Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hear, See and Say No Evil

Malaysiakini's article 'Anything But Umno' rally disrupted, one injured reported:

According to Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) executive director E Nalini (right), the ceramah was disrupted by several youths sporting T-shirts with BN and Umno logos.

"The ceramah was to start about 9pm last night. As we were driving to the hall, there were about six or seven men beating up a boy with sticks," said Nalini.

This was confirmed by ABU coordinator Haris Ibrahim, who added that one young man was taken to the hospital.

But Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah refuted the allegations that a person was injured.

"Where got? Who told you?"

Someone replied: "Ananthan Kugan!"

"Hah, only one! Unreliable lah. It's just his words!"

"There was also Francis Udayappan."

"Err ... you bullshitting me? It's an offence to tell lies to the police. What's your name?"


"Teoh what?"

"Beng Hock! And I was also accompanied by Aminulrasyid Amzah, Johari Abu Bakar and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed."

Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai


  1. Is this for real? Not good to play jokes on serious things on an auspicious day.
    I see Monster burning money. I am burning rubber in the city. I am king of the road.
    Kampung people like Ball not around. Wish KL is like this every day.

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai, to KT and all the commentators and lurkers here !

    We certainly need all the leg up from this year's Water Dragon in view of the political tsunami coming inexoriably, affecting every malaysians in no small way. Keep fingers crossed :)

  3. no worries buttercup

    teoh may give you a visit after cny. but since you are a believer, probably you will be safe. unless ahmad decides to take you on a tour of MACC.

  4. Tis the morning of the second day and it's good.
    Buttercup keep missing unashamed are all UMNO b toads...just like the father....his the father's adopted son.....Buttercup's hero..but not the Holy Ghost.
    He is riding high on the Water Dragon...for he was Malaysian first...race second.
    Year of the Dragon will be the ways of the Dragons...the ways.. Malaysian Chinese will free all Malaysians...and the Muslims will finish the job.
    "Kapucino" said I am kaput..dead on CNY day.
    That's typical UMNO b toad no Malaysian Chinese no matter how much they hate each other...they will not wish.. each other "kaput" it CNY or Hari Raya day.
    Third day is a peaceful resting day for me....although HP keep well wishers and friends.
    All grand children got their angpows and track shoes....but the eldest boy...want a ..GUITAR!!
    I gave him one of my collection.
    No one asked for more.
    I asked all of the....what do they want for next year...all kept quiet...but I will make sure I get what they want.
    I have at least..290 days to work on it.
    Buttercup can never experience true happiness...his cup runneth over..with too much joy juices...produced by joy sticks from his party leaders..all want everything free...and Buttercup's cup is for that purpose.
    Yea ..though I walk trough the valley of death...I fear no said Buttercup...feeling half dead with so many joy sticks.
    It is a matter of time...the BALL will roll and flatten his mouth.
    Back again...about 10 hours from now.

  5. CSL 2 NA "I challenge u to put down the hudud law in your manifesto....."
    Tok Guru "eh ... sorry lah after due consideration, v do not 1 the situation of when u come to KB, v will have 2 arrest u & chop off your 'naughty bro' lah"
    DAP "CSL u r really a 'kuai' lah, what do u 1 now? On 1 hand u ask PAS 2 implement hudud & on the other hand ask DAP 2 prove v reject hudud!"
    Gerakan "heh heh heh .... actually the truth is so plain lah, when Kutty & Bodohwi declared that M'sia is a Islamic country, MCA, Gerakan MIC & all the other kuci rats of BN all supported the declaration without any protest, that's the proof 4 all 2 c lah, so CSL is actually a closet hudud supporter ah ...."

  6. I burn money...he burn rubber..said Buttercup.
    I don't burn money. I spend money wisely.
    He burn rubber condoms lying at his bed.

  7. His Cup is full of his brain.
    When you have a proud of his Cup use KY...use butter to allow joy sticks glide in pay.
    He is the stand by for Sodomy 3..and become a millionaire...if his master Najib standing tall..with his 6'2' frame.
    Buttercup better go to Mecca and have a crash program to ask Allah help his boss poor position...and soul.
    He looses...Buttercup's cup...FINITO!! more customers.
    Najib must lay down his life to defend at all cost.
    Buttercup up must bend down for more burn rubber condoms...the more he burns..the more money he has.
    The more I spend...the more my tree will grow with money.
    Buttercup...pray to me as your Sifu..and I may teach you how to work with your blood ...sweat and tears..and not keep carrying Najib's a leech.

  8. Hantus suma lari ke?
    No BALLS to fight to the last?

  9. KTmoc has hinted...see no evil..speak no evil..hear no evil..yet these BN idiots keep seeing Najib if he is a God send ..good son.. ..all speaking with fork tongues...just like their hero.....Najib....and putting out what they heard..from one side...shutting off their ears ...afraid to listen to the other side....with roars of "REFORMASI" by smart Malaysians..whenever Anwar speaks.
    These toads support a political party...not supporting Malaysia ..for the
    These are the Cow dung beetles...that love shit more than anything else.
    Saiful backside smell nice to all of them and Buttercup's cup is burning pure rubber condoms...high quality product.
    No wonder Malaysia is the largest exporter of condoms.
    With Buttercup having so many condom users patronizing can we not be...biggest and largest manufacturer of condoms in the world?