Monday, May 18, 2020

US to China: How dare you do what we've done

MM Online:

Pompeo warns China over interference with US journalists in Hong Kong

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a news conference at the State Department in Washington April 7, 2020

Reuters pic

WASHINGTON, May 18 — US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday said it had come to his attention that the Chinese government had threatened to interfere with the work of US journalists in Hong Kong, and said any decision impinging on Hong Kong's autonomy could affect the US assessment of Hong Kong's status.

“These journalists are members of a free press, not propaganda cadres, and their valuable reporting informs Chinese citizens and the world,” Pompeo said in a statement.

MM Online:

Trump's firing of State Department watchdog may be 'unlawful,' Pelosi says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington February 5, 2020

Reuters pic

WASHINGTON, May 18 — US President Donald Trump's firing of the State Department's top internal watchdog “could be unlawful” if it was intended to retaliate against one of his investigations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday.

Trump late Friday ousted Inspector General Steve Linick, the fourth inspector general he has fired since early April, following his February acquittal by the Republican-controlled Senate in his impeachment trial.

“The president has the right to fire any federal employee, but the fact is if it looks like it's in retaliation for something the IG, the inspector general, was investigating, that could be unlawful,” Pelosi said on CNN's State of the Union.

The top Democrats on the House and Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Saturday began a probe into the firing, saying it was their understanding that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo personally recommended Linick's sacking because the inspector general “had opened an investigation into wrongdoing by Secretary Pompeo himself.


  1. KT again shooting his "weapon of mass distraction", as usual, attacking China's silencing of US press in HK......

    ...when today May 18, the PN "government" under Jibby (not Muhyiddin ha ha ha) has silenced Malaysian press from the first Parliament sitting in SIX MONTHS, now reduced to the Agong's speech, which was prepared by the PMO; don't be surprised if the Agong reads out the "approval" of the 260 billion rescue package.

    Only RTM and Bernama are allowed to enter parliament.

    1. TS, either you are ignorant or plain moronic. Don't you know that a constitutional head of state (Agong or Queen Elizabeth II or President of India) read speeches prepared by the PMO? And if the Agong reads out the "approval" of the 260 billion rescue package, it would only be in keeping with Westminster procedures - you're really a Dumbo (an ignorant or moronic one, or wakakaka, even both)

    2. Ayam well aware of Westminster procedures.

      BTW is KT aware that The MOTHER WESTMINSTER MPs in the UK have been meeting online for the last 2 months during Covid-19, even when PM Boris Johnston was ill? And they didn't ask the Queen to open the session, attend to read out the Royal speech either. No need for the ceremonial stuff....the MPs just went straight to the meaty stuff.

      Not aware? Is KT just ignorant or moronic?

      Canada also follows Westminster system and they have 338 MPs spread across SIX TIME ZONES, and yet they have been meeting online TWICE a week.

      I could go on and on.....Singapore, Australia, NZ....their Westminster systems all working. Is KT moronic or ignorant of this too?

      Instead KT mis-directs our attention to HK/PRC, which does not follow Westminster system. Shame on KT as our democracy and press freedom are being murdered as we speak.

    3. The Agong's speech (as confirmed by KT ha ha ha) is written by PMO. So Muhyiddin wrote it and it is his speech. Doesn't it sound so clear that he is Using the Royal Address to prop up his backdoor government?

      Don't play politics, he says, while he knocks off the state government one by one....

      Don't drag us into another round of political uncertainty - Agong

      PARLIAMENT | Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, in his royal address to Parliament, urged MPs not to drag the country into another round of political uncertainty.

      "I would like to advise not to drag this country into another political uncertainty at a time when the people are facing hardship as a result of the (Covid-19) pandemic.

      "It is also for this reason my government had decided to set the Parliament sitting for one day with my speech as the only agenda," he said...

    4. Don't be surprised either if Muhyiddin postpones the July sitting as well, now that he has "convened" a so-called sitting on May 18, he can delay the next sitting for another six months....

  2. Nothing that your Najib didn't do.
    You were OK with that what ?

    it was their understanding that Prime Minister Najib personally ordered the Auditor General's sacking because the auditor general “had opened an investigation into wrongdoing by Najib himself.”

  3. The USA has checks and balances.
    Trump himself was subject to a process that could have got him fired.
    In China, the CCP is God.

