Sunday, January 01, 2012

RPK amputates 'gangrenous' Anwar Ibrahim from Pakatan?

Ho ho ho ho ho.

Hello there, would that be Santa (Father Christmas), late by more than a week? Maybe his tardy arrival were due to some of his reindeers being made to disappear by a woman who had abracadabra-ishly changed them into condominiums? wakakaka.

No, it’s RPK with his political and personal dis-endorsements of the Great One, Anwar Ibrahim, much to the distress, disappointments and dismay of the PKR camp – see following at Malaysia-Today:

Anwar morally unfit to become PM, says RPK
’Rights group not a third force’ - RPK
RPK: There’s life after Anwar
RPK: “Anwar may become irrelevant”
RPK says confident Anwar man in sex video

Oh, how those anwaristas would love to mutilate, mangle and mafoolaat RPK wakakaka. Already the predictable, childish and zombie-like "RPK has been bought by UMNO" comments can be seen in a number of intercative online news media and blogs. Instead, I would advise those losers to wear sack cloth, powder themselves with ashes and wail for seven days and seven nights as per Esther 4:1 (KJV), with apologies to the author of the solar-powered King James version of the Bible for substituting Mordecai with ‘PKR’ wakakaka:

When PKR perceived all that was done, PKR rent his clothes, and put on sackcloth with ashes, and went out into the midst of the city, and cried with a loud and a bitter cry.

But other than the year being new, there’s nothing new in RPK’s views about Anwar. On 14 April last year (that is/was 2011), RPK stated more or less the same in The Malaysian Insider’s article
RPK says Pakatan disunited, Anwar incapable to lead.

Then, RPK condemned Anwar for exactly the same things, broken promises, the disgraceful 916 undemocratic bullsh*t and most important of all, a lack of political and economic leadership, especially in a number of incidents in Selangor.

I blogged immediately after The Malaysian Insider’s article in a post titled
RPK and the necessary destruction of Anwar Ibrahim? where I wrote:

We know that Anwar Ibrahim is NOT, repeat, NOT the reformasi champion he claims to be.

Recall, this has been the man (then DPM and director of BN elections in Sabah in 1994) responsible for the Great LEAP Forward in that State that year, when Pairin, leader of the party with the majority of seats from the election, went to the residence of the YDP Negeri to claim the CM post, and found that not only were the gates of the YDP Negeri's residence locked and closed to him, but that he had by then become the Opposition Leader, thanks to Anwar Ibrahim, Master of frog-ology.

Remember, this has been the man who wanted to be PM on 16 September 2008 with 82 federal parliamentary seats against AAB’s 140, and attempted to bully his mathematically-muddled claim through by nothing more than his hope for an encore of his dubious Sabah achievement, which, thankfully for democracy and the supremacy of the ballot box, proved to be a fantasy as surreal as some scenes in James Cameron's 'Avatar'.

And surely the most humiliating outcome for him (and embarrassing for Pakatan) from that shameful incident had been the rejection of his vainglorious and failed coup d’etat by none other than His Snooziness, the Sultan of Somnambulation. Even AAB could see through his cheap trick.

Reminder, this has also been the man who sent a team of frog hunters to Taiwan. Reformasi? Surely my good sir/lady, thou but jest! […]

….. Haris Ibrahim and Peter have formed the MCLM, with its first high profile task being to offer de-frog-itized candidates to PKR (but not DAP or PAS) for the next general election.

Why? Because they believe Anwar Ibrahim could no longer be trusted to lead the charge against BN nor to select good candidates to offer to the rakyat as their parliamentary representatives.

The way I’ve read it, Peter and Haris are both fed up with the political incompetency, insincerity and lack of will of Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and their innermost coterie to truly reform their party and run it as a model of democratic, just and transparent process, thus as the natural primus inter pares of Pakatan.

Instead, we've learnt those PKR leaders have been accused of stacking the odds in their personal interests, to shore up their own political positions, their fiefdoms, instead of nurturing true democratic conduct, and eliminating and removing genuine and legitimate dissenters within PKR. Yes, they’re light years from being political reformers where the only evidence of that so-called ideology or democratic process lies only with and in 9 alphabetical letters, r-e-f-o-r-m-a-s-i, that’s all.

Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and their innermost coterie belong better in UMNO, though some UMNO members might take umbrage at this suggestion.

Anwar Ibrahim is more than just ‘damaged goods’. As he’s a biological creature, let’s use the term that I believe Peter sees him as being. Anwar Ibrahim is now ‘gangrenous’ to Pakatan, and thus, must be amputated off before his presence poisons the entire body and life of the coalition.

