Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is there political life for retired Hadi Awang?

The Malaysian Insider - Hadi says may not contest GE13.

Of course Pak Haji has also voiced an alternative option, which is to contest either a federal or state constituency but not both as he currently represents.

So whether he completely stands down, voluntarily as he has declared, or takes up the election challenge to represent only a federal or state constituency, the reason behind his decision could be the waiting queue in PAS has grown far too long with consequential mounting pressure from within, stemming from the impatience of more ambitious members who are still waiting for opportunities to represent the party as candidates in state or federal elections.

In DAP, while Karpal Singh hasn’t offered to step down completely he has advocated the ‘either federal or state representation’ approach much earlier than Pak Haji, and not just for an individual but as a party policy. Karpal offered the reason that, compared to yester-years, the DAP today has more qualified candidates – a situation which no longer requires the ‘few’ to contest and on winning, hold both federal and state representations*.

* May I stress on the word ‘representation’ rather than ‘seats’, because DAP MPs and ADUNs must never get into their heads that on successful elections, they are ‘rajas’ seated on thrones to be worshipped, waited upon and ampu-ed like the 15th Century Sultan Mahmud Shah. Instead they should wait upon (serve) the rakyat – ampu-ing the rakyat is optional wakakaka.

While I am not going to discriminate against old timers by proposing these senior politicians vacate their frontline political participations, which incidentally is far more honest, far more committed, and definitely less Machiavellian than ‘behind the scene’ political manipulations, I strongly support the one-constituency-only representation, and with no exception, not even for Lim Guan Eng.

Lim Guan Eng has been, is and will be a marvellous CM of Penang, and I strongly support him continuing in this public role. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a role to play in federal politics but I believe not to the extent of becoming a MP on top of his CM-ship.

No, there is no necessity for him to be also a MP just to continue playing a role in federal politics. He can do so, say, on identification and formulation of party vision, strategy directions, policy development and program implementations, within the party’s top council.

And best of all, by allowing someone else to stand in Bagan, he will be helping a new DAP MP develop and accrue experience in public representation, all for the improved strength of DAP and its future leadership (and make that person happy too).

Just remember, no person is indispensable (& forget about what other Pakatan parties do) so perhaps DAP should start practising it instead of just mouthing this maxim.

But what if Pak Haji Hadi Awang finds that PAS people take him on his first offer, to withdraw completely from active participation, and "Terimakasih, Tok Haji, bye bye” him? wakakaka.

OK, he did say that he will use his time to campaign across the country to strengthen the party. But other than this, will there be ‘life’ for very senior politicians after they withdraw from frontline representation? Is going out to pasture the only recourse?

Because of the fragile (or euphemistically worded ‘loose’) nature of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition - and let’s not lie to ourselves that is not so and which will become even far more fragile if Pakatan wins the march to Putrajaya, when the 3 parties, like avaricious siblings warring for their individual inheritance after daddy’s demise, will battle each other for cabinet positions, etc - the coalition badly needs the stabilising hands of respected party veterans, especially personalities who are experienced, mature, cooperative, capable of 'give & take', and far sighted enough to want to keep their coalition cohesive and going in the right direction.

Senior veterans like Pak Haji Hadi Awang and, if they too want to retire (wakakaka), Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Lim KS, Karpal Singh, etc, can form a Pakatan Senior Consultative Advisory Council to provide advice and/or moderation on, or vet, joint vision, policies and programs, and importantly, arbitrate on Coalition internal disputes such as post election cabinet allocations and pre-election seat allocations (like stopping one component party from arbitrarily seizing 54 out of a State's total of 71 seats - WTF, I still can't believe in that grubby gluttonous greedy grab).

Older people are more likely to talk than thump tables, to see clearer and farther than just the selfish ends of immature ambitious noses, thus the Senior Consultative Council will provide steady ballast for the stability of the Pakatan ship, continuity of cooperative coalition leadership and maybe even a deterrent to the parochial interests of warlords.

And as Sara Teasdale wrote:

When I can look Life in the eyes,
Grown calm and very coldly wise,
Life will have given me the Truth,
And taken in exchange - my youth.

