Friday, January 06, 2012


Okay, out of respect for my blog visitor, very-senior-citizen monsterball, who has a meeting with a Bhikkhu, a Buddhist monk, I won’t attack Anwar until at least after Monday wakakaka. I don’t want to earn demerits (bad karma) for disturbing his mental tranquility which he requires (but given his intrinsic character, is unlikely to achieve, wakakaka) when he meets a member of the Sangha.

Instead, I would like to raise a trivia question, on whether this Monday should be numerically referred to as 109 or 901? I have read of both being used in the last few days.

By Chinese tradition and American dating convention, it would be 109, where the month precedes the date, like 9/11 (surely you know this one), or 7/7 (don’t know? See bottom for answer).

The Chinese Taiwanese celebrates their national day on 10/10 or Double-Ten. Officially Chinese Taiwan celebrates this day in commemoration of the start of the Wuchang Uprising on 10 October 1911, which led to the collapse of the Manchu Qing Dynasty and the establishment of a republican China on January 1, 1912, but I suspect the founding fathers of Taiwan (previously calling itself the Republic of China) must have chosen the Double-Ten date to provide those auspicious very ‘ong’ (lucky) number for maximum luck, while the mainlanders do it on 10/1.

For more of such numerological calendaring please see my KTemoc Kongsamkok’s post Secret Society of Handsome Chinese Cryptographers wakakaka.


7-7 or 7/7 = London bombings in 2005


  1. KTemoc...Many thanks.
    I will tell the Bhikkhu tomorrow morning what you say...and tell him ...what a nice guy you are.
    You like fooling around with numbers and buy hope strike it rich?
    I had a sports car number plate..8448..twist it around and won few times.
    I am touched by your gesture and respect.

  2. Kt,very smart decision not to upset Monsterball.Monsterball is a man whom you would want to be in your corner.

  3. KT,by British standards it should be 9/01 and American standards it should be 1/09.So it depends on whether you want to follow British or American standards.But knowing you by your writings I would say British.

  4. It is official.MT has turn pro Umno.All articles written by MT insiders are Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat bashing.Buttercup must be a very happy man.

  5. Wow..that;s too deep for me!!
    I am a kopitiam fella..a street walker.
    I have another car 777 ..which the number I am still keeping...a number plate...35 years old...donning new cars...every two or three years.. and my daughter wants it for her Merz.
    Now I drive simple old cars....wear simple...and no metals like rings or neck gold chain.
    My watch is a cheap leather strapped one. All expensive ones...sold off or given away to my children..relatives and friends.
    You you grow as old as me...and with a powerful welknown Bhikkhu..loving me..worldly things do not impress me anymore.
    My Bhikku resides in Ladakh.
    When I visited him..he treat me like a a room next to his.
    There is always dozens of visitors in his monastery...with a school for thousands of children..all free education...with an old folks home...a house for children picked from the streets...homeless ones.... a hospital...all run by volunteers.
    A piece of desert land donated by Indian Govt...converted into paradise...surrounded by the Himalaya mountain range....above 15000 feet sea level.
    One can get giddy and vomit...for the first few days to adapt living there.
    All residents are vegetarians.
    They cannot afford to eat meat and sell them all to few rich homes and hotels.
    Only hotels serve meat.
    Christians will be shocked to know and learn..Jesus was too.

  6. One beast liwat orang, others are asked to be the judge.
    Why when you main bontot, you didn't invite us to syok sama.
    You play bontot, you play.
    Now you summon people to bring the kids as shield. Anything happens, police will be blame.
    Leader (sic) like this oso got one in your country, Monsterball.
    Leaders ease the pain of the people, not burden the people with his pain, ouch!
    That is why if I am Saiful's dad, I give that fella a tight slap when the verdict is given.
    How I wish Rahim Noor is still our IGP. This time sock it to him until he's blind.

  7. MT has always been unpredictable.
    Nothing shocks Malaysians about him...if you know him well.
    Buttercup happy...I am happy.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    All of a sudden..all are happy.
    I guess all waiting for Monday ...hoping Malaysians supporting change..singing the blues...seeing Anwar going to jail?
    Be happy...wait wait and wait...what comes next.

  8. This guilty fella knows he's guilty. If not why is he stirring the masses to support him.
    What if the verdict is not guilty? Malulah because they ready for war.
    But knowing this fella, he will ask the crowd to carry the judge around the courthouse chanting Hakim adil, bukan anjing BN.
    Chameleon can change skin in an instant.

