million ringgit trade in smuggled cigarettes, and deprive the Treasury of several billion ringgits in tax revenue. More alcohol was drunk during the prohibition, than before, and Al Capone gained vast wealth.

An alcohol ban will prompt vigilante squads to emulate the infamous Manjoi incident in Ipoh, when a group of people demanded the removal of alcoholic beverages from the shelves of a grocery store. Mentri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu failed to punish these bullies, and he did not restore the confidence of the shopkeepers in Perak, who feared similar attacks.

There are more important things than banning alcohol. So, does PAS have a different set of principles than the rest of the country?

The alcohol ban is nothing more than PAS dipping their toes in the water. They want to gauge our reaction, before they fully introduce syariah laws.

Bad drivers who kill, are not necessarily drunk. Some are on drugs, and others have been distracted when using a mobile phone.

What are the statistics for drink-and-drive-related accidents? How many drivers are there in Malaysia and of these, how many are kopi-o licence holders, with no knowledge of the highway code or how to be responsible drivers? What is this figure, per capita of the population? How many drink-drive related accidents have caused deaths?

How many successful convictions have there been for drink-driving related deaths? Has the number of incidents increased or decreased?

Since February, there were at least five reported cases of accidents caused by drink-driving. In one, a car rammed into a Movement Control Order (MCO) roadblock and killed a policeman. A few days ago, in Kuantan, a man on his way to work, was killed in an accident with a drunk driver.

In some of these reports, the police said that they "believed" the man who caused the crash had been drunk. Aren't roadside breathalyser tests made? Aren't blood and urine samples taken at a hospital for traces of alcohol or drugs? Is this sloppy reporting or sloppy policing, where the word "believe" is used to introduce an element of culpability, or to influence public opinion.

Have there been more drink-driving accidents during the movement control order (MCO)? Are people consuming more drinks, during the lockdown, to relieve their boredom, or because they are drinking on their own?

Perhaps the government is focusing on accidents that are caused by drunks to appease PAS?

We have enough laws in this country. Our problem is that the laws are not properly enforced. More can be done. Health warnings should accompany alcohol advertisements. Pubs and restaurants should liaise with taxi companies to offer discounted rides to customers who are over the limit.

PAS needs to curb its knee-jerk tendencies. Will it propose a ban on lorries, because road hauliers overload their vehicles and turn a blind eye to drivers who have been charged with traffic violations, speeding and driving under the influence of drugs? More deaths are caused by speeding lorries, lorries with dodgy brakes, lorries with lights that do not work, or lorry drivers who weave in and out of traffic and are a menace to other road users.

Perhaps, PAS should punish the officers of the Road Transport Department (RTD) for encouraging the breaking of the law, by accepting bribes for lorries which fail the various RTD tests?

PAS politicians are quick to point the blame at others. In 2014, Nik Abduh Nik Aziz (above) blamed Thailand for the high rates of HIV/AIDs infections in Kelantan, because cheap sex and drugs were easily available across the border.

Why can't the PAS administration of Kelantan educate its menfolk? Should every male who comes of age be castrated to prevent him from impregnating young girls? Should a girl who reaches puberty, be forced to wear a chastity belt, to stop the high incidence of teenage pregnancies? Education, especially sex education, is not a priority for PAS policymakers.

If women were in charge of Kelantan (and Putrajaya), the nation would be free of oppression, teem with activity and thrive from increased trade.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a defender of the truth, the admiral-general of the Green Bean Army and president of the Perak Liberation Organisation (PLO). Blog, Twitter


  1. According to OutSyedTheBox:

    Dalam tempoh SEMBILAN TAHUN (2011 - 2019) seramai 55,887 orang telah terkorban di jalanraya.

    Carta statistic ini menunjukkan 17 penyebab utama bagi kematian di jalanraya.

    TOP FIVE penyebab kematian kemalangan jalanraya adalah seperti berikut

    1. No. 1 bilangan terbesar (16,685 maut) adalah akibat TERBABAS SENDIRI.

    2. Di kedudukan nombor 2 pula 6,274 orang maut apabila MAKAN JALAN.

    3. Nombor 3 pula 6,046 orang maut sebab TUKAR LANE atau MEMOTONG.

    4. Di tangga nombor 4 pula 5,887 maut sebab TAK NAMPAK ADA OBJEK DI DEPAN

    5. Dan no. 5 ialah 5,802 maut sebab CUAI KELUAR MASUK SIMPANG

    Macam mana pula dengan kes mabuk?

    Sebenarnya tiada statistik untuk kes mabuk.
    Sebab bilangan kes MABUK adalah terlalu kecil.

    Maka kematian akibat MABUK di campur dengan kes DADAH.

    So apakah jumlah besarnya maut daripada MABUK + DADAH ?
    Dalam tempoh SEMBILAN TAHUN hanya berlaku 47 kes kematian akibat MABUK / DADAH. Atau puratanya LIMA orang terkorban bagi setiap tahun.

    Maka maut kes MABUK / DADAH menduduki tempat yang ke bawah sekali.
    Kes MABUK menduduki tangga No. 17.

