Monday, May 11, 2020

China showing trade 'fangs' to Australia for pro-US covid kerbau

Illawarra Mercury:

'No justification' for China barley levy

Health minister Greg Hunt says the government backs an EU motion to investigate COVID-19's origins
Trade Minister Simon Birmingham is "deeply concerned" by China threatening to slap a tariff on Australian barley imports, saying there is "no justification".

He said the government is working with the Australian grains industry to mount the strongest possible case against China's 18-month anti-dumping investigation.

"Every country has a right to apply tariffs in relation to matters of dumping," Senator Birmingham told reporters in Canberra on Sunday.

"But we are quite clear and firm in our view that there is no justification to find that Australia's farmers and barley producers are subsidised or are dumping their product in such ways."

Western Australian Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan said a tariff would be a "major blow" to farmers in her state as they provide 88 per cent of barley exports to China.

"The Western Australian Government has always maintained good relationships with China as our major trading partner, and we will be making direct contact with the Chinese Consul General on the matter," she said in a statement.

The reports come at a time of heightened tensions between Australia and China over the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Fake news is spreading fast - BBC News

The Morrison government has been calling for an inquiry into the origin of COVID-19 for some weeks to better understand how the virus started in Wuhan, China to be able to counter such pandemics in the future.

As such, Health Minister Greg Hunt says the government supports a European Union motion for an independent investigation.

"We support the EU motion which includes an independent investigation, regulatory work on wet markets and also the potential for independent inspection powers," Mr Hunt told Sky News.

But such an examination has already sparked a harsh response from Australia's number one trading partner, and further undermining a sometimes fragile partnership between the two countries.

How anti-China sentiment is spreading on social media — Quartz

Meanwhile, Queensland's The Sunday Mail newspaper reports a federal parliamentary committee intends to summon China's ambassador to give evidence and explain why China has "economically threatened" Australia before and after the coronavirus outbreak.

The joint parliamentary investigation was set up by maverick Queensland MP George Christensen without the approval of key cabinet ministers.

He believes "enough is enough".

"This inquiry will be the first major look into Communist China's infiltration of Australia, through rampant foreign investment and export market dominance, Mr Christensen told The Sunday Mail.


  1. its almoat certain wuhanvirus was originated from yunnan bat that yet fly california, or else y refuse independent investigation? enough of this not me shit, now get ready to pay, rmb is okay, or ceded guangdong n fujian to hker n twnese, ccp can keep hubei, got virus.

    1. HY, your remarks are getting more irrational - have CK and JJ hurt you mucho? Wakakaka

    2. That mfer has too much Taichung bat soup, mixing with his existing nth level 台毒 to reach this psychopath delirium state!

      Soon, when someone shout 台毒,he will just bite like an vampire bat.

    3. but many china netizen especially guangzhou ren said they r willing to sacrifice to become america 51 states to compensate usa. unfortunately they hv to queue behind hk.

      btw, whats the rationale to refuse independent investigation?

    4. Wakakakakaka…!!!

      Might as well quote NED sponsored 台毒水炮. At least they r more able to take with twisted facts!

      Remember what u have so succinctly claimed about HOW questions were been asked to the interviewees to abstract targeted results?

      What a lousy play of words from a equally lousy pretender wordsmith!

      BTW, what's yr rationale to an independent investigation?

      An unsubstantiated claim that the SARS-CoV-2 originated in Wuhan - just bcoz the 1st case was discovered there?

      Liken to investigating into yr pedophilic tendency just bcoz of a pedophilia article lying in yr house?

    5. this is sarcasm n humour, n no one phrase any questions, but its okay if u dun get it, not first time n wont be the last.

      my rationale is straight forward so people dont go accuse the mother of 2. n i think its pretty reasonable to start the investigation at a location breakout start, or else what do u propose? check the polar bear first?

    6. Sarcasm & humour?

      Please lah, even that old moneyed coffee of yes claimed so with his fluid England.

      None of u r wordsmith! More so with yr 南魔萬 England!

    7. i thot the twit was written in simplify chinese while the elaboration use traditional chinese?

      however i do agree with u that if we allowed to phrase the question such as "assume u r given an option, r u willing to breakaway from ccp china", we might have a more concrete response. just curious r we allowed to ask in such mannner? if no, y? because mainlander no humour wakaka

  2. It is very unwise and shoet-sighted for a large Nett food importer to play political games with food supplies.

    The world is like a wheel, sometimes you are on top, sometimes you are at the bottom.

    Many countries, even if doing well today, are one generation or less past food famines. No guarantees that the hungry times will not come again.

    Some day you may find yourself begging for food supplies.

    1. Apply equally well to monocrop food exporters to a single lucratic market!

      Especially that market has long been self sufficient in local food supply. With long term food storage planned well into many yrs.

