Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hong Kong and hypocrisy of the West


China must respect Hong Kong’s autonomy, says EU

Hong Kong protesters hold up their hands to represent their five demands on Nov 15, 2019

(AP pic)

BRUSSELS: China must respect Hong Kong’s autonomy, the European Union said on Tuesday, amid controversy over Chinese plans to adopt a national security law for the city.

“We attach great importance to the preservation of Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy in line with the Basic Law and international commitments,” European Council President Charles Michel, who represents European governments, said.

Speaking after a video conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he said Europe and Japan “share the same ideas” on China. “We are not naive about Chinese behaviour,” Michel said.

He said Europe supported the “one country, two systems” principle that governs Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has proposed a security law that would reduce Hong Kong’s separate legal status and is expected to be discussed by China’s National People’s Congress and approved on Thursday.

EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss the issue at a regular meeting on Friday. A spokeswoman for the EU’s executive Commission said it was too early to say if the bloc would consider sanctions against Beijing.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, said on Monday that the EU needs a “more robust strategy” for Beijing

We hear a lot about Hong Kong's 'one nation two systems' principle and its 'Basic Law'.

But very few Europeans and especially Americans seem to miss out on the phrase 'ONE NATION' in Hong Kong's 'one nation two systems' model. In short, they think or even believe and perhaps even hope that Hong Kong is an entirely separate nation, wakakaka. The fact is HONG Kong is a region of China, like it or not. Yes, Hong Kong does have defined autonomy in the way it governs itself BUT it is part & parcel of China.

On the 'Basic Law' some or even many don't realise that under Article 23 of the Law, the Hong Kong Administration (still under Carrie Lam) can make its own laws, as Wikipedia informs us, as follows:

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall enact laws on its own to prohibit any act of treason, secession, sedition, subversion against the Central People's Government, or theft of state secrets, to prohibit foreign political organisations or bodies from conducting political activities in the Region, and to prohibit political organisations or bodies of the Region from establishing ties with foreign political organisations or bodies.

It was not implemented before but since the recent series of very violent protests which saw enormous damage to properties and the economy, and some lives, the Administration both in Beijing and Hong Kong, believe the time has come to implement Article 23 (already in Hong Kong's 'basic Law' that the USA and Europeans like to quote but conveniently ignore).

policeman shot in leg by an arrow fired by young protesters

fortunately for the injured law officer, the arrow missed his heart
 but WTF, then it'd have been a HK (Chinese) policeman killed for greater (USA's) good

So what is the West harping on when the very issues they have been "concerned" about are already in place? 

I believe, and so do many, that the real American aim (supported by its allies and unwittingly the Hongkie gullible guppies) is to unsettle, embarrass, cause trouble for and even humiliate China, and hopefully eff up its economy, though the real losers will be (already have been) the the people of Hong Kong.

Western hypocrisy:

Spain's Supreme Court on Monday sentenced nine Catalan separatist leaders to between nine and 13 years in jail, which, again, set local protesters ablaze. Demonstrations in Catalonia used to be peaceful. It seems that the protesters' use of violence in the four-month turmoil in Hong Kong has set an example for Catalan radicals. 

Spanish officials strongly condemned the violence. Politicians from the US and the West obviously have no idea how to comment at this point. The EU and the US used to firmly support the Spanish government in cracking down on the Catalan separatist movement. But the demonstrators say they are learning from Hong Kong, while protests in Hong Kong have been applauded by the West as a "beautiful sight" of democracy. What's happening in Hong Kong is now occurring in the West. This is awkward.

Some mainstream Western media have kept a low key in covering the latest protests in Catalonia while downplaying its connection with Hong Kong or the slogan that local protesters are attempting to turn Catalonia into another Hong Kong.  


  1. You guys really should move to the beautiful CCP . soon.
    Take your pick , Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen, Wuhan......all great and wonderful places...

    1. Mfer, says that again about u lah. Why not any other demoNcratic heavens than a bolihland u keep complaining about?

      Haven't u forgotten that yr uppermost golden rule in demoNcracy is freedom of choice for everybody?

      Or it ONLY applies to those who sing yr chorus of demoNcratic doctrines?

      How hypocritical!!!

  2. hker is not separatist, they observe the law, n oppose a authoritarian regime that hv no respect towards law n promise, that whack n oppress peaceful demonstrator into the cornor of revolt.

    hker jiayou.

    1. Mfer, HK 废青 DON'T understand jiayou!

      They ONLY know ka-yew!

      Wakakakaka… in Cantonese ka-yew is only used when yr car engine runs out of fuel.

      The general HKers r different. They want to reunite with the motherland, have peace & order to make a decent living.

      Not like those cockroaches, feeding on leftover pommie ideas, with 台毒 instigator from a fart filled well to cheer them onto their doom!

    2. give hker universal suffrage to prove yr point, tok3tok4 meaningless.

    3. Mfer, haven't u forgotten that HKers were given the right as covered under the basic laws?

      But the demoNcratic instigators misled those HK 废青 to reject the proposed suffrage in 2014 yellow umbrella protests!

      They wanted their colonial pommie styled administration which is in contravention with the 1country prime principle.

      I can tok3tok4 better than yr pure farts. I can tok5tok6 too with yr gang of cocooned demoNcratic roads!

