Monday, January 09, 2012

Sodomy II - the losers

Thank goodness the Sodomy II trial has ended, not that I had dedicatedly followed its twists and turns through its long tortuous course. I have no interest in the private life of Anwar Ibrahim, alleged or otherwise - none of my business. It’s his politics, performance and policies that I keep an eye on.

Who then is the winner and loser of the trial's outcome?

I leave that to the experts though I do know of only one loser, the Bench!

Alas, very few Malaysians have faith in the independence and integrity of our judiciary, and can you blame the majority?

As the Court dismissed the charges against Anwar Ibrahim, the Pakatan ‘experts’ are already analyzing, now get this, WHY the court had not found him guilty, instead of expecting that the verdict was, as Karpal Singh predicted, a natural outcome for the prosecutor’s paucity of solid evidence.

Look, even Anwar Ibrahim himself was surprised by the verdict.

For an example of the deep set suspicion by many about the motives of the court, and by the alleged nexus, therefore of UMNO, see Charles Santiago’s Seeing through the shadow play where he wrote:

We all know that regimes use ‘bark on’ intelligence to manipulate long-term favourable outcomes. Today, we saw this unfold in Malaysia when Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted of a sodomy charge despite the fact that he will certainly continue to be a thorn in the side of the BN-led federal government.

Anwar's potential to embarrass government, coupled with its hysteria and fears, mean that the father of six would have been better off in jail or at least convicted of sodomy.

Whichever way the verdict had gone, no one in Pakatan would praise the independence and integrity of the judge, and even if one has, he/she would only grudgingly express sympathy for a ‘foolish’ judge.

In a letter to Malaysiakini titled Anwar's acquittal: Why? and What happens next? Abdullah Junid wrote:

Or it could just be that Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah really decided to acquit Anwar based purely on the (suspect) evidence. If that's the case, the good judge is a very brave and hopefully not foolish man.
… indicating his disbelief at the judge’s ruling.

Also do note my underlining of the word 'Or' indicating the writer's afterthought as to what he had surmised in the first place, which was, '... the Najib administration either gave in to fear or grabbed a high-profile opportunity to put the opposition off-balance and earn PR brownie points on a global stage ...'.

Charles Santiago summed it up best by stating: Likewise they must understand that Malaysians will not translate Anwar's acquittal to mean the judiciary is independent. They can see through the shadow play by Najib to regain the confidence of the people.

Today's judgment is a victory for the people. It demonstrates the power of the people.

If I were to translate the above statement in the worst possible light, then Charles Santiago (bearing in mind I’m a DAP supporter) has virtually stated, unwittingly if I may add, the judge gave in to mob rule, and not because the prosecution failed to make a case against Anwar.

Of course I'm being devilish, as in playing the 'devil's advocate', wakakaka.

As I mentioned at the top: Alas, very few Malaysians have faith in the independence and integrity of our judiciary, and can you blame the majority?

Incidentally, because the expectation, especially by PKR, was for a guilty verdict which would have seen Anwar Ibrahim sentenced, many prematurely went berserk when RPK pronounced that Anwar would receive a fair trial.

But in spite of the court finding in favour of Anwar Ibrahim, given the dominance of conspiracy theories that the ‘not guilty’ verdict has been Najib’s conniving plot, there won’t be any relief for, let alone an apology to RPK wakakaka.

Thus a correction to what I had said earlier about knowing one loser; we could say RPK, like the judiciary, is also a loser, but by default. My advice to RPK is a quote by Pat Riley:

"You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again."


  1. Anwar was surprised by the verdict, because he actually committed the Sodomy.

    Its the bungling police and Chemistry department which exposed the chain of evidence to accusations of contamination, so the judge had no choice but to reject the evidence.

    Note there was no firm evidence of actual DNA contamination, just that Anwar's expensive Orang Puteh hired goons were able to cast doubts on how secure the evidence was.

    It still does not change the fact that Anwar is morally unfit to be a leader of the country.

  2. An ANON is smarter than the Judge.
    Presuming he is right...who cares.
    Malaysians does not care of Anwar's private life.... likes ad dislikes.
    Malaysians judged Anwar by his deeds and words spoken.
    Based on a booklet written by a nobody...that Anwar sodomize...with no one coming out to say..he/she was the victim....Mahathir could sent Anwar to 6 years jail..later proven not true at all.
    Out he comes..Najib use Saiful for his Sodomy 2....which the whole world knows.
    Anwar is free because Najib's character is scorned by all...and dirty politics is weakened.
    My goodness...all who supports thieves and robbers...are OK.
    The biggest buyer of all pirated
    X rates sex movies are the Malays.
    Life is natural by all Malaysians...except the UMNO b members...that must have UMNO b to govern forever or else...their lives will be miserable and insecure.
    They must believe Malaysia belongs to UMNO b ancestors...and they are so lucky..Majib's "People First" means only these stupid idiots.
    Even KT put out a post now...more and more agreeable to read that he will vote for change too.
    I guess KT knows where his bread will be buttered after 13th GE.
    "kittykat45" more swing around.

