Sunday, May 24, 2020

Will Donald Trump πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ volunteer to head investigation into source of coronavirus?

MM Online:

China ‘open’ to international effort to identify Covid-19 virus source, says foreign minister

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi blasted US politicians for fabricating rumours

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BEIJING, May 24 — China is “open” to international cooperation to identify the source of the novel coronavirus but any investigation must be “free of political interference”, China’s foreign minister said today.

Wang Yi blasted what he called efforts by US politicians to “fabricate rumours” about the pathogen’s origins and “stigmatise China”.

The United States and Australia have called in recent weeks for an investigation into the origins of the pandemic.

Both US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have accused China of a lack of transparency over the issue, and repeatedly pushed the theory that the virus leaked from a Chinese maximum-security laboratory.

Most scientists believe the virus jumped from animals to humans, possibly from a market selling exotic animals for meat in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

“China is open to working with the international scientific community to look into the source of the virus,” Wang said at a press conference on the sidelines of China’s annual parliament session.

Coronavirus: Trump valet tests positive for Covid-19

Of course I can head the inquiry team - I have a PhD in bullshitology

“At the same time, we believe that this should be professional, fair and constructive,” he added.

“Fairness means the process be free of political interference, respect the sovereignty of all countries, and oppose any presumption of guilt.”

The World Health Organization has also called on Beijing to invite them in to investigate the source, with China proposing that the “global response” to COVID-19 should only be assessed when the pandemic is over.

WHO members on Tuesday adopted a resolution at the UN body’s first virtual assembly to review international handling of the pandemic. — AFP


  1. CCP calling for a process "free of political interference" is a massive joke.

    The CCP does not understand the meaning of that phrase.
    Everything under the CCP is subject to CCP control - that is a fact well known throughout the world.

    1. Anything today wet trump USA?

      Fit to the dot of yr fart le!

      But can u see it?

    2. The massive joker is your idol the Orange Buffoon !

      A fact well known throughout the world is your Buffoon is an out and out liar, whose mouth is suffering from chronic diarrhoea.

      The Moronic Buffoon is frightened out of his wits he can't win in November.

      He has a voter base with an IQ not exceeding their shoe size, so whatever shit that comes out of his shitty mouth will be swallowed whole, just like these two parrots here, hehehe

      Yeah, 'unfettered investigation' to these murderers and warmongers would mean that fat arse Pompeo will be allowed to wave a test tube full of his vomit and declared here's the smoking gun ! President Xi is anything but stupid, unlike his moronic counterpart. He just simply won't allow an Iraqi WMD ver 2.0 episode again.

  2. Why are you so defensive of CCP ?

    If they have nothing to hide, CCP should welcome an unfettered investigation.

    1. Unfettered investigation as in……

      What yr uncle Sam dictated?

      Now that yr pet hate CCP China is agreeing to an independent investigation free from bipartisan politics after the pandemic has subsided.

      What more u have to say?

      More CCP virus? More Wuhan virus? Or like that mfer who keeps saying that the trace of coronavirus has been destroyed!

      What happen when the investigation turns nasty for yr uncle Sam? Bearing in mind absolutely NO ONE should be spared from tgat independent investigation.

      Acting man enough?

      Or u have another grandmother story to fart?

  3. ccp china said open fair can check can investigate can do whatever but now is not the good time.

    so when is the good time? we hv to wait until all evidence is confirmed destroyed. so kt couls be right, only a trump can handle this kind of thuggish regime.

    1. Mfer, know nothing!

      Do tell how a coronavirus evidences can be confirmed/destroyed?

      Don't u know that the signature of the DARS-CoV-2 is all over the world. The genome types included & sequenced in record time by China!

      One can't destroys a pandemic virus! Otherwise, it wouldn't be causing a pandemic.


      The best part is variantA, the granddaddy of them all, isn't dominant in Wuhan or China!

      Just wait for it.

      Only then u would know who is that kind of thuggish regime!