Monday, January 16, 2012

shorter story for monsterfella on cakap BESAR by small fella

Malaysiakini - Liow: MCA ready to give Guan Eng run for money

Orang PP kata: "Saigoo barng guoik" (badak rindu bulan) wakakaka!

And now Guan Eng dares Tiong Lai, Yen Yen to contest in Bagan, wakakaka.

[p/s short enough, monster?]


  1. ktemocblogspotisatoughblogtodigest8:46 pm, January 16, 2012

    I think I will just stick to the main posting, and skip are the unnecessary comments. Enough of insanity.

  2. Ktemoc and Sanity-Sicko Goh deserve each other

  3. Liow Tiong Lai and his big war talk.LTL should have the political guts to walk the talk and stand in Bagan.Or else he should retire from politics for being a chicken.

  4. Sanity-Sicko Goh deserves only himself.

    Ktemoc is only showing him a mirror....and oh, what a reflection.

    You da man, KT, hahaha. You asked if it's short enough for the monster? I challenge you to post another one that even the village idiot will get it even at first reading, wakakaka.

  5. KTemoc...too long. Make it shorter to stuff it into your ass.

  6. KT is an extremist.
    He is either long winded ...or the opposite.
    He cannot take advises.
    He is he smartest of all.
    And so...Bruno better keep his mouth shut or apologize...or else KTemoc..will go NUTS...keep insulting me.
    But the moment he put this post out...I cannot stop laughing.
    In that can say...KT is trying to be a comedian now....or BOZO..the stupid clown.

  7. My initials SS seems to make some happy.
    SS is also Super Submarine...bought by Najib.....that will sink him one day...hahahahahaha
    I hope KT can accompany Najib a cruise ride and sink like the mortars...dropped in......dead shot.
    You want to talk cock KT?....OK..lets talk cock.

  8. Liow give Eng Guan a run for the Penang?
    Eng Guan dares Liow to contest him.
    What is this KTemoc.
    Where have your brain gone to?
    So not like the old good KT.
    So sensitive..I ask for shorter no bombastic make him a great writer...with Bruno agreeing..look what has e turn to be now?....a stupid asshole COMEDIAN!!

  9. Buttercup seems to be Missing In Action. Where is he? Has he packed his bags and moved in to stay with monsterball? monsterball lives in a beautiful, romantic mansion surrounded by many money-trees. Whenever monsterball wants to go shopping he only needs to go outside and pluck some money from those trees and off he will go gaily to the shops.

    But Buttercup is not staying at monsterball's mansion because of the money-trees. He is staying there because he wants to do Hi-5s with monsterball.

    Now monsterball and Buttercup are doing Hi-5s all the time. This makes KTemoc very sad, very lonely, and depressed. KTemoc used to be able to do Hi-5s with Buttercup. Not anymore now.

    KTemoc is feeling so depressed he finds that he can only write very short postings. Soon these will get even shorter still; they will be just one sentence long of not more than ten words.

    This will make monsterball very, very happy. Right now monsterball feeling giddily, deliriously happy turns to Buttercup and says, "Come, let's do another Hi-5!"

    And thus they will live happily ever after.

    The End.

  10. KT,Lim Guan Eng will make mincemeat out of Liow Tiong Lai.When LGE is done with LTL he will be worse than an apek.Dr Chuah would have a better chance against LGE as there will be some sympathy votes for him from some Ah Eums.

  11. Ah Eums ..ah peks..makes up to thje most..350 votes for Dr.Chuah.
    You think that's call better chance?
    Good-night KT...Bruno and all.

  12. advices NOT advises ! ( too long ?)

  13. monsterball,
    Chill man! Ktemoc is kaki lang de neh.

    I remember that Ariff Shah also said the same thing when he challenge Anwar in Permatang Pauh. Of course, MCA bigwits did bully DAP youth. One never forget Ong Ka Chuan aka Ong chicken challenge Fong Po Kuan in Batu Gajah. Uncle Lim taught MCA a lesson by tui lam that MCA prick in Ipoh Timur

  14. I know that. Thanks anyway.
    He pull a fast one..I pull back one with a stinking bomb...that's how we pass out time....waiting for 13th GE...waiting for Buttercup to make a fool of himself.