Monday, January 30, 2012

Hokkiens' most important day of the year

Tomorrow 31 January 2012, the 9th Day of the 1st Moon in the Lunar-Solar Calender (used by Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese), is the MOST important day of the year for Hokkiens. Indeed, it's far more important than even Chinese New Year's Day or any other day.

The Hokkiens believe it’s the day their ancestors were saved by the Lord of Heaven from genocidal massacre. Traditional Hokkiens around the world, especially in Penang and Singapore, will make votive offerings to Th’nee Kong (Lord of Heaven) in remembrance of their salvation.

In Penang the yearly pilgrimage to the temple of the Jade Emperor (Lord of Heaven) at Bukit Bendera has already begun.

For more details about the Hokkiens’ most important day of the year, read my KTemoc Kongsamkok post
Hokkien salvation in sugar cane fields.


  1. Yip...all over Malaysia and Singapore..Hokkiens spend millions paying respect to what they believe more important that CNY.
    My clique of close friends are mostly Hokkiens from Singapore...Indonesia and Malaysia.
    They live thriftily but spend unbelievably generously during this 9th day festival.
    By the is the Hokkiens that donate and financed all the Chinese schools in Malaysia...for what it is today.

  2. wah you faster than me uncle monty. i bet you are hokkien. i am also hokkien leh. we are ka ki nang. tomorrow night whole family got big makan. hehehe.

  3. hi idiot tokio-rain....STOP disturbing in every post.
    This blog is not about me and you...nan boti nan ..kui boti kui.
    First he said I am from Alor Gajah.
    Now he says I am Hokkien.
    goo kia bor pat hor
    low hor bor pat sai
    pua ton sai ...keep putting out nonsense.

  4. I think this post deserves Hokkien dialect comments. your skills.

  5. tong tong tern nan...hokkien si yan sin sim.
    ki hokkien cu...torn torn pai sin...pui hoot..bor kia si.
    Pinsin hokkien kon yew sae
    Melaka hokkien kon chorlor
    Pinsin hokkien chor single
    Melaka hokkien...chor goo kia..tong tong engchoon kia choon tan ciak.
    tan si...torn torn cin sin sim...pai tua pek kong...pai hoot....pai chor kong.
    That's enough.
    Now lets see tokio-rain talk hokkien.
    By the way..I am NOT Hokkien.

  6. Hokkien females have the most voluptuous and sexy figures.
    Hard working...great cook...great wives.
    KTemoc not a Hokkien also love Hokkien babes.

  7. Books like.."A cycle of Chinese Festivals" by a Penang Chinese..Mr. C.S.Wong....and "Gods & Deities in popular Chinese worship" by T.POH are god to own and pass on to children.

  8. Monsterball,at the rate you are going tokio_rain will be thau khak hin kah lemphah tua.Let's take the kiddos on.

    Hokkien lang kong marchai phai theekong lah.Phai kmam cheh,chiek kam chieh,tiouk oh.

  9. With only one ball left, can Monsterball still consider himself a Hokkien? My Hokkien friend tells me that all Hokkien men with only one ball are considered unmanly cowards.

  10. Monsterboob,you have only one boob left.Doe's that make you a pondan or poh yau.Hahaha.Pot calling kettle black.

  11. Monsterboob,be very careful.Monsterball might bite the other boob off,leaving you boobless.Then you cannot be a man,lady,pondan or poh yau.Hahaha,cheerio and good riddance.

  12. h again uncle monty! sorry, just came back from dinner. why u all old people always talk about sex wan? haiya, can talk only issit? hehehe.

    btw, any new visitors to your blog? promote a bit lah.

  13. Good day tomorrow. And we expect Monsterball to be in best behavior.
    Wash your mouth with Harpic before commenting on this blog.

  14. good day for me oso leh. i dont talk bad words in this blog wan. hehehe.

  15. Lu but gua boh?. Lim peh ka lu kong hor, minia chai si gua eh seh jit. Long chong lan ka gua lau jua.

  16. Monsterball,lets take heed to KT's advice and let the mice play from today till 12:01am Feb 1st 2012After pai thee kong is over.

    I believed tomorrow will be a good day,so let's let the mices' have their fun and play all day.Cheers.

  17. uncle monty taking a break ar? alright! hehehe

  18. "KTemoc not a Hokkien also love Hokkien babes."

    KTemoc loves all babes. He does not have a special preference for Hokkien ones. Any pretty babe will do for him.

  19. taiwan hokkien babes are the BEST .

