Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Deconstructing the Perfect Man

Dr Azly Rahman, an academician who holds all sorts of mind-boggling degrees and sometimes writes for Malaysiakini, once propounded that the wayang kulit display of the Ramayana epic or the makyong is a form of neo-feudalistic indoctrination, the type that Hang Tuah suffered from and which Jebat gave two fingers to.

In his article for Malaysiakini Neo-feudalism of the cybernetic Malays he wrote:

In many an analysis of the transformation of the Malay society from the times of the Melaka Sultanate to the emergence of the Malay nationalism we find the conclusion of the idea of a good Malay subject is one who surrenders total obedience to his or her Ruler (the sultan or the Raja). The king is said to be ‘(Allah’s) representative on this earth’ and is thus bestowed with the Divine Rights.

Modernizing it even further, can we say “the idea of a good Malaysian subject is one who surrenders total obedience to his or her political leader (the PM, MB or party leader)”?

Blogger Sakmongkol (Dato’ Mohd Ariff Sabri bin Hj Abdul Aziz) alluded to the modernized ‘expectations’ in a certain way in his post hutang UMNO pada budi orang Melayu.

Azly Rahman proceeded on to say:

But the problem lies not in the here and now but in the past; one that needs to be de-constructed and reconstructed. It lies in the Malay psyche. It lies in the notion of hegemony as it relates to political-economy of totalitarianism and controlling interests that continue to cement the master-slave narrative/relationship of the ruler and the ruled.

That master-slave narrative has become a technology of psycholinguistic control and institutionalised as ‘culture’. The Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, and British colonialists succeeded because the fertile ground of the slave mentality is already prepared historical- materialistically.

We can see this mentality in the idea that Malay political leader must not be challenged (such as in case of the presidency of the Umno) and this is a manifestation of this neo- feudalism hypermodern inner construct of the Malay in the Age of Cybernetics.

Wakakaka, I know I know, good olde Azly Rahman has been notable for using frightening words in his essays that makes you wonder whether your education has been an utter failure, or you’re an intellectual pygmy, or you're suffering from ataxaphasia, or perhaps you have just overeaten more than your share of pulut-nasi-lemak-cum-banana-santan-curry-ish literature. You suffer hours or even days of slow literary digestion.

Anyway, 500 years of such historical indoctrination have shown that Azly Rahman has been correct, in that Malays in general (& not excluding many other Malaysians) have inherited such a slave mentality or, in its modern and extreme form, slavish adoration of political leaders.

Substitute the word ‘UMNO’ with ‘PKR’ and we have the same stuff, that to PKR members, Anwar Ibrahim must not be challenged, because (to paraphrase Azly’s finding) “the idea of a good PKR member is one who surrenders total obedience to the Great One”.

Thus, except for many of those former members who left in utter disgust or were expelled for bucking the ‘inner coterie’, PKR members never ever question Anwar on, for example:

· The most un-reformasi promotion of frogs in Perak (prior to the drastic ricochet wakakaka)

· The most un-reformasi 916. When asked whether 916, had it been successful, would have been a total disrespect to the people’s democratic choice, many idol worshippers argued PKR couldn’t afford to wait until 2013 to replace UMNO, and thus the end (Anwar as PM) justified the means (including shameful frog-ological cheating of the voters, which of course they criticized most vehemently when Najib/UMNO was the proponent).

· The utter shameful frog-hunting expedition to Taiwan. Tian Chua fitted in but shame on Eli Wong for being party to it, though I didn't heistate to defend her on my blog during the period of her most trying times.

Let me pause here for a while and ask, do you PKR people still believe n reformasi?

OK, I bet your answer would be as above, that PKR can’t afford to wait until post-GE 13 to replace UMNO, and thus the end (to enthrone Anwar as PM soonest) justifies the means whatever these may be, even living in a world of self deception (about reformasi), by burying their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and ignoring the most un-reformasi practices of their idol.

· His out-of-the-blue support of the implementation of PAS’ hudud. Of course I don’t expect the PKR Muslim members to question him on this but why were the non-Muslim members struck dumb during that time? Eli? Tian Chua? Sivarasa?

