Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Many people have been concerned with PM Najib’s refusal to answer a question when he was at the Selangor Club recently. Najib went there to give a talk where he made a moving speech about Selangor Club being the birthplace of Malaysia, his father’s role … yadda yadda yadda

Alas, for poor Najib, at the end of the speech he was ambushed by someone who asked him whether he (Najib) would ensure a peaceful handover if Pakatan wins majority rule in the next general election. Najib just walked away.

Personally, I thought the question was highly politicized and rather impolite, given the occasion of Najib's visit. Though we may want to see the downfall of the UMNO government, we normally don’t insult a guest of honour by telling him he’ll be a loser, and then to add insult to injury, ask him how he will receive the incoming government, wakakaka.

As Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) tells us "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

But of course Najib could have, with a smile, said "yes, because Malaysia is a democracy", which would have quelled any subsequent concern. He didn’t.

Perhaps he was so outraged by the imprudent, impertinent and insolent question, given he was the guest of honour of the club, that he refused to entertain the question.

Or was he?

There have been suggestions that Najb’s subconscious (about what?) blockaded any answer from him, ironically implying Najib was being truthful (in refusing to make a diplomatic lie), wakakaka.

So, was Najib angry or truthful?

If the latter, then our grave concerns would be justified, especially if we remember that he had vowed to ‘defend’ Putrajaya to the ‘last stand’.

Shades of May 13, that sure as hell doesn’t sound reassuring for our peace of mind.

One of the fears that we have been harbouring since UMNO has been put on the back foot (of losing), has been the possibility of the losers resorting to undemocratic means. Their sinister motivation would be more of a compelling imperative to avoid legal prosecution rather than continue the looting.

The stories of post-WWII revenge killing of Japanese collaborators, in both Malaya and elsewhere, have been horrifying, and thus the consequences of revenge 'legal' prosecutions can be equally intimidatingly scarey to those guilty - the more guilty they are, the more they'll be quaking in their Testoni's and Berluti's, the more they are likely to resort to whatever means to avoid prosecution.

And we need importantly to bear in mind that in the ‘losers’ camp’ will also be some senior members of the police, civil service, etc, and god forbid, the military. And wasn't it Armed Forces chief General Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, who in August last year described four servicemen who confessed to marking thousands of postal votes in three separate general elections between 1978 and 1999 at army and air force bases across the country, as traitors for whistle-blowing (revealing all)?

Back in 1969, after May 13 Tun Razak considered imposing military rule, but he was advised by the Army Chief, General Hamid, not to do so because, in Hamid’s words, he (Razak) won’t be able to get back control of the land once the military was allowed to take over – such was the scrupulous and sterling apolitical quality and professionalism of our military senior officers in those days, when by lamentable contrast, the above mentioned Armed Forces chief had been disgracefully political and politicized.

But then, we have the abysmal example of the current Minister of Defence who has politicized the military through overt declaration of using the military against civil activities of the federal opposition – does that idiot know the roles of the army in peace time vis-à-vis internal/civilian affairs?

How we have allowed our civil and military servants to become so pathetic and unprofessional in their character, values and bahaviour!

But the above threat is only one of possible 3 confronting our nation. I wish to share my thoughts with you on the other two threats.

There has been an awakening of nationalism in Sabah and Sarawak that bodes no good for the continuing cohesion of Malaysia. Many are the people of the two Eastern States who are pissed off with Putrajaya for their treatment by a succession of patronizing and condescending PMs who viewed both States as only equal or even lesser to one of the 11 in Peninsula, when the constitutional fact of Malaysia has been one of a merger of Malaya (or the Peninsula), Sabah and Sarawak (and previously Singapore), and not of 14 states.

Thus, rightfully Sabah or Sarawak each should have status and the associated allocations & developments on at least a pro rata quantum to that for the entire Peninsula, but alas, these were not provided. Mind, Putrajaya has been concentrating most developments in its favourite Klang Valley, with some feeble efforts in recent times in the Johor Iskandar zone, so other Peninsula states especially those governed by Pakatan (Kelantan and Penang) have also been marginalised.

That an expelled Singapore (from Malaysia) is now doing great guns on its own has added to the 2 Eastern States’ chagrin in their perspective that “there, but for the curse of Syaitan, could have been us”, where 'Syaitan' of course is Putrajaya.