Thus I do not see Peter, master of strategy extraordinaire, as having defected to the other side or being bought over by UMNO. I believe Peter sees the (political) destruction and removal of Anwar Ibrahim (and his like-minded coterie) as a necessary step to the continuing life of Pakatan and in its fight against BN.

Like Cato and his declaration of "Carthago delenda est" (Carthage must be destroyed), RPK believes in the necessary and total destruction of Anwar Ibrahim and inner coterie for Pakatan (Rome) to survive as a viable political alternative to the BN.


  1. There's life after RPK

  2. if peter n haris thinks that PR is no good - then is BN any better> at least PR in the last 4 years did not create any billion dollar scandals - unlike BN who are the creator of billion dollar scandals like PKFZ n now cow gate>> on this point alone , we malaysians must support PR, change must happen in GE 13 to save our nation from bankruptcy>> 407 billions in debts as in AG report >> how to reapy> why so much poverty in malaysia- PETER or RPK please comment. do you agree there is no poverty in malaysia??

  3. How credible is RPK anyway?

    Maybe he just like to be a harbinger of newsworthy issues.

  4. Maybe we should all ask ourselves how good we are rather than trying to ask how trustworty others are.

  5. Just vote for Barisan Nasional.


  6. Today's news :

    Astrologers: 2012 good for M'sian politicians, sour for workers

    ... "There will be political bickering, but the political elite will continue to enjoy this year as it favours them...

    ..."There will be plenty of public anxiety but no major impact on the country (Malaysia). 2012 will be a steady year. The nation may lose senior leaders," explained S. Govindarajan, president of the Astrologers Association based in Mylapore, Chennai....

    So it means that the political scene will be more or less status quo, if you believe it. No electoral upset.

  7. Read the titles of all the articles related to the series of interviews that RPK gave. Read again the contents of the articles. I don't believe that RPK is saying "Don't vote PR". Neither is he saying that BN is better than PR. He is only offering his own personal opinion of Anwar. As to why the series of articles is appearing now, I believe it's to prepare PR supporters for the inevitability of what will transpire on 9 Jan. The 13th GE is around the corner and he does not want us to be distracted by the gaoling of AI. He is trying to make us awake to the fact that there are alternatives to AI. Which is absolutely true, since no one is indispensable. Just remember ABU.

  8. Anwar Ibrahim is definitely no angel.
    But I will urge everyone who is willing to listen to support Pakatan Rakyat.

    We badly need change in this country, and supporting BN, 1Malaysia, ETP, FTP, SexTP, whatever is not going to move the country in the direction of real change.

  9. to pave way for zaid and nurrul?

    before that, as an interim head, Tengku Razaleigh.

    I think he knows Anwar is going to jail. Thats for sure. But to speculate on Anwar's sexuality at this critical time is one stab too deep. I guess thats live by the sword and you die by one.

  10. recruitment of reputable ex senior UMNO such as AK47 by DAP part of the strategy?

    It will be interesting times if that happens but consternation to PKR and of course UMNO.

  11. First of all like the Chinese used to practiced in ancient China.
    Consolidate your powers first.Then defeat your main enemy.At that time it was the Japanese.After the main enemy has been defeated then come back and fight amongst yourselves.

    The main enemy today to all Malaysians is the Umno/BN.Defeat the main enemy first then come back and talk about Anwar,or fight among yourselves.No use talking if Umno/BN is still in power after GE 13th.

  12. For Umno/BN to get a real spanking and get really humilated, 2012 must be a "Year Of The Ladies".

  13. nothing rpk, or anybody else, says should deflect us from the single most important task - eliminating umno.

    umno must die. repair works are only possible with umno dead.

    if pakatan fcuks up, we'll fcuk them up too come ge14.

    but for now, DO NOT WAVER. umno must die (first,) b4 any meaningful changes have a chance.


  14. Except Bruno..all are faceless and nameless.
    Nice if all can have an identity...a nick.
    "ANONYMOUS" to me is extreme carefulness with no reasons...and does not speak well for Malaysians as well as for him/herself personality.
    In real will be offended if addressed as some sort of a ghost or coward.
    But in blogging..personality changed.

  15. Malaysia stinks to high heaven. Everyone is talking Anwar and politics. What about the prostitute? I am sure she is a human too? What about her? I think Malaysia needs to save her before anything else. She is 21 year old what lay ahead of her is more important than politics and Anwar combine.

  16. William Wallace Lives !

    " ...kalau takut hadapi risiko usah berbicara tentang perjuangan"
    - Adam Adli

  17. If RPK has nothing good to say,then for ABU sake, please shut his mouth.

    As I remembered what he previously claimed that Anwar is evil but compared to UMNO he's still look like an angel to the rakyat.

    I think it's matter of time his fellow comrades will abandon him if he still helping to smear the opposition for the benefits of the BN government.