· His last minute and very personal selection of Loh Gwo Burne (who?) as PKR candidate for the federal parliamentary seat of Kelana Jaya. Loh’s perceived unsuitability as a federal MP led Haris Ibrahim to demand an explanation from Anwar Ibrahim for his (Anwar's) choice, which as with all such challenging queries to PKR, remained unanswered. Bloody great refomasi process.

· The questionable governance of PKR’s last party polls. Hell of a lot had already been written by Haris Ibrahim, (OK, let’s exclude RPK) and PKR’s own members (some still members like Chegubard and Mustaffa Kamil, while others had left) without the need for me to elaborate.

Instead ask Gobala, once chief bodeker of Anwar, Zaid Ibrahim wakakaka, Jenapala (who was marginalized like another Nallakaruppan), Jonson Chong, Chegubard (still in PKR and unlike Mustaffa Kamil, had refused a consolation prize of some party position, but recently backstabbed by PKR insiders), and earlier on, Johari Jasin, Abdul Rahman (membership No 3 and now in PAS).

But I’m sure, in accordance with PKR beliefs, each and every one of them was wrong, evil and a frog like RPK, unlike the precious pristine pure Great One.

I don’t intend to join RPK in commenting on the Haadyai video clip nor on the Sodomy II case, which incidentally brings me to RPK.

Now, while I sometimes don’t agree with RPK, I do with his recent criticisms (minus the Haadyai & Sodomy II incidents) of Anwar and Azmin Ali.

In fact RPK has been far more generous than I have been, in persuading Nurul Izzah to take over the reins (not 'helm', wakakaka) of PKR.

As RPK (and a sweetie once) said, one can be anti Anwar without being anti Pakatan or anti PKR. And I include myself in this group.

But alas, as Azly Rahman wrote, (as modified/modernized by kaytee) “the idea of a good PKR member is one who surrenders total obedience to the Great One” where total obedience also means defending him regardless.

Thus, leaving aside RPK's unauthorized comments on MCLM, I wasn’t surprised to read numerous and very venomous vilifications of him for his opinons on Anwar, while not one comment or query had been raised on Anwar’s credentials as a reformer and his performance in that respect, let alone his suitability as a future PM.

Very few bother to read what RPK said, about the danger of focusing on the personality cult of Anwar instead of policies of Pakatan as a future government (eg. where’s the bloody shadow cabinet? but day in day out, it's all about Anwar vs Najib & Najib vs Anwar - cukup lah!), ...

... leading to such moronic declarations, that if Anwar is jailed, PKR members will storm the barricades at Putrajaya to place Anwar there (of course made by a bloke whose political existence is dependent on Anwar Ibrahim's continuing political influence)

Look, let's consider RPK playing the role of deconstructing (wakakaka, Azly Rahman’s word) the Great Anwar Ibrahim a la what Kassim Ahmad did in his doctoral thesis 'Perwatakan Hikayat Hang Tuah'.

Hang Tuah was the very epitome of Malay heroic loyalty until Kassim Ahmad raised doubts on his iconic status in (circa) 1950.

Dr Bakri Musa commented on Kassim’s thesis as follows:

In it he challenged the traditional interpretation and made the hitherto hero Hang Tuah as nothing more than a palace hack, and elevated the anti-hero Hang Jebat as the true hero, willing to kill even the sultan in defence of honor and principles. Surely Jebat was the reformer wakakaka.

Similarly in studies on the Hindu saga, Ramayana, some modern scholars have questioned the true nature of the epic’s typified heroic Rama and his arch foe, the demonic Ravana. The scholars have considered reversing the roles and status of the two principal antagonists, something that would have been previously considered as an unimaginable proposition, namely, that Rama was a cad in many ways while Ravana was a chivalrous hero of sorts.

Some conservative Hindus may even take that proposition as blasphemous, not unlike conservative Malays on the role reversal of Kassim Ahmad’s Tuah and Jebat.

The studies have focused on what has puzzled Ramayana scholars throughout the centuries, namely, the inexplicable nature of the relationship between Rama and his wife Sita, specifically Rama's deplorable behaviour towards her.