Yes, wise party veterans like Pak Haji Awang Hadi have a role to play in party politics, especially in presenting to younger members the Truth of politics required for our multiracial society.


  1. Hadi Awang has changed for he better....more open minded.
    Now PR is riding high..he need not confront UMNO b with religion and race politics to win Muslim votes.
    Whether he stands or not stand for 13th is really up to PAS to read correctly the voters choice.
    Concerning DAP...whether Lim Guan Eng wants to stand for two or more posts...DAP know exactly what to do.
    Forget about Lim Kit Siang failures in the 11th GE.
    Politics is partly based on calculated risks with favourable signs to the risk taker.....and Lim Guan Eng is no fool.
    I dare say...even if LGE leave Penang and for for Federal...Penang will still be governed by DAP.
    It's the symbol voters in Penang looking for.
    I think...Karpal wishes he can retire...and so is Lim Kit Siang.
    wishing that too..but both are the corner stones of the party.
    I think in 13th GE......both will still stand for elections.
    They have no choice.
    PR is riding high...and both are very healthy people.
    Only Nik Aziz may not contest....yet he may spring a surprise to do so.
    All speculations....can change overnight...until the last hour of submitting the names.
    FOR 13th GE....I think UMNO b have much more problems to finalized their candidates than PR.
    MCA ..Gerakan..MIC...are just show more influential....and depend more and more on Malay votes...whereas..all PR parties...have supporters from all races.
    I matter what plans are made...Malaysians especially young voters...want change and there are 2 million new young voters registered.
    This is the General Election for change.

  2. Whatever it is...Anwar...Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang will keep it simple and agree in all things...especially allocation on seats.
    Najib hope the PR parties will disagree in many issues....especially seats.
    Once that is is up to each party to agree over the candidates.
    LKS ..Karpal..& LGE will never dare to dictate terms...when they know...DAP is the most powerful political party today.
    Voters are sick of reading all sorts of predictions and bloggers.
    People Power just want to cast their votes...already decided in their minds..for months.
    It is the supporters of BN ..that are fickle the advantage of PR parties.
    Najib dare not choose the date for 13th crystal clear...why so....and so....Najib is buying time to swing votes.

  3. Good and realistic write-up, KT. That's a surprise for me Al-Ustaz is not contesting. (Not the lowly Haji lor for him,KT).
    I was banking for him to be the PM if Pakatan comes into power like you guys predicted. Haha.
    Maybe he is hinting for the Tok Guru to quit. Ironic ya when you all are urging UMNO leaders to step down. What about the dinosaurs in DAP like Kapal Sink and LKS for example.
    Good of Sink to say all Pakatan reps should only contest one seat. Now you got Malays ma to be your candidates.
    Last time we understand most reps hold two seats. Shortage of candidates ma.
    Ooh KT you are wise enough to predict squabbling for posts among the warlords if Pakatan rules Putrajaya.
    I like the youth part. That's a veiled attempt to tell Monsterball, the old coot, that the future belongs to the young.

  4. I believe I have said many times..the future depends on young Malaysians.
    Buttercup seems to think he is smarter than me.

  5. Voters have passed the stage to read blogs and decide who to vote for.
    Blog owners should be like give his views for lively debates.
    However...this is the 11th hour of the 13th GE.
    Najib cannot afford ti delay and delay.
    Right now...millions are poured in by his stabilized sugar price. If that's not done...consumers will need to pay much more...and Najib can kiss more votes..good-bye.
    Yes..voters have decided months ago....and whatever the bad news will be for BN and Najib.
    I think Hadi Awang have been hoping to be lees active and concentrate of party building..for sometime.
    I think...if Anwar and Lim Kit Siang urges him to stand for election.....he will do it.
    I think...if he is left to decide ...he knows exactly the weak and strong points....for his final decision.
    I think he does not yearn to be PM at all..for he knows his own limitation and character.....far far less dynamic and intelligent than Anwar.