  2. pas argument sound damn similar to ccp one.

    1. Mfer, CCP is openly secular while it pas dangdut pals r just as hypocrite as u!

    2. LMAO

      CK, methinks he has holes in his brain matter...too much imbibing of bat-soup-liquor brew ? He he he he

  3. And that useless Jellyfish Minister Wee KHAT Siong never set the record straight with the PAS information chief by quoting accident statistics which is under the Transport Ministry.

    Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs is no.17 on the list of deaths: J-walking, single vehicular crash, speeding, unsafe over-taking, no seat belts, helmets etc being the main causes.

    Drunk driving just gets all the bad press.

    All Wee KHAT Siong could do was to blurb that the drink driving law would be tightened, but that Bill had been prepared by the PH goverment (Anthony Loke) and ready for tabling in Parliament which has been shuttered for SEVEN MONTHS (and counting) so cannot pass any law.

    Don't forget Wee KHAT Siong's ABJECT BOH LAM PHAR silence over the shut-down of the beer factories.

    After getting approval to re-direct the TARUC funds which Guanee had approved in the 2019 and 2020 budgets from the independent Alumni Association back to the MCA-controlled Board of Trustees, which is a clear conflict of interest Wee KHAT Siong is now totally subservient.

    Where is that gullible hawker....we need him to throw some eggs at MCA service centre.....ha ha ha....

    1. People don't see and don't believe there could be staff doing solely MCA party works only, e.g. so called think tank professionals, advisors, nothing relating to TARC or TARUC but embeded in the two institutes payroll. Realy gullible ......

  4. Even before the Sheraton Shake the PH government was already prepared to table a new law on drunk driving. Anthony Loke was leading the charge. Then parliament was shuttered so cannot pass the bill. And when it is finally passed Jellyfish Minister Wee KHAT Siong will claim the credit.

    Loke: Heavier penalties soon for reckless driving, DUI offences
    Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

    PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has agreed to introduce stiffer punishment for offences related to reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the Road Transport Act would be reviewed and amended to increase the existing penalties for such offences.

    "This matter received serious attention in today's (Jan 29) Cabinet meeting. The Cabinet agreed in principle for the Transport Minister to review and amend the existing provisions and tighten laws concerning driving under the influence and reckless driving.

    "We will be having discussions with stakeholders including the police and the Attorney General's Chambers to seek their views on enforcement and laws," said Loke at a press conference at his ministry here on Wednesday.

    Among the provisions to be reviewed includes the prescribed limit of alcohol content in the driver's blood.

    Loke said the current law permits up to 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood.

    "However, the international limit set by WHO (World Health Organisation) is 50mg in 100ml of blood ... we feel this needs to be reviewed," said Loke.

    At present, those found driving intoxicated beyond the permissible amount can be jailed up to ten years and fined up to RM20,000.

    Loke said Section 41 of the Road Transport Act concerning reckless and dangerous driving which causes fatal accidents, would also be reviewed.

    "We need to re-look existing provisions and ensure those who are found guilty of reckless driving will receive more appropriate punishment," he said.

    Currently, those who are found guilty for reckless driving and causes death can be jailed up to 10 years and fined a maximum of RM20,000.

    They will also be banned from driving for at least three years.

    Transport minister vows to complete amendments to law against drink-driving by June
    Saturday, 30 May 2020

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — Transportation Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong has guaranteed the amendments to the Road Transportation Act 1987 will be finalised by the middle of next month for Cabinet’s approval.

    He said a briefing session will be held by the Road Transport Department concerning the amendments on Monday (June 1) with a focus on driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

    “To drivers out there, please do not drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Value your lives and safety, especially for that of other road users. Become a responsible society for the good of all,” Wee said in a Facebook post.

    He also lamented news from yesterday of yet another deadly drink-driving accident, and offered his condolences to the victim’s family and prayers for the soul to rest in peace.

    A 22-year old student crashed his vehicle into two courier company employees at KM 34.2 along the Federal Highway. One of the couriers, a 42-year old man, died on the spot while his 30-year old colleague sustained severe injuries.

  5. PAS is the devil that people don't see. Wait till they get a firmer grip of power....

    1. Yes why not...let wait n see... by the way, we are happy that the bigger devil has gone... they created havoc in Malaysian soil during their short stint ov 22 months... what a relief!!

    2. Bigger one coming on the way!

      Or meeting yr creator EARLIER is all u want?

      There is quicker way, like drink yrself silly with sabu2, than waiting for ketuanan freaks/zombies to mess things up for blur-sotongs like u!

  6. And what about Wee KHAT Siong's complete silence ?

  7. PAS bagi cadangan jer, ada ker masuk parlimen dah?
    Spin lebih la komer libtards ni. Malu oghang Peghak jer.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      Bahasa pasar kangkong!

      Betul tak?

    2. Walau pun belum masuk parlimen, faham tak apa tu creeping PAS Islamization ?

      Surely you have read the story of the camel and the tent. Bagi satu inci...

  8. Death caused by driver under drug or alcohol should classified under homicide not under road ordinance. This is because these drivers know they will. cause harm to themselves and others.