  20. Anonymous said...
    taiwan hokkien babes are the BEST .

    11:40 PM, January 30, 2012

    i agree. and they dont shave their armpits. hehehe.

  21. Anon 11:40 PM

    In what way are Taiwan hokkien babes the best? Do you mind listing their attributes?

    I'm going there next week and will definitely check them out.

  22. Buttercup cannot afford Listerine or Dettol mouth wash. Too many time washing her Buttercup's cup....those are not strong enough. One wash with Harpic....toilet bowl washing detergent...smell all wash customer thinks she is a fresh babe....not used too many high price for her Cup.
    kan ne neh...tak git kon lan chiow kar chiow gua.

  23. wah uncle monty. u think of sex too much lah. too bad can think only lah. cannot get it up long time already ya? hehehe.

  24. Anon12.08AM..Taiwan babes all have false boobs .false eyes...false teeth...copying Americans street walkers ..wholesale.
    But if you are lucky enough...sometimes all original.
    You have to pay through your nose.
    I prefer to hire a car with a me to Alisan...and all cheap...all originals...not one cup is smeelly like Buttercup's cup.

  25. Taiwan babes better than China babes...because all are Hokkiens.
    US politicians will keep Taiwan taken back by China as long as they can....because US sex maniacs love Hokkien services for decades...cannot do without it.

  26. ai jipun hor..siow kia nak kong can ceebai.

  27. Monsterball 12:20 AM,

    OK, thanks a lot!

  28. arm meh ..beh kun...siew pow...bor see nan.
    jipun hor...tua pow sian...beh bimpak hokkien ..beh cacua gua.....hahahahahaha
    ei si ah jib kor .. kui kia...boh si sor cai...lai jit siow pi.

  29. hehehe uncle monty pretending not to know me. damn funny man. tahan uncle, tahan! summore talk bad words in hokkien woh. wait..i find other juicy stories about him. wait ah. hehehe.

  30. uncle monty, give up speaking english oredy ar? hehehe. surrender ya? better lah like this..believe me.

  31. Best post so far.
    fuck fuck fuck all UMNO b idiots...all blinking....cannot understand....hahahahahahaha
    Like a virgin...fuck for the very first time...fainted.
    Buttercup asking all Indian Brickfields..who understand hokkien..and help her...offering free ride.
    Offer no takers.
    That is not Ipoh...plenty Indians speak hokkien very well.
    That's Samy territory...mostly MIC mad cows drinking samsu.
    If you find a pondan drinking....that's Buttercup!

  32. kan ni nei...bimpek tampok hokkien...jipun hor kon lan chiow.

  33. I believe for every drop of tokio-rain..a flower dies..
    I believe somehow this tokio-rain will dry up Mount Fuji..look for rain...but saw "The Thing" and die.

  34. seriously uncle monty. what the f* have u been smoking? hehehe

  35. Adios AMIGOS
    gua bor kun.
    jipun hor..hor nan kan
    poii.. hor lan kan
    nor erh ah jib kor kui kia.
    jipun hor lai purn mum pooi... hor tua lum par soot soot lausai.

  36. stick to the topic..remember the host. its about hokkien culture. and pussy which uncle monty cannot satisfy. woh! hehehe.

  37. jipun hor bun bun pian tow hon kia..
    goodi night di

  38. uncle monty, your hokkien is gonna scare away the taiwanese chicks la woi. go n sleep la n let us professionals entertain the hairy armpits. hehehe.

    hum, where is bruno eh? walking the doggies i think. hehehe.

  39. Thanks tokio_rain for putting a face to that monster....and he admits it's him alright!

    That mug looks exactly like all the bad words in hokkien he spews out here, hehheh - 'chow', 'lan', 'kan'....the monster grandpa from hell, hehehe.

    Got the gall to ask the blog owner to control others in the name of freedom of speech, human rights and democracy, heheheh. Apa lah olang some one commented here, otak tak senter, hehheh.

    Oi, monster bola, if you don't watch your mouth, YOU might be 'controlled' soon instead of others la, hehe.

  40. I think monsterball is seriously rattled by tokio's postings. For once he could not browbeat a persistent fellow commenter, hence the low-fi hokkien postings and non-response to tokio's instigations. Serve the old coon. And bruno is walking his 'doggies' at this ungodly hour. Takda lain keje ka? I think tokio has a mean streak which he has yet to show here. He ain't no 16 yr-old and old 'uncle monty' knows this. Monsterball, looks like you are on your own. Borrow a line ya, "hehehe".

