Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The price of race

The Malaysian Insider - ‘Racist price list’ for golf membership sparks backlash.

On the surface of it, there is overt racism and thus discrimination on the basis of skin colour. But if we read more carefully, the Notice says “Membership for sale”.

As Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, president of the KGNS said, the membership by racial quota has been fixed at 45% Malay, 35% Chinese and 20% Indians and Others (presumably Eurasian, Thai and Ang-mor) to ensure a decent racial mix. Re-sale of membership has to comply with maintaining the racial quota, meaning Malays may only sell to Malays, while Chinese and Indians may likewise sell to Chinese and Indians respectively. I have no problem with the club’s policy on this racial quota.

On the price list itself, one could argue that because memberships for Chinese and Indians are more limited at respectively 35% and 20% (or less), the private re-sale cost of membership in these rarer categeory would be far more expensive, explaining why Kandasamy's membership (limited to 20% or less) is sold at RM15,000 more than Ah Chong.

However, I cannot understand why an Indian has to pay RM60,000 to 80,000 while someone classified as 'Other', basically in the same category as Indians, can buy a membership for only RM40,000 to 50,000?

Now, this is sheer inexcusable racism, with the poor Aneh or Tambi getting the short end of the stick. This could f* translate into an Ang-mor paying a lower sum (by as much as RM20 to 30 grand) to secure a membership than Palannivel could. Explain this discrepancy! If this is not racism of the worst kind, what the f* is it then?

While the club committee and rules may not be directly responsible for the pricing of a membership re-sale, the sad differentiation tells us the country, one way or another, continues to reek malodorously of shameful racism.


  1. What do you expect from a racist government.
    All the rules set up by them.. must be complied..or license cancelled.

  2. The root of the cause is the racial quota.

    After all, a club is just like a 'cartel' of like-minded people, whether their likeness is racial, religious & 'taste'.

    Spot on, on the forever cina-melayu-.indi-dll rule of the bolihland

  3. For decades...Chinese owned successful businesses are are marked and visited by so call Govt. people asking for 30% quota to be fulfilled.
    They will give you a list of all huge Govt owned companies with forms to submit. You spent months doing it...and submit...not one take the 30% offer and the owners are still considered...breaking the law....UNTIL..you have no choice...get a good trusted Malay friend to take 30% as trustee and draw a huge salary doing nothing.
    They accused you playing "ali-baba" ...and they ask for help.
    Only solution...give the 30$ FOC...chosen by them...all problems solved.
    Many prefer to trim it to small sizes...that let these rouges ad thieves have their ways.
    That's under Mahathir's PMship time...most glaring bullying minorities tactics......he does not care.

  4. Before Mahathir became the PM...he already killed off thousands of Chinese businesses...creating such a great unrest for our country...quarreling with Razaleigh openly...making backs recall all loans...mostly to the Chinese.
    Became the PM...from day one...he showed he is a racist...and a double headed snake to his own kind.
    Hundreds of false titles are for sale...to minorities..using royalties birthday celebration as an excuse...and thousands of their chosen Malays given titles..thus the stage is set...for many Malay becoming millionaires with false titles...becoming so call..the smart Malays...and from datuks to tan sri and to tun....with millions at their disposals...to try anything.
    As you can see...Wain Barry wrote Mahathir stole RM100 billion in 22 years and what about Najib..Dollah...Rafidah....Ling and Samy?
    Be it golf membership .houses...land..factories...all are subject to unfair and unjust rules and regulations..for the minorities.....take it or leave it.

  5. monster, while not totally incorrect, your arguments are a wee too simplistic. Actually there's more to it than plain anti-Chinese-ism though this is what you may perceive at first glance. I'll blog something on it soon.

  6. KTemoc said...
    "monster, while not totally incorrect, your arguments are a wee too simplistic."

    Isn't this true of ALL of monsterball's "arguments"? When did he ever display some intelligence in his political arguments? There's quite often more intelligence in the political arguments (or even quarrels) in the kopitiam. Monsterball of course posts and posts and posts, but he's just an empty barrel that makes the most noise. If he had spent some time looking through his posts, revising them accordingly before sending them to Ktemoc's blog, we might respect his views more.