  6. Retired Senior Politicians should just retire, ride off into the sunset, and the rest of us will be there to salute you.
    Once in a while we may consult you or ask for help on important national matters, otherwise, please concentrate on looking after your grandchildren, your garden or your pets.

    Whether the Lee Kuan Yew style of Senior Minister/Mentor or Mahathir-style Presidential council (is it very similar to Ktemoc's idea for Senior Consultative Advisory Council ?), it creates a perpetual temptation to meddle in current Government matters.

    Power without Accountability is irritating at best, very dangerous at worst.

    Though I'm a DAP loyalist, I'm frankly not a fan of the role played by DAP's "Senior Advisor", though I value and respect his past contributions to the party and the country. At least he is still an MP for Ipoh Timor, but that ought to be the position he plays, no more, no less.

  7. So right Rocketman. We should also throw out the unelected Keadilan advisor wanna-be PM out.

  8. Advisor is different from another State's minister-mentor wakakaka. Executives with constitutionally provided powers are the ones to rule, while advisors advise only. Executives may or may not accept offered advice; there is no mandatory requirement to kowtow to advisors. However, more heads especially experienced and cool ones can contribute value added advice.

  9. umno boasting that it is upping the sugar subsidy by another 54 sen a kg. How many of you fools realise that the subsidy will be taken away the moment Bn wins the 13 GE?

  10. KT, you are absolutely right that PR needs the stabilising hands of cool and wise senior advisors, especially more so than ever if the Opposition ever gets to Putrajaya.

    I dread to think of the scenario when "the 3 parties, like avaricious siblings warring for their individual inheritance after daddy’s demise, will battle each other for cabinet positions, etc".

    PR knows this better than anyone, and this is precisely why, inspite of all the tauntings from Umno and MCA, it has resolutely refrained from having a shadow cabinet to date. It is like a big black hole that no one dares to venture in prematurely.

    So cooler, older and presumably wiser heads should at least be around to guide and it should be FORMALLY set up such that this body is fully acknowledged and respected ( and i DON'T mean it like the so-called Ulama Council where the unelected religious heads in the highest echelon have all the power of the final say).

    Anon for ABU aka Anon 2:06 (wakakaka)

    PS- a big thank-you to tokio_rain ! Like the proverbial rain which sweeps away the sludge and cowebs, his light-hearted amusing joustings have effectively slayed the monster right in his rambling tracks, hehehe.

    Oh, please Monsterball, don't start now, ok ? Sudah cukup dah....this is not to get a rise of your pavlovian yipping, ok ? See, your latest comments have proven you CAN be sane and normal like anyone else, hehehe. But some credit must go to tokio_rain, no ?

    Behave now, this will save KT the need to issue out reminders again and again lah. When as a guest in someone's get my drift ? hehheheh

    Cherrio :)

  11. Can anyone tell DAP reached the position of being so popular and attracting so many Muslims to join that party?
    I say it is due the the mighty presence of Lim Kit Siang.
    I am sure the moment LKS knows he is not wanted...he will retire.
    He has sacrificed so much for his party....the country and people.
    Malaysians simply love and respect him too much....and hope he stays active in politics.
    But if ever PR does not win to govern Malaysia...he will surely retire.
    Mahathir is a different story.
    He was just passing the baton for show only.
    He never retired ....for his UMNO b is loosing the confidence of Malaysians bit by bit..every year...starting from the day...we saw him fighting Dollah who cancelled his crooked bridge project...and not listening to his advises.

  12. We have lots of advisors in this blog too....with a big thank you to tokio-rain...and a sound off to me.
    And we know...who ANON 2.06 is proudly saying he is also Anon for ABU.
    A person with two nicks in this blog...advising me.

  13. Throw Monsterball out...throw Anwar out.
    That's their best advises.
    One for the good of this blog...another for the good of the country.
    How to do it?....expose Monsterball...expose Anwar...same style....different strokes.
    I say....I say....I about...throw this corrupted government out?

  14. aiyah uncle monty. i actually dont want to comment la but u think too highly of yourself la. stop posting can or not. to kt, the blog owner, sorry ya. this is not personal tiff but dont you just get tired of a compulsive commentor who is so full of himself? hehehe.