  4. inspector general n journalist is the same thing? current ccp propagandist is getting more n more unsound. ccp must spend money wisely, n get some new one.

    1. splitting hairs lah - both are 'check & balance'

    2. can trump do what ccp did, interfere the work of journalist? if yes then its apple to apple.

      u hv this tendency to equal every damn thing done by trump to usa, while u know very well if trump is the lifetime president of ccp china, he act no diff with xi, our argument is which govt model work better in various aspect, ie democracy vs authoritarian. but u always pretend as if u dun know or, u r really that ignorant, cannot be both.

      however i may concede that if trump play by rule, he can never hv chance to fight ccp, just look at that stupid obama.

    3. Inspector General, a public servant drawing government salary, and journalists working for independent press definitely different, not splitting hairs.

      Subject to investigation results, but the Inspector General , a public servant can definitely be fired by the Executive if there is a solid reason.

    4. "can trump do what ccp did, interfere the work of journalist?"

      Yes, he did & does many time over!

      Haven't u hear him calling them, times after times, fake news reportings in USofA. He event refused to talk/interview by those reporters who didn't/doesn't sing his America great again tune.

      Ain't that constituting as in interfere the work of journalist?

      Or in yr f*cked mind, reporters should just report w/o investigations within & without & interviewings both sides to get a fair picture?

      Apple to apple, right?

      Or u r f*ckingly means the Job's Apple to an apple fruit?

      BTW, can anyone of u fart CLEARLY about what/how Pompeo meant in warning China over interference with US journalists in Hong Kong?

      Shoot before investigating, especially it involves CCP China!

      Mfer, Xi isn't the lifetime president of CCP China. He has terms & been elected by the People's Congress. So convenient to use misleading term that those western reporters, who know NUTS about Chinese presidency election, often quoted.

      Ooop… Xi doesn't rule & announce country policies via Tweeters or Weibo, like yr #1 demoNcratic caretaker!


      "which govt model work better in various aspect"


      Blind, dumb or more likely a sleep pretender that is not willing to be awaken!

      The recent crisis handling & medical management & the upholding of human lives over personal freedoms & financial penalties of the country by the covid-19 pandemic have proven the ULTIMATE superiority of the CCP governing system with Chinese characteristics!

      But u always pretend as if u don't know or, u r really that ignorant. Can be both, too.

      Perhaps, it has to do with the depth of yr fart filled well & those time-dilated 'news' constantly been thrown in for yr amusement.

      "Subject to investigation results, but the Inspector General , a public servant can definitely be fired by the Executive if there is a solid reason."

      Old moneyed f*ck, haven't u forgotten about yr claimed 'disappearance' of the Hubei governor & the Wuhan city mayor after they been removed from their jobs for been grossly incompetent in managing the covid-19 pandemic?

      How about the case of Dr Rick Bright been abruptly dismissed as the director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority?

      Was he been subject to due diligent investigation in his refusal to use hydroxycholoquine on covid-19 patients?

      Sound so out-worldly righteousness! Yet, u just want to fart to 'protect' yr #1 caretaker of demoNcracy!

    5. how refuse to talk is interference? aiyoooo anyone can cure this nuts?

      china number n talk all tipu one la, now the fake doctor zhong tell there was conceal of truth but was done by province leader, n govt admit there is destroy of virus sample. dulu bukan ini macam cakap, sekarang seeking room for maneuver n shift responsibility to the lower rank sacrifice lamb. this ccp sucker really tak tahu malu, worst than the umno rubbish.

    6. Mfer, obviously u know NUT about fact finding investigation. When a key witness, holding high office, refuses to talk THAT is interference!

      "china number n talk all tipu one la"


      Any substantiated proofs?

      Maybe yr Formosa statistics & uncle Sam's badgering claims r all holy grails to u?

      "Fake doctor zhong tell there was conceal of truth but was done by province leader, n govt admit there is destroy of virus sample."

      Fake doctor Zhong?


      Beyond an insignificant genuflecting mfer like u, definitely one toe better than that proven fake PhD president in the mood of our 蔡妹妹 le. U buat tak tau?

      The incompetent provincial leaders were sacked & removed from all POSTS by the central govt pronto. What have trump did/does to his team of liars & incompetents?

