Sunday, January 01, 2012

Malaysian of 2011

Traditionally, around end of December each year, news media like to ‘roundup’ the year’s important headline-making news, while Time Magazine likes to nominate who it considers as the most significant news-making person or institution of the Year; and of course Playboy announces the Playmate of the Year wakakaka.

I prefer the latter, yes, I’ve to confess to having a wish to view Playmate of the Year wakakaka, but in this post I’ll forgo the girlie pictures and write on whom I believe to be the socio-political Malaysian of the Year 2011.

I reckon it’ll be boring to continue nominating RPK or Haris Ibrahim as they would have been nominated years before. Neither would I name Ibrahim Ali or Utusan Malaysia as newsworthy anymore as their strident shrill and sickening bigoted comments have become flat like an overexposed piece of keropok because of over airing wakakaka.

How about sweeties Ambiga Sreenevasan or Auntie Bersih? Both are wonderful sweethearts but I want someone more intriguing and who’s likely (has the potential) to make an impact on the political scene.

What about Dr Mahathir who in recent times has disappointedly been propounding the Chinese threat to Malays? I suppose he really meant the threats to UMNO-Malays rather than general Malays. No, not him!

Hmmm, I wonder whether Dr M has read a delightful summary of the year’s threats to Malays, in The Malaysian Insider’s piece MILF-PRON Special Report for 2011: Malays under threat, delightfully written by Yusseri Yusoff. Following are extracts of his article:

While Mahathir continued his series of warnings to the Malays by warning that the Malays could end up like the Palestinians who sold their own country out to the Jews, a new threat to the Malays reared its ugly head — Kentucky Fried Chicken could possibly be out of Malay hands.

Based on an unconfirmed rumour it was said that the majority owner of KFC in Malaysia Kulim Bhd could be sold off to a non-Malay company and therefore this would constitute a major threat to the ability of Malays to consume chicken fried in 11 secret herbs and spices.

The owners of Kulim Bhd Johor Corp denied the rumours. When asked whether they were the ones responsible for spreading the rumour the owners of the Radix Fried Chicken chain refused to comment They did however say that Radix Fried Chicken contained more that 11 herbs and spices as well as Tongkat Ali and quite possibly ginseng, for a stiffer fried chicken experience presumably.

Wakakaka, good one Yusseri, but sorry, no, you’re not my Malaysian of 2011 …

... and likewise nyet for Lim KS, Lim GE, Karpal Singh & his once-machai Dr Rama wakakaka, the Pak Hajis from PAS, or even the woman who made kerbau disappear by turning them into kondos, wakakaka.

Most certainly nyet also for Mr man man lai and his blue eyed boy and princess.

Neither would I consider blokes who used corrupt money/gifts to fly to Mecca to perform their Haj’s, or him who pompously claimed to be a solar-powered Malay saviour or his buddy who cowardly blamed a woman for his seditious sms-ed lies.

The man I have in mind is probably the most intriguing politician in Malaysia, a man (sorry ladies) who sits on the side of Coalition A, yet has been considered by/offered to Coalition B - in other words, he is seen as also ‘acceptable’ to side B.

Many have been the scenarios offered as to why he is the best UMNO candidate to head (not ‘helm’ for god’s sake, wakakaka), bizarre as it may sound, Pakatan Rakyat.

His principal proposer has been Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri bin Hj Abdul Aziz who’s better known in the blogging world as Sakmongkol AK47, a blogger who’s generally unhappy with the way UMNO has gone songsang and grossly corrupt since its earlier nationalistic days. Incidentally, I read DAP has purportedly been headhunting Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri.

By now, I’m sure you are aware I’m talking about Tengku Razaleigh, affectionately known as Ku Li, a once-powerful politician destined by his karma, kismet and mea-lee to sit by the sideline of power politics for the last 25 years, and make many Malaysians wonder whether, by a mere but treacherous change of tide of around 40-ish UMNO party votes, he was the best Malaysian PM we never had?

Now, intriguingly, the question is: could Ku Li be the best PM we will have?

I don’t propose to go into why Anwar won’t be PM (lots have already been written on it), while the proposed replacements for him are mere moronic fantasies of some diehard anwarista cultists. Nor will DAP accept a PAS PM and naturally, vice versa. Thus Ku Li’s potential as a unifying figure to head Pakatan (post a '2nd-time incarcerated' Anwar) grows more significant.

I believe DAP will accept him and PAS perhaps grudgingly so, after some hard considerations of realpolitiks and their wish to be in a cohesive Pakatan government. PKR may come to the party after much budak-type rolling on the floor cum heels thumping merajuk-ing by someone wakakaka.

But, like Empat Ekor, much as we know the probability of winning runs into odds of one in several million, you can never win unless you play (buy the ticket).

So, all the arguments for Ku Li by Sakmongkol or any of his staunch proposers will be bloody useless unless Ku Li actually joins Pakatan. He must make up his mind now or it'll be too late.

Nonetheless, his intriguing (3rd time I've used this adjective to describe him) middle-of-the road potential to head and present a strongly unified Pakatan in GE-13 stares at us in the face.

Ku Li has to be my (socio-political) Malaysian of 2011.


  1. Good choice. You've got my support.

  2. Don't you think we are being cruel, KTEMOC ? When the going was good everone of us was full of praise for DSAI. But, now when he's faced with the wall we desert him like anjing cawat ekor. In fact, some of us are even guilty at suppressing the afforts of those of us who still want to prop up his fast falling fortunes by butchering our opinions from reaching public ears. What a cruel world !!! GOOSTEE

  3. cant disagree with you. if only he makes the first move. apart from aa, i see no objection from anyone in PR. Even Nurul will be thrilled to bits.

