Monday, May 25, 2020

Has Charles Santiago been duped by anti-China Western leaders?

Star Online:

MCA raps DAP MP for signing anti-China memorandum

MCA central committee member Datuk Chew Kok Woh

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP MP Charles Santiago has come under fire from MCA for being a signatory to an international memorandum against China.

The Klang MP was among 200 parliamentarians and policymakers from 23 countries which attacked China for proposing national security laws in Hong Kong.

MCA central committee member Datuk Chew Kok Woh said the DAP should declare whether this was also the official stand of the party.

"We want the DAP to state categorically whether it has the same position as the MP from Klang.

"He has signed as the chairman of the Asean Parliamentarian for Human Rights but he is a DAP MP," he said.

Chew said it was disgraceful of Santiago to join many Western lawmakers and politicians to criticise China as Hong Kong was part of China.

He said China could introduce any laws on security it wanted in Hong Kong and it was not for any Western countries to meddle.

"We can see that the security has got out of hand in Hong Kong where violent riots, bomb-throwing and vandalism have got out of control.

"This is not democracy but a threat to democracy which the West has closed an eye and even praised these rioters as pro-democracy," he said in a statement.

Chew said none of these western media had condemned these acts, adding that the DAP must surely be aware of the wrongful actions of these protestors.

Another memorandum signatory is lawyer Andrew Khoo, a former Malaysian Bar Council human rights committee co-chairman.

The two joined the last Hong Kong colonial governor Chris Patten and US senator Ted Cruz, both constant critics of China, in the joint declaration which attacked China for its "unilateral introduction" of the laws and claimed "the integrity of the one country and two systems hangs by a thread."

The joint statement also urged governments to raise their voices against China.

Chew said China had every reason to introduce laws against secession, subversion and terrorism.

"The US and western countries have similar laws, so let's not be hypocritical.

"It's shameful that Santiago has joined the others to put his name there and put Malaysia in an awkward position because we have excellent ties with China.

"The DAP leadership should demand Santiago to retract his name," he said, pointing out that Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai was the previous special envoy to China.

Chairman's Biography | Malaysia China Business Council

Chew asked what was the stand of Tan on the position of Santiago and come out openly.

He said such laws were badly needed in Hong Kong to restore peace and stability for a conducive business environment.

Chew said it was simplistic of anti-China people to say democracy would be threatened in Hong Kong.

"I like to ask when Hong Kong was under the British from 1841 to 1997, (except during Japanese rule) did the British introduce direct elections?

"The British then occupied all the top civil service and the police force under the British was hugely corrupt," he said

I believe I have said almost all that Chew Kok Woh is saying in above. Chris Patten would and of course should be the LAST person to speak up for Hong Kong protesters as he has been the man who misled such protesters into believing they could strive for independence and freedom from China, a disingenuous move Patten initiated while as the last British Governor General of Hong Kong (presumably on orders from London to somehow dissuade Hongkies from fleeing HK to Britain, or Londoners would be eating char siew fun instead of maintaining their love affair with Indian curry and prata, wakakaka).

Ted Cruz is a Republic senator who belongs to the Donald Trump camp of right wing politicians who had been accused former President Obama of terrorism against the USA, in short also a virulent anti-China American politician.

Pin on PC Police

Chris Patten of course is a hypocrite and disinformation master who while as HK's GG had worked to ensure 7 million gullible and 'willing captive' Hongkies did not seek their citizens' right to flee to and live in Britain prior to July 1997, whilst Ted Cruz is as anti-China as Trump is. These are hardly the sort of people to be associated with, and I wonder whether Charles Santiago knew what he was doing when he signed up for the anti-China memorandum.

I don't care what the DAP foreign policy is, particularly with respect to China, but with KHAT-aSS as its putative leader I especially don't want to know. But if anyone insists on knowing, then ask Atuk as he writes all the DAP policies for the Rocket Party, eg. Education, Finance, Human and Civil Rights, Environment, etc, wakakaka.

