Tuesday, August 07, 2018


MM Online - Heavily-escorted Equanimity docks in Port Klang, massive team enters for inspection:

PORT KLANG, Aug 7 — Controversial billionaire Jho Low’s superyacht Equanimity, accompanied by massive escort, has docked at the Terminal Boustead Cruise Center here at 12.40pm.

The yacht was brought here by Indonesian police with heavy escort by local marine police team from Johor and Port Klang.

Investigators from Bukit Aman Special Branch department, officers from the High Court, a team from Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, officers from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC), Navy and marine police boarded the yacht to conduct their respective investigation.

They are expected to take an hour. A police source said the main investigation team at the moment will be the team from the High Court and the AGC.

“The first step is to handle the legal procedures first, that’s why the team from the High Court and Attorney General is here, they will be given the main priority for now,” the source said

But is it necessary for the High Court and AG to be on board to handle the legal procedures? Wakakaka.

Why not tell the truth that it's a jolly excursion to explore the yacht out of curiosity, wakakaka again.

However, I hope the "visitors" do not eat the chocolates and champagne on board the yacht, wakakaka a 3rd time. 

But the brouhaha over the yacht should distract those gullible guppies for a while as Pakatan continue on its pen-chapati-kan of manifesto pledges.


  1. The brouhaha over the detention of superyacht Equanimity SHOULD distract those gullible guppies of the jibby/hippo for a while as they continue on their pen-chapati-kan of the couple's kleptomaniac indulgences.


  2. Of course, of course.... Ktemoc will still protest his Bijan's and sidekick Jho Low's innocence until his deathbed.

  3. I did post earlier that the Equanimity case has to be handled in an air tight manner, else if the ownership is contested, no reputable buyer will touch the ship.

    It behoves that the law enforcement officials handle the case with all the dots and T's crossed.

    Note : Contrary to Ktemoc lie, the AG is NOT on board, only officials from the department.

  4. Pirates?????????


    Who is the pirate?

    If it is not a Yatch belonging to a pirate and bought by laundered monies, please stand up and come back for your property. Any sane innocent person would definitely fight tooth and nail in wherever the court is to reclaim back their property.

    In the meantime, can the PH Govt. organised free tours for every Malaysian interested since all have a stake in it.


    1. Can nostro piggy invite cheebye motherfucker kaytee on board that ship?

      Then i will push cheebye kaytee into the sea....

      Man overboard

    2. Told you again and again I did NOT fCk your mother.

      Pauline wants you back to service her with your wriggly tongue

  5. Top Job Tommy!!

    And we know you used only Bahasa Malaysia in all your communications with the US authorities.

  6. The real Pirates are the ones who hijacked the country's finances, just a small portion of which went into buying the Billion Ringgit Super yacht.