Like Tuah, Rama was the hero of the saga, an avatar of Vishnu born on earth to save the world and the heavens from Ravana. Sita was his loyal wife. Together, with Rama's brother, Laksamana, the three left Ayodha on a pre-destined mission.

They went through trials and tribulation. In the course of their mission until their eventual triumphant return to Ayodha, Rama accused Sita twice of infidelity, even though she was innocent. Each time Sita was forced to prove her purity by ordeal.

But in spite of her repetitive demonstration of virtue, she was considered a tainted partner. Sita was never accepted by Rama as a loyal and full member of the Ayodha family.

Why did such a so-called righteous hero like Rama, ironically termed the ‘Perfect Man’, treat his partner Sita with such distrust, lack of respect and injustice, not once but on two separate occasions? By contrast, Ravana treated his hostage Sita with great respect and chivalry.

So, who's actually the hero and who's the villain in Ramayana?

Rama's caddish treatment of Sita was not his only 'crime'. His treacherous murder of King Vali by stealth from behind a tree while the latter was fighting his brother Sugriva) was disgraceful and most unchivalrous for the 'Perfect Man' Rama was supposed to be.

The dying Vali was so shocked by Rama's treachery that he said (from Wikipedia) "if you are searching your wife you should have come to me for help and friendship. Whoever took Sita even if it is Ravana I have defeated them and would have taken them at your feet and at your mercy".

Then he asked Rama with his dying breath:

  • What was my crime?
  • Even if I committed a crime (with my brother), what is your right to kill me?
  • The third statement shows Vali's disapproval of the way Rama killed him. He says, "I was fighting with some other person and was not careful enough when you shot me."

Rama showed his unrepentant arrogance in a most disgraceful reply to Vali's third question, as disgraceful as was his equally arrogant reply to Vali's second question.

He said that Vali, King of Kishkinda (a monkey kingdom) was just a monkey, therefore he as a king on the hunt couldn't be bothered whether the prey being hunted was careful or not, dismissing Vali as being in the same category as a deer being hunted.

Such was Rama's unmitigated sin of killing by treacherous stealth the King of Kishkinda, yet whose army he sought for help (through Sugriva) to rescue Sita from Ravana. Can you respect Rama's arrogant and totally unrepentant argument?

Anyway, do consider Azly Rahman's postulation about 'neo-feudalism hypermodern inner construct of believers'.

While I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that PKR people consider Anwar as the ‘Perfect Man’ wakakaka, why vilify RPK for his deconstruction of the Great One and his (Anwar's) alleged disrespect for reformasi, when the former had sacrificed so much (including the safety and welfare of his family) for the latter?

Even if RPK had gone over to bat for UMNO, so what! Assuming for a moment that's true, I believe no one more than RPK has earned that independent right to do so, after so many personal sacrifices for Anwar, without attracting such infantile venom.

After all, Anwar is no greater than Hang Tuah or Rama, though of course I could be wrong here wakakaka.


  1. KT,it is a shame that RPK after spending the last decade or more fighting for the opposition has to come to a go for broke situation like this.For all the right or wrong reasons,RPK is in a no win but lose lose situation.

    Whether he gets a free pass to come back home plus millions as spinners from pro Umno and opposition blogs say is not of importance.If RPK has actually turned as speculated and by his actions speak for itself,money is of good use to everybody.

    But the free pass home,even if it is true how can RPK see face to face,eye to eye to people who was all the way with him through thick and thin.What about family and friends too.So the free pass is actually not valid as he is not able to call in his marker.So actually what RPK is up to nobody actually knows yet.But time will surely tell.

  2. Raja Petra Kamaruddin is the most frustrated man and blogger who has lost his bearings and marbles.
    He misses Malaysia and will do anything to come back.
    It's like a wounded tiger and a wounded tiger is a very dangerous animal.

  3. I'm VERY confused among RPK RKP KPR KRP PKR PRK ....sighs ; it's BETTER to 'box' 901 to get some $$$ for the coming CNY !

