Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sorrow of Hong Kong

MM Online:

China media seize on video of HK protesters beating lawyer

Pro-democracy protesters gather in Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong, ahead of planned protests against a proposal to enact new security legislation in Hong Kong May 24, 2020

AFP pic

HONG KONG, May 25 — Video of Hong Kong protesters beating a lawyer was seized on by China's state media today, becoming a propaganda blow for the city's pro-democracy movement.

The assault took place yesterday during a rally against a controversial security law proposed by Beijing that was broken up by police, who fired tear gas and water cannon in the most intense clashes for months.

'treasured freedoms' - eg. to assault a lawyer

From SCMP:

The Law Society of Hong Kong has “strongly condemned” an assault on a lawyer at the anti-national security law protest on Sunday, saying that people with opposing political views must not be “silenced” by violence.

According to a police post shared on Facebook, a 41-year-old man was beaten by dozens of protesters with umbrellas on 70 Lee Garden Road in Causeway Bay at around 3.30 pm, following a dispute between the man and demonstrators who were blocking roads. The victim suffered a gash to his head, hand and back and was sent to Ruttonjee Hospital for treatment.

The man was later identified as Chan Tze-chin, a local solicitor and member of the Law Society. In response to local media enquiries, the society’s President Melissa Pang slammed the attack as “distressing and infuriating,” while adding that violent behaviour would not be accepted by society.

“Civil disobedience is not a permit for breaking the law, violence is also not a permit for the attackers,” Pang said, adding that the aorta on Chan’s neck was stabbed with an umbrella as well.

She added: ” [People] must not use violence to silence people with different political views. If this is the kind of freedom everyone is fighting for, then it is the sorrow of Hong Kong.”

China plans to impose a new security law on Hong Kong that bans treason, subversion and sedition after months of massive, often-violent pro-democracy protests last year.

Many Hong Kongers fear the proposal could spell the end of the city's treasured freedoms, and thousands took to the streets on Sunday despite a ban on mass gatherings introduced to combat coronavirus.

Hongkies' 'treasured freedom' - to commit arson, destroy properties & attack policemen

Video shot yesterday showed a man with blood on his face scrambling to escape some half a dozen protesters who were kicking and hitting him with umbrellas.

The Law Society said the victim was a member, and that he had been taken to hospital.

“All forms of violence, which are to be deplored as an affront to the rule of law, must stop immediately,” the society said.

Local media said the man had argued with protesters as they set up road blocks.

During last year's huge pro-democracy protests, beatings were common on both sides of the political divide.

Videos of pro-democracy protesters attacking opponents have been seized on by Beijing to portray them as violent radicals.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the nationalist tabloid Global Times, posted the video of yesterday's assault on Twitter — a platform banned in mainland China.

“Let's see what the Washington-backed Hong Kong democracy really looks like,” he wrote.

State newspaper People's Daily also uploaded the video to its Twitter account.

China has portrayed Hong Kong's protests as a foreign-backed plot to destabilise the motherland.

Protesters, who have hit the streets in their millions, say they are motivated by years of Beijing chipping away at the city's freedoms since it was handed back to China by Britain in 1997.

Hong Kong enjoys liberties unseen on the Chinese mainland, as well as its own legal system and trade status.

Hong Kong-style riots to haunt West - Global Times

Western hypocrisy:

Spain's Supreme Court on Monday sentenced nine Catalan separatist leaders to between nine and 13 years in jail, which, again, set local protesters ablaze. Demonstrations in Catalonia used to be peaceful. It seems that the protesters' use of violence in the four-month turmoil in Hong Kong has set an example for Catalan radicals. 

Spanish officials strongly condemned the violence. Politicians from the US and the West obviously have no idea how to comment at this point. The EU and the US used to firmly support the Spanish government in cracking down on the Catalan separatist movement. But the demonstrators say they are learning from Hong Kong, while protests in Hong Kong have been applauded by the West as a "beautiful sight" of democracy. What's happening in Hong Kong is now occurring in the West. This is awkward.

Some mainstream Western media have kept a low key in covering the latest protests in Catalonia while downplaying its connection with Hong Kong or the slogan that local protesters are attempting to turn Catalonia into another Hong Kong. 


  1. hu xijin is a war monger that wan ccp to increase their nuclear warhead to 1000 piece to fight the american, yet kt seem to be his no1 fan, unbelievable.

    1. how am I No 1 fan? Wakakaka

    2. Mfer, like u, is a 1001 riot instigator that entices impressionable HK 废青 to increase their levels of violence so as to provoke the Chinese into a 64 Tiananmen clampdown.

