Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Muhyiddin readies to re-join UMNO

finance-twitter (extracts only):

To ensure his survival, the weak and lame prime minister has also irresponsibly given away chairmanship in about 30 GLCs (government-linked companies) to dozens of warlords of UMNO and PAS whose lust for power and position were shockingly uncontrollable. Heck, even the “six-million-dollar-man” Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was appointed as Prasarana chairperson.

The simple fact that Muhyiddin was not in the driver seat of the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government proves that he was not the so-called genius architect of the coup. He was just a pawn in a chess game of Godfather Mahathir. The current split in the Bersatu (PPBM) party was deliberately designed so that the old man can control both sides of the political divide.

The plan was to kill many birds with a stone – to deny PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim from becoming the next PM, to stop Bersatu’s dwindling support among Malays, to tap into UMNO and PAS Malay zombie-like voters and of course, to rejoin or merge Bersatu with UMNO. After failing to entice UMNO MPs to join Bersatu, Mahathir had no choice but to rejoin his former party.

Mr. Mahathir has never denied his evil intention of leaving the Pakatan Harapan coalition. It was just about the right timing when to leave. By staging the greatest show on the planet, his faction, which includes his son, Syed Saddiq, Amiruddin Hamzah, Maszlee Malik and 9 MPs from Sabah-based Warisan plus UPKO (1), Parti Bersatu Sarawak (1) and independent Baru Bian (1) – acts as a fallback plan.

Together with 92 MPs (DAP 42, PKR 39, and Amanah 11) from former ally Pakatan Harapan (PH), Mahathir could swing 109 opposition parliamentarians, just short of 3 MPs, to form a new government with a simple majority. Considering Mahathir’s bloc of 17 MPs, the PH realised it has to open to the possibility of working again with the same old man who had played them.

PM Muhyiddin now has only one option – to rejoin his former corrupt party, UMNO, if he does not wish to lose everything. The national cooperation between UMNO and PAS, glorified as “Muafakat Nasional” under the pretext of Malay-unity, will almost certainly divide the seats between themselves in the next general election, leaving nothing for Muhyiddin’s Bersatu at all.


  1. how rejoin umno wont lose everything? i really hv no idea what he toking abt. tis stupid twatter a kok toker no2, still hv a long way to overtake that mt liar.

  2. In politics world you must be smart and nasty enable you to climb to higher level as a top government administative of this country. Nevertheless as long as you take care of the welfare of the people and the voters politically, economically and socially you deserve the support.