Sunday, May 24, 2020

Evil consequences of American Belligerent Aggression in Vietnam

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) published an article on 'tree spiking'. 

Tree spiking involves nails, bolts or other metal spikes or objects being hammered or drilled into trees to disrupt logging and milling.

A ruler is held up to a mark in a log showing where a spike was discovered

(Facebook: Karanja Timbers)

Two sawmills in Tasmania's south have reported finding bolts in logs delivered to them by Sustainable Timber Tasmania from the Wentworth Hills area this week, and Tasmania Police and Workplace Standards are now both investigating.

Wayne Booth from Karanja Timbers in the Derwent Valley said he received the logs on Tuesday and discovered the bolts.

"I put one of the logs through the mill, and on the first cut, I hit a spike," Mr Booth said. "When we investigated further, it was a deliberately-placed spike. The hole had been drilled in the log, the spike had been put in the log, and then it had been siliconed over."

Production stopped at the sawmill, and staff found a further five bolts in logs using metal detectors.

"The saw can't cut steel, so the saw either shatters, teeth fly off the saw, or the bolt spike itself will get thrown out.

"That travels at about 5000 feet a minute, and if someone's standing in front of that it becomes a bullet."

Mr Booth wants those responsible held to account.

"This is a whole new low, the Government has to come out now, they have to stop it and the judiciary has to do something, no more smack on the wrists," Mr Booth said.

For more of above, see my post Evil Acts in Australia and Vietnam over at my other blog BolehTalk.

Wayne Booth from Karanja Timbers in the Derwent Valley said he received the logs on Tuesday and discovered the bolts

(ABC News: Alexandra Humphries)

'Spiking trees' while deliberate in Tasmania to foil timber cutting is a danger akin to that faced by Vietnamese loggers who came unexpectedly on US bomb shrapnel embedded in trees, which happened during the Vietnam War when USAF bombers dropped their deadly arsenals. Shrapnel pierced into many trees which continued growing to, putting it fatefully, await Vietnamese loggers after the war, with deadly consequences.

b-52 stratofortress during vietnam war - Bing Images (With images ...

Another ill effect of the USAF massive bombing were increased diseases to Vietnamese caused by mosquitoes flourishing in the water filled bomb craters caused by American bombing.

Vietnam War Damage Stock Photos & Vietnam War Damage Stock Images ...

A third deadly sin of the American war machine in Vietnam has been the criminal use of the notorious Agent Orange herbicide.

Agent Orange's Long Legacy, for Vietnam and Veterans - The New ...

Wikipedia informs us:

Agent Orange is a herbicide and defoliant chemical, one of the "tactical use" Rainbow Herbicides. It is widely known for its use by the U.S. military as part of its chemical warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.

It is a mixture of equal parts of two herbicides2,4,5-T and 2,4-D. In addition to its damaging environmental effects, traces of dioxin (mainly TCDD, the most toxic of its type) found in the mixture have caused major health problems for many individuals who were exposed.

Vietnam Demands Monsanto Give Payment To Victims Of Agent Orange ...

Up to four million people in Vietnam were exposed to the defoliant. The government of Vietnam says as many as 3 million people have suffered illnesses because of Agent Orange. The Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems as a result of Agent Orange contamination. The United States government has challenged these figures as being unreliable.

The U.S. government has documented higher cases of leukemiaHodgkin's lymphoma, and various kinds of cancer in exposed veterans. An epidemiological study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that there was an impact of birth defects of the children of veterans as a result of Agent Orange, although there was no overall rise in the total number of births with defects of Vietnam Veterans. Agent Orange also caused enormous environmental damage in Vietnam. Over 3,100,000 hectares (31,000 km2 or 11,969 mi2) of forest were defoliated. Defoliants eroded tree cover and seedling forest stock, making reforestation difficult in numerous areas. Animal species diversity sharply reduced in contrast with unsprayed areas.

US pledges $50 mln for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims - Vietnam ...