      Mfer, eat yr heart out! Instead of what you have wanted, most of these HK 废青 would either spend their remaining life in jail or exile voluntary in yr 蔡妹妹's unwelcomed care!

      Keep that in mind. It's very REAL!

    3. almost all yr news sourced from ccp is globaltimes. if not no1 then no2 lo.

      killing n incarcerating youth n student is one of ccp prominent feature. of cource its very real.

    4. killing youth n student??? Like in Kent University in the USA?

      from Wikipedia:

      The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre), were the shootings on May 4, 1970, of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, during a peace rally against the expanding involvement of the Vietnam War into neutral Cambodia by United States military forces as well as the National Guard presence on campus. The killings marked the first time that a student had been slain in an anti-war rally in United States history.

      Twenty-eight National Guard soldiers fired approximately 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others. Students Allison Beth Krause, 19, Jeffrey Glenn Miller, 20, Sandra Lee Scheuer, 20, and William Knox Schroeder, 19, were killed and nine others were injured, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis. All perished at the scene except Schroeder, who was pronounced dead at Robinson Memorial Hospital in nearby Ravenna shortly afterward.

    5. usa is always no1, n ccp china is now obviously no2.

      u r not okay with no1 but seem fine with no2, 2 yr fav?

    6. Ah Mok is ignorant of Tian An Men Square June 4 1989.

      That was an Olympic Gold Medal in killing youth n students.

    7. Old moneyed mfer, so in yr f*cked mind extraneous gold metal can be a reward for unnecessary killing!

      Can u trace back yr family history to see if u have the gene of either Toshiaki Mukai or Tsuyoshi Noda!

      For yr family history enlightenment, these two mfers r the notorious Japanese Army officers, who initiated a contest to see who could kill 100 people the fastest while using a sword during the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China.

      I strongly believe that ONLY the f*cked descendant of these two mfers would still harbour the thought of Olympic gold medal in killing youths & students.

      Mfer, I have more for u about yr favoured Olympic gold medal killing competition.

      Just wait for it!

      I wouldn't let u rest, bet on it in yr wet dream too.

    8. "Ah Mok is ignorant of Tian An Men Square June 4 1989.

      That was an Olympic Gold Medal in killing youth n students"

      Actually I was rather reluctant to rebut on anything regarding Tiananmen Square so-called Massacre here, since it would like casting pearls before swine or macam berikan bunga kpd kera, hehehehe. But the arrogance of TrumpAss Kisser pissing in the wind as though he KNOWS ALL about that event years ago in a land thousands of miles away finally got my goat, ha ha ha...( dapat kambing saya HA HA HA HA...sorry, just my little joke, hehe ), all without a SINGLE substantive supporting evidence to support for such a serious charge ! I sangat banggang dan pantang la with this type of arrogant lying and cheating.

      These powerful Western media control almost all the information dissemination throughout the whole damn world ! Like I mentioned oft times, they are past masters in misinformation and disinformation with highly-paid well-fed "journalists" who had horned their skills for decades with such exquisite deceitful art of manipulation and contortion.

      My favourite Mark Twain, who had had massive run-ins with these scumbags, have this to say : they have no qualms in wallowing in lies of commission, lies of omission, and lies of influence, aka character lies....oh, they did do their job getting their fact first, then they distort them as they please.

      His invaluable warning THEN was : Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

      If only Mark Twain lives in the internet era...then he wouldn't have such a hard time fighting these scumbags.

      If you google Tiananmen Massacre, Wikipedia and some other website a figure of about 10,000 (civilians) killed were given.

      But the following reports were very conveniently ignored by those media of today :

      (continue in following post )

    9. The Chinese government did not estimate that 10,000 people died from the Army. Nor did the media at THE time.

      CBS NEWS: “We saw no bodies, injured people, ambulances or medical personnel — in short, nothing to even suggest, let alone prove, that a “massacre” had occurred in [Tiananmen Square]” — thus wrote CBS News reporter Richard Roth.

      BBC NEWS: “I was one of the foreign journalists who witnessed the events that night. There was no massacre on Tiananmen Square” — BBC reporter, James Miles, wrote in 2009.

      NY TIMES: In June 13, 1989, NY Times reporter Nicholas Kristof – who was in Beijing at that time – wrote, “State television has even shown film of students marching peacefully away from the [Tiananmen] square shortly after dawn as proof that they [protesters] were not slaughtered.” In that article, he also debunked an unidentified student protester who had claimed in a sensational article that Chinese soldiers with machine guns simply mowed down peaceful protesters in Tiananmen Square.

