Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Hasan Ali?

Earlier this month I posted Apple of discord by a rotten apple, referring to Hasan Ali for char-koay-teow-ing issues among Pakatan partners.

What had chagrined many Pakatan members and supporters had been the (then) Kemo Sabe deliberately stirring up things among Pakatan allies, in what they suspected was an UMNO plot to break up the principal threat to UMNO, with Hasan Ali as its more-than-willing agent provocateur.

I remarked then that unless PAS got rid of the enemy within, there should be exceptions to the ABU policy promoted by Brother Haris Ibrahim, as I considered Hasan Ali (had he remained in PAS, and thus the Pakatan he disliked) a far greater evil than an UMNO candidate.

He was poison.

But thank goodness PAS finally sacked him, much as I understand the party leadership was reluctant to do so because Hasan Ali has strong support from the hard line conservative (ulama) faction, many of whom still preferring the so-called ‘Malay unity’ with UMNO than an alliance with secular parties like DAP.

In that post Kemo Sabe, I mentioned " ... the Weltanschauung or worldview of many (though not all) PAS members is more about Malay interests rather than Islam’s per se, and PAS is a Malay (rather than Islamic) political party. Thus we shouldn't be surprised by people like Dr Hasan Ali."

"Even a certain remarkable Mufti (who cowardly put the blame for his seditious act on a woman when push came to shove) argued that “the Malays are special because they are related to Islam, unlike the Arabs even though Prophet Muhammad was descended among them” and “We must defend our [Malay] race” (rather than Islam). So much for a Mufti!"

You would imagine with Hasan Ali’s expulsion, we needn’t be concerned with question of exceptions to the ABU policy, but alas, life, especially political ones, isn’t meant to be easy.

We now have grave concerns with PAS’ Azizan Abdul Razak, the MB of Kedah, because of his stand on the University and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA), which is completely at odds with Pakatan policy - read Malaysiakini's We will reject you, students warn Kedah MB. where he has infuriated university students because he supported the suspension of 5 students for demonstrations, as the UUCA legislation allows.

Consider the following - Pakatan has promised to repeal the UUCA, PAS is a member of Pakatan, PAS is the principal Pakatan partner in Kedah, but its MB, PAS’ Azizan Abdul Razak supports the usage of the UMNO-legislated UUCA in the suspension of the five Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) students in his capacity as chairperson of the board of directors of the state-owned KUIN. WTF!

Unfortunately Azizan Abdul Razak has not been the cooperative member of Pakatan since PAS came into power in Kedah in 2008, going on his lonesome ways with his narrow-based conservative attitude which had at times jeopardized the interests of non-Malay Kedahans or that of another Pakatan-ruled State, like proposed logging in the water catchment areas in Kedah, from which Penang depends on its water supply.

While the water issue was a mere drop in the Pakatan scheme of things, his support of the UMNO’s oppressive legislation on university students’ activities, and thus the very freedom of expressions, is diametrically opposed to Pakatan policies. He is just another Hasan Ali!

Given the above, I am not sure about giving unconditional support to ABU, nor should Kedahans.


  1. It started with keDAILan cleaning their party.
    PAS is as old as UMNO...and has a fighting for Muslim votes against UMNO b for decades.
    PAS success is due to Muslims hating corruptions and double standards...towards their own race..and will support defending the Malay race and religion.
    For past 10 years...PAS have changed more a Malay party..and more open minded than before.
    Majority accepts all Malaysians equal.....but some racists still stick to PAS...and keep talking .defending the race and religion ...which have indirectly embarrassed the party leader's win Muslim votes.
    PAS need to be brave and firm.
    Hassan Ali...sacking and more if needed.
    PR is riding high with smart and moderate Muslims standing solidly for change and against corruptions.
    More sacking may make few PAS members feeling uneasy and happy...but once they treat CORRUPTIONS & double standards applied to the Muslims too...they will forget race and religion and still vote for change...for country and people..not for one race.
    That's the vast majority Muslims ways of thinking...especially by young first time Muslim voters.
    PAS leaders need to be firm and strong. If not UMNO b will walk over the in Kelantan and that is due only to their poor short sighted and selfish motives..

  2. KT:

    Your blog's commentary section have been popularised by an 'anchor tenant' semmingly incapable of civilised exchange.

    Seems that some other commentators have given up and left?

    Way to go KT!

  3. Actually, I think Azizan did not say he supported the use of UCCA. He said he doesn't want to interfere in the University administration. That's not the same thing.

    I dislike UCCA as much as anybody else..., but unfortunately, its still the law of the land.

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  5. your article will be all right if you will delete the last sentence. you're trapping yourself into a time warp.

  6. the ulama faction had better had their reality check soon.

    why talk about this BS called malay unity now and not before 308?

    if it is about unity; every malay would have in droves for umno so it is stupidly self-defeating for PAS to talk about unity shit with umno whom by all means do no need PAS but for the rejection by voters en masse of umno.



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  12. KT

    You will not see Hasan Ali go away anytime soon.He's basking in the lime-light almost every night on TV3.
    His saliva splashing everywhere, just like your resident comic Mr Ball.Wakaka.
    Hey man, he's got the support of some sectors in PAS. That's why he's very gung-ho.
    There are some in PAS like Nasharuddin who is urging for unity talks with UMNO.
    Looks like DAP will again be the lone opposition in the coming GE. Like the farmer in the dell's cheese standing alone.
    Better change your tagline to ONLY DAP. Much better than ABU which is turning to dust.
    After all that's your favorite party.
    I am so happy in this dragon year because Saiful gets his appeal.
    Also Karpal Singh will face the music in court for the Perak Sultan sedition case.
    I see Monster is still lurking around here. Isn't he suppose to help his wife in cleaning the windows and dusting the cobwebs at home.
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  13. Are you sure Azizan is a PAS MB. Often times he speaks like an UMNO man.
    Good, good. The more faux pas he makes, the better for BN.
    He's realistic on the student demo. They are acting like Anwar did in the 70s. Am sure that fella is instigating the students.

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  20. Hi, Azizan Abu Bakar is not Kedah MB.
    He's Wan Azizah's former driver.