Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Butchered like a pig


UMNO leaders can accept the return of Muhyiddin largely due to the fact that the prime minister’s health will not allow him to serve for long. It would be a perfect solution. Muhyiddin is very eager to go back to his beloved party before he kicks the bucket, while UMNO will be strengthened with the return of Muhyiddin followers back to their “Mothership”.

How UMNO leaders treat Muhyiddin after the merger exercise is a crucial litmus test on whether Mahathir and his son Mukhriz will follow suit at a later stage. However, if Muhyiddin were to rejoin UMNO, what will happen to his lieutenant – Azmin Ali? Judging by the recent open warfare, where the Senior Minister Azmin was butchered like a pig, there seems to be no place in UMNO for him.

Azmin, who was caught with his pants down enjoying gay sex at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, had reportedly moved – quietly – into the office and residence of the Deputy Prime Minister. For proclaiming himself as the second most powerful man, he was grilled by UMNO for his failure to get a consensus from all state governments before announcing the new rules to reopen businesses post-lockdown.

It’s unthinkable to imagine the PKR traitor would shamelessly follow Muhyiddin into UMNO, where he is unwanted. Azmin is considered as an outsider, what more with his gay sex scandal. The last thing UMNO wants in the party is a homosexual or bisexual or whatever you want to call him, not after they have repeatedly mocked and insulted opposition Anwar Ibrahim as a homosexual.

Well, Muhyiddin can’t babysit Azmin forever. The gay minister can form a new party or join an existing party like Gerakan, provided the party does not mind being tainted with a leader with a peculiar hobby. His party can then become UMNO-friendly. Still, without a strong base, the neither-here-nor-there Gerakan or a new party of Azmin cannot add value in the next general election.

Even if Azmin’s new party is allowed to play along, he definitely can’t be the de-facto deputy PM. Heck, it’s not even certain if he can retain his Senior Minister post, let alone the powerful and lucrative Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Like it or not, he will be demoted. And there’s no guarantee that the 10 PKR defectors whom be brought along to join Bersatu will not leave him.

Perhaps Mr. Nice Guy Anwar Ibrahim, who proclaimed himself as the world’s most patient and confident man, will accept Azmin Ali back to PKR party. However, whether DAP can accept the traitor or not is another issue. If Bersatu cannot survive without a merger with UMNO, chances are Azmin’s party (if he decides to go solo) will be crushed and slaughtered like a pig too.


  1. pas welcome azmin, no worry stupid twatter.

  2. AssMain is so plastered with shit there's not an inch to spare. Hoo hoo...the man who can't see himself ( or pretend not to see ) even if there's a huge mirror right in front of party will accept him, unless they can stomach the stench and having to grow a third eye at the back of the head to watch out 24/7 for that infamous AssMain dagger hehe