Thursday, May 28, 2020

Westerners exploiting Hong Kong for their own nefarious purposes


Foreigners should stay out of Hong Kong and China's affairs

by Kua Kia Soong

Donald Trump accused of being soft on China over Hong Kong protests

stop dreaming morons

The situation in Hong Kong is certainly not a satisfactory state of affairs. There is unhappiness among the deprived Hong Kong people with the gross income inequality and crowded housing conditions created by years of British colonialism and capitalism.

Nevertheless, it is hypocritical that the likes of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten should put their names to a memorandum that has warned China that a new Chinese security law for Hong Kong is a “comprehensive assault” on its rights and freedoms and “cannot be tolerated”.

They claim to have “grave concerns” about the legislation and fear it would jeopardise the city’s future. Chris Patten says the decision by the Chinese government to “unilaterally impose national security legislation in Hong Kong” is unacceptable while Mike Pompeo has described it as a “death knell” for the city’s autonomy and has threatened reprisals. I understand some Asean, including Malaysian, parliamentarians have also signed this US/British inspired memorandum.

on most issues Charles Santiago is OK or even good, but to follow Chris Patten who misled 7 million gullible Hongkies and ultra right wing anti China Ted Cruz makes him a bit of a gullible guppy


Let the Hong Kong people decide without foreign interference

Social unrest in Hong Kong was sparked by the failed extradition bill last year, and this has never been fully resolved. Recently, protesters have defied bans on unauthorised gatherings because of the Covid-19 lockdown to demonstrate in the streets and shopping malls again. The social unrest and open flaunting of the US flag and the Union jack gives the impression that foreign powers are working with local forces to seek independence and undermine the state and security.

for 156 years under the British, the Hongkies didn't enjoy a fraction of what they have been entitled to and enjoying since July 1997

senior govt positions, certain govt institutions, clubs and privileges were DENIED to 2nd class British citizens, to wit, Chinese Hongkies

yet this phor phor had been so moronic

Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law, its mini-constitution, says the territory must enact “on its own” national security laws to prohibit “treason, secession, sedition [and] subversion” against the Chinese government. The law would bar “activities of foreign and external forces” interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs.

More than 20 years after the handover in 1997, no progress had been made to enact Article 23. Meanwhile, riots over the past year and the rise of violence and terrorism, not to mention the push for separatism, suggests the risk to national security and territorial integrity is at an all-time high.

No freedom is above national security

Let us be clear. China has not broken any human rights in Hong Kong yet, and we are witnessing so much hullaballoo from foreign “democrats”. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights makes it plain that our freedoms and rights are premised upon national security.

The mere enactment of a national security law cannot be said to be an erosion of individual rights, let alone the rule of law. China’s National Peoples’ Congress has merely passed a resolution empowering the NPC Standing Committee to legislate. It is not a piece of legislation.

Chinese state media denounces Hong Kong protesters seeking U.S. ...

spontaneous? then Charles Santiago is the Emperor of China


But according to the proposed decision, China’s parliament will ask the standing committee to draft a detailed law for insertion into Hong Kong’s constitution under a provision allowing the implementation of national law in semi-autonomous Hong Kong.

This has led detractors to claim that mainland law enforcement agencies would descend on Hong Kong and arrest dissidents and ship them back to the mainland to be tried. This is the same fear-mongering tactic they used last year to discredit the proposed amendments to the extradition law.

Human rights defenders would do well to condemn states only when there is a human rights violation.

No question about China’s national sovereignty in Hong Kong

The Chinese state has the right to keep order in Hong Kong simply because Hong Kong belongs to China. No country will allow an existential threat to its sovereignty without responding in a way that brings the situation under control.

The latest failed attempt by US-backed coup plotters in Venezuela is a clear example. Mike Pompeo should explain the role of the US in this and countless other coups they have brought about in so many countries since the Second World War.

End all coup attempts on Venezuela!

Likewise, the British government has absolutely no credibility to preach democracy to China when it stole Hong Kong from China and for more than a hundred years there was no democracy to speak of in Hong Kong. Have our Asean/Malaysian parliamentarians issued statements condemning US militarisation and US-assisted coups in different parts of the world?

Can demonstrators wreck Westminster or Congress?

Any fair-minded observer can see that for more than a year now, the Chinese government has treated Hong Kong protesters with kid gloves. They have been more patient than any so-called “democratic” country in the West or even in Southeast Asia.

Which liberal democratic country would have patiently allowed protesters to wreck and spray graffiti all over their parliament and set fire to their metro station? Would Donald Trump or Boris Johnson and their security forces allow such violence and desecration in Westminster or Capitol Hill? Can any Malaysian parliamentarian even imagine that the Malaysian police would allow demonstrators to break into the Malaysian parliament and do what the Hong Kong protesters did to the Hong Kong parliament?

We hope that, in due course, this issue of apparent constitutional conflict can be peacefully and properly resolved and Hong Kong people can enjoy a more peaceful, prosperous and progressive future.

Beijing is unlikely to yield on the issues of sovereignty and security. Any actions initiated by politicians abroad risk making the central government even more resolute. It is important that the law is clear and able to preserve the legitimate rights and freedoms enshrined in the Basic Law, the city’s mini-constitution.

The return of protests shows underlying problems remain unresolved but concerns over the law are best reflected through rational and peaceful discussion.

For the moment, foreigners have no business poking their noses into a resolution by the Chinese National Peoples’ Congress regarding Hong Kong, which is, and has always been a part and parcel of China.