  3. annonymous...,
    So you are implying that a suspected murderer and a known thief is fit to be a PM?????
    If someone is willing to have his arsehole fcku by Anwar... that is his/her problem... and why should we worry about it. At least no one will be killed by C4.....

  4. KT,the only real losers here are the Umnoputras.Umnoputras were the shadow players who wanted to get rid of Anwar the easy way.There is no such thing as an easy way.Sometimes the most well plan plots do backfired too,you know.

    It is an open secret who Saiful saw previous to his reporting the rape by Anwar.We know who are the Datuk T trio.When Umnoputras saw that they were painting themselves into a corner,in a lose lose situation,they decided to spring Anwar free,hoping that on the way might score some brownie points.

  5. As I have said before here, Anwar is guilty so that's why he's surprised with the verdict.
    Remember, Karpal once asked him to swear that he did not do it. He was doubtful of Anwar.
    All I am happy is Anwar and PKR have to eat their own words for lunch, brunch, tea and dinner today. For dessert, they have to eat humble pie.
    I was laughing out loud seeing on TV, the Keadilan hotshots having to say the judiciary is transparent.
    But of course Crown prince Azmin have to say masih ada hakim yang masih telus.
    Hello, judges are guided by the facts of the case, not what you want to hear. Real stupid Pakatan.

  6. Keep a watch on Hassan Ali.Now that he has been sacked from PAS,Umno has no more use for him.He will be discarded as easily as being flushed down the sewer,the Umno way of getting rid of irrelevant frogs.

  7. The judge gave a surprise
    The decision gone out well
    The sign of relief on the faces
    At least there is still hope yet

    The judiciary must wake up
    The long years of slumber
    The corridor of shadows
    The judges feel unease

    With Constitution and laws
    They shouldn't interpret their ways
    Look for the facts know the law
    The Constitution runs supreme

    The year of the Dragon
    The fire warm up the cold
    Now we may see the shadow of light
    It isn't over until we change ourselves

  8. Kt, Bruno, Monsterball

    If you have sons, keep a close watch on them. The more jambu, they are, the more is your worry.
    They are not safe. Mr Sicko is still on the loose.

  9. Is Buttercup trying to tell a joke?
    Or is he trying to apply his voodoo...hoohoo...whydoo...telling all how he do do but blame it on another doing it.
    A sicko always see others sick.
    Take Mahathir as an example.
    Buttercup thinks he is a genius...and Najib is his hero.
    How to example things to a nut?
    The simple way is...hi Buttercup....Anwar will be PM....after 13th GE result announced.
    Foretold is forewarn.
    Get ready to be sacked or retrenched.
    Your days of makan gaji buta will end soon.

  10. How to EXPLAIN things to a what I meant to type.
    Stomach too full.

  11. Monsterball

    Of course you are too full. Like Anwar, you have been eating your own words from this morning till tonight.
    Guess you will have supper soon.
    By the way, how's the humble pie for dessert? Is it good?
    mr Ball, don't be too happy. Saiful is filing an appeal. Your hero is still not safe.

  12. Buttercup,

    Thanks for the well intended advice.My daughters will be more safer far away from the Umno CM who raped a young Malay schoolgirl,than my sons away from your bontot aka Mr Sicko.Maybe my sons will used the family dog on Mr Sicko if he really is that sick.
    Thanks anyway.

  13. Everyone was surprised because the script was re-written at the last minute.

    If you go by the prosecution evidence, the case shld have been kicked out at the end of the pros'n case. The case falls short, very short of a prima facie case since Siful's evidence is full of holes. Meeeting Najib for a scholarship, meeting Rodwan, one of the conspirator of Sodomy 1 in a hotel room complaining of being sodomized and getting screwed by an old man 2 days later. Yet had the cheek to go to the accused house eating curry-puff and drinking coffee and telling the court he was sodomized against his wish and did not excrete for 2 days to preserve the evidence in his anus. The judge must be so stupid to believe all these. There must be some conspiracy between the trio unless Najib and rodwan were called by the pros'n to deny or rebut the conspiracy theory,

  14. Monsterball,
    Keep it really have Buttercup rattled.
    Buttercup's posts have been getting loonier by the day since you started aggravating him.

    He'll be singing loony tunes soon..
    Way to go !

  15. Buttercup, bet Ur one of UMNO's makan faking buta. bcoz of stupid ppl like u, the country is robbed by UMNO. Very unfortunate tht all our tax money are spent educating morons like u, who graduate from MARA and end up talking rubbish like Ibrahim Ali. A very sad fact for all Malaysians.

