Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mahathir eff-ing himself plus son


YOURSAY | Mahathir and son getting a bad dose of karma?


YOURSAY | ‘So it seems Muhyiddin is emerging victorious after all.’

Dr M and Mukhriz's fates hang in the balance

Fair Play: I am not sure whether there is a move by Bersatu to sack party chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad and deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir. Assuming it is true, here is the good news and even better news.

The good news - is Mahathir finished for good? It looks more than likely. The even better news - the two key ‘backdoor’ players, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and senior minister Azmin Ali would be annihilated by the Umno-PAS combo in GE15.

Even if Bersatu merges with Umno-PAS, both men would be finished – Muhyiddin will retire and Azmin likely to be sent into orbit.

A two-party system would emerge – Malay United (Umno-PAS) and Pakatan Harapan.

As things stand today, the Harapan coalition would have about 92 to 105 MPs, a very strong opposition indeed.

It shouldn’t even try to topple the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government in today’s dire economic environment. The price to pay in GE15 will be humongous. Let PN takes all the economic craps now to the next general election.

Harapan should abandon (better still, ditch) Mahathir and strengthen their coalition and act as a credible opposition and prepare to take over the government in GE15 legitimately.

Daylight: Indeed, all three Malay-only parties could destroy one another.

Step 1 - the factional fight in Bersatu destroy one of the factions; on paper, it is likely to be the Mahathir faction.

Step 2 - create friction between the Muhyiddin group and the over-ambitious ex-PKR Azmin group, whichever sub-faction survives will either kowtow to Umno-PAS or be completely destroyed by them.

Finally, should Umno-PAS capture the federal government after the next GE, they will start fighting among themselves for ultimate supremacy.

Malaysia Bharu: I don't think Mahathir is as innocent in the worsening conflict in PKR during his 22 months at the helm.

While PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin had been at loggerheads for a long time, Mahathir drove the wedge wider and deeper by giving overly special attention and prominence to Azmin so much so the talk was that he was being groomed as deputy prime minister when Mukhriz moves to Putrajaya.

In fact, Azmin's blatant undermining and growing arrogance and defiance that escalated the conflict was attributed to the support he received from Mahathir.

Anyway, today Azmin is seen as merely the henchman for Mahathir's ugly scheme to deny the power transition to Anwar. And Azmin exited PKR with the despicable legacy of being the biggest traitor to PKR and the electorate that had put trust in him.

JD Lovrenciear: The folly of father mauls the son. The people gave the father the magic wand. But his 'unfinished business' finished not only him but his son too.

But it is okay for father and son and their entourage. They have enough money to survive World War Three. We ordinary people need to worry about our own and our unborn citizens' future.

Bersatu meeting postponed after report of plot against Dr M, Mukhriz

RR: I did not in the least expect that Mahathir will face such ignominy within the party he founded. Well, he wanted to be more Malay than the real Malays by championing Malay hegemony, but it has backfired.

He could have gone into history as a great statesman of multiculturalism but he betrayed Harapan’s philosophy.

The country is now in a political quagmire, especially with the attack of coronavirus on all Malaysians without distinction of race or religion.

Kural: So it seems Muhyiddin is emerging victorious after all.

An old adage states as a general rule in upward mobility and for continuing progress, the knowledge and skills acquired by a young pupil oftentimes overwhelms, dominates and defeats his/her old tutor.

One is a vertical thinker while the other thinks laterally.

Bluemountains: No party meeting can go ahead without the approval of Mahathir who won the post of Bersatu chairperson unopposed. The meeting would be deemed illegal and null and void.

Likewise, the dismissal of the secretary-general Marzuki Yahya without the approval of the chairperson is also illegal and null and void.

Therefore, the appointment of the new secretary-general (Hamzah Zainuddin) to replace Marzuki is also illegal and null and void. Any meeting called by the new secretary-general is also illegal and null and void.

Don't believe me? Test it in court.

Anonymous 2826346492: The court has no jurisdiction to interfere in the decision of a political party on any matter relating to its affairs.

According to Section 18 (c) of the Societies Act, the decision of a political party in interpreting its constitution is final and conclusive, and cannot be challenged by the court. As such, those holding real power (the majority) will control the party. It doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong.

Who was behind this nefarious amendment in the Societies Act? Mahathir, when he was in his first stint as PM. Karma, again.

Headhunter: Mahathir has only himself to blame.

The cause of our country woes is because of his racist policy. He could have turned this country into one of the best in the world. But he chose to turn everything into a one-race, one-religion, one-party and one-man rule.

He was dishing out favours to the sycophants and privileged, and wasted billions upon billions on grandiose projects.

He could have left a great legacy that's equal to none had he promoted multiculturalism where every race can contribute their talents and efforts to make this nation the best in the world.

What we now have is a country full of corrupt leaders feasting on what's left of our beloved nation.

Anak JB: Mahathir overplayed his card and now suffering the ignominy of being rejected and betrayed by his own party.

He should have remained steadfast with his Harapan supporters instead of trying to appease Umno supporters.

Hantam: He could have, and should have, deregistered Umno and undo the gerrymandering created by former PM Najib Abdul Razak, but he wanted to hold on to all the cards so he could use all the options at his disposal to strike at anyone and everyone.

Furthermore, he was too fixated on denying Anwar that he lost sight of his enemies next to him. He forgot that the dirty Malay politics he started, and the generations after him have learned too well from him.

Heard of the boomerang, Mahathir?


  1. Friend or foe of Mahathir need to be well aware, never ever count Mahathir finished, until Allah recalls him.

    Najib thought he had everything sorted out, then he lost his job.
    Lesson learnt.

  2. no more umno pas queue up to see our conman? oh pity.