KUA KIA SOONG is Suaram adviser


  1. stupid kua, if dun wan foreign interference, abolish the 2 system. use rmb n no more hkd, apply ccp law n throw the common law into rubbish bin. now is the time to see if ccp hv the ball or no.

    1. wakakaka, you may get what you have asked for

    2. wrong, its chinese get what they dun wish to hv, y they wan a rmb plus communist law hk when they already hv something similar ie shanghai n shenzhen? ccp under xi might hv a diff thot.

      china become no2 bec 1) vast popolation 2) turn to capitalistic economy n 3) usa/west support, of course due to their utilitarian pov.

      universal suffrage is irrelevant whether its no 2 or no 222. of course its a diff story if u r the i give u 40 million of yr own money u start wagging yr tail type.

    3. This 犬养 katak would then cry father mother about violation of HK 废青's human rights while conveniently ignores the greater rights of the HKers.

      To him, every shit from demoNcratic morons is fragrance from heaven.

    4. rmb acconted for less than 2% of global transaction, take away hkd la, show yr ball.

    5. "wrong, its chinese get what they dun wish to hv"


      Only 犬养 katak thinks in terms of "a rmb plus communist law hk"

      How about just having HK as a complete part of China less all those auntie pommie & uncle Sam's demoNcratic influences!

      China becomes prosperous & influential bcoz of the sole diligence of the Chinese people, under the guidance of good governance.

      India/Indonesia have vast population. Where r they in the ranking?

      India & many other countries in the world too having yr claimed capitalistic economy. Where r they in the ranking.

      China achieves top ranking BCOZ of marketing economy via her hard earned efforts of 摸石过河.

      Mfer, do tell me what's the difference of a capitalistic economy vis-a-vis marketing economy as u know them?

      China has no true supports from USA/West. All these countries ONLY aim to exploit her huge market, & thus profit, as provided.

      "utilitarian pov"!!!

      What a stinking fart to high heaven!

      Indeed, RMB accounts for less than 2.5% of global swift transaction. But there r now plenty of alternatives - Euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), Pound sterling (GBP), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Chinese renminbi (CNH). Especially when US$ us now in unlimited printing support by the FedReserve!

      However, China's control of the US$ via HK has been lessened lately. The PBoC recently loosened its monetary policy to allow RMB to float within a narrow band against a basket of major currencies – apparently with a view to letting it float freely in the future.

      The floating of RMB means China has found a solution to the currency leg of the economic trilemma!

      With that solution in sight, the position of HK to China has become non essential. This is reflected in promoting Macao as a new international financial hub together with Hainan as a free port.

      犬养 Mfer, u won't know that would u? Been cooked up inside that time dilated fart filled well is one thing. Keep feeding on 台毒 shits will eventually see u dying standing!

      Keep up with the monkey show. Though it's slow coming but expected, with yr petrified skull full of know-nothing.

  2. 5,000 years of civilization but did they learn anything? No compassion, only bully and rampas.

    1. How could a meme-ed demoNcratic dickhead understands what r been consummated within that 5,000 years of civilization?

      U want to talk about compassion?

      About bully and rampas?

      U should direct those questions to those HK 废青.

      Hitting, burning bystanders holding contraction views to theirs!


      Bullying bcoz they have the numbers?

      Don't let me start with their rampas while rioting! Looting enough to add up their paid rioting fees for a 'comfortable' life's in Taiwan?

      U r REALLY a nonchinese add-on.

  3. Demonising domestic dissenters as pawns of Foreign powers is the favourite tactic of Oppressive regimes.

    Kua Kia Soong never learnt the lesson of how Suaram was unfairly tarred by the BN UMNO Regime as a tool of foreign Western powers.

    Or maybe Kua's commitment to freedom of association and human rights is paper thin, and his CCP sympathies much thicker.

    1. "Demonising domestic dissenters as pawns of Foreign powers is the favourite tactic of Oppressive regimes."

      Say that AGAIN, old moneyed mfer!

      Haven't u forgotten labelling Galtung as lefties?

      Or maybe yr commitment to freedom of association and human rights is paper thin, and yr demoNcratic sympathies much thicker.

    2. That is where a Liberal democracy is superior to a totalitarian system like CCP.
      Galling has been free to pursue his misguided ideas, without any harassment.
      CCP is looking to lock up people they demonise as pawns of foreign powers.

      CCP Justice.....yes Winnie the Pooh

    3. "CCP is looking to lock up people they demonise as pawns of foreign powers."


      I would happily looking forward to the days when CCP takes actions to lock up 方方 & all her cohosted 公知.

      That would be REAL CCP justice!

      But for a anmokausai who only feeds on western demoNcratic farts, what do u know about 方方 & all her cohosted 公知!


      Keep playing yr lies lah while others r laughing at yr insignificant efforts of popping up that decaying demoNcracy.

  4. Kua Kia Soong himself is a foreigner, so why doesn't he stay out of HK/China affairs?

    KKS has in the past come out to defend the rights of Rohinyas in Myanmar. He does not abandon them at the mercy of the Myanmar Buddhists, even though Yangon considers this an internal matter.

    But when it comes to HK and their suppression by Beijing all of a sudden KKS forgets his role as advisor for Human Rights?

    1. How did HK been suppressed by Beijing?

      Come on, get real.

      Protecting the lives, peace & business of HKers by enacting the national security act ARE exactly what Huhman Rights demands of a govt!

      What have u been inhaling?

      台毒 fart from that katak well?

    2. CK, you have time and again nailed them to the wall with your point to point rebut, but as can be seen, they failed to support their stand...just quietly slink away and then in another thread, start their nonsense again...mere echo chambers of the hypocrite West propaganda spews. Pathetic bunch.