  41. to anon 1:35 AM, January 31, 2012

    bro, its common knowledge who uncle Goh is if you go back 2007 thereabouts. search kickdefella blogspot. i had the pleasure of susan loone blocking him out (together with me). there was a serious incident where a fellow commenter wanted to whack our uncle for some seditious comments he made in a blog. he was challenged to reveal his address. you know what? not only did he publish his address, he also publish his ic. turns out the address is fictitous and the ic is issued to a female. so much for big balls. hehehe.

  42. Self praise is not praise.
    Hokkien night is the best.
    Anon 1.35AM...go fuck yourself.
    Filthy dirty night creatures need filthy words to kill them.
    The fact you admire are one bloody rat supporter.
    Foul words used are expressions of anger...and you can fuck Buttercup's cup for pleasure or clean Chua Soi Lek's prick for one on the road.
    My MONSTERBALL is too big for you to handle.
    ok...finish peeing...going back to sleep.

  43. Wow...tokio, that's some history you had with that old coot, hehehe.

    Looks like your unc monty have morphed to Monsterball over here.... self proclaimed freedom fighter, hehe. Also looks like he's unable to change his chinky apek rambling style so got caught out straight away, heeheeeh

    Hahaha...female ic ? aiya.....monsterball, hiding behind the skirt eh ? Apa freedom fighter ni ? Balls shrink oredy when cabar sedikit kah?

    But a few postings back, he fessed up that Big Dog ( i think) is looking to kill him......wakakaka. That's why he jumped everytime his door bell goes ding dong, hehheh.

  44. Monsterball NEVER hide from anyone.
    This ANON 2.59 AM is enjoying cheap thrills like all night creatures...united as one.
    "ding dong"....jumping....hahahahahaha
    Came back with a message for Bruno.

  45. hi Bruno...I am giving you the benefit of the have many personal matters to attend....maybe even death of a dear one.
    If not...your disappearances whenever all come back..disappoint me very much.....more so when all is talk alot.
    The only thing we have in common is our passion to vote BN out.
    But if I conclude you are trying to make a fool out of me....instigating me..complimenting your show dog to enjoy....then lets be ordinary commentators and no more buddy me this buddy me that.
    Buddies don't run . They stick together like glue....but you have been the same in so many posts...out come those are busy..coming back 5 hours later...this and that.
    13th GE is near I don't need enemies when I have a buddy like you.
    So consider me as one with the same objective to change the govt. is enough. that off from my chest...good night to you all BN god for nothing...drunkards and braggarts.

  46. Leave a message for Bruno ?

    Your buddy Bruno is walking the dog lah.....everytime the fire in the kitchen gets too hot, he's walking the dog lah, hhehehh.

    Where is your buddy after tokio_rain effortlessly left you jibbering in helpless fits of defeat? hehehe.

    We 'children'( Bruno's word, not mine), are not scared of your buddy Bruno lah....... we just sniggered when he promised to spank us, hehehe. Spank us, OMG ! hehehe.

  47. Oh,oh....what's this ? Monsterball asked me to leave a message for Bruno and now he's having this suspicion his so-called buddy is leaving him high and dry ? hehheh.

    He's still walking the dog lah.....wakakaka.

  48. tokio_rain and anon 3:28am

    you spoit brats dare make fun of your uncle monty and me.wait till i go to your doorsteps then you will know.i will put you both on my thighs and spank you naked.when your butts prop up red like an ant hill you will be crying like crybabies.

  49. Monsterball,you let the children make fun of you.Don't worry i am back.just came home after celebrating with some friends who came from far away.drank too much,walking like the drunken kung fu master.i am going after tokio and anon 3:28am now.

  50. Now i am back and all the babies are asleep.tokio and anon 3:28.Do you know what is an elephant trying to get your uncle monty to go against me.i will make the both of you sit on the batang.Your uncle monty will supply the jar of jelly to ease your pain.after this you won't be making jokes anymore.more likely you will be needing stitches.

  51. monsterball,don't you get my message @10:47pm.I told you to take a break and enjoy the pai thee kong festival and come back at 12:01am on feb 1st.let the mice play play and be happy first.afterall it is chinese new year and we must be kind to the kids although they are spoilt.we big people enjoy first and punish the spoilt brats later,after pai thee kong,okay.chinese new year cannot fight fight for adults like us.small kids like tokio,anon 3:28 and buttercup is okay.afterall they don't know what is right from wrong.