  16. stomach not full but aching...laughing too much.

    Monsterball : Stomach too full

    Buttercup : Of course you are too full. Like Anwar, you have been eating your own words from this morning till tonight.
    Guess you will have supper soon.


    These 2 jokers.....inseparable now - 2 sides of the same coin.

    And Buttercup said " Anwar is guilty so that's why he's surprised with the verdict."

    Although I'm not enamoured with Anwar, could Anwar not be surprised because he's expecting another Augustine Paul judgement in this Sodomy 2 and not because he is guilty ? After all, the Umno govt is known to have the judiary at its beck and call. Remember all those landmark cases.....

  17. Review 2011.
    1, Buttercup said he earns millions every year.
    2. Then he said he has to work to earn his bread and butter.
    3. Throughout the whole year...praise Mahahir and Najib and condemn Anwar. Praise Hasan Ali too.
    4.Through out the year..he is a clown talking cock.
    5.Simply love high 5 KT.
    6. His proudly announced...his cup runneth over...creamy..juicy ..yum yum.
    7."Who is running this or monsterball?" Only an idiot talk like that.
    Getting f'ked left right and so turning looney...
    Ambulance ready..mental hospital waiting. He will soon..stink like a bee..with Monsterball picture pinned onto the like a bird a 6x6 cell.....weirdo.....cracko...out of this world..out of disturbing the peaceful Malaysians.

  18. When one as old as me can eat anything ...same like change...filling the stomach to the's call pennies from heaven no problem with money to eat anything I like.
    If you roast Buttercup's creamy cup...that awful smell will chase mu appetite away.
    If he is looking for super...I can problem...but old folks do not have supper..and get belly bloated up like Samy Velu.
    He has alot to learn...yet an idiot say we are inseparable.
    I guess many come from the jungle never had it so good...and any little joke...will make them laugh.
    Compare Buttercup jokes and mine...we are miles apart.
    I am Malaysian Bob Hope.. He is a katak croaking.

  19. Sodomy 3-- Buttercup tonight made a police report that he had been sodded by Anwar under a coconut tree in the wee hours of Feb 29, 2011....

    Nik Aziz roared with laughter saying "Takkan ular patuk di libang 3 kali" while the police kicked Buttercup out of the station because February in 2011 has only 28 days....

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA are a subject for many having a good laugh.
    It's heaven sent to KT's blog.
    Thank you.

  21. Anon 11.16 PM,

    Buttercup is just one of the millions who had gone through the BTN courses during their youth when they were still at that impressionable age....they were drilled how orang lain/orang asing ( meaning the non malay citizens of this country) has less right to this land and that only they are the rightful owner of this tanah tumpah darah ku and Mahathir has made at least 600 amendments to the constitution and created a new race called Bumiputra; and that 'chinese' party like DAP is racist and the communists are still alive and kicking in that godforsaken party.

    Even with just 51.6% of the population being malay (check the latest official census), the MSM and Ibrahim Ali and his patron Apanama will insist that it is already 68% and that this is an Islamic nation - another BTN fallacious 'facts' which people like Buttercup will have them hardwired into their brain cells.

    But did not the constitution declared this is a secular country and that ALL citizens have equal rights? Might as well talk to the wind.

    That Apanama is a brilliant evil genius ( I have to give him that )to corner the MSM and have the natives ( read the rural malays) under his thumb and he went on to conquer the urban malays like Buttercup with his fantastic brainwashing machine BTN.

    Once you have molded the brain at that young age, you can have them for life. This is the story of the malays in Malaysia. Singapore and Brunei had a great escape.

  22. monsterball is just your typically chinky apek....

  23. Once in a lifetime you can witness an eclipse of the moon.
    Soon we will see the eclipse of present government. 55 years simply far far too long.
    If you are lucky can actually heat the eclipse of Buttercup's to be abused...yet complaining to be used...file a police report Anwar hetam his cup enlarged to the size of a tennis ball....getting ready for Sodomy3 in the name of all UMNO b adopted father..the one and only Mamak...the Mamak's son..famous liar...and the ghostly witness...Thamy Chik.
    All three will be his witnesses.
    Sodomy3 will be the most powerful Anwar no chance to defend.
    2012 will be the year of the Dragon...coming huff and puff fireballs to roast all balls carrying M and N balls shamelessly.
    Then DAP Hornbills...strapped up wit rockets... will focus attacking Buttercup's crooked relatives in Sarawak..hiding in the jungle...bushes...pot holes and longkangs.
    2012 will finish the unfinished job of 12th People Power.
    Buttercup better eat as much as he can..every day..for soon he cannot eat at all...with his heart broken an suffer...the eclipse of his heart.
    One UMNO b goon thinks Buttercup can talk like me is trying to fool Malaysians...both same cast your votes...1/2 to him..half to Buttercup...or actually is saying...half to UMNO b and half to PR.
    Don't be fooled by UMNO b goon's tricks.