  18. One has to remain anonymous for safety sake as we are living in a POLICE state.

    Not to say we have no balls, but how many people are fortunate to release from ISA and live in UK

  19. RPK is 90% sure Anwar is the fiend in the S*x video.

    I'm 100% sure that 90% of the BN/UMNO cabinet is corrupt.

    Which is more destructive to the future of Malsysia ?

    I support change.

  20. Behold. We do not need an asshole by the name of RPK to tell us the person in the video is 100% An WAR. If you think so, you are stupid. Like Hadi.

  21. That is an illusion that one who part comments under "Anon" is safer from one that has an identity.
    And police arrests blog owners...not commentators.
    Give me ONE case...a commentator is arrested.
    Be logical and know the facts.
    Don't dream your comments are so powerful like RPK...that needs to run away.
    Start being brave and sensible.
    Put all comments with a nick...not your real name and write with no fear.

  22. Was he drunk during the intv?

  23. aiyoyo monsterball, remember those who were charged insulting the Royal during the Perak fiasco.

    Were u drunk when you posted ur comment ?

  24. Actually, syok sebab we are listening to the so-called expert or Pak Nujum writing and talking everything from religion, politic, economic and social and we suppose to beleive them. Come on.
    He is not even a Jack-Of-All-Trade.Nanti when everything goes haywire, he will say with lidah pendeknya sapa suruh percaya kat saya.

  25. PRK has a gift of the tongue.
    He has a personality like a snake too....but bottom line...he is selling himself for the highest bidder to buy his service.
    He is trying very hard to please Najib...right now...or is bought up to say what he is saying nowadays..totally opposite from what he said...tons and tons of them..before 12th GE....and the good part after 12th GE was promoting his "Third Force"...teaming up with Haris Ibrahim.
    No one buy the show.
    Perhaps Najib he needs new ideas so call influential to win votes all the time.
    But RPK is finished.
    His character and reputation...has gone down the drain.

  26. Ancient Chinese but not Ancient Japenese!!!

  27. And so they were charged....Anon 11.09AM. What happen after the charge....NOTHING!!...and I believe you are talking about a bunch of writers...of different class that all our "ANON"

  28. No wonder UMNO b can govern such a long time....with so many hiding under the sarongs to talk.
    COME logical and fear no robbers and thieves.
    Comment with a nick..with an identity...for your own good.

  29. Anwar went through a lot of hardship that you and I would have given up including RPK. Some of the western countries including USA and Singapore does not wants Malaysia or other Asian Countries (Esp Muslim Countries) to have good and viable Leadership. This is because the only group that pose a threat to them in near future if all the Muslim Countries decided to form the Khalifah and this is not too far fetch, see how the Arab spring is turning to an Islamic spring Insya'Allah. Muslim countries are strategic located and mineral rich. You don't have to be too smart to run a country but inculcate integrity. BN is running the country to ruins especially the Malays, UMNO must be removed through the next election otherwise they will think they are God answer to Malaysia then the desperation feeling will grow to.......

  30. If it is for voters or becoming a busybody..I will not be bothered to comment on
    "ANON" matter.
    I am not a fool. Most are students and cannot vote yet.
    Finding all sorts of silly excuses to do what you like at this young are fooling no one but yourself...and developing a very selfish character.
    All of us are cunning and selfish to a degree.
    If not...all religions can close shop.
    But dignity and principles in life is very important.
    Otherwise..why are you complaining about crooks and robbers....when you are no better...a hypocrite like them too.
    Kennedy said..."Ask not want the country can do for you. Ask what you can do for the country"...which is most needed right now.
    No one ask any "ANON" to show their faces and walk in the streets to protest.
    After all...most are minors...cannot vote yet..but like to join voters to fire on....great!
    However...being faceless and nameless...
    like a rat or are developing a very very selfish personality ..that in working can only be followers...never a leader.
    Yes....hundreds also comment as ANON" in so many blogs....but if you care to observe...some have their the bottom and many are like you and mostly are BN commentators.
    The moment to comment under 'ANONYMOUS" are telling the whole have a toothless ghost in the making of your own future.
    If this is not a Freedom Fighter blog...fighting for change...I will ignore and play the same I do in Rockybru's blog.
    Even a pro UMNO b guy like "Buttercup" dares to have a nick.
    How dare all of you criticized others...faceless and balless.

  31. Adding to my comments above (Anwar went through a lot of hardship), all this vilification of Anwar is to throw cold water to the Bebas Anwar 901. It's too coincidental it shows we are all in comfort zone so don't rock the boat but unfortunately the boat is slowly sinking i.e. BN Insya'Allah.

  32. Of the 3 main parties in PR, the only one worth saving is DAP.

    Sakmongkol has just come out asking malays to embrace DAP and he gives good and rational reasons for this too. ( Go read what he just said ).