The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam resulted in numerous legal actions. The United Nations ratified United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72 and the Environmental Modification Convention. Lawsuits filed on behalf of both U.S. and Vietnamese veterans sought compensation for damages.

Agent Orange was to a lesser extent used outside Vietnam. It was first used by British Armed Forces in Malaysia during the Malayan Emergency. It was also used in neighbouring Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War because forests on the border with Vietnam were used by the Viet Cong

Vietnam Demands Monsanto Finally Be Held Liable Over Agent Orange ...

Such have been the evil consequences of the belligerent aggression America displayed in the Vietnam War. The sins of the USA have been too many even for God to forgive, let alone the Vietnamese who have quietly harboured in their saddened hearts the wickedness they suffered from the American imperialists.


    Meanwhile lefties keep silent on the evil consequences of Russian belligerent aggression in Syria.
    Because Russia is "Their Son of a Bitch" ?

    1. What a "humanistic" argument to justify yr demoNcratic self-righteousness!

      "They do it, do do I" WASP mentality encumbered by the anglophiles of both sides!

      Mfer, what happens to the victims SHOULD be yr sole consideration. Instead, u r playing equalizing act of atrocities to justify yr evil thought!

    2. Lefties who only see Evil in USA, but close both their eyes to Soviet/Russian /CCP acts of evil work themselves in Rabies-like hatred of USA, while singing only beautiful praises of Moscow and Beijing.

    3. Old moneyed mfer, does a reality check lah in this ongoing covid-19 pandemic lah!

      Which country values money (yr god) more than the lives of the olds, the destitutes & the less fortunates?


      Rabies-like hatred of USA?

      Mfer, FACTS tell unless u r totally swiveled by yr uncle Sam's propaganda machines.

  2. surprisingly if one talk to vietnamese, they dislike chinese more than american.

    n if chinese is given a choice to move to usa australia uk nz or china, it seem pretty obvious china is at last, or rather status quo. yr type tokkok no1 but love the evil n imperialist more la.

    1. The implacable hostility of Vietnamese towards Chinese, including their own Ethnic citizens was the root of the Boat People crisis of the 198l70's and 1980's.

    2. wakakaka, tokkok again

    3. Tokkok, true & through AGAIN!

      "vietnamese, they dislike chinese more than american."

      Substantiate yr fart lah!

      Ooop… the boat people!

      Mfer, yes majority were mainly ethnic Chinese Vietnameses. But had u counted the percentage of ethnic Vietnamese too yet?

      The root of the boat people exodus lies within the same sopo phenomenon of Pol Pot's massacre under a deformed socialism.

      Ooop… not to leave out the same sopo product of the Black American riots that happened times & again in that demoNcratic system.

      "if chinese is given a choice to move to usa australia uk nz or china, it seem pretty obvious china is at last"

      Wakakakaka… an overblown urban legend that passes its shelf life & still keep croaking loud by these katak under that time dilated fart filled well.

      It used to be when given a migration chance, most Chinese would choose a 'developed' economies first.

      It is economic! Same all over the world.

      Nowadays, most Chinese would choose to return & remain in China. (Mfer, haven't we been through this argument before?)

      For other intended migrants, too bad. The green card from China is almost priceless to none.

      Eat yr heart out while u r waiting for yr Formosa green card. Then, it might expire soon in the coming months. Better starting to panegyrize yr uncle Sam (very little chance for mfer like u) for a chance.

      Yr best chance is to pamper yr dangdut pals by doing their favourite suci act!


      read la bodoh.

      mind is with china while body is rather in usa kah, thats y i said tokkok, one eg, liar say want islamic state but live in manchester, we call that hypo in england.

    5. Read what?

      Mfer, haven't we been through the news operative nature of scmp?

      BTW, apparently u have contacts in Vietnam (remembered yr backpacking to Da Nang). Why don't u get them to show u some Vietnamese newsprint about the truth of communist Vietnam be friendlier to US than China.

