Friday, May 22, 2020

KHAT-aSS continues his wild tembak-ing


Kit Siang blames Sheraton move for second wave of Covid-19 infections


PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Lim Kit Siang today blamed the so-called Sheraton move which saw the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government in February for the second wave of Covid-19 infections in the country, saying the movement control order (MCO) could have been avoided if not for the political manoeuvring.

In a statement, the Iskandar Puteri MP said nearly half of the country’s Covid-19 cases could be traced to the Sri Petaling mosque tabligh convention cluster.

The religious gathering involving local and international participants took place between Feb 28 and March 1.

“If not for the ‘Sheraton move’ and the ensuing political turmoil referred to by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in his royal address at the one-day Parliament sitting on Monday, Malaysia would not have suffered the second wave of Covid-19 outbreak.

“Our total confirmed Covid-19 cases would be in the mid-3,000s, if not below 3,000 cases, instead of nearly reaching 7,000 cases today.”

He said when Malaysia imposed the MCO on March 18, it had held the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia and the 18th highest in the world.

“Now, we have slipped to 56th in terms of total Covid-19 confirmed cases, and in fact, if not for the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, we would have ranked above 70 among countries in terms of confirmed Covid-19 cases.”

He said Malaysia should rank behind Thailand which has a population more than double that of Malaysia’s but only 3,033 cases and 56 deaths.

“The cost of the ‘Sheraton move’ and the ensuing political turmoil has been a very heavy one for Malaysia.”

Fortunately, he added, Malaysia did not have to depend on its political leadership to combat the second wave of Covid-19.

“Malaysians have rightly paid tribute to the frontliners who risked their lives and personal safety to bring the second wave of Covid-19 outbreak under control.”

And now Matthias Chang comments on KHAT's remarks above, wakakaka:

World People's Blog » Blog Archive » Matthias Chang – Malaysia

I had exposed and whacked Lim Kit Siang (LKS) even before 18.3.2020 as the puppet master of the moribund Pakatan Harapan regime, who in collusion with Anwar Ibrahim (AI), conspired for nearly two years to make AI, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This sinister plot diverted the attention of the entire country from the pressing matters that needed to be resolved, which culminated in the resignation of Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister on 24.2.2020.

The ensuing political mess was the result of this political harlot's betrayal of the country and the rakyat. 


This political harlot kept his mouth shut and OFFERED no explanations. I challenged this hypocrite to exhibit the minutes of the meeting of the PH Presidential Council Meeting on 21.2.2020 as well as the earlier meetings to show that the said PH regime was concerned by the pandemic sweeping across the world. He could not deliver the minutes because there were no deliberations on Covid 19. Zilch! 

Even Tun Mahathir confessed that he did not realised the extent of this calamity and when he delivered the Stimulus Package as the “Interim Prime Minister”, he uttered not a word on saving the lives of Malaysian and on the need for a lockdown to PREVENT the spread the Covid 19 infection. 

There was not one speech by any leaders of the PH regime on the threat of Covid 19 to Malaysia. In fact LKS’s son, Lim Guan Eng (LGE) prepared the stimulus package as the then Finance Minister. It is clear that LGE and rest of the DAP goons were more concern about making a success of “Visit Malaysia Year 2020” and the expected windfall of RM100 Billion and the projected arrivals of 30 million tourists to Malaysia. 

The Health Minister then was equally clueless. LKS tried to create confusion in the reportage by FMT, that what transpired before 18.3.2020 was the “Phase One” of the pandemic in Malaysia. 

I am now calling LKS a freaking liar, a hypocrite and an irresponsible Member of Parliament for this gross misrepresentation. 

It was Prime Minister Tan Sri Muyhiddin Yasin, who on the advice of the Director General (DG) of the Health Ministry, issued a Movement Control Order (MCO) as the immediate step to prevent the spread of Covid 19. The DG has publicly praised our Prime Minister for his timely actions on receiving the advice. The speed was extraordinary in that PM was appointed on 1.3.2020, assembled his Cabinet on 9.3.2020 and imposed the MCO on 18.3.2020 to face this unprecedented crisis. 