  4. Yes I would very much like Ku Li to helm Pakatan and the country.

    YM Ku Li I plead to your goodself to at least consider our plight.

    Happy New Year All.
    May GOD Bless us Malaysians

  5. Ku Li is a very selfish man.
    Born with royal blood...he is a timid man.
    Married his long time Chinese for show.....and have no children..his balls are like the size of peanuts.
    The only great part about Ku Li is his wild recognized.
    Be PM...nay..he will not be strong enough to make firm decisions.
    He left UMNO and Mahathir was his arch enemy.
    Rejoined like Rias Yatim...holding hands two long lost brothers with Mahathir...hoping to be PM too...under the banner of UMNO b.
    Mahathir lost all his power of influence. Ku Li exposed who he is...selfish and calculative.
    Now KTemoc said Ku Li is his choice for PM under PR govt.?
    He better continue reading playboy magazine and keep..looking for the Playmate of the Year.
    That's more sensible.....natural and logical.f

  6. I proposed Wan Azizah...if Anwar is not available.
    And now....RPK is also saying Anwar is not fit to be a PM....a 180% turnabout like Prof.Chandra'
    Pig heads also appear at a mosque compound.
    Frogs and scumbags are performing.

  7. ky obviously has not been up close to ku li.

    otherwise he would have known that ku li does not have the brains to be pm.

    throughout his economic and political career he had either clever chinese advisors or had been carried by the flow.

    highly over-rated by a malysian public who have a dearth of good candidates to choose from.

    how about dr dzul?


  8. monsterball, if only you had taken the trouble to read my post carefully, you would have noted I did not personally endorse Ku Li as the leader/PM of a future Pakatan government, nor in any way did I indicate I won’t support him. Whichever, it’s my private choice and not for you to incorrectly aver.

    I have nominated him as The Malaysian for 2011 because of his political acceptability to PAS, DAP, PKR (in Anwar’s absence), the Malay heartland and royalty and even many UMNO old timers like Sakmongkol . He has good leadership potential and is trusted by many Malays, Chinese, Indians etc, and has the makings of Tunku Mark II. But as I stated, he must join Pakatan before he can present himself to us as the alternative PM of a future Pakatan govenment.

    Secondly, Wan Azizah did not and does not have the leadership potential to be a leader of Pakatan as shown by PAS’ easy exploitation & manipulation of her in 2004. The reality is she is an unwilling politician and only came in politics to save her husband from a longer jail term – I respect her for that wifely loyalty but that’s that, full stop. If she by some miracle becomes the PM of a future Pakatan government (god forbid that) she will again be exploited, manipulated and worst, controlled by her husband’s blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali.

    Anon of 4:54 PM, January 01, 2012, you must be new to my blog or you won’t say I am being cruel to Anwar Ibrahim for “deserting” him wakakaka. As PKR people will tell you, I have never been a supporter of Anwar Ibrahim; in fact I whack him regularly, though admittedly I’ve defended him a couple of times too wakakaka.

  9. "Now, intriguingly, the question is: could Ku Li be the best PM we will have?"..wrote KTemoc.
    Then he conclude...Wan Azizah does not have leadership potential...when Wan Azizah has not been tested yet.
    Naturally Lim Kit Siang can be a great PM...and don't tell Malaysian Chinese can be PM too.
    If DAP wins majority States and votes....amongst PR parties and PR governs..LKS is most qualified.

  10. Ku Li pass record speaks for himself.
    He is good to work from excellent Finance Minister..that's all period.
    Has he been tested as Home..or Education Minister?....NEVER!!
    So please forget about Ku Li.
    If he is ever a PM in the future under PR leadership...than Ku Li has created world record...trying to be BN ..then with his Semagat45 party..and then becoming one under PR.
    Then shows how stupid PR politicians are and should be voted out in 14th GE.

  11. How do you define your Malaysia of the Year?

    I suspect it is not in the lines of Time's "for better or for worse, ...has done the most to influence the events of the year."

    Ku Li did not do much in 2011 other than forming an NGO (what's it name?)

    He would be a POTENTIAL one in 2012.

  12. KTemoc,

    You may be right that am not too familiar with your stand on Dsai. But, am quite sure that he was the best alternative to most of us sometime ago. And, to me he still is. Unless of course if you consider his non-involvement in such plunders as the Mamak did to save his sons, the RM 250 mil NFC songlap, and the RM 12.5 bil PKFZ fiasco as something to his discredit in your evaluation of him. But, can't we be objective for once ??? GOOSTEE

  13. hi KT..Wan Azizah is loved and respected by all...even by BN members.
    Take note the RELUCTANT Mrs. Aquino who became Philippine's President...and all Philippinos suddenly unite as one.
    And her death...look at the all Philippinos cried with no shame.
    So KT...change over is about all the combinations of correcting hundreds of wrongs..and up front...Wan Azizah will command respects from even the worst BN crook.
    Like I said....Lim Kit Siang deserves more than capturing Penang.
    He has risked his whole life with no fear for Malaysians and country.
    Who can be a better PM than LKS?

  14. Ku Li quite likely is well liked by many Malaysians and he does seem like a pleasant person.

    But for him to be PM? He is already 74 years old ... that's like an opened can of soda left out too long. Where's the fizz?