  52. Monsterball,good night or rather good morning.I am going to take a break now.Will talk to you at feb 1st at 12:01am.

  53. lamentable impious language on an auspicious day like Th'nee Kong Snay

    And worse, not a decent word of Penang Hokkien. I need Susan Loone to converse with me here to demonstrate authentic Penang Hokkien

  54. Hahaha Monty the python, your bluff has been called. tokio_rain has revealed your shenanigans in Looney Bin's blog. Now you want to kelentong us in this blog.
    Tokio_rain has beaten uncle Monty to a pulp. He cannot get up when the bell rings.
    Congrats tokio_rain. You put ball in his place - no balls.
    You can sense his desperation when he calls Bruno to his rescue.
    He has to eat porridge on this auspicious day. Got to but new set of false teeth.

  55. KTemoc...I really wish Susan Loone and you can chat in Penang Hokkien language...right here.
    Lu hor boh? cin koo boh kian boh kon.
    U no come you speak so well to catch many Penang hokkien babes? I think in Penang the populations of babes is more than batangs.

  56. Your "Lu hor boh? cin koo boh kian boh kon" should be:

    "Lu hoe boe? cin chnea koo boh knwua thio liao, kar boh kong thio ua"

    Dei monster, I'm born and breed a Penang larng, so obviously "ay yeow kong Hokkien ua loe".

    Penang Hokkien has been so much infused with Malay and Thai words and accents so it's very much softened from the guttural orthodox Hokkien heard in the south. KL Hokkien sweeties used to say I speak sweet sexy manja Hokkien wakakaka

  57. "Monty the python" said Buttercup looking for real big one....rainy day...cup extra ithcy.
    And he said.."Tokio-rain has beaten uncle monty to a pulp"...sort of..crushed me to death.
    Put that 2 can REALLY catch what Buttercup is talking.
    SHE yearns for a huge batang to do him/her up...crush her squeeze her..until her cup becomes... a pancake.
    Read her full message...put out 8.52am.....just in time to talk one more cock and bull before collecting millions.
    Imagine holding all those notes...with all sorts of hands holding them...passing around...want to high 5 a person.
    The germs have creep in and Buttercup's brain cells is the food they like most..not the cup.

  58. I told you KT..I speak rough hokkien.
    "aiyah..loo siow kia..boh hor bin gua...mor sin mor sana di kua tow.
    boh malu ah?"
    That is much better KT?

  59. monty,your buddy BRUNO is off,so you are are in real trouble.boleh tahan.uncle monty.

  60. ah tee kia.....I was born in Seremban and educated in hokkien is mixed with hakka tone....and since I am a hylam...all my hokkien buddies find me hokkien spaarking amazing....for very few hylam can speak hokkien.

  61. Never ever depended on anyone...Anon 9.45 AM.
    Want to join force and exterminate all rats away from a Penang blog....all welcome.
    Me monsterball in real trouble?
    Do you really know what real trouble is...before you open your gap?

  62. KTemoc...If you can get Susan Loone away from her painting and reading...and put out a perfect Penang hokkien conversation between you two...that will be something truly memorable to your blog.
    Hoping will come true.

  63. Penang Hokkien is F9cking excellent for swearing

  64. kan ni neh...pinsin hokkien yan yew say...kanineh kon yan hor kan nang.
    engcoon hokkien ...ang beng hui hokkien..di melaka....kong chow wa..tay it kian.
    "kan ni neh..cin koo bor kien tok lu".
    boh kan... beh kong
    kan chew si blader.

  65. Penang Hokkien is excellent to capture female kanineh idiot.

  66. kopitiam hokkien...pak si boh chow.
    gua cincia sayang chit tong nan...boh lui...bor kia si...tua tar.
    kut luk...bor pin tua....kiam siap..chit ciar len angnay tua.
    boh huat tak...pun bay sai..tangsi...puat kow..majong..puat kow bankrupt.
    easy come...easy go.

  67. Penang Hokkien char keow teow...the best.
    Hokkien mee...Klang best.
    tay chew mooi...Singapore best
    Hylam chichen rice...Malacca best.
    tay chew..steam fish Raja Laut KL...the best.
    Siew pow...Seramban the best.
    pak cum kai...and soups...cantonese the best
    Actually I want to concentrate on Hokkien great food...but got carried other clans best.
    In short Malaysian Chinese food....the best.

