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95 yet viciously wicked and rotten to the core


Mahathir not completely honest about Harapan’s fall 

7th Rangers: Malaysian PM Mahathir says Tanjung Piai defeat much ...

‘It does not matter whether it was you or Muhyiddin. Denying it now makes no difference…’.

Dr M: If I wanted to betray the people, I would have become PN's PM

MS: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you have done enough mischief in your lifetime, enough to prevent generations of young Malaysians from ever attaining their full potential.

You have wrecked every system that stood in the way of the crooks and the conmen you nurtured - everything from the inherited system of good governance to law enforcement to the administration of justice - to enable the rise of the Azmins, the Muhyiddins, the Najibs, the Isas, the Adnans, their lackeys and their hangers on.

Despite your known bias which you expressed at the Malay Dignity Congress last October, you have not been able to groom a single Malay with uncompromising integrity, benevolence and leadership despite having almost a quarter of a century to do so. Not one.

Mahathir: “.. Orang asing berasa selesa dengan negara kita dan mereka ingin tinggal di sini. Nak tak nak pun, kita terpaksa terima, kalau tidak kita tidak akan mencapai  

(The foreigners felt comfortable in this country and wanted to stay. Like it or not, we were forced to accept or we would not have achieved independence)

The 'orang asing' or foreigners he referred to are non-Malays (Chinese and Indians)

What we have instead are shysters, conmen, connivers and thieves all decked out with elaborate titles and living the high life with zero regard for where the country is headed.

All that you see and experience now may be directly attributed to your lack of vision, your narrow-minded supremacist policies and your crippling inability to think of all Malaysians all the time.

You paid lip service to multiculturalism and stubbornly refused to harness the rich diversity of the country despite its obvious potential to propel the country forward.

Politics, which at one time meant selfless national service, became toxic in your hands when you laced it with race and religion to endear yourself to your base.

The country may never recover from the state it is in now. It will continue to diminish in every way because its innards are rotten.

To compensate for the moral and intellectual pygmies who came in your wake (and in your mould), you gave us fancy towers, grand highways and palatial buildings, none of which will serve us as we lurch from a political crisis to an economic one.

With the world the way it is today, we now have neither the money nor the people to get us out of the hole we are in. For that and the uncertainty we wake to every morning, we will keep you in our thoughts.

Anonymous_1547638166059.10451547637684383: I have much respect for Mahathir before and after the GE14 and all the reforms he had made.

But he had broken the promise to Harapan when he refused to pass the baton to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim. He mentioned the Malays do not like Anwar because he is deemed too liberal.

Mahathir, don’t think that you are holier than thou and in fact, you had overestimated your strength. You have forgotten that most of your Bersatu members are trash of Umno and whilst you delayed handing the job over to Anwar, Muhyiddin and other traitors were plotting to betray you.

There is no doubt that Mahathir is solely responsible for the collapse of Harapan and along with it, destroyed his son's career and a few good men that are left in Bersatu.

Mahathir is the 'King Minus' (not Midas) of Malaysia

everything he touched or touches failed/fails

Mazilamani: Mahathir, you betrayed Malaysians by deliberately withholding delivery of the numerous GE14 promises after returning as the 7th prime minister.

You even said that it was not mandatory to deliver election promises. It suddenly became clear you were a one-man cabinet, making all the decisions.

winning through false promises (LIES)

wouldn't that make Pakatan Harapan a 'backdoor' govt?

We had expected reformatory changes to our education system, but ended with a change of shoe colour in our schools.

We thought that the issues of race and religion would be made spineless, but it viciously reared its ugly head, until the inspector-general of police (IGP) had to step in to give a stern warning to hate peddlers.

Mahathir and the ICERD affair | Dennis Ignatius

When we thought it was you who instructed the IGP to do so, you made your presence at a Malay Dignity Forum to make disparaging comments about other races, unexpected of a PM who was fully backed by non-Malays to win the 14th GE. You betrayed our trust.

It is clear to all that you wanted to form a ‘united Malay’ government to replace Pakatan Harapan. You contributed to the idea, but Muhyiddin Yassin implemented it.

Mahathir referred to non-Malays (Chinese and Indians Malaysians) as 'orang asing' or foreigners which in his racist mind Malays were forced to accept as citizens as a pre condition for independence from the Nritish

It does not matter whether it was you or Muhyiddin. Denying it now makes no difference, for it is all over. Harapan will never rise again.

Anonymous_1537050742: Yes, be honest. There are many ways to skin a cat. You were given a second chance to put right what went wrong for the country, but once you became PM7 you not only betrayed Harapan but all the voters and supporters of Harapan in GE14.

You virtually tore up Harapan's GE14 manifesto. That causes Harapan to lose one by-election after another. Your clearest betrayal is when you protected former PKR deputy leader Azmin Ali in the infamous "main belakang" video from Sandakan.

KTemoc Konsiders ........

KTemoc Konsiders ........

Why is DAP not helping Anwar? – Malaysia Today

But NOT the gay sex couple?

Yet Anwar was condemned and jailed for an alleged similar crime with even far far far less evidence

OceanMaster: Sorry, I don't ‘mudah lupa’ (easily forget). Mahathir, the two years under your leadership, the plan to back stab Harapan was ongoing from May 10, 2018, with the epitome of it not wanting to hand over the baton to Anwar as agreed in the Harapan mandate.

You went on expanding the number of MPs in Bersatu and I can't remember any time you were apologetic about it. Today the same people who you brought over, dug your grave, not the people who trusted and voted for you.

If on May 11, 2018, in your first press conference or your first address to the people in the wake of GE14, you had committed to handing over power to Anwar, Harapan would have survived, and opposition would have been wiped out, as the spirit of the nation was one of unity, hope and rejuvenation, not the disgusting racist politics.

You didn't believe in the people who trusted you. I don't know the people who are genius but I do know, no one is a fool.

The Wakandan: Mahathir is a destroyer of Harapan due to selfish reason. Probably it had to come to that. A man of his mega-size ego just doesn't fit into a coalition where his power base is so small compared to DAP and PKR.

He is a man who has to be in full control and he could not have that in an equal partnership in Harapan unlike what he had in BN. He managed to push his ways through somewhat but ultimately, he had to surrender the PM position because there was a promise.

Apparently, he could not let go, at least not letting it went to the man he hated. That also spelt the end of him and of Harapan. It is like, if he could not have it, then neither can Anwar.

Anonymous_1576493110343.18461576492847530: Leave no room for doubt, Mahathir; your first term tenure of 22 years witnessed the seeds of racial discord, bigotry, affirmation policies which became a drug to a major demographic, re-writing Malaysian history in school books and denying its original roots to flourish, created the hate-machine Biro Tatanegara (BTN) and creating a false sense of belief in ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ which gave rise to bigots such as Ibrahim Ali, Jamal Md Yunos, and that moronic chest-thumping ape Papagomo, just to name a few.

This is just the tip of the damage you've done to multiracial Malaysia. Now pray tell; why should we believe you, as your actions spoke louder than your fork-tongued words, to suit every situation in the past?

Biggest King Cobra lives in Kerala ... and also Malaysia

Enough, Sir. Watch the sunrise and sunset and pray. But one suspects you won't. Call it a calculated thought perhaps.


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  1. a 95 yet dare go against a no people mandate backdoor govt n pm, bravo. even a conman know what is the right thing to do, unlike those everyday tok3tok4 koktoker.

    1. Of course a conman must know what us the right thing to do in his/her trade. Otherwise he/she is no conman!

      Tok3tok4 koktoker is still more rational & logical than a 犬养 mfer keeps spraying it's diarrhea all-over to prove nothing. No?