      Many day later they might find themselves begging for buyers for their produce.

      Just like the negative oil price RECENTLY!

  3. The blurb in this video said :

    "Do you remember the moment former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell wielded the infamous "test tube full of washing powder" as justification for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003? That moment seems to be looming again, concerning COVID-19. While the death toll skyrockets, the U.S. administration has been lashing out at China. What's driving their efforts? What's the ultimate goal?"

    Liu Xin of CGTN makes her points at The Point, hehe. I know, I know, dua dua ekor OCBC di sini will have their daggers out about this video, screaming " CCP propaganda...lies, evil, baaad", hehe

    Anyway, just have a listen to Ms Liu Xin in her impeccable England, hehe

    Maybe WIV don't welcome those so-called "independent investigation" urging from the Trump administration, seeing how former Sec of State Colin Powell put on his wayang waving that fake WMD powder in the UN. Poor Saddam paid with his life for allowing these murderers into Iraq for "an independent investigation" then, AND 2.4 MILLION IRAQI CIVILLIANS WERE KILLED IN THAT US ATTACK ON IRAQ. All these murderers are still alive and kicking, giving lectures and interviews and living the high life in their luxurious homes and UN dare not bring them to account up till this day. That's American demoncrazy for you..."liberty", "freedom", "human rights" and "free speech", hehehe

    So spare a few minutes on this piece of video :

    1. so what is yr suggestion? an independent ccp investigation? or forget it n continue to claim its spread from the mother of 2?

    2. Mfer, news do travel slow in that fart filled well of yrs!

      Maybe, deliberately filtered out - only choirs sounds r allowed. All others r just white noises.

      Haven't u noticed that the euphoria calling for independent CCP investigation has died out?

      Even that Morrison barking dog has quietly shifted target to homegrown lockdown relieving plan.

      Know WHY?

      There r now more medical evidences from all over the world that SARS-CoV-19 virus have been masked as super flu virus.

      The mayor of Belleville, New Jersey, Michael Melham is believed to contracted COVID-19 last November, a month before China even recorded any case and two months before the U.S.

      Doctors at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital of Colmar in eastern France said they've found evidence that the earliest COVID-19 cases in the country can be traced back to November 16.

      Japanese scientists have traced a covid-19 case back to Sept2019. The deceased, a 60yr old woman, whose blood serum was retested positive recently for SARS-CoV-19 antibody.

      So Wuhan as the source is now been totally disputed!

      Why ain't Maatje Benassi subjects herself to either methods that detect the presence of virus itself (RT-PCR, isothermal nucleic acid amplification, antigen) or those that detect antibodies produced in response to infection?

      She can removes that R0 tag so easily by doing so. Yet there is consistent refusals to do so!

      Scare if testing positive →

      a) a SARS-CoV-19 carrier

      b) timeline implication of earlier than Sept2019 virus spread

      c) her infesting source

      All these infos pointing to WHAT?

      Mfer, since u can't leapfrogging out from that well, perhaps u should ask yr caretakers to feed u some fresher farts! That petrified lump is disintegrating due to yr constantly knocking it against the well enclosure!

    3. pointing that we need a independent investigation to see if all your assertion is valid or not. so when can the independent investigation start?

    4. AGAIN, showing yr 南魔萬 England comprehension!

      Yes, independent investigation MUST be conducted when the timeline of the covid-19 pandemic has been determined!

      Right now, u r basing yr assertion solely on a fraudulent Wuhan claim & yr pet hatred for China.

      Doing an investigation purely on Wuhan now WOULD NOT yield any useful results that r not already known, except confirming yr initial assertion is wrong.

      Besides wasting of time! Achieving yrs & most of the other demoNcratic dickheads' blackgoating aim too.

      If the timeline can be rolled back to the earliest possible time slot, then a MUCH clearer picture of the covid-19 would emerge.

      So far ALL clinical deductive outcomes point to covid-19 is been masked by the super flu, circulating around the world & originated in US!

      Wuhan, China, is just a convenient location for demoNcratic operatives & bat/wet market r just easy scapegoats that couldn't argue back!

      In fact, the Chinese (especially those who lost their lives in Wuhan) must be congratulated for been the FIRST to identify a novel killer coronavirus that has been masked out by influenza epidemiological syndromes.

      The Chinese isolated & published its genetic sequences, in record time, for the rest of the world to prepare for testing kits!

      U never heard of US disallowing WHO to conduct an independent investigation into the proliferation of the SUPER FLU that has already claimed millions of American lives.

      U wouldn't heard ANYTHING about this piece of news bcoz it was so cleverly covered up by all the major western news media. Most them intentionally twisting that WHO refuses request into an independent investigation into covid-19!