  4. monsterball, how do you know RPK misses Malaysia and will do anything to come back? How do u know he's frustrated? Any evidence? wakakaka

  5. KT,evidence.One blogger pasted photos of RPK's favourite food roti canai,murtabak,mee goreng,curry chicken,bak kut teh,beef rendang,teh and kopi tarex plus some.Must be a pro pr blog I guessed.I saw it when I was scrolling the net.What the blogger left out was ayam Siam Phuket.

  6. Therefore, in Dr. Azly Rahman's socio-political framework, how does PAS fit in? Get rid of the Rulers and unequally yoked government at hand, then replace it with the council of ulamas? Thus if a first among equals among the ulamas is chosen as PM, bang you have two-in-one(just contextualizing the paradigm from your modernized translation). So how does PKR & DAP view this when we fill in the blanks?

    Secondly, the good doctor mentions that Malay society needs to be de-constructed and reconstructed. This means thesis, then anti-thesis leading to synthesis. In Marx terms, its called revolution and counter revolution, leading to a new order. In Mao's thoughts, its called perpetual or continous revolution - keeping people on their toes by a continual seige mentality(which is not so popular in China today) but was over bought by Pol Pot.

    Just asking... like you said, it takes time to digest his writing.



  7. KTemoc...commonsense and knowing who RPK is with deduction..subtraction..addition......with a god gifted talent to study character.
    Try will be smarter.
    For are a joker ..putting out facts and nonsense all muddle up....sometimes.
    You will never grow old in mind and spirit...and may end up in Tampoi mental hospital...HAHAHAHAHAHA
    By the do you know Haris Ibrahim is as straight as an arrow...any evidence?
    I know he is a very reserved guy...that can quote scriptures and koran well.
    Take note..people change.

  8. Seriously speaking...KTemoc..Raja Petra is a very dramatic and stubborn man...that will do anything he likes.
    Bruno has aid it all...and what RPK like's he misses all from K.L...atmosphere and surroundings...missing the 24 hours mamak stalls.

  9. KT...When RPK started his blog...he was anti Abdullah...but not Mahathir.
    He even said...all commentators should pay something to keep his blog alive.
    So I did.
    As you can see...from the start...he was after money....and a fantastic writer...performer...showman...
    His weakness is arrogance and listening to no advise.
    He only know how to judge and advise others.
    He is very proud of his Bugis bloodline...tracing Selangor Royalties ...all related to him.
    When one is extremely smart and have Mahathir and Raja Petra to compare.
    Mahathir knows how to play dirty politic.
    RPK is years behind time....just starting now...playing ti the wrong words and music.
    He is HOMESICK!!

  10. He was the highest earner in blogging.
    His advertisements collections per year can keep him a comfortable life...but he wants more and more...and we saw him ended up...running away...avoiding jail.
    His "Third Force"..Malaysian Civil Liberties Movements....stuffing 20 candidates to the throats of PR..are all indirectly helping Najib...for the coming 13th GE.
    He is a difficult man to understand..but if you study carefully...he is desperate to be needed and wanted in no roti channai...tea tarek...tosai..chapati...not worth living.
    Try more time.
    The rest is history.

  11. KT...please do not ask for evidence or as if all you wrote are factual.
    You are one of the biggest bullshitter blogger and entertaining blog owner.
    That's why I like your blog....full of shit....hahahahahahaha.
    You like and trust Buttercup?
    He claims to be pally with you.

  12. bruno, I think that blog you saw those foodstuff, alleged by the blogger as desired by RPK, was financetwitter(?), but it doesn't mean the blogger wasn't like monsterball making syiok sendiri punya speculations wakakaka

    TR of 1:46 AM, January 05, 2012, according to Dr Azly's "pulut-nasi-santan" dish, wakakaka, it's neo-fuedalistic indoctrination that's bad, brainwashing Malaysians (particularly Malays) into being ready-to-obey slaves to the 'ruling' master. I don't see any problem with the Rulers (with capitalized 'R') so long as they remain what they are, *constitutional* monarchs. But won't your mention of an *unelected* council of ulamas be even more Rama-like, absolute rulers unanswerable to all save themselves, who will perpetuate the master-slave continuum? So why bother, but instead, break loose from those neo-feudalistic nonsense and as per good democracy alluded to by Dr Azly, and make/treat the governing politicians correctly as none other than our representatives rather than ampu them.