  24. Monsterball, still sore with the inescapable truth that you and Buttercup are inseparable ? Jangan lah to split when you guys are joined at the hip ? Who asked you guys be so similar?

    And you the malaysian Bob Hope? I saw some of this veteran's jokes on retro TV....he's funny ! Don't simply claim,claim lah, the real Bob Hope will turn in his grave !

  25. So Anonymous ...

    Pants droping, bed-hoping, serial adulterers are OK to be leaders - as some amongst the current lot are now?

    Since morality is your main criteria, is corruption - shameless, open, endemic corruption - also a moral issue?

    You betray your prejudices sir.

    This case - based on evidence alone and not Orang Puteh testimony (they can't say more or less than the evidence presented - remember it is Government collated, Prosecution Presented evidence we are talking about here - your own side's evidence!) - should never have gone to trial in ANY truly impartial, independent judicial system with the highest judicial integrity.

    Anwar was surprised - as were all of us - because initially the judge declared the defence witness credible. Which is incredible in itself since Saiful had gone(or was taken) to Najib and the BN machinery first BEFORE lodging a police report after few weeks of the alleged events.

    And why anonymous ...tunjuk muka lah! Takut ke?

  26. Anon..12.16AM...chinky apek or not...I dare to walk the talks and blow you sky high .no matter how old or young you are.
    We kopitiam fellas fear no kucin kurap racists..including MCA puppets.
    We are ready for 13th GE.
    Are you?
    Now don't change the subject and tell me to cool down for my health.
    You hypocrites only the art not to offend anyone and secretly steal from everyone..including from your young innocent... brothers and sisters.
    I am talking about OIL...revenues.
    You think Monsterball come here to joke only?
    I come here to catch UMNO b rats..frogs and monkies...and help clean KT's blog..regardless whether he wants it or not.
    Freedom Fighters need no permission to clean filth and dirt...paving the way for a clean Malaysia for Anwar as PM to govern.
    Get use to that FACT.. got to go and let go...and help full stomach...ease for my beauty sleep soon.

  27. Yes idiotic ANON 12.22am... one like me dream to be liker Bob Hope is harmless and hurt no one.
    You can twist it to bragging or anything you problem.
    Your intentions to keep irritating me...will not work...but actually make me feel sad...why UMNO b guys are so smart to talk cock..and so lazy and lousy at work.
    It's your children that will suffer most.
    And UMNO b maker of what you are keep wanting to help you like as child. You are very proud of it?
    Shutting let go...1 kilo of shit.

  28. Monsterball, this is Anon 12.22

    Aww.....don't feel sad. This make me sad too, uncle. No intention to irritate you lah.

    In almost all your postings, you lash out at others, mowing them down mercilessly, going about your merry way, with nary a thought to their feelings. So you should be able to take some in too, although what you received in return is very mild indeed compared to your diatribes, haha.

    Forgot what you lashed out to others ? Remember snake, idiot, floating drunk, piece of shit, crazy nuts, cow brain, tong sampah....and many more such colorful words. But we took it all in our stride and good humouredly laughed it of. So in the same spirit, you should be big hearted too. What goes around comes around, although what came to you are so much less harsh, almost like cajoling you, perhaps due to your seniority ?

    You should be thankful lah.

  29. wow...kaytee blog is happening right now...way to go man!

  30. They are exactly what I described them to be...including you....Anon 1.23AM
    Don't be friendly nor nice to kopitiam fellas frighting for freedom.
    It's FOR or AGAINST and to say Buttercup and me are an insult to my intelligence.
    You can't win them ..join them...won't work.
    Join us after 13th celebrate freedom...all welcome.
    Right is a war of hearts and minds between traitors and patriots..and don't tell me idiots like you and Buttercup supporting Najib are patriots.
    Fire on...insult I insult you..or maybe you want a debate on one subject? choose why change of government is a must and Anwar must be PM?
    "You should be big hearted too" said Anon 12.23 AM...hahahahahahaha
    Yes big hearted to forgive all the rouges and thieves you support .forgive them..give them one more that it?
    Buttercup is an UMNO b supporter.
    He never hides it.
    Be a man...or a woman..declare yourself..who will you support.
    I repeat..who do you support?
    Don't ignore all the reasons why I F Buttercup.
    Who do you think you are talking to? idiot you can convert to vote for BN?
    13th GE is getting nearer.
    I am passing time to find rats and frogs in this insult and pass time.
    You can laugh and enjoy...but please don't try any low class funny tricks to bring Buttercup and me together.
    It will not work.