      Put them on & let see who's playing meaningless monkey shows.

    4. without giving a platform to choose like election or referendum, how u know hker wan to reunite with the current ccp model? so dun tokkok if u cant show the number like our backdoor pm okay?

      if universal suffrage is permitted as promised, what most hker will get is something similar to our neutralized dap, talk a lot but no action, however ccp would be perceived as a government that possess confidence n creditability. a short-sighted ccp now not only lose hker trust, han guoyu oso lost due to same fear factor when kmt just won big in the mid election. i cant believe ccp can be that stupid to lose both hk n twn in such a short time. so continue with the hawkish approach n see how, both hker n taiwanese now dun mind a war, lets the chinese fight the chinese.

    5. how do you think China went from 'sick man of Asia' to its current No 2 economic power in the world? Universal suffrage?

    6. "continue with the hawkish approach n see how, both hker n taiwanese now dun mind a war, lets the chinese fight the chinese."

      Don't u realized that the game is on?

      The 64M question is how many of yr claimed HKers (HK 废青)& Taiwanese (台毒 morons) would take up the fight when the crunch is down.

      The flights of many of the HK 废青 to Taiwan now is a real indicator.

      The rejection of yr 蔡妹妹 showing them is also a real indicator.

      Don't sleep on it! Talk is cheap. Do something to prove yr point lah!

      Mfer, I just hope that

  3. China will only gain respect as a superpower if they stop behaving like a bully.

    Simply demanding what is yours from nations and people in weak positions is simply the wrong way to go about it.

    The more they bully HK into submission, the more they try to isolate Taiwan, the more they throw their money and twist the arms of poor nations via their Belt and Road, the more they build military installations in the Southern Seas the less respect they will get.

    Even if they are 100% right (which they are not), they should be magnanimous and bagi sikit jalan lah. It's not as if China will collapse if HK is given a little more freedom, but HK will collapse if China insist on having their way.

    1. Mfer, know yr facts lah!

      HK will collapse when those 废青's irrational request from his uncle Sam to revoke HK's special financial privileges given by the US is been met by uncle Sam.

      To China, HK's once currency role, under the trilemma consideration IS over & done with. China does need HK's anymore for her US$ control.

      China can just standby & puts all the efforts to develop Macao, Hainan & shenzhen into new growth areas. The plan is in motion now.

      It's a pity that those cockroaches still think that the spurious financial position of HK, overblown by all those western media, would be their Sword of Damocles hanging over China! Their bargain chip!

  4. QUOTE
    A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members

    By this yardstick China scores a big fat ZERO.

    Give a little leeway to the poor Hong Kongers, let them thrive as they know how, like Shenzen, Shanghai etc. Beijing can only gain when HK is successful.

    1. Mfer, u really DON'T know what the fart u r talking about!

      "…thrive as they know how, like Shenzen, Shanghai etc."

      Ain't HK been given that leeway & more?

      Yet they want back their colonial pommie style administration. Forgetting HK is part of China now.

      Perhaps u too putting a time limited 2systems way above the 1country, right?

  5. 5,000 years of "civilization".....?

    .......looks like the days of the Imperial Emperors and Dynasties never went away.....

    1. u r right, the dynasty mindset never understand whats one counyry 2 sys is abt. 1 country is sovereignty, 2 sys is administration, governance, rule of law, elective of leader etc r under hker ie hker govern hk, at least or max 50 years.

      either the current ccp stupid leader n their propagandist dun understand 1c2s, or ccp past leader ie deng make use of 1c2s to trick hker n twnese, sumua penipu, dari dulu sampai sekarang.

    2. So what do u know about the 5,000 years of "civilization" of China?

      ".......looks like the days of the Imperial Emperors and Dynasties never went away....."


      5000 yrs of yr interpreted Chinese "civilization" ONLY consists of the Imperial Emperors and Dynasties!

      I guess yr family elders even tell u about yr family heritage, traditions & honours.

      Maybe u r just pure anmokausai through & through. Yr root has no Chinese linkage. Ooop… u could be a nonchinese too! That could explain it synchronized chorus with that two 犬养 kataks.

      What an insight of a cocooned mind!


      "1 country is sovereignty, 2 sys is administration, governance, rule of law, elective of leader etc r under hker ie hker govern hk, at least or max 50 years."

      犬养 mfer anything that u have written weren't been allowed in HK, except sovereignty?

      U just want to twist 2systems above 1country - putting households above country!

      Who's tricking who?

      Yaloh - with meme-ed 台毒 penipu, dari dulu sampai sekarang.

      Keep croaking!

    3. reread y mao allow hk to remain capitalist even when whole china turn red, u really think he abide by the opium war agreement?

      stupid xi n his stupid propagandist keep talking one country.

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      Mao allowed HK to remain capitalist bcoz China then had zilch ability to take on auntie pommie after the Korean war!

      That's the REALITY a leader has to consider.

      Who abided by the opium war agreement AGAIN?

      犬养 mfer, how clever r u when u keep trying to twist history to yr favour, knowing there r people who will prove it lies through & through!

      BTW, what has the opium war agreement got to do with ONE country?

      Mfer, think carefully u fart again, I have heard debated this line of lies many a time with 台毒 morons. R u better than them?