      REUTERS: Graham Earnshaw was in the Tiananmen Square on the night of June 3. He didn’t leave the square until the morning of June 4th. He wrote in his memoir that the military came, negotiated with the students and made everyone (including himself) leave peacefully; and that nobody died in the square. About 200-300 people died in clashes in various parts of Beijing, around June 4 — and about half of those who died were soldiers and cops. A cable from the US Embassy in Beijing (sent in July 1989) also reveals the eyewitness accounts of a Latin American diplomat and his wife: “They were able to enter and leave the [Tiananmen] square several times and were not harassed by troops. Remaining with students … until the final withdrawal, the diplomat said there were no mass shootings in the square or the monument.”

      Li Peng didn’t declare martial law; he simply announced that the army was moving in from the railway station–where they had been waiting for 5 weeks–to clear the Square

    10. Additional notes :

      The "Tiananmen Square massacre" is constantly referred to. Why have I never seen film or video footage of a single death? The cameras were there, were they not?
      ONE PHOTOGRAPH was published in Granta which clearly showed two mutilated bodies. They were, however, those of two Chinese soldiers, hanging from a burnt-out bus in Tiananmen Square. These images were never seen in the mainstream Western media, which also maintained a silence concerning the actions depicted in them.
      Peter McKenna, Liverpool (p.mckenna@liverpool.ac.uk)

      THE CAMERAS were indeed there, and showed a peaceful demonstration that went on for a couple of weeks. The government tried to disperse the crowd by the equally peaceful method of persuasion, then by sending in unarmed police. Finally, in exasperation, the army were called in, but the demonstrators chose to instigate violence. Video films clearly show a demonstrator throwing a Molotov cocktail at the first personnel carrier to enter the square. Hand-to-hand fighting broke out and spread to nearby streets, where many people were killed. The reporting of this tragic episode is yet another example of media manipulation of the news. No-one was killed in Tiananmen Square; the famous film of the man with the carrier-bag defying a column of tanks shows them stopping and turning aside to avoid crushing him; and the bullet holes that reporters said had riddled the statue in the centre of the square seemed to have suddenly disappeared when we saw workmen cleaning up the following day. The notion that unarmed students had assembled to demonstrate peacefully and were immediately shot down in their hundreds by the People's Liberation Army (as the British army did in Amritsar) is a lie.
      Michael Short, Hastings, East Sussex

      "LOOK AT IT this way," a British diplomat who was in Beijing at the time told me. "Those in the square were not peasants, factory or mine workers. They were, by and large, the offspring of those who would have ordered any firing. Draw all your own conclusions."
      D R Johnson, Andover, Hants.


    11. IF SUCH a recent event, with living witnesses, attended by the media, filmed by TV cameras, recorded by the worlds media, can be be subject of argument as to whether there was a massacre and who (if anyone) fired first, then how reliable is our understanding of past historic events?
      Peter May, St Albans, Herts (peter may p.may@ukonline.co.uk)

      The year was 1989, a big massacre happend and there was no video or photographic evidence? without proof how should we know if that actually happened or not?
      Turya basu, Kolkata India.

      OK, guys, place your bets that the usual suspects will trot out their mewing that these reports are by people paid off by the 'evil CCP', or like one here, when confronted with report complete with photographic evidence, that a teacher was caught teaching fake distorted history, quick as a flash, he immediately declared that the teacher was a plant of the CCP ! Wa ka ka ka

    12. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/01/opinion/sunday/tiananmen-square-protest.html
      This is what Nicholas Kristof Actually wrote in the NYT, not the CCP-manufactured Bullshit

      "I reached Tiananmen Square shortly before the army, and then I watched as soldiers fired their automatic weapons directly at the crowd that I was in.

      I was then the Beijing bureau chief of The Times, and I ran around that evening, the notebook clutched in my hand stained with the sweat of fear, to document horrors that remain seared into my memory. You never forget watching young people, some of the nation’s best and brightest, full of passion and idealism, stand up to machine guns — and then in an instant crumple bloody and lifeless on the ground."

      As I repeat, TianAn Men Square was an Olympic Gold Medal in massacring students and youths.

    13. What's so special about nyt's report? Why such a heavy emphasis on Nicholas Kristof?

      Is nyt reported the real truth story as penned by Nicholas Kristof?

      "I reached Tiananmen Square shortly before the army, and then I watched as soldiers fired their automatic weapons directly at the crowd that I was in."

      Can't u see that Nicholas Kristof was sensationalized his story?

      Mfer, if an automatic weapons was been fired directly at the crowd he was in. Chances were he would be severely injured if not dead!

      Yet nothing happened to him so that he could continued filing bs to his nyt HQ.

      Riots broke out at the eve of the 4th June 1989 after the students refused to disperse, ignoring repeated warnings & postponing of multiple deadlines to leave.

