Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Followers of religions

Another light one for you at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok titled Religious divisions or divisive religions. It’s a rehash of 3 old posts in this blog, KTemoc Konsiders, which I have joined up together, updated and posted yesterday at my other blogsite.

As usual, it’s based on my personal experience wakakaka.


  1. Too much of such religious experiences...will make you be caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea....just like Najib.
    Do good ... don't do bad and the poor as much as you enough.
    The mind is the main thing.
    Does it control you or are you controlling the mind.
    Guys like Buttercup and the few BN supporters have weak minds.
    They only know how to carry balls in earn a living.
    Carrying balls is an art...not so easy to master.
    People with dignities and principles in life will never carry balls to earn his daily bread.
    Buttercup do...openly declaring it...which makes all wonder..does his balls carried by Buttercup?
    I seriously hope not...the Cup man hands are filled with toilet germs..washing Najib's toilet and at his command...glup glup glup....
    Religions are the best products to sell and earn billions.
    Here Mahathir and now Najib sells them steal billions.
    Do study comparative religion....and all will know...all religions are good and then you will be...godly Malaysians.
    The problem is...Christians and Muslims are fighting for one true God..for more than 400 years ad still end.
    That's why Buddhists monks prefer sleep..hurting no one..all grow buffaloes.
    And the Hundus are totally confused and destined to be many Gods to pay respect.
    I am a Buddhists and the many monks I know...always bless me for telling the truths.

  2. Monsterball,

    Bro,typo error.Hindus not Hundus.Cheers.

  3. Thanks spelling or typing errors are not surprising.
    I type with one finger and my English...spoken much better than writing.
    Thanks again..Bruno.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Monsterball,you are welcome.And you have a nice day too.

  5. KT is putting out religious beliefs...practiced by humans mixing their cultures...into religions.
    It's colorful...interesting and sometimes amusing and funny.
    KTemoc's knowledge makes him a happy go lucky bloke.

  6. I am tempted to talk the history of all religions...where they came from.
    But since UMNO b is using religion to fuck up Malaysians...and we do have few fucked up BN supporters here..I want to reserve that as an ammunition to debate fanatics and nuts.
    The Christian religious leaders are defending well and expose UMNO b buggers using them as punching bags.
    They are brave and fear no evil doers.
    As a starter and hint...where does all religion comes have to argue and debate...was Buttercup life came out of his mother's womb..or is it the conditions ready for natural creation.
    Does God created all the flies...rats and all pets too? Why?
    Why do Muslim don't eat favourite subject.
    Did Jesus say he is the Son of God... which my late Bro. Ahmeed Deddat gave me a crash program...for 3 nights in K.L. and dozens of letters we exchanged thoughts.
    Trace where all religions came from...and study the main actors...Jesus...Mohamed..Siddharta...Confucious...Shiva..Ganish...Murugan...Avalokrista....where all came from and why.
    One old race pray to the house of the rising Sun.
    Older still pray to RA..Snakes...all all sorts of creatures.
    And you trace back and trace back..and trace are ENLIGHTENED!! by your own god gifted brain.