    If malays join DAP en masse, this will erase once and for all the image created by Umno that DAP is anti melayu, anti raja, anti islam.

    In due course, if malays do join DAP en masse, DAP's membership would have more than 60% malays and naturally by then, the party's sec-gen will be a malay too. Would Umno then have any leg to stand spinning the same old drivel about DAP? But most importantly, these 'new' malays will not have the corrupt Umno tag attached to them. Gone will be beseiged mentality and DAP will rightfully claim its multi-racial platform.

    And if TR makes the right move, he too would be able to realise his life long dream of becoming the PM of this country.

    PKR is too infested with ex Umno leaders with its Umno culture intact. Not much future there. with the non malays members there as just mere window dressing. PAS is still struggling among themselves with Erdogans playing hide and seek with the traditionists.

    If we don't seek new route, then be doomed to see BN ( read UMNO) rule for another few more decades.

  33. kt

    your views now that two prominent and thinking e-senior UMNO members are joining DAP. Alredi, pro-UMNO bloggers are now assassinating their characters and calling them traitors!

    One swallow doesnt make a summer? I guess both UMNO and PKR will be in panic mood if Razaleigh makes a move and join DAP! That would be the biggest coup for DAP and defining moment in political scene in Msia.

  34. If Razaleigh joins will embarrass UMNO b supporters terribly.
    He will never be appointed as PM...under PR govt.
    That will great dis-satisfaction amongst PAS and keDAILan Muslims members.

  35. RPK...that's the kick to the bums of PKR, especially those of ANWAR and the Selangor MB....IT IS VITAL THAT these two INCOMPETENT LEADERS and "ADMINSTRATORS" throughly deserved.
    I sincerely hope RPK's huge KICK on your backsides will jolt you both out of your slumber, and start to tackle corruption in PKR's election system and in the State of Selangor.

  36. Tengku Razaleigh join DAP ?
    What kind of dadah are you high on ?

    Must be something stronger than ganja.

  37. Tengku Razaleigh join DAP?

    Only in your dreams!

  38. Malaysian Insider news:

    MCLM president quits, says undermined by RPK

    In-fighting have spread to other parties, and so much for RPK's credibility too.

  39. RPK's credibility has gone down the drain since the U-turn on the Rosmah issue.

    He claims that he is still consistent with his SD by claiming he used the words "reliably informed" in the SD. Who is he trying to bluff? If he is sincere he should not have made an SD in the first place.

    His words would qualify as 'Clintonese' - the double-speak of Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal hearing, where he similary engaged in word-play to evade responsibility.

  40. Ethnic Chinese Bystander9:37 pm, January 02, 2012

    "Tengku Razaleigh join DAP ?"

    We all should have dreams.

    But seriously. If the Tengku wants to leave a lasting legacy, what better way than to transform a party.

    Can't be UMNO - no support.

    Can't be PAS - full house.

    PKR - you gotta be kidding

    DAP - very serious shortage of Malays - a demographic ticking time bomb - even Penang is now a Malay majority state.

    Apa nak fikir lagi?

  41. I must admit to an admiration of how RPK is going about "realigning" his position 180 degrees.

    He actually has a strategy unlike the dumb political whores like Jelapang, Bayan Baru and Malim Nawar, who flipped overnight, so obviously purchased.

    But flipping over he certainly is, just that he is playing it out over a period of months, making it appear like an evolution.

    The forked-tongued post about Rosmah, the innuendos about Anwar, and now full-blown bombardment of Anwar.

    Way to go, RPK !

  42. Ktemoc,
    Sometimes I don't know if I wanna laugh or cry on your comments & attitudes. Just as Adam Curtis, we have all become as paranoid as Richard Nixon. Enjoy!

    Sometimes I wonder.....Did Anwar rape your sister's cow? Come to think of it. I have more issues with Anwar than you do. You are no chinese educated. Certainly, you never involve with a court case that involved anwar as education minister. My father did & I shall never go further than that
    Just like Wee Chee Keong & Kua Siong obsession on DAP. Wanna read how wee wee boy got sacked from DAP because of autocratic rule of Lim Kit Siang. You are indeed one of the kind.
    Anyway, you can continue be the grouchy old man or you just move on. Anwar would be imprisoned. Or so, move on.....Why inflict so much misery to that fella? You don't even involved with court case? Or wrongly mishandled by government like ahem ahem......Let alone go to jail

    Where is your daging lembu? Aiyoyo!

  43. RPK severe ties with Haris and Zaid, eliminating MCLM (which he founded passionately 1st hand)so swiftly and mercilessly without leaving any space for any salvation due to impulsiveness?

    Awkward. Something just doesn't add up on his later series of actions.