Putrajaya (and its predecessors) hasn’t helped ameliorate, but instead aggravated, the current mood in Sabah and Sarawak by its arrogance, deprivation of correct development funding for those two States, corruption, fostering of unpopular and corrupt local politicians who have misappropriated native lands and raped other resources, and the scandalous, insidious & treasonous socio-political engineering in Sabah. Today the two States are still relatively undeveloped, and their natives have hardly enjoyed the benefits of being bumiputeras.

Even though secession is prohibited by the Constitution, someone (obviously from one of the two States) wrote recently in Free Malaysia Today that since the federal government hasn’t abided strictly by the Merger Agreement, then both Sabah and Sarawak have equal rights not to abide by the constitutional prohibition of secession. Tit for tat!

Thus, the second threat to the nation is the potential for secession by the two Eastern States. It would hardly be surprising if that is the mood of the majority in Sabah and Sarawak who have felt they have been both cheated and marginalised by the federal government. They are very desirous of at least automony if not secession, to take charge of their own destiny (and wealth) as they can no longer trust nor want federal politicians to look after those for them. This may upset someone who hates the red dot in the south but the reality is that the Sabahans and Sarawakians want their respective States to be like prosperous and independent Singapore.

It's important that Pakatan takes note of the Sabahans' and Sarawakians' burning nationalistic aspirations, and try their utmost to accommodate their needs short of agreeing to secession, though I doubt this consideration will ever penetrate the skulls of leaders of one component party in Pakatan.

But we also need to be aware that two autonomous states separated from Peninsula by the vast water body of the South China Sea will be as good as two de facto secessions. Who do we blame for us arriving at this sad state? And my uncles in particular will be most upset, having served there in the military (with blood, toil, tears & sweat) during Konfrontasi and the communist insurgency.

We need to note that the world has witnessed several secessions in recent times in the former USSR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Indonesia (East Timor), where some were peacefully achieved whilst others were blood-stained.

There are still threats of secessions from the people of the Canadian state of Quebec and Scotland (from Britain).

Should my fears be realized, I dread to see global intrusive interference in our national affairs, as was evident in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. However, if Najib plays footsie-tootsies with the West, as have the brutal Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen and the despotic King of Bahrain, then he will at least avoid the fate of Gaddafi, such would be the prostitution of democracy and freedom by the West, especially the USA.


(image borrowed from artist neonkitty9)

I have already mentioned the third threat in previous posts, but there is no harm including a brief reminder here.

Should Pakatan win majority rule in the next election and form government (assuming the first threat mentioned above doesn’t eventuate), and PAS decide that hudud shall be implemented regardless, then its ‘regardless’ will likely see it form an Islamic (unity) bloc with a by-then self serving UMNO and some elements in PKR, to by-pass DAP's objections in its implementation of its highest religious aspiration. And the DAP will be then become the opposition in like-fashion to Pairin's PBS in Sabah in 1994, courtesy of then-UMNO-DPM Anwar Ibrahim.

Obviously the last threat will be mainly the concerns of the non-Muslims. I qualify the preceding sentence with ‘mainly’ because there are some Muslims who will be equally concerned as well.


  1. Nicolae Ceaușescu and Gaddafi have "fates" in his army, and they both being gun down by their army. For Gaddafi episode, nobody can confirm who gun him down even after "rebellion" say they shot him. What happen in Romania and Libya is a reminder.

  2. KT,Jibby was right to walk away.Much as we dislike Najib and Umno/BN,he is still the PM.Bash him and Umno as much as we like,but don't insult and humilate him in public.The guy who asked the question must have came out the wrong hole.Saiful's asshole.

  3. KT, no more nicey-nice to monsterball ? Back to your long, "bombastic", kepala kena "groggy" article again? hahaha. Simple Simon will mengamuk when he gets back from his CNY shopping.

    With the chinese new year festive mood round the corner, guess we should be charitable just this one more time. So let's summarise for him :

    Tri-ancaman ( Tiga/3 Threats )

    1. If PR wins in GE, Najib will mengamuk and use force to remain in power, with opposition semua masuk jail atau in exile. And banyak rayaat mati meanwhile.

    2. Sabah and Sarawak mau keluar Malaysia. But Anwar's kepala hotak too thick to understand this.

    3. If PR wins and PAS sangat degil to have hudud system, might joint-venture with Umno and leave DAP in out the cold, just like what Anwar did to Pairin in his Umno heydays.