    As for your " keeping people on their toes by a continual seige mentality (which is not so popular in China today) but was over bought by Pol Pot" (incidentally, also in USA with its anti-Islamic propaganada), why talk about China and Pol Pot when UMNO is doing just that (via its Utusan mouthpiece and Perkasa, with Dr M stepping in to help ocassionally). I believe Dr Azly wants the Malays to wake up to what democratic practice is about and their rightful roles/participation within such a political system, instead of being chained perpetually to a 500-year old sinister indoctrination program.

    as for you monsterball, no wonder sweetie susan loone once banned you from her blog wakakaka

  13. "...good olde Azly Rahman has been notable for using frightening words in his essays that makes you wonder whether your education has been an utter failure, or you’re an intellectual pygmy, or you're suffering from ataxaphasia, or perhaps you have just overeaten more than your share of pulut-nasi-lemak-cum-banana-santan-curry-ish literature. You suffer hours or even days of slow literary digestion."

    No worries, KT. Actually, Azly Rahman has problems with his English. Hence his turgid, obfuscating prose. Sometimes, he writes nonsense, and people (like KT :)) ) thinks he is making profound philosophical statements. KT: relax! No need to kick yourself or suffer pathological mental torment for not understanding Azly's mumbo jumbo!

  14. sick and tired of being sick & tired9:20 am, January 05, 2012

    KTEMOC, your article says it all about the typical PKR's members mentality.

    PKR an UMNO clone? Certainly looks that way with their chieftains who can do no wrongs.

    RPK, a running for Mahathir? who said that? That coward MONSTERBALL. RPK respects Mahathir but he has posted several articles bombarding him and even branded him as evil.

    MONSTERBALL must have small balls and tried to be Hang Tuah. Also, he must possesses a pea brain who can't remember the enormous sacrifices endured by RPK.

    Anwar is certainly tainted in terms of his past (how did he managed to win the Deputy PM post overcoming Gahfar Baba.....where did he obtained his funds from in this fight for the deputy PM?). Anwar is all talk and no effective action. he is an excellent public speaker but has demonstrated that he has no leadership qualities.

    I will not cast my vote for PKR if aNWAR remains the leader.

  15. Kakahkah. High 5 KT. Monsterball seems to be the pariah in all blogs even in his like-minded Miss Looney. Vamoose vermin.
    Monsterball is just like RPK - syiok sendiri.
    Err, MB, don't you know that RPK is back here tucking pigs trotters sweet and sour soup for breakfast.
    He knows he can only find this in good ole Muslim nation Malaysia.

  16. KT,yes it was financetwitter.By the way how did you know that Monsterball was banned from sweetie Susan Loone's blog.You take a peep at her emails.Or you had informants from SB like RPK.

  17. Ktemoc,
    I do not question you for questioning Anwar but your over hentaming of Anwar sounds suspicious. Seriously, Anwar Ibrahim must have raped your sister's cow nong nong time ago. If not, why plethora messages on Anwar?
    I believe such message from Zairil should be good enough. Lets move on okay.

    For god's sake, please do not be like colonel nicholson in Bridge over River Kwai

  18. Malay rulers have always looked down on their subjects. See Munsi Abdullah "Hikayat", which has been totally obliterated from our memories by UMNO types because he dard to criticise such behaviour.

  19. bruno, I have my 'Deep Throat' wakakaka, but mind, that was a couple of years back. I'm not sure whether Susan has lifted the ban by now.

    looes74, as if you don't know I have been hentaming Anwar since Day 1 wakakaka. Like RPK's criticisms of him, my hentaming is not something new lah, wakakaka.