  68. trishaw puller...penang hokkien...the best
    fighting cock...malacca hokkien the best...most fierce...dare to die.
    ALL gangsters it hakka from seremban...cantonese from ipoh road..fear Hokkien gangster leaders...because it is the only clan that pray to the Lord of Heaven with deep deep devotions...and that mighty God love Hokkien...the most....correct KTemoc?

  69. Buttercup have chosen to pray to Python protect her Cup.
    tokio-rain can keep on playing with my balls.
    Soon night creatures will wake up...then I go to sleep.

  70. See no fear no help..urging the two idiots to come out and play BALL with me.
    tau pian sen can keep on praying.
    few anons always protect me...not that tua pian sen. He will come when all rats run away and say how great I am...bla bla bla.
    Humble I am. Trusting others I do..but not easily fooled.
    Many are like me...I have one more...I have a Monsterball!!
    Buttercup ....tokio-rain...anon 2.06 and his few disguises...all have big nonsense.
    Just look at tokio-rain that idiot...all comments talk cock to me only. This idiot is polluting the blog.....yet you have Buttercup ..Anon 2.06 calling him a friend?
    This means they support KT's blog to be polluted too.
    I knew it all along...reading Buttercup trying so hard to be friendly to KT..and promote UMNO b for Penang. three rats...come out from your stinking holes and lets rumble. three think without Bruno...Monsterball is weakened.
    Have you seen Anwar being weakened by Mahathir and Najib?

  71. Me, I'm just waiting to do a good deed by contributing generously to Tua Lam Par's Pak Kum fund..

  72. Wait and wait and wait...until your lam pars dry up.

  73. Buttercup at belakang mati...walking up and down......looking for customers.
    tokio- rain???,,that idiot does not know why the rain in Spain falls on the plain..when all Std One pupils know it well.
    He spend his precious time disturbing others...from Alice Cafe.
    RM5...not enough to see a good no player...mother won't allow at Alice Cafe..boss tell him take it out...too filthy like him.
    Bragging and bragging..he got me...with Buttercup congratulating him.
    Nuts do belong to each other.
    Come night BALL is waiting to flatten you two.
    Which one first?
    No guts to face me now?

  74. One got no balls..but a cup for sale.
    The other born will balls ...the size of peanuts.
    Put them together...cup give free...peanut man no power.
    So you high 5 me...I high 5 you...tickle me...i tickle two crippled rats.
    Cup need to drink samsu every drown her sorrows.
    Rain man playing childish video games...the oldest bloke amongst all children...making pub's drinkers look at him and laugh that this Rain Man is really one screw loose man.
    11.10 PM now....getting ready.........

  75. hey kt, thanks for looking the other way man. appreciate it. i acknowledge your position. for fun ok? please dont remove this post ya. no bad words, promise. well..maybe one, maybe two. hehehe.

    whether y'all like this or not, who gives a fuck (i know, kt..thats one hehehe)..a bit long this one.

    i dont trust that slopehead rrr-loving oppo leader we have but if he's the best against ah jib gor, so be it. same goes for tancho-pomaded, cant-hold-his-beer, hokkien-song karaoke warblers from paramount gardens pj and 7e holier-than-thou kopiah beer snatchers (after maghrib prayers only) from shah alam. we fight the good war.

    its the ants like monty baby that i cant stand. this unfortunate insect has absolutely no respect for opposing views..nothing else in his alzheimer-infested mind cept cunting. heheh..not that he can get it up to save his life anyway. woh!

    forever spewing vile green linda-blair vomit in whichever unfortunate unmoderated blog he decides to squat in. like his views amount to anything. all basi re-cycled cut-n-paste 12-month-old opposition blog news shaken with off-tangient opinions and stirred with off-color garbage-collector english. repeated ad nauseum. we are supposed to be thankful?

    and he still thinks i am a 16 year old student hammering away in 'alice cafe' using allowance from my mother? if you believe that, please dont vote, we dont need you fuckers.

    hey bruno, you still wanna 'spank' my butt? how do u plan to do that? in this blog? you cant even handle quiet despair, bro. and he's from the other side of the pond.



  76. uncle monty, your next comment better be related to this blog entry ok? respect the blog owner, follow like me everything ok. otherwise go to your own blog and lau sai there. no need pampers wan. if you didnt take your medicine and forgot how to go there, click on my name in blue. i can always oblige. otherwise i will kan lu eh lau khar chung kau kau. loose skin and old balls oso whack la. shiok to see old man cry in pain. woh! hehehe.