    Paham dah, monsterball? One big angpow ok ? But this will be the first and the last, as reading this 'summary' is like eating a meal without any seasoning and also not kenyang, wakakaka.

    Btw KT, am sure the Oppostion leaders are aware of these threats, or at least most of them are. Surely they would have some counter or contingency strategy/plans for such scenarios. If not, then they do not deserve to take over the government in the next GE.

  4. WOW!! Back to normal.
    Najib from age 21 till now is a scheming bloody son of a gun....like father like son.
    And now as PM...he loose it...he will pray he is like Sadam Hussien.
    You expect him to say..."Jolly good. Best of luck to PR. Winner takes all"
    And don't paint all sorts of lousy future AFTER the 13th GE....as if...the 3 parties joint hands to win will start fighting each other.
    Hudud will all be forgotten.
    It's roping up all rouges and thieves...for court cases...and stirring Malaysia back to the right course....oil prices down...and employing hundreds of qualified foreign school teachers..getting young Malaysians ...the right start.....fearing and kowtowing to no one.

  5. I was actually wondering how long KTemoc can last with his needling me.
    Glad he is back to normal..minus bombastic words.
    Now I dare to open the blog..right after dinner..no indigestion...no possible vomiting.
    Allah is great!!
    Buttercup is dumfounded.
    Anon 2.06 is gone.
    Chinese New Year coming very soon.
    Cut hair tomorrow...a look for sports shoes and toys. It's all written down.
    Soul mate stocking up all sorts of can food..and spent alot on expensive canned stuffs...as if 7 prince and princesses are coming home.
    Every single cobweb must be swept away....all window curtains ready to change.
    I simply love eating the tiny mini terribly sweet oranges..only available during CNY. They call it King's orange....and in Kelantan...love eating the long slim King Fish..so much so..I go every where and ask for King things to eat.
    Out come a pair of huge fish eyes...in a plate and said King like that in the past...by Koreans.
    No wonder all Kings disappear in Korea.

  6. My friend, formerly of UMNO, was at the 1987 rally in the then TPCA stadium, Najib shit-stirring the crowd, with banners calling for a repeat of May 13 and for Krises to be bathed with Chinese blood.
    Unfortunately, from those Pre-Internet, Pre-Digital camera days, no clear photograph has survived.

    TV3 did show brief snippets of the rally that evening on the news, but even that video has gone "missing" - obviously Mr. 1Malaysia would rather see that film buried forever.

    I'm voting ABU anyway, but I have a deep fear of what will happen if UMNO loses Federal power the morning after GE13...

    I Trust Najib like I trust a Cobra.

  7. Najib have insulted ...threatening Malaysian...bullshitting ..provoking Malaysians... too many times.
    You cannot blame one insulting him back openly with no fear.
    He can walk away...but he cannot erase the fact..at that time of walking away...it an act ..not becoming of a PM.
    He simply cannot answer without his coach teaching him EVERYTHING.
    No taught ..he is speechless...walk away...don't know what to say.
    Teach him everything...look how he spoke non stop for one hour at his party annual meet.

  8. Don't fear anything.
    All will be well after 13th GE with Anwar as new PM.
    UMNO b gangster try t be funny...FRU trucks and water cannons...gas bombs...now aiming at them.
    At last .the real devils get a taste of what are given to innocent people.
    That's life...and PR top guns are not idiots. They know how to govern the country...10 times better than actors and thieves.

  9. Monsterball does not sound like monsterball without his monstrous england...... like someone brushed up his grammar and engrish. For once i could make out fully what's he saying without much trouble....wow, in full sentences with proper grammar and mostly correct spelling.

    Congrats, SS. Or rather congrats to your little helper,hehehe. Hope your friend/or maybe son, stay around for good, to spare us all the tortures,hehehe

  10. Another English teacher...self appointed arm chair critic...show off...saying to all...he is smarter than me.
    In blogging...all you need is good. English...typing skills and nothing else.
    These are some of our smart Malaysians...totally no respect for he elders.
    I was guided by a young man...to park properly...and he just completed his Form 5. He said he wants to take up Engineering. I gave him a "angpow" with no wrapping and his hawker father and mother thank me for it.
    That's the kind of young Malaysians that will have a rich and happy life...from son to become a proud father...future generations...no more be hawkers.
    That's the hawker parents I am so proud to befriend with.