  20. Bruno..thanks. KT is talking nonsense.
    KT....Please don't talk cock about Susan banning me. That was long long when Amin Iskandar...told me it was a mistake...and if you care to look over her blog past years...I was the main commentator...main blog protector from cyber-troppers disturbing her blog.....main attraction..and gave up....willingly...never banned.
    And if she big deal.
    Now...go browse over her blog.
    Tell me what you see.
    You seem to get Buttercup insanely happy.
    Are you after something from him?
    And look at 'sick' 9.20 AM ..real sick fella...all aroused by your comment.
    KTemoc...who is the Playmate of the year 2011?
    How many such magazines you have?
    You are a self confessed pervert...quite OK ...but don't be a fool to tell the whole world you are la.

  21. hi KT...I repeat...Susan never banned me....and only few months ago..I sent her greetings..and she said she missed my comments.
    However...twisting and falsely..accusing seems to be the hobby of some.
    KT...tell many COMMENTATORS get so much attention in blogging..with so many posts ..dedicated him?
    Who is the COMMENTATOR?
    aiyah...who dared to talk bravely..exposing Mahathir first?

  22. KT love to have a allow Playboy magazine selling freely in Malaysia...I TEEENK.
    hi KT...Anwar is no saint..all Malaysians know that too well.
    You hentam him non stop for what reasons?
    Have you any evidences for all your hentaming him?

  23. And for your information...without keDAILan..there is no PR and without Anwar Ibrahim..the PR team..cannot materialized.
    Without Anwar..there is no alternative for 13th GE...and without alternative...your sons and grandchildren will suffer like us...that is...presuming you are not a bachelor with no balls.

  24. monsterball, I refer to your "... ...never banned. And if she big deal."


    "... hi KT...I repeat...Susan never banned me....and only few months ago..I sent her greetings..and ..."

    never banned BUT only few months? and if she did, no big deal, wakakaka, hey, just how many months before it's considered banning, wakakaka again

    And did u send her "greeetings" or "pleadings"? wakakaka

  25. looes74

    Yea man, KT has always hentam Mr Bontot from day one. That's why I love going to his blog. We are kindred spirits.
    Guess you must have lost your way from Din Merican's blog. There you will have your cheer-leaders.
    They have been missing you, man.
    That narcisstic old fart does not like Anwar haters.
    But the sad thing is he is slowly going to Najib's side for a better title -Tan Sri- before he dies.
    Can't blame him coz at age 74 only he got Datukship and that too from PAS recommendation.
    He's definitely not like Sakmongkol who dares to depart from the norm.
    Din is another Malay plodder who always wants to be on the safe time but pretend to be liberal.
    He and his wife censor all the commentators not pleasing to their ears.

  26. KT...I need not defend myself..over Susan's blog matter.
    Your "greetings" or "pleading" sums up what you wish to conclude..OK.
    Men and real Freedom Fighters have no time to talk cock like you...about personal matters.
    You keep avoiding commenting all the good news and pick up the half news..make it bad.
    KT...I don't care who wishes to ban me from commenting in their blogs.
    But once I am out...I am after BN worms like Buttercup...and even you..if you swing here...swing there...confusing voters.
    Have a nice day KT.
    Don't let your balls become peanut size...CHEERS!!

  27. I repeat....without Anwar Ibrahim...Buttercup's job is secured.
    With Anwar as PM...dead or alive...Buttercup is jobless...polishing and mending shoes for a Beach Street.
    A Mr.Bontot is better than a Mr.Liar.
    keDAILan is better than UMNO b.
    Correct or not.....KTemoc.
    Saintly guys like Haris and KT also have secrets.

  28. must have a cow brain.
    I have never pleaded in my life..especially in blogging.
    What so big about a blog...that I need to plead to comment?
    I walked my talks..and kopitiam not beg nor plead...get that into your thick skull.
    You want to insult..choose the right subject.
    Don't make a fool of yourself.
    Now your worst...arouse Buttercup to high 5 you again......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  29. Monster balls, hang on your emotion. To have kt going nuts is bad enough. No need to go nuts over him. Rather understand why his over obsessive in anything anwar. He'd be that Salim

  30. F*ck the navel gazing.

    UMNO needs to be killed (politically speaking) for the sake of Malaysia's future.

    I support Pakatan Rakyat, DAP, PAS and , yes, PKR and Anwar Ibrahim, warts, 916, bontot and all, in their campaign to unseat UMNO.