  31. Correction to someone's comment about number of days in Feb - This year, 2012, there are in fact 29 days in Feb

  32. Wow, woke up and found an invite by Monsterball to a debate.

    A debate with Monsterball?

    Oh Noooo !

    Even as i write this, my hand is shaking with fear.....who is foolhardy enough to step into the ring to challenge the Monsterball Freedom Fighter ?

    I do heed bruno's advice, you know.

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. So i have to regretfully decline, Monsterball.

    And what is my stand? Monsterball asked.

    Mmmm....i have been shouting myself hoarse ABU ! ABU ! all this while. So Umno is out, isn't it ? So PAKATAN it is for me lah.

    As it is, and Monsterball would have guessed, it is without a doubt PKR is out too, since i have no lost love for Anwar and his sidekick (for very valid reasons, i might add )

    And being not the religious type, i'll pass on PAS. It's Syura Council with its unelected Ulamas at the pinacle having the final say is just not my cup of tea, notwithstanding the party having good people like Nizar, Tok Guru etc. If PAS rules completely , i don't think i could live in an Iran-type of environment. Moreover, some religious types are too heavenly minded and are of no earthly use.

    So DAP it is for me, dear Monsterball. Warts and all, this party is the best of the lot. So my stand is for justice, fairplay, and democracy in the fullest sense, if that is possible.

    P.S. Monsterball, besides being a coward for not daring to have a debate with you the mighty freedom fighter, i do find the topic for debate " Why change of government is a must and Anwar must be PM?" picked by you quite off-putting. It is like being back in Standard 5
    and this insults my intelligence quite a bit lah.

    Anyway, have a good day, Monsterball. I'm off for a field trip and will be back by the evening. Cheerio.

  33. So Anwar has been foung not guilty. Means Saiful guilty of false accusation? Anwar should sue Saiful if he is really innocent. Not guilty does not necessarily mean innocent. Lawyers could get drug traffickers and murderers released due to sloppy prosecution. By the way, where is Anwar now? Abroad celebrating?

  34. I'd tell you who is the loser.
    Your PM.
    Najib opened his mouth wide. Too wide.
    Saiful saw his opportunity.
    Saiful gave him one.
    Shot his load off.
    RoastMama appeared from nowhere and dropped her cincin.
    And screamed we are all winners!!

  35. The fact remains that Monsterball is deeply in love with me. I don't go for 72-year old man like him. What for, all sagging like a ton of pebbles.
    Of course not that old sod bontot lover.
    I am more than twice younger than you, so I draw the line at 35.

    P.S. So alert of you KT to fix that guy who tried to be smart with me but got his dates all wrong.
    Must be monsterball, hiding in another moniker,

  36. Buttercup u naive fool.. Don't you see it? Najib is trying to play his cards right.. He allowed the acquittal of Anwar because he wanted to show the world that the judiciary is independent. What the b**stard fail to see is that he is already in deep shit Anwar guilty or not.

    IF The judiciary was independent, that means Anwar was truly not guilty la.. So then why was there a case in the first place? Saiful was all part of the plan to sabotage Anwar.

    The Judiciary isnt independent. All along, evidently, if u follow the case, Anwar was to be put behind bars. Why all of a sudden verdict the other way round? Verdict in 5 mins? Judge reading the last paragraph of his script? It was altered last minute and it goes to show that the judiciary is just puppet of UMNO.

    2. Imagine this. The judiciary is independent. Evidence proves Anwar guilty. ok. It just shows how backward the Malaysian Law is. Sodomy is not a criminal act for crying out loud u homophobic motherf**ker. The world's greatest thinkers and philosophers are gay. There are many gays in parliament in the UK and developed nations. This does not affect how a leader performs. Although I am not gay, I do not believe someone who bums another of the same sex should be sidelined and humiliated in such a way. Although u may not accept someone's personal lifestyle, it doesnt mean you should have him thrown in jail or deem him unfit for PM. You dickhead. There are many lawyers, doctors, engineers, people who move the world forward who are gay. You backward thinking UMNO motherf**ker. (Saiful said it was consensual) So in the case that Anwar really did fuck him, he should also be charged for sodomy. You blind asshole. Anwar is not capable of raping. 60 yr old man forcing him self on young bloke?? Come on la..

    Bodoh punya UMNO. You should try Najib's backside la buttercup. HAHA..