As I wrote in October last year:

HK protesters trying to humiliate and bring down its own government

Has Hong Kong and its residents throughout the centuries ever experienced 'democracy' under its various rulers, Chinese dynasties up to the Qing (Manchu), 156 years of British Colonialism and now the People's Republic of China?

shameless HK protesters waving US flags

America should 'adopt' these 'patriotic' pseudo-Americans & take them home to the USA  

Yet the protesters now brazenly wants among its non-negotiable 'five demands', the practice of 'universal suffrage', even though its people can already vote in local elections though admittedly the candidates have to be approved by a committee whose majority of its members have political/economical links to the Communist Party of China.

The protesters seem to be suffering from the wet dream of becoming totally independent (from China) nation like a bustling Singapore.

They forget Hong Kong has a different history and politics. The British in a sneaky sinister scheme had the last Pommie Governor of HK Chris Patten encouraging and giving impression to the HK guppies into believing they could enjoy democracy on their own if they struggled for it (not mentioned was they need NOT run away to Mother England who didn't and still doesn't want them, unlike white sheep farmers from Falklands etc).

Baron Patten of Barnes, CH, PC 

Thus Mother England washed her 'Pontius Pilate' hands off her 7 million 'former' citizens but ones with slanted eyes and yellow skins, thanks to Chris Patten's brilliant deception. His grateful country made him a baron, hallelujah. Mangy old lion as she might have been, no one deceived as well as England had.

Even Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong remarked of the current HK protests, that "Hong Kong protesters demanding universal suffrage and an amnesty for those charged with rioting are trying to humiliate and bring down the Chinese-ruled city’s government."

“The demonstrators say they have five major demands and not one can be compromised but those are not demands which are meant to be a program to solve Hong Kong’s problems. Those are demands which are intended to humiliate and bring down the government.”

“There is no simple solution ... to say we want universal suffrage,
but Hong Kong is not a country, it is a special administrative region.”

“When Hong Kong is troubled, when there are demonstrations or worse riots, when the chief executive is booed out of the Legislative Council chamber, I think that is very sad for Hong Kong and bad for the region. We look on with concern.”

Undeniably, there has been 'outside' incitement plus
 prompting (political, financial and advisory), but the reality is HK cannot survive on its own. All China has to do is to sit tight (as she has been doing though the US and EU have accused her of oppressing HK) and let the protesters destroy themselves and, unfortunately, the rest of the Hong Kong population with them, but to be truthful, such trivialities of 7 million suffering people in HK would in all likelihood be of little consequence to Beijing who looks at a far bigger picture.

The US Congress has passed an extra curricular intrusive Bill which would mandate an annual review on Hong Kong as to whether the Island has sufficient autonomy from the rest of China to justify its special trading status.

Isn't that just gross interference in another country's affairs?

some are well meaning but most are looking after US interests, not idiotic Hongkies' 

But it's in the interests of the USA to have other nations, especially those it sees as potential major threats (eg. China, Russia, anyone who is a major competitor, even EU, Japan, and one day India, etc) in states of weakened disharmony rather than as a powerful cohesive monolith. That's the Wild West Frontier mentality of the White Americans, to eff up Geronimo and Crazy Eff-ing Horse.

Bizarrely, just like US imposed sanctions around the world, the actual-effective implementation of the Bill, should it ever come to that, (though no doubt to the delight of young moronic HK protesters) will hurt the Hong Kong people more than China, as previous US sanctions had hurt-killed Iraqi babies and children far far more than Saddam Hussein's regime.

But the Yanks don't care and the idiotic HK brats don't know.


(1) Hong Hong protesters - an Aesop tale for you.

Hong Kongers - reap thy fruit of violence & anti-China pro-democracy movement.

Controversial exam question about Japanese invasion of China Anti-China yellow-ribbon crowds really want is to embarrass & undermine the Mainland and Hong Kong authorities.


  1. mca dog is now working together with communist to fight our free world, supported by ccp propagandist locate here in msia like zero star, n some is at as far as oz.

    charles santiago is our true freedom fighter. fuck off evil law, hker jiayou.

