Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorrowful separation

No politics today so something light for you at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok – see Bananas - the story, schooling, school sweetheart & sorrowful separation.

Parts of this post at KTemoc Kongsamkok appeared previously in two separate posts here, Ktemoc Konsiders, but I have included additional episodes of my experience. Also, in keeping with the fun and nostalgic story telling theme of KTemock Kongsamkok, I’ve deleted from the contents of the two earlier posts most of the political aspects as well as specific references to certain people in the socio-political blogging world, wakakaka.


  1. One who knows how to correct himself is traveling to the path of wisdom...catching up Monsterballl...hahahahahahaha
    Soon we can see eye to eye at all things.
    There is no such thing as supporting PR and not supporting Anwar as PM ....a cracko type of thinking.

  2. Wrong post monsterball, this one is supposed to be non-political wakakaka.

    Anyway, what you said, about "... no such thing as supporting PR and not supporting Anwar as PM" sums up the entire problem and weakness of anwaristas, namely, one of personality cult rather than party ideology-vision-policies. If Anwar is not available, one of his family must replace him as a personality to be worshipped (as PM in waiting, hence Wan Azizah once, Nurul now, and probably another daughter in the future), otherwise the party raison d'etre is extinguished.

  3. Monsterball an Anwarista ?
    I don't think so...he's just monsterball, nobody's ball carrier.....just big balls...heheheheheheh...

  4. Sigh! Without KT posting, the monster looks lost and forlorn like the junkie waiting for the next fix. Kesian jugak apek nie.

  5. Wrong post or got it right...voters need to be reminded...fence sitters need their conscience pricked..and "small ball" is exactly right..I carry no one's balls....while "ayammunsterball" can keep on insulting and pitying me as much as he likes...with his idiotic comment and chicken brain. His nick suits him to the dot....and that's the mysterious work of wonders by Allah ...making him to choose that have all laugh at him his nonsensical comment... later.
    It is also a fact...KTemoc
    s blog do attract more than usual weird ones from BN....and one feel so proud to post with many nicks too....the one and only "Anon 2.06"...who will start commenting after 6pm.
    Buttercup'c cup...big problem...scratch and scratch..until cup Chin Lin Dan...cannot beat even school boys badminton players..come to Malaysia..balls shrink...seeing Chong Wei.
    At least Chin Long lost and stayed to watch his hero Chong Wei play the final.
    "First Lady" soon to be Last Lady also showing signs like Buttercup...suffering from something....sad and sickly.

  6. Dey, monsterball, remember people who go to race course to bet on horses always want to pick the winning horse.

    monsterball velly foolish - choose lousy horse - cannot run - sure lose one.

    Be wise monsterball. Bet on the winning horse. Datuk Seri Najib is a sure winner, this one like champion horse. Garanteed, no joking. Put your bet on BN and you sure kena jackpot. Sure win one, you will smile and be happy and your ball will swell and grow bigger. You like, correct?

  7. Suddenly a "Butterplate " is born out of wet lock...between Buttercup and Anon 2.06.
    Born with gambling habits.
    No wonder horse owners and bookies are filthy rich with these kind of jokers..keep betting on the wrong horse...thinking how smart they are.

  8. Winner takes clear as the Sun will shine tomorrow and it will not be BN.
    These are the failures in schools chosen to go overseas with scholarship....speaking to me.

  9. If I am foolish...who is smarter than

  10. Got this from a friend..hope Ktemoc and Bruno like it.......
    The tale of a Govt.Employed Barber {he cuts the hair of Ministers}
    While hair cutting, Govt. Employed Barber asked PM Najib..."What's this Swiss Bank issue?"
    Najib shouted: "You are cutting hair or making inquiry?"
    Barber: "Sorry Sir, just simply asked you."
    Next day , while cutting the hair of DPM, he asked DPM.."Sir, what's that Black Money issue>"
    DPM shouted!!" Why you ask this question?"
    Barber:.."Sorry Sir, just simply asked you."
    Next day MACC interrogated the Barber."Are you an agent or PKR?"
    Barber:.."No Sir"
    CBI: "Are you the agent of Anna?"
    Barber: "No Sir."
    MACC: :"Then while cutting the hair, why you ask Ministers about Swiss Bank and Black Money issues?"
    Barber: "Sir the reason is when I asked about Swiss Bank or Black Money, the Minister's hair stand up
    straight, and that helps me to cut the hair easily."

  11. Monsterball,I am taking a short break but watching your back.Typo error,wet lock should be wed lock.Cheers

  12. lock it is...and they need to wet the bed before locking bodies up.

  13. Monsterball,maybe rais yatim will pay you a visit to enquire about who the barber is.He needs to have his locks cut short too.

  14. Yea..I need no breaks.
    House all cleaned up...present and food bought and stored.
    Young one coming home tomorrow...old ones...all married will come for reunion dinner...all gambling..some watch movies I "Johnny English reborn" and "Panda Kunfu 2" and all my grands get their ..and presents...all track shoes....and at least two boys will love to see me turn on my electronic "Star Wars" 'King Kong" "Darth Vader"....making so much noise..thrilling them...and the two girls love to play at the organ piano..while young last daughter...gamble away..and strange enough...every year she wins.
    Come 1 am...all go back...and I just drop in bed...dead tired.
    Next morning..the New Year Day ...I need to drink so many cups of Chinese tea...all grands and singles.. get angpows.
    Friends will come too.
    It's more tiring that CNY eve.
    Year of the Dragon...huge monstrous fire ball and DAP rockets will blow BN to Never Never land.
    Yes..Malaysians are smart and fierce ...afraid of no UMNO b bullying tactics anymore.