  37. Anon you have clearly explained yourself..OK..we are all traitors to Najib. Be that way...and be serious....not to take voters who are so call patriots supporting Najib as close friends or buddies.
    Think of Toeh Beng Hock..Kugan..Atlantuya...and so many murders. Think of the billions upon billions stolen that can make all Malaysians move forward with the best education with important teachers...better roads and easier living conditions....all given by God to this blessed land...all fucked up by these UMNO b robbers and thieves and it always bothers on earth a man like Buttercup can hero worship these devils. Forget about MCA puppets....Malaysians Chinese has always spit and curse them and name dogs like "Liong Sik"...all these 30 years or more.
    Now Chua Soi Lek....with his Pug's a party of shameless puppets the highest order.
    We can talk.....but dare you die for the country and people?
    No one ask all to be that brave as freedom fighters who will risk their lives to protect all innocent Malaysians.
    Just remember..Freedom Fighters walk the talks and kopitiam fellas are best freedom fighters.
    To use....the battle is not over yet...until PR take over PutraJaya...with a fair and honest 13th GE.
    Try to cheat ...heads will roll.
    Yes..the subject is childish...for I treat all Najib's young futs here...brains are like robots too....and don't tell me the founder of UMNO b love to see Malays become smart and can stand on their own two feet proudly.
    How about a subject like.....
    "How many shots do a man have before all sperms dry up?"
    The day you learn the's always to late...OR..."WHERE DO ALL RELIGIONS COME FROM?"
    Are these suit your better? debates but discussions...OK...but never joke about an enemy same as me...BEFORE 13tn GE.
    As you can see..Buttercup read your comment...and needling me...but like Bruno and others keep saying....his cup runneth over..which is bullshit. His cup is always empty....need to work for daily all his millions...suddenly lost.
    He is a die hard UMNO b man..get very very very clear.
    This is the time..we stick to our guns....FOR CHANGE...with the seriousness and bravery like keDAILan VP.....Amin.
    He is mild mannered but fear no
    one trying to upset the country.

  38. Anon 11.42 am

    Thanks for acknowledging Mr Bontot did humped Saiful. That's what I want to know.
    It's a crime. That's why they are in court.

  39. Yes guys and gals for freedom...F hard Buttercup.
    He will never run away.
    He has to earn his daily bread carry Najib balls.
    Imagine....just for his bread...he has no feelings for his own kind...what more for others?
    I hope Atlantuya ghost appear in his bed and fuck him hard.
    No money...don't talk girls.
    Just work for your daily bread and shut up.
    Then when your cup is itchy...any stick will do....even 72 years long as it can poke our kingdom come...seeing stars...sleep with a over flow cup...split to the bed with creamy...cheesey ...cili smell..smiling...sleeping.....feeling yummy yummy as if KT has high 5 him.

  40. Anon 11.42AM...don't fall into Buttercup's respond to you.
    Keep it up...F him deep deep.

  41. Did or did not fuck Saiful....none of anyone business.
    You bloody UMNO b supporters are all real hypocrites...using condemn a man....when tons and tons of motherfuckers are there as UMNO b members.
    Now more than half UMNO b members have resigned or declare they will vote against the party belonging to Mahathir..the dirtiest most evil politician in Malaysia.
    Now even neneks and pachiks hates him..yet you have Buttercup keep harping..did Anwar did it or dd he not do it.
    Who cares..but UMNO b supporters must care....for that is one point they think they can bring Anwar down and win Muslim votes for UMNO b all the time..even now.
    Their politics sucks and so his Buttercup....whose brain is overflowed with mini mini aids baby germs..that will grow withing 10 years...and that I will die laughing.

  42. Buttercup, I did not say Anwar fucked saiful. I merely suggested a few scenarios.. YOu idiot..

    Anon 11.42

  43. Again as monsterball said.. The issues of Malaysia is much bigger than wasting time on questioning whether Anwar bummed Saiful.. Hello UMNO ministers oso are not religious ok. Khairy Jamaluddin drinking.. You think all this cronies dont fuck with other women ah? Come on la Buttercup wake up.. Every politician does it la.. Enemies will use it to bring them down.. typical.. Anwar is a great leader. Evident when Mahathir and him fell out. Anwar obviously fought for a free market and capitalism. Something Buttercup wont understand. U know why? He so used to Hak Istimewa Melayu. Tunggu Kerajaan. Hello wake up la.. All the educated malays already realise that they must go and get a proper education and rely on their own self to succeed. Not tunggu kerajaan. Paham ka buttercup? Dont rempit here rempit there.. Go get a good job start a business do something for your life. No one will sideline Malay if in the first place UMNO did not sideline the other races.

  44. I can feel Anon 1.49 PM is the fine example of a young Malaysian that will make his and future generations...a Malaysian Malaysia...all proud to be Malaysians.
    UMNO b and Buttercup...are like footballers....always kicking goals..useless buggers.