Phase One was the imposition of the MCO and the declaration by PM that our country would be waging a War against Covid 19. This political harlot kept his mouth shut and dutifully complied with the MCO and made no complaints whatsoever because he was scared shit for his life. 

Only today, this political harlot is trying to shift the blame on the Prime Minister and the government. This is what LKS is famous for in his entire career as a clueless and ignorant politician. He is an opportunist par excellence! 

I call on the entire country to hold his man and the entire PH leadership for the deaths and economic devastation of our country BECAUSE HAD THE PH regime IMPOSED THE MCO in January 2020, after the W.H.O. had announced the global pandemic, we would have been able to save more lives and reduced the ensuing economic devastation. 

But, for the timely measures taken by the PM, Malaysia would not be praised as one of the best countries in the world in managing the crisis and, the best country in whole of Asean, beating Singapore who was initially lauded for their measures. 

I challenged this lying scumbag to exhibit, prior to the announcement by WHO of the global pandemic in January 2020 to March, 18th, 2020, that he had called on the leaders of his PH regime to impose a lockdown and execute such measures to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 infection. He did not. This scumbag was clueless. He was only too occupied in accusing the PN government as a “Backdoor Government” thereby undermining the constitutional powers of the Agong. 

LKS should be charged for sedition, more so after the speech by the Agong on the 18th May 2020 as to how the crisis unfolded. LKS kept his filthy mouth shut and has not issued any statement disputing the facts laid out by the Agong! 

I repeat again my challenge to LKS - account for your inactions concerning Covid 19. If LKS refuse to account, then LKS is a liar, a hypocrite and political opportunist! LKS should just shut the f…k up.

Read the nonsense and lies as reported by FMT of LKS's opportunism. Show no mercy to him. Whack him now, and at the next election in 2023! DAP must be wiped out from the political scene of Malaysia. DAP is and has always been a racist party. 

The picture [above as shown by FMT] of LKS says everything that need to be said about this man. Can he be trusted anymore when he had confessed unashamedly that the PH MANIFESTO WAS A BOOK OF IMPOSSIBLE PROMISES which cannot BE DELIVERED? Why did he not confess before the election??? Why the confession after he has gained power? 

National Humiliation and TKO Blow of Lim Kit Siang, DAP and PH ...

cabar Najib berdebat dengannya tapi bila saat debat dah sampai, dia cabut

Cina panggil orang tsb 'Haw Tau Ngiao Chu Boay' ('Kepala Harimau Ekor Tikus' yang bermakna 'berani pada saat awal tapi takut pada saat yang perlu)

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wakakaka, ta'perlu saya terangkan atas hal ini

memang malu lah

Anwar Ibrahim's Past Quotes 8 Oct 2012 NST

dah jelas KHAT-aSS Raja Tembak Liar

It is because this rascal and the PH goons would have been elected and now exposed as liars and will not be able to perform what they have promised. His goons were rated 5/10 by Tun Mahathir for their disgraceful performance!


  1. i hv to say the dog bark correctly wrt lks n ph on wuhanvirus, lks wan to do a trump to shift responsibility, however trump got most of his fact right abt ccp n yunnan bat, but fail miserably on 2 steps, 1 his dilly dally response hoping he could conclude the trade deal with ccp, now realise n said 100 trade deal no use, 2 not really cause by trump but he is also part of this american exceptionalism n attitude toward virus, read democratic n us media earlier response toward wuhanvirus, much much worst than trump, now only tok kok.

    come back to ph, i think lks spin it to "second" wave so some of his point might become valid, we are not clear whats his definition of "second", but the dog is wrong on the backdoor pm role, dun forget he is part of ph at that time, mahathir may not do differently if he was still the pm seeing what happened, so a dog is a dog, kiss new master ass kot.

    kt dun be so excited whenever a dog bark at mahathir n lks, unless he oso wan to kiss the backdoor pm ass.

  2. But the previous Health Minister Dr Dzul said the same thing. KT even blogged on it. Now only KT dis-agrees and jump like ter-makan cili because it is LKS who said it...?