    1. OMG, I did not realise Superman Hew Kuan Yau is from MCA, wakakaka

    2. i dun know what u talking abt but everyone know hew quit dap long time ago, i am told he is now in the midst setting up a ccp lover orgy party, i suppose u, ah jerk n that chinese kharacteristic r sure invited to join.

  2. Why is Ah Mok so protective of the CCP ?

    A lot of people around the world ( those not sucking CCP cock ) can clearly see that this CCP law will lead to oppression in Hong Kong.
    That is a fact.

    Ah Mok previously wrote Padan Muka on the Hong Kong protestors, which is really a different matter.

  3. Do what is right by your conscience, Charles Santiago.
    Ignore those who are already in CCP pocket.

    MCA has a long and dishonourable history of ignoring, supporting, even actively participating in Oppression when it is advantageous or profitable .

  4. Was MCA duped by anti-China Western Leaders over the Uighur "re-education" camps.....or has MCA been recently "re-educated" by the BIG BROTHER Muah Fart Karat Nasional?

    Separatist Uighurs and Separatist Hong Kongers same same or not?

    Minister accused of meddling in China's affairs after meeting Uighur groups

    20 Feb 2019

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mujahid Yusof Rawa's meeting with the World Uighur Congress and Uighur American Association last month has courted flak from MCA.

    Beijing has accused the two movements of being involved in the separatist movement.

    In a Facebook posting yesterday, Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints bureau chief Jimmy Loh criticised the minister, who oversees Islamic affairs, for intervening in a foreign nation's domestic problems while ignoring the plight of Malaysians.

    “I hope Malaysia does not become a tool for others. It would be a disgrace,” he added.

    China has denied the existence of the so-called "re-education" facilities for months, before describing them as vocational training centres designed to combat religious extremism.

  5. Jellyfish party MCA still Mute and Pute over Zakar Naik but want to bark like big mongrel.

    They forgot no more opposition lah, now in bed with Muah Fart Karat Nasional please extradite him, India's formal extradition request now made ages ago....but KT give Wee KHAT Siong so much time, and blame DAP instead.

  6. Jellyfish MCA still behaving like an opposition party, don't worry over Hong Kong lah, how about local affairs.....has Deputy Primary Industry Minister Wee JERK Seng been he even aware of this.....or was he duped by UMNO.....?

    Umno MP questioned on new RM100m project one month after GLC appointment

    Former primary industries minister Teresa Kok has raised questions about the RM100 million rubber technology centre (RTC) project in Jerantut, Pahang announced at “warp speed” by the new Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) chairperson Ahmad Nazlan Idris, who is also the Jerantut MP from Umno.

    “Nazlan was only appointed as MRB chairperson about a month ago but appeared to have worked at warp speed to obtain the necessary approvals to spent RM100 million of public funds for a mega project in his parliamentary constituency.

    “The speed at which the project was announced raises many questions. There are many layers of proposals and studies that must be done even at the MRB level before a project of this size can be approved...

  7. The Earth is Weeping.
    The Epic Story of CCP oppression of Xinjiang

    1. As in that tiny sky under that fart filled well!

      R u croaking in sync with that know-nothing katak of yrs?

  8. To understand why China is implementing the new security law, one must consider what Taiwan is doing. Taiwan is basically already declaring it is an independant country.

    To China, this (Taiwan's stand) must not spread to HK. Furthermore, there were months of disruption during the protest marches which, if not controlled, will breed the seed of independence in the young minds.