      An independent investigation can start by FIRST dig deeper into the causality of the super flu in US & why this time round the 'normal' flu season has turn abnormal.

      By comparing the virological & epidemiological similarities/differences between flu & covid-19 the evolution of both coronavirus can be established. From there, the origin, treatment & prevention can then be studied.

      Cure for coronavirus is impossible, as indicated by the continuous present of influenza (flu) since its discovery.

      Pointing finger at yr pet hatred, whether country &/or idealogy, can never help to resolve this covid-19 pandemic. It takes the efforts of all scientists, East & West, to come up with a sensible approach - minus all the sopo noises currently circulating around the world!

    5. usa is a bully, now china become one, refuse who investigation.

    6. If any biochem lab needing investigation, the one at Fort Detrick is urgently overdue. The Americans cannot just quietly sealed and shut it down completely while those then living in its vicinity in the Maryland area suffered an unusual spike of so-called flu, leaving thousands dead with many reports of strange severe pneumonia-like illness which the authority conveniently brushed it off as e-cigarette vaping.

      In an House Oversight Committee query, the Director of CDC Robert Redfield did finally admitted to exhumation of some of the "flu" deaths and he discovered that some of those who died during that flu season did not die of flu but of coronavirus instead.

    7. So convenience with one-liner twisted statement!

      Did WHO propose independent investigation in China for covid-19 or did WHO propose independent investigation in US for abnormal super flu?

      Who has China bullied in this case?


      Yr uncle Sam?

    8. lets start a independent investigation to chk both yunnan bat n california bat, can include italy bat, german bat n mother of 2, so bila bolih start? bila ccp mahu request who to investigate california bat?

    9. Didn't u read China has proposed WHO to investigate the super flu?

      News travel backward in that fart filled well of yrs, RIGHT?

      Keep scapegoating bat!

      Mfer, coronavirus don't jump from bat to human. There must be an intermediary!

      R u the one of those Taichung type - blaming a silenced bat to cover up yr acts?

  4. Breaking News : Game over for Trump and Mike Pompeo ?

    Californian governor, Gavin Newsom, had given a very important order that autopsy be done on bodies of influenza deaths in December 2019 and earlier months in his state.

    The objective is to find out when the first coronavirus appeared in California.

    At the press conference, Newsom said that the reason for starting this work is to go deeper into finding out the truth. He also said this has important medical significance.

    Newsom also said that not only will this be carried out in California state but in other states too. California state is just a trail blazer, the other states would also like to find out the truth and not concealing it.

    Just two days, the health department in Santa Clara, California, had just carried out autopsy on three bodies classified officially as 'death from common flu'.

    They died on 6th February, 17th February, and 6th March respectively. The cases of the Mayor of NJ Michael Melham suspected of having Covid19 in November and the case of an Algerian in France, also in November, had spurred the Governor to start this exhumation and autopsy exercise.

    The result of the autopsy showed that these three persons had actually been infected with coronavirus.

    And investigation on the background of these three had shown that none of these three had been to China. And because these deaths occurred very early, the conclusion had frightened Donald Trump, as it showed that these victims were infected locally in America. With this three cases, the Mayor had ordered a thorough investigation into this matter.

    Speculation have been rife that Trump and his administration had first hand knowledge about this, and this had fueled the attack on China and the WHO to deflect the origin of the virus.

    Recently, coronavirus cases were also found on US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. As the carrier had been on high seas for months, it was concluded that the virus could only have brought onboard from the US soil and not from other countries.

    Many Covid-19 cases had also been discovered on US submarine.

    1. There is an French media explosive investigation into covid-19 happened within the French military participants during the Wuhan military game.

      The two whistleblowers, who took part in that game were forbidden by the French authority to talk to anyone until now!

      They came forward after the French authority refused their repeated requests to do covid-19 testing on their other colleagues.


      The TRUTH is slowly crawling out from piles & piles of China-bashing lies & blackgoating narratives!

      Indeed, now is the time to start an independent investigation into the super flu in US.

      More shits r hitting the fans while many innocents r dying due to WASP political expediency!

      Will those bat/Wuhan promoters eat their shits now?

      Or they will buat tak tau, dowsing off quietly under their fart-filled well waiting for uncle Sam to come up with another twist!

    2. many china party n elected leader in twn n hk oso propose to check 0 patient in wuhan, bila start?

    3. Ya-loh!

      Those "china party n elected leader in twn n hk" fed by NED via yr 蔡妹妹's skirt!

      They can start ANYTIME they want. Better still, just complete the report as demanded via fabrications. Uncle Sam & demoNcratic media would then help to broadcast to the world.

      So simple! No need to shout till yr throat is sored.