  45. KT...when I read in other blogs...KT this..KT that...I thought they were talking about you.
    I was goodness..KT is very famous la.
    They were all talking about Khir Toyo...thank God.
    Should address you...Emoc..sound like a bird.
    No's should always be...KTemoc...and Buttercup's cup will melt like strength to resist..hearing..."KTemoc"....cup open like a flower...KT sting like a butterfly...'YUMMY YUMMY YUM YUM MMMMEEE" that idiot keep yelling.
    "Whose blog is this...yours or monsterball?".....Buttercup once asked.
    Why... you's KTemoc.
    Are you blind too?

  46. Now Tok Guru says only bloody fools will believe a weak man like Anwar with back problems can pump pump pump Saiful seefat.
    Saiful is talk ..young and if Anwar can force him to submit like pondan Buttercup.
    Tok Guru is going to mosque and thank God Anwar is free.
    Any comment...from the one with buttery... yummmy ...creamy cup that runneth over ...because he/she does not know how to control his/hers emotions and dirty sex life.
    But it is a fact..he/she must keep talking like that to work for his
    her bread and butter.
    Soon he will eating bread kosong with water...because his/her millions...all cheated by KT ..not our KT...the other KT la.

  47. Another debate/discussion, this time on religion, Monsterball?

    Aiyo...... see how i now start trembling again? Who could stand up to you lah ;-)

    "Where Do All Religion Come From ?". I don't really give a fig where do all reigion come from. Let's just said religion so far has caused more sufferings than heavenly bliss.....

    " With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things, and evil people doing evil thngs. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion"

    So am keeping a wide berth from these 'religious' people.

    Monsterball, this should not deter you from having your own discussion on religion here, or on any topic for that matter, as Buttercup have pointed out, you seemed to do very well, having almost a running soliloquy on some threads here. Am sure you will keep us all ignoramus here enthralled.

    Anon 7.04 AM

  48. Singapore Wikileaks said Anwar got himself caught in a "Honey Trap" by that jambu Saiful. And now RPK said the same thing.

    It seemed that people do ask themselves how a raw youth with filmstar look, without much experience, connection or education, got into the inner most circle of the highest echelon in the PKR leadership, serving coffee to the great leader himself and get to fly overseas with him to 'assist' him.

    This does looked like a honey trap operation, like what we see in James Bond films....spy from Russia, etc.

    And yet the moment the news broke out all over town that Saiful is the new 'victim' of Anwar, almost immediately Wan Azizah gave us pictures of Saiful together with Najib's man, and with other top Umno people too, and RPK leaked infor of the meeting between police Rodwan and Saiful in a hotel room and also the 'biasiswa' interview between Najib and Saiful.

    Wow, good looks take you the PM-in-waiting and the PM too. Is Saiful the spy who came in from the cold ?

    Now who is setting the trap? Could it be that the PKR people was keeping tap of Saiful all the while, getting evidence of his meetings with the Umno people on the quiet ? For what purpose ? To give fake information to the other camp via Saiful ? But the table got turned when the honey showed his hand and made the first charge, giving birth to Sodomy 2 imbroglio?

    Now that the verdict proclaimed Anwar's innocence, many have warned tht he's not home free yet....the appeal by Saiful, the sex video thingy still hovering around.

  49. "With or without religion, you get good people doing good things, and evil people doing evil things".......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Without will be eating human flesh for dinner.
    Without religions...nothing is halal.
    This is just Std.One reply to you.
    Climb to University standard may thing Dolly the clone sheep begets by Buttercup's cup.
    All good with a touch of irritation..a touch of class...a touch of a swinger..swing low..swing high...swing to no where....because the monkey mind is in control.

  50. Anwar has hinted to Najib from Mumbai...he is wiling to forgive and forget.
    Anwar put self interest last.
    Najib is thinking to call 13th GE before the next UMNO b AGM.
    With Anwar's is telling Najib to stop all his nonsense OR face the wrath of Khan....but visiting Mahatma Gandhi's grave in Deli...a "voice" again will tell him to forgive and forget.
    He is serene and at peace.
    Come home...go for second round to convict him...not so easy.
    Malaysians are getting bored
    The longer 13th GE is delayed...the more votes will swing to PR.

  51. monsterball - congratulations to you as your beloved hero is now bebas! When you meet him next you should salute him properly. Do you know how? Here's how:

    When your beloved hero makes an appearance you will walk up to him, then turn around so that your back faces him. Next unbuckle your belt and let your pants fall down around your ankles. Let your panties drop too. Finally, bend over. There you are, it's so easy isn't it?

    Your hero will be mightily pleased with your salute and he will love you dearly. But he will not love your butt. Because yours is a 70-year-old butt which means it is old and wrinkly and saggy. Butt lovers love young, firm, smooth butts; and yours do not qualify as such, kesalnya.

    You will now eagerly run off to practise The Salute so that you will be able to perform it to perfection when the opportunity presents itself.