      The most violent location where chaos led to heavy casualties on both sides was at the Zhengyangmen (前门) to the south of the square.

      Nobody is sure who started the riot then. The burned tanks & army trucks with corpses of young PLA soldiers could be clues that the students turned mob violence to attack the armed soldiers. Resulting in returned weapons fired!

      Most of the injured students were been carted away from this location by fellow students to hospitals.

      This was the location where most of the riot chantings & gun shots firing were heard.

      Nicholas Kristof WASN'T at Zhengyangmen. He was just a tiny dot within the huge Tiananmen Square with an area of 440,500m2 (880m×500m).

      He saw things but didn't know what's actually happened & been caught in a chaotic & panicky situation where he feared for his own life. As a journalist, especially an US trained, he jumped into conclusion & dramatized his story in his mind while running for cover in a safe & remote corner of Tiananmen square.

      It was also inconceivable that as a Beijing bureau chief of The Times, he carried no camera to record what he claimed to see!

      BTW, contrary to all the banning & censoring farts u heard about China news, what I have been written can be easily search through the Chinese online social media. There r more if u know how to use Baidu search with Mandarin inputs.

      Olympic Gold Medal in massacring students and youths?

      Based on what matrices & who is keeping tag?


      That 犬养 katak?

      NYT? Wakakakakakax2. It won't dare as it has more sense than a blurred old moneyed mfer stubbornly & blindly seizing whatsoever farts from western media as his only gospel of truth!

      Mfer, do more googling & research on Tiananmen incident lah. May I suggest u read beyond western demoNcratic newsprints, tabloids & 'intellectual' writes.

      Ooop… make sure u don't just label anyone who write contrarian thesis as a lefties propagandist. Just like u do with Johan Galtung.

      It makes u sound very much like a non thinking dickheaded McCarthyist who doesn't know what era is now!

    14. On June 13th 1989, Nicholas Kristof wrote his report that no massacre happened in the square of Tiananmen, just 9 days after the event there.

      30 years later, in 2019, this same Nicholas Kristof wrote a different version. It took him THIRTY YEARS to recant. But these controversy has been swirling from then up till today yet he NEVER appear up till year 2019. And by the way, he wasn't held captive in evil China and was allowed out only last year, right ?

      And what about the reports from CBS, BBC, Reuters ? Did these guys retract ?
      And those comments by the foreigners who were eyewitnesses in 1989 ? TrumpAss Kisser must be frantically searching the web and could only come up with a Johnny-Come-Lately 'confession' retraction by Mr Kristof 30 bloody years LATER ?

      I rest my case. Stop pissing in the wind la. Enough is enough

    15. What happened to the reports from the rest of the news media like CBS, BBC, Reuters etc ? And the reports of eye witnesses like Spanish Diplomat and his wife and those Brits and Americans there ? Why Kristof did not dispute his first original report ?

      That was an CIA operation and it was amply confirmed when they airlifted some of the student leaders out of China. The students are now in their 50s and a few even came back to settle down in China. Do some digging and hear their accounts.

  2. These young Hongkies are being manipulated by the westerners especially the Americans and British.Everywhere where there is civil disobdienceor political disorders the CIA is always there.These young Honky leaders are being lavished by monies,training,propaganda materials and promises of Western intervention if things get out of order.

    What these young pro-democracy Hongkies do not know or pretend to not know that they have been taken for fools by the western instigators.When push comes to shove,these western terrorists will be no where to be seen.Serves these young greedy hongkies right.

  3. China too greedy. Semua pun mahu. Tibet, Xinjiang, Macau, HK, Taiwan, Southern Seas, Eastern Seas, Belt and Road.....ANZ farmland too...bagi sikit ruang pun tak boleh.

    1. Another blurred mfer cocooned with the demoNcratic farts!

      China ONLY wants what's hers. PERIOD.

      Belt & Road initiative is a scheme to prosper thy neighbours. What's wrong in it?

      Or bcoz u have no share? Ooop… yr masters will be that much lesser in ability to squeeze the blood & sweat of their underdeveloped neighbouring countries as B&R opens up alternative choices for these long deprived nations!

    2. yes ccp even curi mongolian n manchurian punya history n tell semua dia punya. tak tahu malu.

    3. https://truthdive.com/2020/05/27/indias-military-high-command-meets-prime-minister-modi-amid-mounting-border-tension-with-china-india-news/

      CCP wants to Sapu Northern India as well.

    4. 犬养 katak croaking loudly under that fart filled well when overhearing that the well would be refilled by China!

      Old moneyed mfer, read yr history of the Sino-india border conflict carefully. Don't be caught as another example of yr hp6 lying. This time not only that Santiago wouldn't come to our defenses!