    I'm not waiting for the perfect man to appear, because by then Malaysia will be a basket case, then we REALLY WILL need a PERFECT MAN to turn the country around -

    look at the Philippines for the case study. Almost any ordinary mortal President or leader will have a herculean task to turn that country around.

  31. KT,

    Thanks for the very interesting article. It does shed some light
    as to why there are still blind and dumb followers of our corrupt government and obnoxious schemes the likes of NFC, crooked bridge and PKFZ.

  32. Thanks for your advise...loose74
    KT is a sport.
    He can take insults as much as he gives....for he is a happy go lucky fella.
    However...if he chooses to irritate about my private affairs..he is asking for trouble.
    Lets see..what is up in his
    Anwar road shows is doing extremely well.
    Serious in Johore...exposing UMNO b hypocrites in Seremban...and you can expect him to mix two up plus Melaka..Penang and Perak soon.
    Don't KT ask me.."How do I know? Any evidence?"..bringig my blood pressure up.

  33. hi..."sick & tired"...tell me..what do you know about Hang Tuah?
    A blogger for sale to the highest bidder..with one screw loose...very emotional...daring and yet... ran a coward..all lumped up...what do you call that blogger?
    Heard of China's... Han Toh Ah?..bodyguard to the princess?
    You read too much shit history put out by UMNO b.
    Go fly kites and suck milk.

  34. Wakakanomoremoremore5:28 pm, January 05, 2012

    There comes a time that even the Ktemoc will have to do some "banning". The "makhluk" has arrived.

  35. Did someone mentioned he is over 70 years old? Wow.....that's twice my age. Should i automatically give him my respect? But an age-old quote came to mind : there's no fool like an old fool.

    Oh....yet another relevant quote came to mind : wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes, age just show up all by itself.

  36. Hang ni kenapa sibuk sangat dengan Permatang Pauh ?
    Dia tu manusia juga, semua manusia ada kelemahannya.

    Yang penting rata-rata perlu bersatu menentang UMNO yang sudah haprak, penuh rasuah, munafik.

    PAS boleh undi, DAP boleh undi, PKR boleh undi,

    malah Bebas pun boleh undi....

    Asal Bukan UMNO (ABU)

  37. Tlim, don't forget one pakcik tied his cows during moo soon season to vote for umno in tenant by election in tenang. That pakcik literally let the Lembus mampus. Thank god, one young melayu came to the rescue. That pakcik also think that beloved ktemoc syaitan. Hence, how to move on if people like kt & pakcik having such mentality? Seriously, kt should watch don't mess with the Zohan. Stop being Salim kt

  38. You have BN and PR.
    The third kind is People Power.
    One more has arrived in KT's blog.
    Some want him...some want him to be banned.
    Some like him...some hates him like poison.
    "Wakaka..." 5.28pm ...better get used to it....or he will be used by a puppet on a string...without knowing it.
    Live till an old age..and talk...Anon5.29PM
    Who is a fool..go ask your father.
    The sign is there..he is being used.

  39. Maybe KT harbours a grudge towards Anwar for an incident involving the pealing of temple bells...

  40. Wakakamoremoremorelah9:42 pm, January 05, 2012

    monsterball said...

    "Wakaka..." 5.28pm ...better get used to it....or he will be used by a puppet on a string...without knowing it.

    "Wakaka..." 5.28pm, !?! 9:38pm

    Oh, well...tralalala...

    This old man, he played one,
    He played knick-knack on my thumb;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played two,
    He played knick-knack on my shoe;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

  41. "Who is a fool..go ask your father"

    Checked with daddy-o, and he said he doesn't visit KT's blog, so he knows no old man here who might be a fool but he concurs with this brash fellow here that a confirmed michiavellian, bigoted fool who is definately not wise is that Mamak Kutty ! ABU ! ABU ! Asal Bukan Umno !

  42. When you get to see an old cock singing or reciting a 6 year old song or can see how backward and totally childish..some Malaysians are and sadly..all are the supporters of BN.
    Brain always under control ...all like Ibrahim Ali...fools...and clowns.
    Most sad..not one knows he/she is an idiot...especially Buttercup.