    The longer China lays off its hands from HK, the stronger the sense of wanting independence will grow among the especially young people of HK

    1. my view is the reverse. hk security law is the evidence that ccp breach it promise n cannot be trusted, thus more hk people will join the independence call, though their only option is to leave.

      xi screw up in taiwan with his tough talk render even the middle voters abandoned kmt, not to mention the young, u hardly find a youth that support kmt today.

      read the history of spore how lky n pap gain power, they make use of the law first then only election.

      i believe the security law is to halt a sweeping victory of the democratic faction in the coming election, and work as a bargaining chip with usa n their allies, they believe most country do not hv that much of resources to deal with any non domestic issues at the moment, the europe especially uk response is an indication. ccp can do a 64 or using force on both hk n twn immediately but if that happen, how do ccp convince the world china hv a more superior system versus the west?

      if msian is given a choice to choose the western democracy model or the china authoritarian model, which one u believe most would pick? so y blame the taiwanese n hker? or msian believe the choice will fall from sky?

    2. "y blame the taiwanese n hker?"

      Mfer, not ALL Taiwaneses & HKers fall into yr beloved category of 台毒 morons & HK 废青!

      The HK security law is the WAY to uphold the principle of peace & security as provided under the promised 1country2system framework.

      If peace & security CAN'T be maintained as evidenced in those HK 废青 riots, then THAT'S evidence that CCP has breached her promise!

      "read the history of spore how lky n pap gain power, they make use of the law first then only election."

      Walua-eh! LaoLee did that?

      Mfer, the REAL history of RedDot clearly shows that LKY & PAP gained power through proper elections with majority vote right from the time election started in S'pore.

      Yr version of a twisted S'pore history from yr fart filled well stated otherwise ke!

      "the middle voters abandoned kmt, not to mention the young, u hardly find a youth that support kmt today."

      Wakakakaka… hardly any Taiwanese youths supporting kmt?

      Yr 蔡妹妹's public survey saying so? All those Taiwaneses working in mainland China just to cari making? What a fart filled lie!

      The current distorted sopo phenomenon in Taiwan is the result of an orchestrated educational system, so much preferred by the Japanese admin in camouflaging their atrocious war crimes.

      That education system has proven in a mfer, a non Formosan, like u in blaming yr father mother for anything but the truth.

      "the security law is to halt a sweeping victory of the democratic faction in the coming election, and work as a bargaining chip with usa n their allies"

      Sweeping victory of the demoNcratic faction? Bargaining chip?

      Mfer, under 1country, HK is a part of China. That's the utmost guiding clause that mfers like to ignored.

      Sweeping victory ke. Bargaining chip ke. China has done more than ENOUGH to convince majority of the world about people, lives & peace matter FIRST. That's a proven record NOW for a more superior system versus the West.

      Everything else must toe the line as enshrined under the China constitution! Period.

    3. china consti no people mandate one la, similar to 9 dash line, a mere bs from a bunch of crook talking to themselves, more like the taichi master that cant even std on ground for 30 second if doing fact n reality chk.

      tak malu punya ccp.

    4. Did u write the China Constitution?

      Did u formulate the 9 dashed line with the help of yr uncle Sam as Chiang did?

      Definitely neither of that! Simply bcoz u r NOTHING!

      So who is bullshitting through & through to add chorus to its croaking under the well?

      Many nonchinese learn taichi. But mfer r u sure what's the key component of tachi when u have wasted so much time genuflecting?

      Reality check indeed, if yr wobbling feet can stand straight for 30sec flat on the ground.



  9. The new law will be used to suppress "treason, secession, sedition or subversion", as defined by the CCP, not Hong Kong's legal system.

    Vague enough to drive an giant 18-wheel lorry through.

    The Sedition Act was used by BN-UMNO as an instrument of oppression in Malaysia for 63 years. The CCP, with no accountability, will be 10 times more oppressive.

    1. Old moneyed mfer, so u know "treason, secession, sedition or subversion", as defined by Hong Kong's legal system.


      Elaborate, don't just quote the headlines.

      Recalcitrant liar, perhaps yr shoot-from-the-mouth chant is just to showcase yr limited understandings of ANYTHING beyond yr god that is casted in US$.

    2. Old moneyed mfer,for yr spared time enlightenment!

      Trump's USA: Demoralization, Destructuration, Deculturation? (Johan Galtung-Institut)

      Advice - Google who Johan Galtung first!