      That will be more authentic.

      Mind is with 台毒 while body is rather in bolihland kah, truly tokkok liar! U r no better than that mom hypocrat.

  3. "The sins of the USA have been too many even for God to forgive.."

    The only way for this evil regime to stop dead in its track is to take away two things from the US : the dollar as the world reserve currency and the decimation of its military industrial complex. But the removal of the US dollar having the privilege of being the reserve currency alone is sufficient to affect greatly the yearly obscene budget given to its military industry. China now, in cooperation with some countries, is taking concrete steps, albeit still in beginning stages, towards this direction.

    Enough is enough. The world is disgusted with this big bully. This pandemic brought out the feelings of how non-Americans view America. The US at the moment is reminiscent of the Third Reich, only that Orange Bufffoon is far less creative and intelligent than the Führer.

    The views of how others see America and how it handle Covid19 now can be summed up as such :

    ( as well-put by a comment )

    * It seems that armed militia are taking over demanding to be able to get a haircut and not wear masks

    * Donald Trump seems immeasurably stupid, self centered, and cruel

    * China for the moment seems to be to the USA what the Jews were to the Nazis in the 1939s  -  scapegoats

    * It seems very possible that COVID-19 did not come from China and possibly come from the USA, where it has been for months undiscovered

    * The attempts to control the disease have been patchy and inconsistent

    * There seems to be a strong radical Christian fundamentalist element driving the USA. Donald Trump parrots their message but he himself has no religion

    * The attacks on China are damaging the USA. It appears to want to sink dragging China with it rather than work for mutual benefit

    * The constant lies coming from the regime running the USA are vile and cruel. Nancy Pelosi calling the riots in Hong Kong ‘a beautiful thing’ was disgusting, people were being set alight and killed by the rioters. She should have been calling for peace and dialogue

    * In essence the savior of the free world has become the biggest risk to humanity over the last few decades

    * People are starting to feel pity for the USA because it seems broken

    1. You are able to freely write this highly anti-USA article because

      -Blogger - a USA based-platform adheres to the principles of freedom of speech, even writings highly critical of the US system and government are freely expressed.
      Try posting a highly anti-China article on wonderful CCP-based Weibo and see how far you get.

      Yes, the Liberal representative Democracy is a Superior system to CCP Totalitarianism.

    2. facts known throughout the world

    3. so called fact from ccp propagandist. bila can start investigation? 120 countries r waiting.

    4. Mfer, urban legend jingo about banning of dissitant news on China media AGAIN!

      Have u ever used weibo, qq etc before? Have u ever visit these China internet media blogs?

      So easy to frame & fabricate lies.

      Bloody recalcitrant liar!

      Have u ever been told that yr uncle Sam can make a country disappeared on the WWW?

      Yr uncle Sam did exactly that by shutting down the root DNS of Iraq during the height of the Iraqi war.

      By a simple click on a screen an existing country can no longer be found on any internet search!

      What do u call that?


      An USA based-platform adheres to the principles of freedom of speech, even writings highly critical of the US system and government are freely expressed!

      When THAT platform confines to its sopo interests!

      Beautiful demoNcratic principle to the meme-ed acolytes, bravo.

  4. now we see the aggression of ccp in hk, the most evil party that ever exist in china, worst than umno.

    1. What aggression in HK?

      Mfer, haven't u forgotten teaching a waylaid kid a lesson of life?

      Domestic education that has long been delayed by those incompetent pommie-influenced & half-hearted anglophile administrators scattering all-over HK!

      Too free to tokkok about others domestic affair while playing yr 蔡妹妹's tunes of demoNcracy!

    2. we see how black cops, gangster n ccp dog whack peaceful demonstrator, worst than what umno did.

    3. So u believe what those anti-China yellow-ribbon make-believe photoshoots, news & western propaganda!

      So simple (minded)!


      "peaceful demonstrator"

      How sad!

      Pathetic too, mfer!