  11. There will be a civil war, definitely and with foreign intervention

  12. Najjah Hannah,

    have no fear.If Umno loses federal power in GE 13,the next morning will be the same,except a less polluted cleaner atmosphere.Everything will go on as normal,lest the Umnoputras,of course.It will just be a normal smooth handover of the GOM.Forget about the fear mongerers.

  13. Another smart BN frog..trying to frighten young voters.
    Civil war? Yes Civil war with civilized Malaysians helping PR government... to catch all rouges and thieves..hiding here .hiding there...with disguises new looks...fat become think..think become fat...moustache...cut off.....moustache put in...where before no moustache...grow beard...dress in white gowns..suddenly Malaysia... have few thousand new faces...all UMNO b crooks ..now fooling the police...making Malaysia a paradise for robbers and thieves...away from PutraJaya.
    Yes like one mouse say...
    "catch me if you can"....a typical face saving attitude.

  14. After 13th GE...no civil war.
    It's catching crooks all over Malaysia....making Malaysians proud to have Anwar as PM.
    You can expect more fears put out by fear mongerers .like Bruno said.

  15. "Ah Jib Gor" wants your vote - otherwise he will wash his Dick/Keris with Chinese blood...


  16. Anon 8.46AM..better wash his mouth with Listerine and have an X-ray to check his brain.
    Tell jokes with style ..ok...but saying someone wants "Chinese blood"...is a bloody sickening scumbag racist young worm.....not grown up yet...not ready for someone to grab him and bring him to the jungle...for whatever punishment to teach him a lesson he will never forget.
    Come back...wash my MONSTERBALL for all I care.

  17. Anon 8.46AM...if blood will flow..it will be Muslims fighting Muslims....Traitors against Patriots..all Muslims.
    Chinese told to relax.
    It's devils disguised as Muslims...and they insult the Islamic religion ....teachings and way of life...thus fooling the true Muslims more than others.
    In simple English..no bombastic words...can understand...Anon 8.46AM?
    If not...prepare yourself backside to be spanked by HM..the one and only KTemoc.
    I am just a lowly educated discipline teacher.
    You cannot change....Monfort Boys School waiting for you. Another Boys Town near Malacca...both for young thieves...idiots and gangsters.
    Girls also got....mostly managed by Christians to save souls.
    So damn hot...nowadays. Air-conds full blast ...non stop for months.

  18. He didn't have a script writer with him. He didn't know what to say....

  19. Why don't you fellas take some time off to read what the political secretary of Dr M has to say?


  20. Who cares what Mahathir said or going to say.
    General election?....just bring it on.
    Anyone still have doubts .. who to vote for?...I think not....
    M knows it ..N knows it and both will keep on saying and saying to hope their sayings will help them win back some votes.
    Anon 9.49PM is a typical Mamak supporter.

  21. Vote for Ah Jib Gor !

  22. I spoke to a friend who is a senior Selangor Club member who attended the talk. The question was actually put in a respectful manner, and more of a governance question - IF Pakatan Rakyat wins the next election, will Najib ensure a smooth transition ?
    It wasn't meant to be an insult to Najib, and should not have been taken so.

    I think Najib could have won a lot of respect with a smooth "Of course, we always respect the outcome of an election, come what may"

    An interesting side observation - even among the members of the Selangor Club, that august bastion of the Malaysian Establishment, there are now many who are either Pakatan Rakyat supporters and sympathisers or openly questioning Government policies and actions.

    Its obvious UMNO/ BN now has real political competition, from the humblest menial worker to the elite society creme.

  23. Monsterball, cool it.

    Before you jump to conclusions, go and read the documents in the link of Anon 9.49.

    Otherwise you are making a fool of yourself

  24. If you want to talk to me as "Anon" fine..but if you want to advise me as "Anon"...you can stuff your opinions into your fuck your asshole.
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  25. You are the real fool Anon 8.37PM.....born with no name...no father.

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    Internet do create so many ballees ghosts trying to be too smart.
    At least Najib dare to show his stupidity with no fear.
    Then this Anon206...change to Buttercup...applying his so call masterpiece disguise.