Sunday, January 15, 2012

Najib + Anwar versus Dr M?

You know, many people have not been satisfied with the judge's ruling on Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial, even though it had worked out in favour of Anwar ........ so it then seemed.

Thus I've collated some pieces of blog posts on this particular dissatisfaction to present them here for your considerations.

Just a week ago RPK posted What is the new political scenario going to be like now?, where he wrote:

In my hati kecik (small heart), I actually wanted Anwar to be sent to jail. Maybe this is for very selfish reasons -- and that is so that I can be proven right and Haris Ibrahim proven wrong.

You see; Haris received some very distressing information from his Deep Throats very high up in the government. And that information is that Anwar had made a deal with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Anwar would be acquitted of the sodomy charge and in turn he would ensure that Pakatan Rakyat does not win enough parliament seats to form the next federal government.

How Anwar will do this was not revealed but if I had to mastermind something like that I would know exactly how to do it. And it would be so subtle that no one would smell a rat (and not by openly whacking Pakatan Rakyat or its leaders in the mainstream media, which is so obvious it would be the work of schoolboys).

Anyway, the only way Haris could be proven wrong with regards to the alleged deal between Anwar and Najib would be if Anwar were found guilty (though of course he can always appeal today’s decision and the Federal Court then overturns the lower court’s decision).

Granted the Prosecution too can appeal today’s decision and the Federal Court can find Anwar guilty and he can still be sent to jail at a later date. However, this can be the ‘back up plan’. In the event Anwar renegades on his deal, Najib can always take a second bite of the cherry.

But that is, of course, mere speculation and dependent on whether such a deal has, in fact, been made -- which my own Deep Throats tell me no deal has been made.

Invariably, I certainly believe my own Deep Throats, as I do not know who Haris’s Deep Throats are. Hence I told Haris that my Deep Throats tell me that his information is not correct, much to Haris’ relief (who also believe my Deep Throats as well).

When I read it, I suspected it as RPK’s backhanded way of telling us there was a deal done, by quoting Haris Ibrahim as the source though with him (RPK) dismissing that conspiracy theory, wakakaka.

I have to admit that initially I thought the conspiracy theory might be just a wee far fetched.

Then a few days after that, I read the post of Mohd Arshad Raji, a pro Pakatan blogger introduced to us on his blog mind NO EVIL as 'a retired army officer who believes in justice for all and hates liars and apple polisher, and (rightly) believes that all members of AF must be free of corrupt practises'.

His article, which caught my attention and made me re-think and thus reconsider what RPK had posted, was Why was Anwar really aquitted?

His post in full is as follows:

The judge gave a simple explanation that the DNA sample could have been contaminated. He could have come to this conclusion a long time ago and decided then that there was no case to answer. However, he did not do that and instead said that Anwar had a case to answer and hence the trial.

Remember also at one stage Anwar wanted the judge to be replaced because the judge had made comments that implied that Anwar was guilty. In any democratic country the case would have been thrown out based on the evidence presented.

Saiful even admitted that it was consensual sex so they change the charge. Saiful even had an audience with the PM to discuss this case – of course PM said he met Saiful to discuss about his scholarship!

Everything was pointing to a conviction by hook or by crook. Surprise, surprise the judge decided to acquit Anwar. What made the judge make a 180 degree turn around? Now, all the ministers and the good old Doc is saying, “there is no such thing as interference with the judiciary system”.

They must think we were born yesterday. Anwar was the biggest threat to UMNO and they are doing everything they can to hang on to power. So why was he acquitted?

So far I have not seen any pictures in the internet about the heavy presence of the FRU like they had the Bersih rally. I even got the impression that there was not much police presence. It is as if they knew that he was going to be acquitted.

I would guess that 90% of people would have thought that Anwar would have been convicted for a case that should not have gone to trial in the first place.

To me this verdict smells. What is the real answer why he was acquitted? Did Anwar do a deal? I am not debating the issue whether Anwar was guilty or not. To me the more interesting take from this is why was the decision so contrary to everyone’s expectation?

Let’s keep an eye on Anwar’s behavior from now onwards. Let’s wait and hear the things Anwar talks about from now onwards.

His first words after the acquittal was he is surprised and vindicated – “We have an agenda. Will focus on elections”. Hmmmmm.