  15. Rocketman 4:22pm

    your comments should be singlely directed to Dr Mahathir.thanks but no thanks.

  16. There he starts the same shit all over again.
    Not one comment of tokio-rain is about the post.
    It's all about me.

  17. In the company that I work for, retired executives still continue toprovide valuable service to the company being part of a consulting group that provide consultation for various areas, be it business, marketing or technical expertise. The same goes for this long time political veteran like ks, lks, etc.

  18. I have been exposing the behaviors and mentalities of BN ways to win votes and the coming elections.
    They accuse..create false rumors..label you...hit below the belt..threaten..Anwar in real life...and I used my personal experiences in blogging to expose these faceless cowards.

  19. Anon 11.46PM...yes...these people have so much practical experience.
    They may need to retire as a rule...but many owners of huge corporations do keep them busy...working as trainers...advisers..under private arrangements...paid out of some sort of approved funds.
    You can see many above 65 years old retired executives....still working.
    Their experiences are sort guide young executives.

  20. Monsterball,everybody is commenting about you is because they are angry about you for exposing their true colours.That is the way to go,hitting them in places where ih hurts most,exposing their not so good intentions.

  21. After been away for half a day,coming back I can see there is more civility around.Maybe the regulars are paying heed to KT's advice,not to agrravate my buddy monsterball.Hahaha.

  22. All the veterans of PR,be it from PKR,PAS or DAP,whoever stands will win.I cannot wait for the day my buddy monsterball is political adviser to LGE.

  23. Rocketman,as far as my memory can recall Dr M has retired from the PM's post.But he is still the puppet master.No?

  24. As far as I know there are many capable leaders in PR that can filled the PM's post.Anwar is one man,not a river.Anwar is not indespensible or irreplacable.PR will still be around after Anwar retires from politics.

  25. How come there is no one around.Will take a break and come back six hours from now.Goodnight monsterball and everyone.

  26. hi missed all the fun.
    Here they are warming up to start again.
    Hope you can catch one of two by the tails and enjoy...these so call Malaysians with brains like cows.
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    Now...wait for the tree blind mice catch my words and irritate me.
    Balls of Fire are ready....but you must not sit back and enjoy only. buddy must help KTemoc protect his blog invaded by rats and cockroaches.
    We are the exterminators!!
    And to make sure this comment is about the post...I say to all BN idiots....what PR leaders plan to do...none of your bloody business....whether Hadi retires...Karpal want to stand for 13th GE....Lim Guan Eng want to stand for two posts..NONE OF YOUR BLOODY BUSINESS...and Lim Kit Siang feeling sooooo happy and blessed....will die with the swords the most respected LEGENDARY Freedom Fighter in our country....and get that into your thick skulls....dead or alive..Anwar will be PM.

  27. Bruno take over la.
    Sure the 3 idiots will disturb me again and again.
    Meanwhile Buttercup is busy renting out.. HER cup.
    Brainless braggart Anon 2.06...saying he is also Anon ABU..have nothing to say.
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    The problem is..he does not know...I am hoping he keep on doing that....and all will ge fed up with his nonsense.
    Ignore him?....nay....too much fun to pass it away. take over and let me watch a good 3D movie.
    Buttercup must wash HER backside...clean clean..if she wants to burn more rubber.

  28. Good Morning to one and all.
    It Hasan Ali was sack...this Pas blighter...Awang Adek Hassein is fanning for trouble..within the party.
    Hadi Awang played the "shocking" card..announcing he may not stand for election.
    Now...the sympathizers ...the fence sitters..the weaklings...the strong ones...all are confused.
    That is why PAS is so strong with a man like Hadi Awang...creating shock waves...when needed.
    Awang Adek is a marked man. One false move...he maybe sacked too.
    It's like a big/small game....choose...Hadi or Adek.
    Awang Adek liao la.
    But like I's PAS internal problem.
    We can give our opinions..but in the's their business...not ours.