  9. "You main bontot, you play" said Buttercup.
    All UMNO b crooks main bontots...all no pay the price.
    Sama sama la...main ini...main itu.
    Don't tell me...Buttercup thinks all the crooks he supports...all no main apa apa...semayang sehaja..trully holy holy ones.
    OK....OK presuming Anwar did mian buntot...only Saiful one else...then Anwar is the most stupid politician.
    That's why Malaysians love him so much.
    He is sooooo stupid......HAHAHAHAHAHA you believe Anwar is so stupid?
    I also know idiots think they are smart too.

  10. Are you paid to attack Anwar, by any chance ?
    Psst, care to share some of the manna ?

  11. Buttercup...have you ever heard...character assassination?
    What are you complaining about?
    "This guilty fella" do you know he is guilty?
    ah so..Najib told you... that's it..his words are all truthful.
    Actually is YOU...that is going to suffer most in the end.

  12. All read..knows your otak tak centre.
    And one who praises you is actually enjoying your nonsense...laughing at your stupidity.
    By the you know "cintanegara"
    He talks exactly like you at Lim Kit Siang's blog.
    Is he your twin brother?

  13. "AKU MALAYSIA" commenting at Malaysiakini blog..also gt wollopped left...right and center..talking just like you too.
    Why only three of you..and hundreds against you three.
    In this are out numbered too.
    That's another way to survey...who are FOR change and who are AGAINST it.
    FOR change...out numbered AGAINST overwhelmingly.
    Buttercup is a backward junkyard Malaysian...a product of Mahathir's creation.

  14. Buttercup,

    Forget about bontot for a while.Did you know of an Umno CM who raped an underaged Malay schoolgirl,was given a slap on the wrist by Dr Mahathir,ask to resign from his CM's post and appointed chairman of Felcra.What a reward for being a rapist.

    Its sad for bontot,for better or worse,true or untrue for banging Saiful in the ass.After all if true,Saiful was over 21 and knows what he is doing.Enjoying being banged from behind.Poor bontot.Heads Umno wins tails bontot loses.

  15. The rapist with false title also Buttercup's hero.
    What's right..what's wrong..UMNO b is always right.
    How else can Buttercup earn a living without working...if not for UMNO B?
    To repay...he must always talk bad about Anwar.

  16. Kaytee, you wonder whether Monday be immortalized with 109 or 901. Well, it doesn't matter whether it be one or the other as long as it is not 69 which for those who speak the Cantonese dialect will gravely nod their heads and intone that that number, 69, is also intrinsically relevant to the matter.

  17. 69 in a number relating to anything..upside down.
    Perhaps experts in totally different from sexualogy ...for 69 is also a position I saw in a circus..performed by acrobats...doing a 69 impossible feats thrilling all watching it.
    In i a different performance.

  18. Vat69 is a brandy...some like to drink too.
    Live up to age 69...still living..everyday is a blessing...from god or from the devil..depending which side you belong to.
    The day Buttercup does a the day..he never had is so good...did it...have a heart attack...smiling and dreaming UMNO b win again...and Najib is PM. But it is a dream.
    Buttercup....wake up and see PR guys occupying Putra Jaya.
    His dream shattered.

  19. monsterball, like the way you write - you can joke nice nice. Can tell more or not, about Hadyai 69? hahaha

  20. Anon 1.54AM..I am glad you can enjoy my writings.
    Guys like not know how to you can read his character from his writings too.
    Haayai 96? see is to believe...difficult to describe...and few hours to change mode...serious...cultured and no talking nonsense.
    Finish the meeting...come back...unwind...relax...and come down to earth...from heavenly experience of a lifetime.
    My Bhikku also know I am a joker...but the joke I crack for him are about monks and goes one...
    A very old monk call all his 26 monks in his assemble at the football padang.
    He announced...."To day...I am going to choose my successor."
    He asked all monks to take of their robes....stand stark naked.
    He then put a cassette into a payer...out come the song...
    "It's cheery pink and blossom white."
    Immediately the song starts...a gorgeous sexy stripper appear and dance in front of the 26 monks.
    Once the dance was over...the old monk inspect all the monk's tooties...all stand up hard like wooden sticks,
    Then he saw one..tootsie..soft as toufu. He held his hand...lead him away in front and said..."This will be my successor".
    What he did not see..was the ground that monk stood on was wet with sperms.

  21. KT

    This Monsterball fella so syiok sendiri. Going over your head. Just like his idol. As long as has an audience of one, he goes rollicking.
    Tak malu ke its only soliloquy.
    A guest of people's house, but partaking food and drinks non-stop and shitting on the carpet.
    Also reminds me of a deprived kid who got a slate or Magic pad (you know the ones you write then lift up to erase) doodling nonsense.