Today I read Anwar’s Acquittal – What Are The Hidden Messages? at a blog called wakakaka Corrupted Barisan Nasional

Relevant extracts follow:

By now everybody in Planet Earth knows de-facto opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has been acquitted on a charge of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in 2008. The acquittal surprises many people – from opposition parties, Najib administration, former premier Mahathir and even Anwar himself. But was Anwar really surprised with the verdict? For a person who was about 90% to be sent behind bars for the second time for the same sodomy charge, Anwar doesn’t seems to be the happiest person in comparison to his wife, daughters, the thousands cheering crowds and his buddies from the opposition parties.


The judge in delivering his short two minute acquittal verdict gave a simple explanation that the DNA sample could have been contaminated and hence he could not rely on the controversial DNA evidence submitted by the prosecution, before disappearing into his chamber as if he was constipated. This despite the fact that Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah ruled back in May 2011 that Mohd Saiful was a “credible and truthful witness”. The furious Anwar and his legal team applied to replace the judge as he prejudged before the trial concluded. So, it was surprise that only now the same judge realized there was no case after all.


The answer: the acquittal verdict could be a last-minute decision. To get together the jigsaw puzzle, let’s revisit the past articles. This article “Resign Or Snap Election For Najib, Here’re The Reasons“, talks about the power struggle within UMNO between PM Najib and the 3M-Team led by his mentor Mahathir. Of course Najib didn’t resign nor call for a snap election because he found a temporary workaround – balancing the power by inviting a third force into the equation hence the article “Romance Of Three Kingdoms – Najib, Mahathir & Anwar“.

[...] yadda yadda yadda

Sensing Najib was dragging his feat in Anwar’s sodomy trial, Mahathir tried tostage a comeback by putting his hands in everything from political to economic issues. This put Anwar in high alert as in “Anwar And Opposition Are Worried – Mahathir Is Back” article. But it wasn’t only Anwar who was worried about Mahathir’s sudden active manoeuvres. Najib was equally worried that the old master tactician started gathering supporters openly especially from UMNO warlords. It seems there was silent power struggle as well as alliance talksamong three persons right to the moment before the judge announces the verdict – Najib, Anwar and Mahathir.

Maybe that explains the flip-flop about the police’s rally permit which demanded the sudden 10 conditions after granted it, not to mention the unexpected explosions plus the rush by the (reluctant) judge in delivering the verdict. Maybe someone very powerful inside UMNO tried to create havoc hoping to use it as weapon to gain absolute power and force PM Najib to resign. One has to remember Najib is still surrounded by many warlords who may be dropped as candidates in the next general election.
With a last-minute secret alliance brokered between Anwar and Najib, Mahathir’s power is clipped and this provides a balance of power amongst them.

Wow, that's at least two pro Pakatan bloggers having the same suspicions as (from RPK's post) Haris Ibrahim's Deep Throats. If true, the happenings have more twists than Arumugum’s murukku.


  1. Arumugum's muruku even with its many twists is fragrant but this acquittal stinks, if the conspiracy theories are true!!
    Well, we'll see soon enough with GE13 round the corner!!
    Not too difficult a task for Anwar really, with PKR in shambles, he just have to sit on his responsibilities of whipping the PKR into shape to face the UMNOputras!!

  2. KT,this posting is twice as long as the previous one.Penang lang kong 'thau khak tua' um see 'lam phar tua'.

  3. KT,the title Najib+Anwar vs Dr M.

    How to do,lah.Najib quit Umno to join PKR and become DPM,mana boleh lah kawan.Or Anwar quit PKR to join Umno and become DPM,pun tak boleh,lah.

    Conspiracy theory.Maybe.A secret deal.maybe.Always maybe.So let's leave it at that,and maybe in time the truth will come out.And when that time comes and the truth is revealed,than maybe its to late to do much for maybes.

  4. Don't rock the boat
    The ameeno leaders scream
    They don't tell you reasons
    They just want you to follow

    The institution of learning
    The subtle training manuals
    The planted teachers rule
    “I tell you, you don't ask questions!”