    Dzulkefly says efforts to contain Covid-19 hijacked by 'Sheraton Move’
    Sunday, 19 Apr 2020


    KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 — Former health minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad said the tabligh event, which caused nearly half of all positive Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, could have been avoided if it wasn’t for the political crisis the country was facing.

    1. did I make any comment in Dzul's case?

    2. Matthias Chang "The Health Minister then was equally clueless"
      "I call on the entire country to hold his man and the entire PH leadership for the deaths and economic devastation of our country"

      Yes , Dzul is definitely being dragged into the commentary.

      Don't become stupid or a liar just because you abhor Lim Kit Siang and the PH government.

      In fact, the 1st wave of Covid-19 , when the PH Government was still control, was handled well , testing, isolation of the infected, contact tracing all in place. No nationwide lockdown was needed at the point.

      We all know when things got out of hand, with the Tabligh mega gathering involving 15,000 attendees in close quarters, especially foreigner Banglas, Rohyingyas and Indonesians.

      That is when the MCO became unavoidable, with all its attendant economic devastation.

    3. You posted it on April 19.

  3. Would like to know what definition Matthias Chang has on "political harlot".

    Didn't Matthias just turned-coat on Toonsie two days ago....after decades of supporting him, including being his political secretary?

    And why KT like to quote Matthias, he is a convict?

    1. (1) harlot is another word for prostitute - thus when one prostitutes oneself for political gains, one is a political harlot (very biblical), whore, pros, etc

    2. re your "why KT like to quote Matthias, he is a convict" - so was Anwar, your beloved Guan Eng wakakaka

    3. For the record Anwar and Guanee were not cowards, they faced the court and went to jail, in the case of Anwar twice, even though both were facing trumped up charges. They did not run away. And some credit to Matthias he didn't run away either.

      But KT is paly-paly with a coward and run away from justice RPK who hides is Manchester, just like KT ran away to Oz at the first sign of "difficulty"...ha ha ha....

  4. Matthias Chang stated "IMPOSED THE MCO in January 2020, after the W.H.O. had announced the global pandemic"

    Don't become stupid or a liar just because you abhor Lim Kit Siang.

    The WHO only announced the Virus as a Global Pandemic on March 12, 2020.
    In fact, on January 12, WHO stated the Virus was non transmissible between humans.

  5. KT keep repeating KHAT, but refuses to follow up with Wee KHAT Siong the former Deputy Education Minister who introduced it in 2003 and MCA on the issue...? They are in power now, not PH.

    KT's hatred for LKS is Legendary....ha ha ha...

    Parent, interest groups seek legal remedy over khat for non-Muslim pupils
    FMT Reporters -May 22, 2020

    KUALA LUMPUR: A parent and two organisations have filed a judicial review to quash the government’s decision compelling pupils in Chinese and Tamil primary schools to study khat or Jawi calligraphy.

    R Visa Letchumy, president of the Ex-Chinese School Students Association Tan Kim Sen @ Tan Boon Tak and Persatuan Hindu Agamam Malaysia chairman D Ravi also want lessons on the subject to be suspended pending a final court ruling.

    The three applicants who filed their action two days ago must obtain the leave of a High Court before the merit of their case can be heard.

    Lawyer T Gunaseelan said the ex-parte leave application would be heard before judge Nordin Hassan at 2.30pm on July 7.

    Following criticism from educational groups, the government later announced that Jawi was optional and would not be a test subject.

    Tan, who filed an affidavit in support of the judicial review application, said khat, which originates from Saudi Arabia, had religious connotations.

    He added that Muslims use khat to represent God as Islam prohibits the use of images.

    “Khat is a revered art as it is also the best way to preserve the Quran,” Tan said in the affidavit sighted by FMT.

    Tan, who also referred to a number of articles written by Muslim authorities and academics, said the Islamic calligraphy would confuse Muslims if non-Muslims were allowed to use it, for example in posters for religious activities.

  6. What Lim Kit Siang wrote on the spread of the Virus in Malaysia is logical, factual and in line with the chronology of events.

  7. What did you expect from 'ugly face'!