  7. The different prices are actually Capitalistic market value driven by Race-based membership quotas and combine that with demand.
    Looks like very limited places available for Indians and (possibly) a high number of Indian applicants.

    The end result is a really insulting Apartheid-style pricing.
    Reminds me of South-Africa Whites Only , Coloured and Blacks public Toilets.
    Or the Bruce Lee movie with the famous scene on the gate to a English-style park - "No Entry for Dogs and Chinamen."

  8. Monsterball need to go for temperament and attitude classes.

  9. Monsterball need to have more control over his language.He is just a loose cannon with no bang.

  10. //by as much as RM20 to 30 grand) to secure a membership than Palannivel could. Explain this discrepancy! If this is not racism of the worst kind, what the f* is it then?//

    We have lived with this injustice since 1971, whereby members of a certain race, however rich they are, can receive 10% off the listed price of real property. This price discount can be as much as RM100,000!

  11. KT...too much complicated stuffs...street fighters will be bored.
    I never say I am smarter than ANON 11.46AM too.
    Why then be bothered if all my comments are not intelligent stuffs?
    Kopitiam fellas think I am plenty smart and wise. That's most important for me.
    Others...opinions ...not important. It votes that matter most and I am being appreciated more than KTemoc and that Anon idiot can imagine.

  12. Go teach your children...all of you.
    This is not english nor character training center.
    Somehow..in blogging...big mouths and wise guys...plenty.
    Come to face the music..all hide under the tables with no balls.
    Worst come to the worst..plan migration.

  13. "loose cannon with no bang" said Anon 12.02AM about me.
    In short...empty vessels make the most noise...says he about me.
    Well.. Arm Chair Critics plenty here.
    If I am an empty vessel..why bother to talk so much about me?
    After few comments by me..so many critics.
    This shows they keep reading everything I wrote......and all spells nothing good for BN.

  14. KT...do follow up and blog something on the same subject soon.
    I do not read history. I lived through it and will give my usual simple thoughts.
    If I can get ONE simple minded BN voter to feel angry and vote for change...that's mission accomplished for me.

  15. do u understand ' membership for sale" .. ask the Indian la.. why they want to sell their membership price that high... it's like 1-1 deal.. do they too greedy to their own race.. "the others" not that greed... that's y they want to sell it cheaper.. think think think b4 u say anything..

  16. All are not thinkers...except Anon 2.01PM..half drunk talking cock.
    How many Indians play golf?
    And some sell off membership cheaper because that said golf course and facilities are lousy....and no big players for betting or rubbing shoulders to do business.

  17. Monster Lam Par as racist as ever.
    Many Indian businessmen and professionals play golf.

    I'm back to haunt Monster Lam Par....remember Susan's blog ?

  18. Who cares really? Average Malaysians are only concerned about bread and butter issue. To put on food on the table.
    Sure you have to pay more if the purpose of playing golf is to hobnob with the rich and powerful and in the process get some projects.
    Then there's this thing call supply and demand. We have lots more Malays playing golf and wanting to join the golf clubs.
    And we have very few Indians who are golf club members.
    Anyhow what's the big deal. It's like the NEP where Malays get preferential treatment.
    We can buy houses at a discount, right? So why not golf club membership?
    And you must remember there are many more Chinese and Indian millionaires if you compare the ratio to wealthy Malays.

    P.S. Glad the membership fee is high. It can deter low class people like our resident ball becoming members. He may think the golf balls are turtle eggs. He may talk nonsense while putting.
    A disgrace to the other Chinese golfers.

  19. Buttercup sez :

    "And you must remember there are many more Chinese and Indian millionaires if you compare the ratio to wealthy Malays."

    Is this statement another myth which the likes of Ibrahim Ali and his current mentor the puppeteer behind-the-scene normally spewed forth whenever they want to defend their obscene guzzling at the troughs ?

    Let's not take the 'official' millionaires from the Forbes Rich List.....this just do not apply to this country at all.

