Friday, January 27, 2012

Kiwi thanks

Dearest Shahrizat, thank you sweetheart,

Your adoring supporters,
The New Zealand Cattle Farmers

Hmmm, does Daisy need a RM26,000 bra?

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  1. She needs a miracle worker to save her ass..more than anything else.

  2. And UMNO b government are very good miracle workers..saving whoever they wish to save.
    Unfortunately...Shahrizat is excluded from their list..
    Will she be brave enough to reveal all and do the right thing for once?

  3. KT,daisy do need a milking bra,specially made for cows and not for Cows Mama.

  4. I like this so much, KT. Thanks. From NZ milk, they made Buttercup.Butterballs too are nice snacks compared to Monsterball!

  5. Buttercup trying to make a joke and is making a fool of himself.
    No one eat butter make into balls as snakes...certainly there is no such thing as monsterball for snakes too.
    But add butter to Buttercup's stick can shaft in easier...and he can eat all the juices he want with the taste of butter.
    First fresh milk...then into butter...then into cheese.. and taste are like cigarettes...hundreds of types.
    I wonder have our Malaysian Buttercup seen how butter is made?
    I wonder what kind of Buttercup is he talking about...that taste so good..'
    All Malaysians know...concerning taste spoken by our Buttercup..all will run away...for he is a cup seller and he taste sperms thinking it is butter....yyaaaaaakkkk!
    Talk already I want to vomit.....errrrrrrreeooooooppp

  6. Daisy Milk should make Buttercup fat fat.

  7. Daisy Daisy...Buttercup is half crazy for her.
    Wifey don't mind...Daisy hubby don't mind.
    That's not call sodomy.
    That's playing with each other's wifey with permission,
    Any wifey leaking the secret....BOOOOOM ....C4ed.

  8. Last time.' is high 5 to you" is.."I like this so much,KT THANKS"
    See he is also influenced by me to become better but he needs to keep selling his Buttercup's cup...for his lavish night lifestyle...drinking fire water..gambling .. every night.

  9. I am all for this halal food thing. I as a non muslim always only eat halal food because I believe I am what I eat. I keep away from alcohol because we all know that it is bad for you. I aave been convinces that if I eat halal food may be I will only do things that are halal in the eyes of the law and become a good person if I cannot become a great person.

  10. One man's meat is another man's poison.
    Do what you think is best for you but not necessarily what you do is the best for others.
    More than 3 million out of the 4 billions eat well cooked and clean food....even frogs and roasted pigs.
    Mine you...they are not cheap food too.
    A person is lawful and not due to eating.
    It's due mainly to GREED and WEAK....besides going against all the good teachings from all holy books.

  11. I mean more than 3 billion .out of 4 billion people on drink fire frogs and roasted beacon and eggs....and be merry.
    It's the heart that counts..not how many time you pray..nor how so so so clean you are...bathing 5 times per day.
    In any case...all UMNO b politicians and members are mostly screw loose...fanatics.
    This is because we have a government that can fool Malays more than others....for 35 years under Mahatir's plan to buy up the whole country for himself..and his sons.

  12. Anon 9.31PM....learn and don't simply believe.
    In the animal kingdom.....check out the behaviors on the non meat eaters against meat Tigers..lions...hyenas...against elephants...cows and rabbits.
    One group like gila babi...another calm and serene.
    You may say...that's why Muslims eat only non meat eating animals.
    Be it any meat are eating toxic excreted by unwilling dying animals.
    Best people are vegetarians...copying the non meat eating animals.
    And may I say...the most generous people on earth ..helping others are not non halal eaters..or the Muslims.
    They are from the European world mostly....eating anything grown under the sun...which proves...the heart is most important.