  29. "I cannot wait for the day my buddy monsteball is political adviser to LGE" said Bruno.
    Not one of those 3 idiots dare to fuck Bruno.
    It looks like all are scared of Bruno....carrying his balls whenever they can.
    If I write something like that....Buttercup will be the first..followed by tokio-rain and as usual ...Anon2.06 aka Anon for ABU...the slow coach..will be the last...firing me.'s all tokio-rain...pouring rain..from tokio..collected from Mt. Fuji...reach's actually warm water for me to have a nice bath.
    That's why..the more tokio-rain insults me....I save a lot of hot water heater expensive electricity bills.
    Times are bad...everyone must take advantage of anything free.
    Take Najib's ang pows...and vote against him. wherever BN crooks free lunches or dinners....enjoy the free food..fill your stomach ..come 13th GE fullfill their a TRAITOR and vote against them
    That's how smart Malaysians are..and Najib is speechless.
    Now Anwar offer Najib a debate...with advantages thrown to Najib...he speaks for 20 mins...Anwar speaks for 10.
    Najib did say...he will debate with Anwar if Anwar is freed from the Sodomy case.
    I guess AG is trying to save Najib's ass again.....opening his stupid mouth...bragging.

  30. Monsterball,good morning.You sure is up early,buddy.Buttercup and tokio_rain don't like to get on my bad side,is because they saw me tame QD and Kampong man in Sak's blog.Now QD and Kampong man do not bother me a lot anymore.They go after the lembak one's giving me a break.Cheers.

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  33. Monsterball,you are right.The young toads are all staying at home,around mama's arms warm and cosy.Still sleeping like babies.

  34. Don't ever doubt Hadi Awang is an extremely smart man.
    It's not easy to compete with UMNO on race and religion politics ...PAS..being a Muslim...majority party.
    And Karpal is also extremely smart too.
    These two appear to be at loggerheads all the time....but deep inside both trust and respect each hell.
    You need to play agree to disagree with Najib and confuse him....While he tries all the confuse all...and in the end..he is the most confused PM.
    Go .read...Najib sitting in a bus..big picture at Star paper smiling and Rosmah smile at all.
    That's our newspapers...UMNO b advertising class at all.
    Come PR government..many will be sacked..transfered or demoted.

  35. I hope KTemoc will control tokio-rain.
    He put out nothing but nonsensical stuffs about me....and I have to defend and respond..and this blog become a fighting cock arena for Monsterball against 3.
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    "Dear Uncle you remember me?" he asked.
    Sure do.....and so do I remember how Mahathir destroy Tunku's UMNO ....and start stealing billions.

  36. As I keep on recalling...I cannot believe so many BN politicians will stoop so carry UMNO b balls for personal gains.
    And these 3 donkies...real real stupid Malaysians...supporting crooks they get no rewards at all.
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  37. I think the 3 are not sleeping.
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    But it's better Jokovich Vs Nadal than Murray.
    Just look at the Lady's sided.

  38. F9ck Hadi Awang
    F9ck Lim Kit Siang
    F9ck Anwar Ibrahim
    F9ck Mahathir
    F9ck Najib

    All b9oody hypocrites.

  39. The photo of Najib...with right hand gripping into a fist .ready to his UMNO b Annual speech...again published at Malaysiakini.
    I keep looking at his face and eyes expressions and he look real sincere.
    I ask myself...why do Najib thinks he is a patriot..calling all to be patriots..fighting traitors...that vote against his government.
    Look again his eyes and face.. mean business.
    Now that months have passed...I wait and wait for him to show he DOES mean business by declaring the 13th GE date...that all his PATRIOTS will vote TRAITORS mean what he say and say what he mean.

  40. yea...f9ck all and love none.
    That's your motto and you can kan ne neh yourself deep deep.

  41. Cows counting....actually 4.
    This blog is in grave danger???

  42. I had the sixth sense..that KTemoc's blog will be invaded...for he is a Penangite and Penang have very few good blogs to go into to...and KT's comments are not helping BN to win votes...although sometimes..he does and sometimes.. do not...all depending where the wind his head.
    And so...Kanineh...tokio-rain.. Anon 2.06 come help Buttercup to speed up the mission to cage this blog..and make KTemoc ..a BN puppet.
    Bruno seems to study KT's character well...and help him to steady his nerves...don't be afraid of these night creatures..or police "ding dong" his gate bell..putting him at ease...and now he put out all wonderful messages without bombastic words.
    Have a nice Sunday and Tua Pek Kong festival night...coming soon.