    There are those 'quiet' Malaysian billionaires that just simply do not make it to the yearly Forbes listings.

    Malaysia is a small country but in 2009, it ranked the world's 4th in illicit outflow in the developing world, costing a loss of RM 150 billions.

    The malays, or rather the Umnoputras, have truly arrived....they no longer talk about being millionaires. Billionaires are the norm now and the next is......trillionaires? Why not, as long as our wells are still gushing out the black gold. Syabas Malaysia.

  20. This Tamil Aneh...wants to haunt me?
    He needs a torchlight to make sure his balls will not shrink first...searching for me in the dark.

  21. hey kt, thanks for looking the other way man. appreciate it. i acknowledge your position. for fun ok? no bad words, promise. well..maybe one, maybe two. hehehe.

    whether y'all like this or not, who gives a fuck (i know, kt..thats one hehehe)..a bit long this one.

    i dont trust that slopehead rrr-loving oppo leader we have but if he's the best against ah jib gor, so be it. same goes for tancho-pomaded, cant-hold-his-beer, hokkien-song karaoke warblers from paramount gardens pj and 7e i-go-to-heaven kopiah beer snatchers (after maghrib prayers only) from shah alam. we fight the good war.

    its the ants like monty baby that i cant stand. this unfortunate insect has absolutely no respect for opposing views..nothing else in his alzheimer-infested mind cept cunting. heheh..not that he can get it up to save his life anyway. woh!

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  39. Under original UMNO government..everything under the sun are divide amongst races.
    They declare protecting....helping Malays....sweet sound of music for all music to listen.
    Minorities agree too. Country is peaceful with happy Malaysians.
    It was agreed for 20 years...extended..and Mahathir took over.
    UMNO killed off....UMNO b is born.
    The Malays themselves became the haves..the have nots and the confused...after 55 years.
    On and on...helping the Malays..actually fooling the Malays.
    There is nothing surprising about golf membership.
    Even mosques members are divided....not forgetting...so many other memberships clubs in name but only for UMNO b members.
    Just vote this racist bastard party out....all Malaysians will be peaceful and happy.
    As long as this evil party is in control..UNITY is a dream.
    Divide to rule has always been Mahathir's ways...copying the old British colonial times...to take all the wealth of the country and live like lords and kings.
    UMNO b is most evil party.
    That's he root cause.
    Don't blame it on Malaysians this or that.
    Many I know hate UMNO b but need to behave as if Mahathir is so good...so fair...so nice..smiling and do business.
    Privately....all phew him... take his face printed from papers ..soften the paper with his face seen clearly...wipe the shit from pooing....and dogs are name "liong sik" commonly by Malaysian Chinese owners....with "lam thye" included.
    Powerless....helpless...until 12th GE.
    After 13th GE...just watch the many many changes under PR Govt.

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  44. Our indian bros lawan balik, hehe


  45. Good-morning guys.
    I read in today's Star..Singaporean and Malaysians fighting who invented the CNY .."Yee Sang" dish.
    Quite smart Malaysian Chinese argue about it.
    Go to the HOKKIEN post..and lets talk till it reaches 100 comments.
    I have said plenty and hope KTemoc...will respond.
    As for the Hokkien festival...photos and write up about Penangites celebrating is fantastic.

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  50. Monsterballs say: "I read in today's Star..Singaporean and Malaysians fighting who invented the CNY .."Yee Sang" dish."

    What has this got to do with Ktemoc's post???

    Monsterballs: why don't you set up your own blog? You can post nonsense from dawn to dusk, and past midnight too... Don't worry about tokio ren, as you can bar him in your blog.

  51. Thank you .thank you....Anon 10.18AM and Anon 10.20 AM.
    One who wish I am dead to pay
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    Buttercup must have lost a bundle during weekend ...betting on football games.
    Soon her Rolex will be at a pawnshop for sale...that is.. if it is original..which I doubt.

  52. Alfred...if KTemoc don't mind...why do you care?
    Since you know it has nothing to do with the post...then put out a comment to the post.
    So many fucking sickening boastful..Arm Chair Critics showing off here.