    Goodnight, monsterball. I hope to find the time to talk to you again soon. Cheers!

  52. There the smart ass Anon 10.56 PM has shown his true color.
    Never fall into sweet talk and praises...and wow from their mother's sarong...they are supporting PR.
    No one will vote for PR and say..they don't want Anwar to be PM.
    Today is a happy day. Let them say what they like.
    This is a typical...UMNO b sour grape talking through his ass.
    They simply cannot accept criticisms ...sensitive and bloody fools.
    There is nothing for anyone to criticize Freedom Fighters...and so try it...these off springs of carnivorous night creatures....will expose they know next to nothing about religion.
    Bragging with bombastic words..that's what they are good many..all over..all are UMNO b sponsored students.
    Imagine they are authors of need to have a dictionary beside him reading his book.
    A good writer is a writer that write in simple words for all to read with ease.
    Charlie Chaplin is the best actor in the world because the whole world..with no education too...can understand his message.

  53. Young girls want to be old man's darling and not a young man's slave. need to have a money tree to pamper her.
    Go and work and build up your dream to be like me.....mission impossible.
    Everything Anon utter too insult me is actually insulting his father too.

  54. Hi, monsterball, it's been quite some time since I visited Kaytee's blog. Looks like it has become a very lively place now! ... so many comments, wow!

    Reading the comment of Anon. 10:56 PM I can only conclude that this must be the way he salutes his UMNO masters and they obviously love it and so he wants to popularize it. After he has done his salute I wonder what he does for an encore? Does he offer to follow his UMNO masters into the jamban and lick their bottoms clean? That way the UMNO VVIPs will not need to use their own hands to wash their own asses. This guy's tongue will do a marvellous job of making those VIP asses squeaky and sparklingly clean. I'll bet his UMNO masters will be recommending him for all sorts of titles and datukships in appreciation of his sterling service. Well, lucky guy ain't he?

  55. KT,do come up with a new posting soon.Monsterball is getting restless and needs to do some ass kicking.

  56. Rover!!...nice to read your comments again.
    I am so glad you have as nick now.
    Please do stay and help freedom fighters to kick asses.
    Come one...come all...we kick their peanut balls sky high.
    Millions upon millions are so happy Anwar is free and out come a twister...thinks he can foo an old man like moment compliment...then always add..Buttercup is like big..then insult Anwar...and says he ill support PR.
    What kind of shit talk is that?
    Actually not shit talk.
    It's their art to confuse young voters...for his master.
    When I exposed he knows next to nothing about religion...he cannot take it....HE REVEALED HIMSELF!!
    With guys like you and Bruno and few others...we can always talk like cultured people..but not talk to be treated like suckers.'
    Najib thinks he is the master of making all Malaysians suckers...for 3 years.
    What happen?...the longest string of titles he get from Malaysians.
    "Rover" always remind me of my second hand..2000 cc saloon...a poor man's Rolls Royce...I cornered my father to buy for me...when I just starting to work....hahahahahahaha
    See ya.

  57. I think the Not Guilty verdict actually enhances Najib's status. True or untrue, he can loudly proclaim that UMNO/BN does not interfere with the judiciary. Never mind if the verdict was ACTUALLY the result of political calculations.

    Its obviously good personally for Anwar and his family, but is of no help to PR.

  58. Nothing will not enhances Najib's position or UMNO b's for the better.
    The verdict....makes Najib eating the humble pie..just help him not to loose more votes.

  59. I mean....nothing will enhance Najib's position for the better.

  60. Yeah. Justice at last for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Long live the gays!

  61. MOnsterall, Bruno and Buttercup - All of you have been discussing this but ignoring one major major point.

    See how i now start trembling again? Who could stand up to you lah

    Where Do All Religion Come From ?. I don't really give a fig where do all reigion come from. Let's just said religion so far has caused more sufferings than heavenly bliss.....

    Singapore Wikileaks said Anwar got himself caught in a "Honey Trap" by that jambu Saiful. And now RPK said the same thing.

    This does looked like a honey trap operation, like what we see in James Bond films....spy from Russia, etc.

    Now that the verdict proclaimed Anwar's innocence, many have warned tht he's not home free yet....the appeal by Saiful, the sex video thingy still hovering around.

    This is just Std.One reply to you.
    Climb to University standard may thing Dolly the clone sheep begets by Buttercup's cup.
    All good with a touch of irritation..a touch of class...a touch of a swinger..swing low..swing high...swing it man.

  62. With a name like Buttercup , maybe you jealous issit?
    Can arrange for Saiful for you also but you not famouslah. So he wont telll!!!!

    Cum to think of it, Win win situation for u ,buttercup or should we call you Closet Queen!!!!!