  43. The Malaysian Prime Minister already has a Senior Advisor/Mentor who vets and vetoes major decisions as necessary.

    Just Ask Rosie, she knows...

  44. kanineh,kan nia neh,neh neh kan

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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    Talk have had it.

  49. Getting old...cannot be like before.
    Mind willing...body sometimes like taufo.
    Mind strong...but not willing to risk ..telling me to my smart buddy.. BRUNO.
    Problem is..he advised me to stay cool..I did not...and since I am still live every time...blood pressure up...he is happy.
    Thanks blogging lifetime..buddy.

  50. Jokavich Vs Nadal final at around 4pm
    Tiger Woods leads by 2 ...also at 4pm till 11pm.
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    Hope he reunite with his lovely ex wife.
    All he needs is to kneel down ..beg from morning till night and day after.
    He is back at his best in golf.

  51. I see Anwar going on bended knees, pleading Ustaz Hadi not to resign. He knows he cannot capture Putra Jaya without PAS.
    Can't he see that PAS is tired of defending him on his moral issues. That PAS knows they can't win with Anwar around.
    That Haji Hadi is in favour of PAS having unity talks with UMNO.
    Salahudin of PAS too wants Hadi to stay on for fear of giving away the notion all is not well between PAS and the other Pakatan cronies.
    They want him to at least contest his Parliament seat to see him as PM instead of Anwar.
    It's ironic that it should be Nik Aziz who should go in view of his poor health.
    Nik Aziz is the one seen bowing to DAP which does not sit well among PAS ulamaks who want to see an Islamic state.

    P.S. Do you like seeing 52 comments in your blog with 47 coming from Monsterball with his sick jokes. I am sure not.
    I think you much prefer having few comments but with those who can contribute to broadening of the minds.
    Ball is just constricting his pants, nothing else.

  52. Monsterball will very soon reach the end of his run here once he hit his ultimate aim - 100% of the comments coming ONLY from him ! He almost made it in one of the previous posts.

    Think he could really make it, with sufficient goading from his buddy Bruno,hehheh.

  53. Just counted...33 comments from me.
    Even right here...Buttercup dare to lie everyone.
    He can see this...he can see that...proclaiming he is all seeing..all knowing cunt.
    My sick jokes?
    Only a sick minded with a sick cunt thinks like that.
    hi...more than 140 comments at last post...recording breaking for KT.
    Are you saying his blog is a SICK BLOG now???
    That has idiot talking.......
    On politics....and can go and conclude what he is.

  54. Monsterball,Buttercup is just trying to be nice to you.Maybe he is indirectly asking to be let in on your side.He cannot tahan your hantaming him.The white flag is up for Buttercup.Take it easy on tokio_rain or he might surrender too.

  55. Monsterball,today everything is so quite while I am away.I assumed that tokio_rain must be all blue,black and purple over his face and body.

  56. wow....buddy BRUNO!! I was watching tennis final and my next comment will be yelling for you to comment.
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    He hands smell like SHIT!!
    He cannot stand me revealing what he is.
    Yes....Bruno..go rest and relax.
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    They are night creatures.
    tokio-rain..playing computer games at Alice Cafe.
    His RM5 allowance allows him to drink sky water only.
    That's why he loves rain...and since educated in Tokyo...tokio-rain it is for him. nice.
    Djok won Australian 5 sets thriller. Tiger Woods lost in the wood half way ...hit by a Rock from Britain.

  57. Monsterball,if you ask me I think Tiger Wood's have lost his golf club.Will be back in a few hours to see if the mice are back.Got to do some painting on the walls now.