  22. 1. KT is not paid to attack Anwar. He just have a bone to pick with him over some remarks Anwar was reported to have said long ago (temple bells, return to China)

    2. MT chief RPK needs to say something to keep relevant, otherwise risks being forgotten in the tide of change.

    3. Anwar was said (by RPK) to been given a "fair trial". So RPK should return home to get his fair trial too.

    4. Lots of the present brouha is possibly to make you folks forget about the misdeeds and scandals in view of the approaching GE13.

  23. It's time to stop thinking of RPK as some kind of oracle and that his words are gospel truth.

    In reading the Malaysiankini interview (just posted at MT website) he appears to be using semantics to evade certain questions.

  24. dear kt,

    i know u r a principled man & i respect u for that.

    the opposition boat is sailing well now, going along the wind, it is not nice & in fact not wise to stop the boat abruptly to make a point, when u see a person u dislike for many reasons is on board.

    i appreciate very much u ve agreed not to rock the boat for now until we reached our has been a rough sailing for us all & for the first time, things seem favorable to us "gentle" freedom fighters.

    for better or worse, pr is the only boat we have....please be patient.

    many thanks. cherasusie

  25. Buttercup sure can talk cock.
    He idolized ..he is a puppet...a loud speaker and accused me idolizing Anwar.
    I idolize no dumb head.
    I respect and appreciates the few ..who sacrifices for the country and people...some like Karpal...LKS and including..Anwar.
    Buttercup problem is he does not know how to siok sindiri tell jokes and laugh.
    When he speaks "siok" .it must always be Anwar and sex.
    He is showing a touch of his jealous personality..on to me...too...and we know why..don't we?
    Millions of Malaysians laughing and laughing...listening to Anwar and Lim Kit Siang speeches...all sioking sindiri.
    The one who tak tau malu is actually...Buttercup...just like all his heroes in UMNO b.
    hi Buttercup...your bombastic admirers. Some don't understand what shit are you talking about.
    Mine...simple broken English..all kopitiam fellas understand.
    hi BUTTERCUP...have some commonsense la. 55 years years too long already. Vote for change and you will be smart.
    See you later..cup man.

  26. KT cast away your hatreds for one in the PR boat.. and think of all the good you can do by casting you vote for PR boat.
    I hate Mahathir as much as you hate Anwar.
    My hatred for right and logical.
    Your hatred for Anwar is purely we never said we like him too.
    We say..between the two devils...we prefer Anwar as PM...and change of government.

  27. Rally for Anwar
    On January 9
    For his sodomy 2
    In jail or walk out free

    Why the gathering?
    The support will come
    When the GE13 arrives
    Through the ballot boxes

    The mass gathering
    Maybe for his party members
    Though we know of the double standards
    Let the authorities rule for now

    It's the ballot boxes
    When GE13 declares
    We will vote for change
    Before the country goes to ruin

    Majority has known the outcome
    The judgement unless comes as a surprise
    Every move by the prosecution has no substance
    It is just all hearsay to bring down an icon

  28. See on 10/10 for can twist it to gambling...luck and chances.
    I really love buying 4-digit numbers every week.
    For such a can you hate Anwar for temple bells said by one.
    I think Anwar is no different from all the UMNO b braggarts and liars too.
    But he does not steal and for all his sins committed...working as Mahathir's DPM ...he has on numerous occasions....apologized....and for the past 10 years...his life is full of sufferings...and he picked himself up...determine to fight freedom for our country.
    What more do you want from him?
    Now....Buttercup will accuse me.. hero worshiping.
    Flexibility is the worst enemy of one track minded people.
    I am not...I am talking about politics and politicians doing the right thing for the country and people..and must be supported at all cost.

  29. Majority knows the outcome ......and the rally is a message to Najib and UMNO b politicians....and not to Malaysians.

  30. KT:
    If you keep on thinking of all the ways in which
    others cheated you, fought with you,
    degraded you or angered you;
    your heart will forever be full of hatred.

    Learn to let go. And be happy. (Pravstalk)

  31. KT..that's good Advise from Anon 3.10PM.
    Get angry for the mission to free use Buttercup to kick like a football....OK
    He is just a loud speaker for UMNO b here.
    Anwar speaks louder than Buttercup and million listen to him..and he is the choice of majority Malaysians ..wanting him to be the next PM.
    Yes.let go...respect the majority Malaysians and vote for change.
    Use Anwar as an excuse to support BN is simply full of shit.
    Spoke to Bhikkhu through phone. He is very very busy. So many people want to meet him and give dana.
    He promised to have dana with me..before he leave K.L
    He is a gem to Tharavadian Buddhism...very open minded...down to earth..not boastful.
    What does "KTemoc" mean?...Kit Tan E Moc? or Moc E tok...or what?
    You want good khammars...tell me your real name and I get my Bhikkhu to say a prayer for you.
    You do need help like all sinners. my age...all are planned and the way I am living...I guess somebody up there likes me.
    Buttercup have ghosts and goblins residing at UMNO b him.