  77. i'm hakkah BUT i suka hokkien girls so i kahwined one from pg of cos they shave armpits but ...but ...not...the...!!

  78. I am hylam pun suka hokiien girls.
    I caught shave anything..ran away...went to play only...all shave crew cuts...and sides shave clean like a picture of Mount Fuji with raindrops falling...a little mole down under like an idiot...collecting the raindrops..drank and .....WWWWOOOOOMMM....born to be tokio-rain!!!

  79. ah see..not related to the post! and bruno is licking the bitch..

    to anon 1:08am, February 01, 2012
    you try one with toothpick cut before or not? uncle goh saliva come out leh. too bad water below already run out. want to use tongue oso cannot, got green fungus. use finger oso cannot, cannot bend. haiya. use the face lah! then kena bitch slap by the indon sex worker from leboh ampang leh. pai seh la la lang. hehehe.

  80. "ah see...not related to the post.."
    I say I say I say..U appointed by KT ah or U keep talking this ah?
    min kau kau ...karcern chow chow lai chit peng ca siow ca pe.
    pat kon hokkien?...hor liow.
    kon la lagi...kon sampai apek song song kuin.
    lu suin lu cin kian...min kau kau..karcern chow chow pun mmm jai.
    lu sin choot lai...tow now kiam chit ka wire.

  81. i think uncle monty already konk in front of his 386 pc leh.

    sorry la if my previous post got a bit wrong hokkien. long time never use leh. summore drink too much beer for chap goh meh. unlike uncle monty who has to depend on his stingy son. budget only 2 beers from 7e every other night. his son humsup one u know. drive hyundai sonata new model, hang out uncle chillies in pj hilton looking to pick up drunk malay girl and play2 in sunway hotel. haiya.

    his son last time wan to whack me summore. whack drunk malay girl oso cannot. how?

    true story leh. hehehe.

  82. lai lai lai...kon hokkien.
    bay hor nan kan
    but tampok...chu hon..
    lai ya lai ya how ya...war tar pee ke ne chert.
    chert song qui qui...hor bor?

  83. As if ANY of your comments has ever been related to the post.
    Who are you trying to carry balls?
    All know very afraid get warning.

  84. Reply in HOKKIEN..and show your tokio-rain very powerful.
    Balls you can.

  85. There....times are bad...Buttercup cannot close shop.
    Cup not selling well.
    She is DRUNK.....sleeping.
    Boss scold her playing with computer games...not tomolo must tempt boss to raba raba her for a quikie.

  86. 88 and counting and it is Buttercup missing in action....wounded fighting traitors in Kampong rough hard..poke poke poke...also no extra tips.
    tomolo walk like a duck to office.
    cup very painful.

  87. I just read tokio-rain message properly and he talking about one of my son.
    None of my so needs to lay a hands on anyone.
    They are cultured people.
    Yes one son saw tokio-rain and ask me what to do.
    He is a young fut.
    I was the one who said...leave him alone..nothing to gain...beating his backside.
    That's the job of the parents.
    yip...few years ago...and he found mew here.
    Good we are old friends..lets fuck each other...till one drop dead.
    HE IS UMNO b member.

  88. talk about talk about my put out my face.
    Mine oh have not changed on bit....and what is the result after all these years?
    Why so obsessed over me?
    Want to be hero where all others fail?
    If you REALLY want it...tell me.
    I will make your dreams come true.
    There is a limit to everything and you have gone way beyond the limits.
    Maybe this year is your lucky year.
    Did my son fuck your girlfriend?
    He is married and have children.
    I don't talk about their private affairs...but since you brought it out...if I asked him...YOU will be asking for real trouble.
    Do you want it?

  89. Good-morning....KTemoc...and supporters of PR.
    KT...Just had a Penang style...char kiow teow ...very close to the original..but not as good as I get it from Penang.
    I keep reading who is the originator of Yee Sang dish.
    Singaporeans claim it is Singapore and we have Malaysians claiming their grandfather cooked up the dish.
    What is your opinion...if any.
    I say both are wrong and Singapore can be said...had it first before Malaysia.
    The origin of that dish came from Hong Kong...if I am not wrong.
    Way back in early 60s I already tasted Yee Sang there and soon Singapore served that dish.
    One thing both "experts
    got it right..that it is a Cantonese dish...and so what is Hong Kong to see blokes?
    Over to you.

  90. If yee sang not interesting ...what about the money in white envelope Ibrahim Ali gave up to Chinese..during CNY?

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