      Maybe it would alleviate yr sleep pretending syndrome while elevating a little bit more understanding about yr priceless demoNcracy!

    3. Johan Galtung is the typical bleeding-heart leftie who benefits richly from the open market economic system and free liberal democracy that they partake in , while daily demonizing exactly that system.

      At the same time admiring the oppression and inhumanity of the closed totalitarian system - Johan Galtung was thoroughly silent on the evils perpetrated by the Soviet Union , CCP and North Korea.

    4. Wow!!

      "Johan Galtung is the typical bleeding-heart leftie who benefits richly from the open market economic system and free liberal democracy that they partake in , while daily demonizing exactly that system.

      At the same time admiring the oppression and inhumanity of the closed totalitarian system - Johan Galtung was thoroughly silent on the evils perpetrated by the Soviet Union , CCP and North Korea."

      Where have u googled that piece of shit?

      From that site under that fart filled well of yr croaking katak?

      Norwegian professor Johan Galtung is NO leftie! In fact his writes encumbered both sides of the political divides.

      He is credited with correctly predicting the fall of the Soviet Union, as well as the Tiananmen Square uprising in China, is known as the “founding father” of peace studies as a scientific object.

      Indeed yr world is a hermit crab shell - holiest & crappy to constrict yr tiny worldview of yr choosing!

      BTW, u wouldn't know Galtung was based in KL to work with mahathir for many yrs! Mamak is definitely no lefties lover. But he accept Prof Just Faaland's recommendation to approach Galtung for sopo ideas.

      Dr Just Faaland, a Norwegian political economist who helped formulate the 'notorious' Malaysia NEP is no lefties either!

      BTW Galtung attracted controversy in 2000 when he predicted U.S. global power would collapse by 2025. Under the Bush administration, he moved the prediction forward to 2020.

      Now, Galtung is suggesting that Trump’s election has allowed this collapse to materialize!

      So easy to fart from a know-nothing demoNcratic propagandist.

  10. Ever since this legislation was announced, the West, particularly the US including the parroting echoes here, have been agitated like so much ants had gotten into their pants, hehehe.

    Howls of "death knell for freedom" pierced the air !

    Indeed, it is a "death knell" for freedom. Freedom from CIA and other like-minded Western deep state apparatus to infiltrate Hong Kong and collaborating with Chinese traitors who use low IQ, brainwashed youngsters as pawns for their nefarious schemes and activities in attempts to destabilize China.

    For 23 years after Hong Kong's return, relevant laws are YET to materialize no thanks to the sabotage and obstruction by those trouble-makers with that Jimmy fuckery Lai leading the pipe-piper charge to those brainwashed, deadly-violent thug rioters.

    Since last June, the fugitive bill had triggered months of riots - public infrastructure totally trashed, airport invaded, business centers and complexes vandalized and warned not to entertain tourists from mainland China, people perceived not aligned to these "democrats" were beaten, burned and killed. The city was rocked and descended into chaos.

    This national security law should bring much needed peace and security.

    It has not affected the one country two system at all

    The only ones affected are the those fomenting chaos...(i)those locals who commit mayhem and crimes didn't want to face extradition beyond Hong Kong...and (ii) those meddling foreigners didn't want to be at risk of being policed under such laws.

    No more NED openly distributing cash to these rioters. No more foreign agents brazenly coming in into Hong Kong in the thousands providing "training" to these "cockroaches" to make fire bombs, how to learn to shoot with bow and arrows...and much more of such "bravery" acts of terror.

    The US consulate in Hong Kong is disproportionate in size to the city's 7+ million population. It will downsize dramatically when this law is enacted.

    The NGOs and the foreign judge pool too will face similar fate...all downsized. No force needed, hehe...these will be done VOLUNTARILY. It is called prudent financial and risk management.

    Salute President Xi. Cool one.

    1. aiyo next time just write the 3 letters word uuusssaaa, at least it leave us some room for imagination what u going to tell instead of this recycle rubbish.

      btw, didnt umno n pas accuse dap received donation from ned?