  58. Tony Puah said UMNO b is bluffing Malaysians for sugar sugar prices gone down.
    He said these bloody UMNO b crooks..need to project how concern they are for Malaysians.
    You boil sugar into water and pour that into Buttercup's cup...SHE has to shit from her mouth for a long long time...and cup become sand paper...customers joy sticks..will need plaster more than rubber.
    Here is rubbing in to you... dear.
    She will be burning sugar cane fields instead of rubber condoms.
    She will tell all....use plastic rubber or no dot dot dot.
    Her cup no more smooth as silk.
    It is as rough as sandpaper.

  59. Good good good ..Bruno...come back and watch creatures do not crawl in.
    I suspect..Monday is a bad bad day for these rats and blood sucking creepers.
    Gambling....drinking...showing off ...pocket empty.

  60. Tiger lost his golf club..lost his wife..and most of the time...lost in the wood.
    At least he is till healthy and well.
    One must always remember...without and golf prizes will not be what is today.
    I hope all golfers be grateful to him.

  61. Sometimes I am confused...whether Buttercup is a man or a sick cunt.
    He/she speaks like a man...dress like a woman...behave so itchify...yet wear imitation Rolex watches..where I have given few away bought from Woo Hing..and own 7 different models...yet I do not wear them at all now...OUT-DATED.
    He have a jealous attitude...brag like a man...brain like Shahrizat...on and on observations from me.
    He is one hell of a pain in the arse commentator.
    She sells her cup after work..for bread and butter.
    Her customers are mostly from Brickfields.
    Confusing creature.

  62. Dear Mr. monsterball,

    See? I no "Dey, monsterball" this time because you said you not happy with Dey, so I no Dey for now. This must make monsterball very happy man because today no Dey! Actually, Mr. monsterball, dey is good innocent word meaning "look here, listen to me, I wanna talk to you".

    Monsterball, it's 10 days maybe more since we last chatted, so ...

    Are you lonesome tonight?
    Do you miss me tonight?
    Are you sorry we drifted apart?
    Does your memory stray
    To a brighter, sunny day
    When I dissed you
    and called you "Dey, Stupido"?

    Oops, sorry - that last line wrong, lousy, off key, won't rhyme. Even dear great Elvis won't be able to pull it off - nope, not with those words.

    Dey, monsterball, hahaha here we go again! Do you know Elvis - he from your generation one. When that song first came out in 1960 you must be young man then, no?, very young and romantic man? You loved to sing it to all the girls you meet, yes? But those silly girls they all screamed with laughter before you even finish. Alamak! you know what that means? No auditioning on American Idol for you.

    Simon Cowell will tell you: You can't sing, you can't dance. So, what are you doing here? What do you want me to say?

    He dissed one William Hung with those words once upon a time for "murdering" She Bangs.

    But have no fear, monsterball, for I'm here. Ah'm on yur side ya know and now Ah'm gonna teach ya how to answer Simon back.

    You will tell him, "How's about saying 'Oh my God I'm in the presence of an undiscovered future Superstar - what a fabulous voice, what a superb, perfect performance! Hey, guys, there's no need to continue with the auditioning any further - we can straightaway crown Mr. Monsterball the winner of American Idol for this year!'"

    See? You one lucky fella. To you I give good advice free because you such nice uncle. Uh oh, it's very late, so Good night and wet dreams. Ciao!

  63. He is happy DRUNK.
    No harm done.
    He is trying to change his style of talking.
    He is trying to limbo rock...twist...RocknRoll with me.
    I think he knows BN is gone case..and soon his full details will be known by Anwar and LKS...tell him to sit his work and shut the fuck up.
    hhhhhhmmm....'dey'...the word I use in school to greet each other.
    ...not "hi are you today?".
    Dey this dey manners at all.

  64. Butterplate is Buttercup is Anon 2.06 aka Anon for ABU...except tokio-rain is the tamed...ran away.

  65. Go read his comment and make sense of it.
    It's a drunkard talking.
    The moment he is sober...he will be like tokio-rain...all about me...nothing else.

  66. You swear that your PLATE is not supporting the CUP..with Bruno as the witness...then I may believe in you.

  67. Tiger Woods ?
    He's game has gone to the dogs since he spend too much time at the 19th hole...