  15. He comes...I will kick his arse and ask him to get lost.
    That's one frog..I am never afraid of.
    It's Government Employed Barber.
    Why ask me?

  16. Dey, monsterball, aiya you really half past six fella and sooo ignorant.

    You keep talking about Buttercup's cup!!! hahaha Don't you know that buttercup is the name of a flower, a beautiful golden, yellow-coloured flower? It has nothing to do with cups of any kind!!!

    monsterball you have to go back to kindergarten once more even though you are already a grampa.

    Your problem is you don't pay attention in class but just chatter non-stop to your classmates while ignoring your teachers. So you leave school half-cooked, semi-educated. You think a flower is a cup. hahahaha

    You think your leader is a winner when in fact he is a hopeless loser, always come up last. Wake up monsterball - vote for Najib and BN, then you will be sure winner yourself!

  17. I hope Buttercup commentator read "butterplate" description of him.
    One idiot insulting another of his own kind.

  18. My concentration got lost...responding to that idiot.
    I open the blog...with new bright ideas..all forgotten. learn less from loose..not me.

  19. Wake me up and go go to the ball game.
    The heat is on..and who is feeling the heat?
    Come September..November December...or next year...patience is the mother of virtues.
    That's why all bookies are Malaysian Chinese..all idiots loosing in bets are BN fools.

  20. "Dey" is the staring word ob butterplate...addressing me.
    "Dey" will be how he will be called for..addressed his working life.
    "hi Dey...clean this up" "Dey...come here"
    Get used to the word "Dey" butterplate. It's your dog tag Allah has chosen for you.

  21. The buttercup and butterplate are like hands and getting live without the other.
    Buttercup is better..dig spilling.
    Butterplate...flat plate....scoop fun.

  22. Dey, monsterball, you are so correct, correct, correct, lah! hehehe. I work in a mamak restoran and oooo the bloody boss is so stingy - pay so low and cannot eat his food - must pay before can eat.

    And the customers are some of them very nasty and rude, biadap. Yes, they say: dey, clean up this table you lazy bugger, it's so dirty, I put on elbows on it and got grease and ketchup on my arms. Or they say Dey, where's my teh tarik? Minta 10 minit lalu and still never bring, so slow servis.

    So, monsterball, mahu kah come and work in this restoran with me. I can teach you how to handle difficult customers macam itu. You will learn a useful skill in case all your money-trees got blown down by a storm and you have to go get a job in order to survive.

    Then I can also teach you how to vote for a winner like Datuk Seri Najib and BN!!! hahahaha

  23. Love, love, love Butterplate. Thanks for stepping in. Please take over my place in dealing with this hairless monster.
    I can't be tearing my hair and end up bald on top and under like Mr Ball-less.
    Always wiping my brow when having social intercourse on this blog with Monster around.
    My wife is jealous of Monster who keeps mentioning my name. She is nagging me on how the goon knows about my cup.
    I am trying hard to convince her I am not Anwar Ibrahim, having fixation on the same sex.
    Buttercup happens to be her pet name since she is so soft, creamy and fluffy like the namesake butter.
    Also she is as pretty as the dainty yellow buttercup flower.
    Anyhow Monster, Happy Gong Xi Fa Chai. Not going home to Kampung Simee, Ipoh? Your mum wants you to be home before the reunion.
    Please be sane, sensible and sober when you come back here. For now Yam Seng to you.
    Bruno was nice to cover your poor ingres spelling by saying it's a typo.
    And you don't seem to realise KT is ridiculing you for being a mindless Anwaristas.
    Keep an eye on a Fedex delivery of condoms to you from the Mat Leather.
    He's got someting to give you. From me just my saliva saying Have A safe journey and come back in one piece. Whatever that's left of you apart from a screw loose in your head.

  24. It's Anon 2.06 aka Butterplate aka Buttercup now,
    Three in one.
    Real Buttercup....holy say fucking bad words.
    Backside offer to theirs yes.
    Drunkard bastard talking.

  25. I was told Monsterball is really 16 years old....still a virgin...
    I like doing virgin boys....

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  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Ding dong bell...pussy in the well.
    Who put it in...Arm Chair Critic put it in.
    Who pull it out...butterplate pull it out.
    Who is crying wet..Buttercup's cup so painful..crying....crying....cccrrying.
    Who did it to him...ALL BY MYSELF..confessing to Judge Monsterball.....MASTURBATING.

  30. Good good good...young fools all quiet...having dinner and watch TV.
    Parents have always suspected they are not studying but fooling around with the computer.
    Once parents know the up.

  31. I can just imagine monsterball masturbating in front of his computer terminal...

  32. faham melayu jugak yah si-apek ni...tapi apa boleh, otak dah tak senter dan wayar dah longgar...orang kata baik, dia kata yang bukan-bukan, perangai lebih teruk dari kes mental...kalau jumpa kat mana-mana nanti, bagi cuci otak sewel ni dengan febreeze baru tau.

  33. hi UMNO b..... anak kerchil Saitan.
    Jangan borak nak ajah I'
    Ini blog Inglis la.
    Cuba u tulis englis comment?
    Tak berani..DIAM!!

  34. I said a toad masturbate ...that toad use same idea to talk about me.
    hi..kucin kurap anak si all no idea one ah?
    Must copy copy your Mamak copy the old British..and you bloody fools think that old fut...real smart?

  35. this is NOT an adult only blog, thus I intent to, and have deleted grossly vulgar comments

  36. Not an adult blog
    Not a FOR or AGAINST blog
    Not a teenager blog
    What is it?
    It's not a bird...not a's....
    MONSTERBALL.....keeping the blog from BN invaders...taking over.
    PENANG must belong to DAP.