    2. Shoo, go play far far away.....your Batty Brain just gone blank, right ? can't absorb 'recycle rubbish' haha. Nevermind, all my comments are not meant for your eyes at all....except for my insults of you, hehe Try to watch out ONLY for my loving insults, and ignore the rest of my comments, OK ? After all, you never EVER give a meaningful or adult countering to the argument or rebut given out. Just shoving out your stupidity endlessly, LMAO

      And Batty...this discussion is about the Security Law in Hong Kong. Take your Whataboutism re DAP/NED to another appropriate thread, got it ? Surely you don't need a tuition on this too ?

    3. u r one that brought in the ned subject, now i again asked u a simple question, if u hv difficulty to answer, its fine, just as i anticipated.

      i suggest u use a another nick on topic related to umno/dap, for eg, jerk, so we would presume its a diff person.

    4. For a katak under the well, all it can sees is a tiny dot of the sky!

      Most if the time, it sees a flicker of moonlight & thinking it's it's utopian earth!

      So, any surprises when it can only comprehend the 3 letters word uuusssaaa?

      That's its holy grail of existence. W/O that, all its demoNcratic fart dissipates as quick as the first sun ray filtering down that well.

      When the sun ray disappears, it's back to recycled rubbish as the fart accumulates again.

      Any surprises?

      NED to u? Not in a million, as NED wouldn't waste its fund on known-thing!

      Wakakakakaka… how uselessly sad! U r not even a tiny shadow of that infamous Gordon Chang of the coming collapse of China as predicted & revised multiple times fame.

      Mmmm… if NED contributes funding to DAP, then how come DAP so quiet in China bashing? Instead, there is a couple of DAP members voicing for China despite that loud mouth Santiago!

      Maybe yr dangdut pals have terbalik about NED funding! The NED money has quietly gone into the bank accounts of the ketuanan umno & zombified pas elites. W/O doing its intended purposes!

      The NED would definitely make these leechers pay. Heavily too. No need to wait for al-Qiyāmah.

      Have u suci-ed yet, mfer?

    5. “So, IRI – we have worked with Opposition political parties since 2002, and guess whose funding we did it with? The National Endowment for Democracy, because guess who wouldn’t fund democratic political work in Malaysia? The (unintelligible) US Agency for International Development and the US State Department, because I think, you know, the reflection was ‘Gosh, this is a one-party system, this is a bad use of our funds, and Malaysia is kind of a valuable military partner.’

      “So, for 15 years, working with net resources, we worked to strengthen Malaysian Opposition parties.

      “And guess what happened two months ago? After 61 years, they won – not thanks to us, but to them. There was such a reaction to the excesses of corruption, and cronyism, and nepotism. It had nothing to do with us, but it was the excesses of the one-party state, the kind of logical culmination of the abuses of power in this quite rich South-East Asian country."

    6. So?

      Keep digging! Yr dandgut pals might recommend that list from Manchester to give u a helping hand too.

      I strongly suggesting u start with that fat spy woman who wrote a pleading letter to CIA to help consolidating jibby's shaking administration then.

      CIA is the money source of NED! Think about that while u keep croaking inside that fart filled well of yrs!

    7. Batty : didnt umno n pas accuse dap received donation from ned?

      Since you wanted a reply that bad, goes

      Ain't you are like forever mouthing that Umno and PAS cannot be trusted, meaning to say, their words are not credible, so why now where DAP is concerned, you have no problem to accept what Umno or PAS have to say ?

      Ahh...your hatred of DAP is bigger than your hatred of Umno or PAS ? Got it.

      And unlike those Hong Kong cockroaches, is there any actual proof, or even a video, showing the DAP receiving donations from NED ?

      Satisfied ? Got your answer ? hehehe


    Regina Ip, one of the Hong Kong lawmakers, put it so succinctly why the US is afraid Hong Kong will spot a legal loophole. Bravo, Regina