  32. I think some of the commentators got it wrong here. So far there is no evidence that anybody has a personal grudge or vendetta against Anwar, may be except for the one who calls him Anuwar.

    A reformasi party should be one that is seen and be known to be a principled, clean party.....not one that is fiddling and manipulating the party election results, sweeping all valid complaints under the carpet, refusing to respond to complaints of frauds, acting the same way as Umno, taiko-ing and bullying their partners here and in Sabah, Sarawak.

    If it is about some minor personalities like Hasan Ali and Nash, then just some slap down and finally sacking will do the job. But this is about the Captain of the ship, the Boss, the PM designate, who absolutely refused to even listen when so many if not all are against his annointing his blue-eye boy AA to be his successor. Acting just like Umno. And we are NOT talking about his sexual adventures at all. That is his private affairs, although the Govt has decided to go all over the town, the whole world, with this.

    Nobody is stopping the sailing ship, but never again should malaysians close one eye, or even both eyes like what we did for the past half century to such shennanigans. The only to grow stronger is to slap down wrongdoings and encourage the good. Not by keeping quiet and silencing our conscience with the pathetic excuse that the means justify the ends.

    If we see any Umno culture in the Pakatan, be quick to stamp it down, don't allow it to grow like what we have allowed Umno to grow into - a monster. Nip the problem at the bud. We should not replace Umno with another Umno.

  33. people die for their principles are noble....

    but then some principles are not worth paying with lives....

    if you think you are so principled, try talking to bn gomen people, the sultans, the judges, the police, khir toyo, sharizat and others you know or rather, you think they are principled enough to understand your principles?

    every vote counts! we need unity, we need strength, we cannot afford individual principles to rock the little hopes we enjoy... if you insist, it just makes us suspect you are not with us and you have selfish interests to wish that we don't suceed.!!!

  34. Anonymous 5:40 pm
    I can partly agree with your ideals.
    However, we must remember that the Monster UMNO is very much in power today.
    Many of the people who turn their full blast against Anwar are willingly or unwittingly helping to maintain UMNO in power - because they are simultaneously deaf and silent about UMNO.
    They roll their eyes and say "Oh, we all know about UMNO, I don't want to talk anymore about UMNO"
    That's Bull-S*it.
    And that's the main reason why, in my eyes, Ktemoc has run out of credibility.

    Make no mistake - this is a war for the future direction of Malaysia, just minus the bullets.

  35. I know Ktemoc is going to trundle out links to articles critical of UMNO which he wrote years ago.
    THAT is boring.

    Just review the contents of the last 40 posts made by Ktemoc - and I rest my case.

  36. yip...Anon 9.56PM alias "cherasusie" commentator....we certainly cannot afford to allow an individual or few more to rock the destroy out hopes.
    Stand united.
    We cannot afford to loose one vote!

  37. "Anyone but UMNO"...KT's mind sway like a yoyo...depending where the wind blows.
    You depend on his vomit blood.

  38. monsterball, you don't disappoint me ... though you did not say much about hadyai 69 your joke about how a senior monk chose his successor is really funny. I give it 100 marks out of 100. a perfect score! hahahaha Do you remember one Nadia Comaneci ... a gymnast from eastern europe who scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in the Olympiks. I was a child then but I still remember that. I think she was the first person to achieve such a perfect score.

    By the way, when you joke with your Bhikku and other monks like that are you not worried that they might get offended?

  39. They don't laugh but their stomachs move up and down...for few minutes.
    However...I need to think carefully and not say any foul words.
    Out there I am will real people.

  40. "Many of the people who turn their full blast against Anwar are willingly or unwittingly helping to maintain UMNO in power - because they are simultaneously deaf and silent about UMNO."

    Is there a rule that says if one is critical of the leadership of Anwar in PKR excludes one from being critical at the same time of Umno's shennanigans? This sort of reasoning is most illogical to say the least.

    Why is it that DAP and PAS do not attract this sort of criticism, that they are exhibiting the Umno culture? Why are people proclaiming that PKR is the weakest link in PR? When one shouts REFORMASI, then it befalls on this party to show that it is clean and not corrupt. The PKR recent party election have badly damaged its REFORMASI proclaimation. Should we all close both eyes and pretend that this is not an Umno behavior? IF the anwaristas could not bear even the slightest criticism of their idol, then how different are they from the hordes of Umno die-hard supporters ?

    We could still go for ABU but any decent, fair-minded voter will not keep silent when one see the same type of atrocious Umno behavior in the Opposition parties. We keep silent and once these people gained power and are in control of the government, then it will be too late to curb them. We keep silent at our own perils.