  53. Alfred...show you have brain and not only with a ceebai mouth.
    Put out a comment... related to the post.
    I am waiting.

  54. It's "monsterball" ...not monsterballs...you Alfred the blind ass.

  55. Alfred, 12:05 PM, February 01, 2012

    check this out.


  56. And tokio-rain...not tokio ren. How will you like people call you..Ah-fuck instead of Alfred?

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  60. Now..YOU....tokio-rain..put out a comment related to the post .FOR ONCE!!

  61. Ktemoc,
    Point of clarification - though there are many very poor Indians, there is a rather substantial pool of Very Comfortable to Rich Indians, yes, the sort who want to pay to be golf club members.

    One of the sad defects of the Indian community here is these Rich Indians do very little to help their less fortunate brethens.

  62. Monsterballs: when will you learn to stop spewing obscenities? A foul-mouthed idiot like you is a disgrace to the Pakatan cause.

    Thanks tokio ren: but no posts there, only the face of an old man: if monsterballs is that man, he should learn to be wise. Don't follow in the footsteps of Mahathir, who gets progressively less wise with age. Having a foul excrement-filled mouth does not help your image, dear monsterballs. I wonder if, as a consequence of the aging process, part of your brain has gone to the dogs, and you're behaving once again like a boy who is incapable of using decent language?

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  65. Alfred, when it comes to foul language, monsterball is the Pakatan version of Ibrahim Ali (although not as famous as him).

  66. This Alfred pariah thinks he can twist and turn like a snake.
    He who thinks I am a fool...is the bloody fool....Alfred included.

  67. How come I F9ck Dua Lam Par and monsterball responds to me ?
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  71. Pakatan Freedom Fighters speak as they see how the wind blows.
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    Pakatan leaders do not recommend us to speak this way..but Anwar said..."Lawan tetap Lawan"...and we follow...you understand?

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  73. Lunch time nearly over...all shut up getting ready to fool bosses....playing games with computers...as if doing researches assigned to them.
    An assignment should take one day...these bloody UMNO b members.. Govt servants take weeks and still half done work.

  74. But you bribe...lighting speed results.

  75. hidup tokio-rain...too young to die.
    Live long and see how PR Govt deal with Najib...Mahathir and their so call..sons of the soil.

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  77. unker mont: 'Pakatan Freedom Fighters speak as they see how the wind blows.'

    my response

    windy poem

    if u speak as you c the wind blows
    doesnt mean u break wind if it blows on your face.
    if u cant break wind from the usual place,
    doesnt mean u must break it from yr mouth.

  78. to anon 1:29 PM, February 01, 2012

    uncle monty speaks from his asshole and farts from his mouth. thats why everything he says is upside down. woh!


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  80. monsternoball.blogspot.com1:44 pm, February 01, 2012

    to anon 1:38 PM, February 01, 2012

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  81. Anon 1:38 pm: TOKIO Rain and ANON 1:29PM both of you can lick monsterballs ass and suck his stick

    LMAO! We'd leave that to you, anon 1:38 pm! Enjoy!

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  83. No stick..how to have children and 7 grand children......you idiots.
    Thanks Anon 1.38PM
    I am focusing on the current new interesting post.

  84. tokoi-rain imagine and conclude like a bloody fool.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Subang, agreed with your observation. I apologise for the non-post related comments here :(

    I'm normally a tolerant person but I have to admit I'm beginning to grind my teeth

  87. Kaytee, This is hysterical - I mean hysterically funny!

    Your readers' comments area has turned into something like those 1940/50's cowboy movies' bar-room where there would always be an obligatory brawl ... the cowpokes punching each other's lights out and breaking chairs over each other's heads ... hahaha.

    Well, the slanging matches here can be quite hilarious and entertaining. If I have no time to spare to read them all I just skim thru all the comments and stop to read only those that are relevant and serious.

    Looks like all your appeals for order and decorum will fall on deaf ears - the brawlers are simply enjoying their rough-and-tumble too much.