      "govt admit there is destroy of virus sample"

      Wow!!! 台毒水炮 fake news, right?

      If those virus sample were destroyed, how could China sequenced the genetic code of SARS-CoV-2 in record time & disclosed to the world to help making testing kits?

      "dulu bukan ini macam cakap, sekarang seeking room for maneuver n shift responsibility to the lower rank sacrifice lamb."


      Sound so familiar with yr kind of fact twisting.

      Remember the case of the Taiwanese navy boys kena covid-19 infection? Yr 蔡妹妹 & all the top military officials were busy washing their filthy hands clean by blaming low ranking sacrificial lambs!

      U ONLY know how to c&p with selective need your liking, right?

      This demoNcratic sucker really tak tahu malu, worst than the his rubbishing umno dangdut pals.

  5. The concept of Democracy as "adopted" by the developed West with its attendant 'free speech, human rights, liberty and check & balance' is so mangled that the word Democracy is not a respected word anymore.

    These Western countries, particularly the US, had so abused this pretext of democratic principle by outrageous bullying, threatening and sanctioning that it has openly invite derision. And with the inept Trump running amok ever since he occupied the White House, the contemptuous ridicule and mockery for these Western hypocrisy reached peak level.

    Only the very shallow-minded fully brainwashed would loudly proclaim.."The USA has checks and balances. Trump himself was subject to a process that could have got him fired".

    In the US, the Democratic Party and the Republican GOP are both cut from the same cloth...two sides of the same coin. Both are are of equal strength and like the proverbial evil twins, these two fight ferociously like two dogs fighting to the death for the same bone. Their so-called "check and balance" actually emitted from these two watching each other like a hawk 24/7, not a single day ever get by without them going hammer and tong at each other's throat, deploying all their full force and effort to bring down their rival to snatch a turn to rule the's all about power, greed and high position, nothing to do with democracy in the least.

    The great George Carlin had famously said (paraphrasing) : You have 23 flavors of ice cream but only 2 political parties. It’s Pepsi and Coke. You have the illusion of choice...but there is no real choice. They are all funded by the same people the own the land, the media, the telecoms, the military, the banks. It's the same group of billionaires and corporate interests groups that influence and control everything, including your political candidate. Yes you can vote 1 man out of office, but you can’t vote out the system ".

    And this system is NOT a democratic system ! Not even within smelling distance. The US of A is an oligarchy with its rotten corrupting fusion of money and government, conveniently using democracy as its calling card, fooling no one except those brainwashed masses of their own citizens and for good measure, this brainwashed masses include those in developing countries too, so pervasive and reinforcing is its disinformation and misinformation campaign that left those in developing countries slavishly echoing and parroting each and every lie and half truth from these Big White Brainwashing Machine from the West.

    1. ignore n forget the usa one, follow taiwan, or create yr own, of course must with people mandate, rule of law, free speech free press, protect minority right, no lifetime president, not masuk lokap bec make fun of winnie, when can china start? or the above mentioned is a taboo to chinese culture?

    2. Follow Taiwan under yr 蔡妹妹?

      Wakakakakaka… the quickest shortcut to Holland lah, no?

      Mfer, if u really have followed up with 方方 & her batch of 崇洋媚外 的 公知 then u would have know all yr farts r farts, creating out of thin air!

      Ooop… let me remind u, all those, 台毒 promoted demoNcratic jingos r DEFINITELY taboo to real Chinese culture.

      They might not be so to those nonchinese!


    This action is much worse than anything Mike Pompeo is alleged to have done, but CCP Propagandists here will ignore it.

    1. Old moneyed mfer, get someone to translate what I have written to yr pal's diarrhea.

      Same shit same day for a couple of Japan selubang!

    2. "...but CCP Propagandists here will ignore it"

      Go buy yourself a mirror, a really really huge mirror !

      All the carefully rebutted response to the mudflings and lies by you TrumpAss kissers and DEMON-crazy hardcore groupie here evoke nary a nod, let alone an intelligent response without resorting to 'alternative' facts or unsubstantiated statements. It's like talking to a brickwall, cease and desist all that futile effort dredging the www to bring in morsels of "news" to show how "evil" CCP is, and in comparison, how angelic your Pompeo or Trump or that tSai are, hehehe. Pordahhhh

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.