    The kindergarten children
    They are cowed to submission
    At the tender age facing authority
    The brain washing has begun

    The children believe what their teachers say
    The parents aren't the ones to believe
    The seed of planting submission is laid
    So don't rock the boat they preach

    Lucky for the people
    When they grow up they know
    They use brains to differentiate
    They dare to rock the boat!

  5. Why is it so difficult to accept that those in power just awoken to the fact that this whole bloody case is a liability to them. Sending Anwar to jail would be disastrous to them not only domestically but internationally. Acquitting Anwar in their minds is probably the lesser of the 2 "evils".

    Midway through the case, they just realized that they should not have started it in the first place. Things just got haywire and the "conspiracy" was falling apart. Too many questionable loose ends and contradictions!So they thought they could salvage it by announcing a not guilty verdict and try to score some points - if not for anything realizable, at least for the integrity of the judiciary.

    It's like doing too little to late. But of course, conspiracy theorists are aplenty in this country. Didn't Karpal opined that Anwar would be acquitted just a couple of days before the verdict? If Anwar was convicted, faith in the courts would have been an absolute zero because even those marginally-witted could see the inconsistencies of the sham trial. Itu aje !!


  6. The case stinks to high heaven.

    Siful should foot all the bills of the prosecution which includes the prosecutors salary, allowances and other emoluments. This is his personal fight, of course orchestrated by Umno. Why should the public be made to pay for the cost of the prosecution just to protect his arehole. He should have taken care of his arsehole, if at all his allegation has any basis.

    I hope some activist or politician out there file a civil suit against Siful and all the prosecutors to claim back the public funds wasted in this stupid case. Yusoff and his prosecutors should have taken no-pay leave and be paid by Siful during the entire proceedings which is to promote Siful's personal interest. Public interest has not been served at all by this stupid prosecution,

  7. Come to twisting...confusing leave it to political blog owners. They are the best.
    Accusing and rumor mongering...they are even better.
    Selling out their services the highest bidder are their common objectives.
    So read and enjoy....never ever believe their words re gospel truth.

  8. kor Punsing yang...cheong hei lui...sukat sai yen..kow yen.
    Tak yang chern.
    Translation..."This Penang bloke..long to insult and teach irritating man...make people hate him."

  9. On the same day of the court decision, Anwar flew off to India in the afternoon for the interview with the Indian media. Interesting, did he know of his "not guilty" decision on an earlier date. This is really smells....all bloody typical politicians....just cannot Trust these politician bastards

  10. You are giving them too much credit that they can carry out this conspiracy. Not likely they can control so much the course of actions, plus keeping it a secret.

  11. You may have a point there for consideration. I felt that Najib had already neutralize Mahathir and Muhyddin, when the Sharizat fiasco came out in the open. He could have stopped the announcements by the AG.With the support of the wanita down Muhyddin was of no use to Mahathir. Still the verdict could stink unless the pressure was from the international group.

  12. Najid uses Anwar to pitch against UMNO+M as he is back against the wall to resign. So what does he do? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So Najib does that and buying time to do a last minute work where he will step down and let his DPM take the blame for UMNO fall and collapse, and he will do a disappearing act to some hola holacountry and enjoy himself with all those billions.

  13. Are you trying to create a situation between Anwar and Pakatan for Anwar to backstab its supporters would be noticed. Especially now when he is riding that wave of popularity he does not need to make deals. To jail Anwar would have a disastrous affect on Barisan at home and abroad.

  14. First I wonder why was that Muruku there? Then after reading your master-piece, I salute you. So apt.
    Let Haris and RPK both eat the Murukus.Their speculations are too far-fetched. Tak masuk akal.
    Reading PR lickers like Din Merican's blog made for good laughs too. They even say Najib is a coward and that is why he lari to South Africa.
    And horor of horors, they theorised it was Muhyiddin who urged Anwar's release with Mahatahir's blessing. Kahkahkah.
    Who in UMNO or BN would think of negotiating with Anwar. He is not a man who can be believed. Cannot pakai, like the Malays said.
    As for us, on the street people, we believe Anwar is guilty as sin.
    Look at his face. His air muka is not the face of a victor. But a face of orang noda (sinful perdon).
    But we are happy he is free. Because we covet our peace.
    There were explosions. Think how many lives were lost if Anwar is convicted.
    We leave it to God to one day show us Anwar is evil. That he is not what he seems.
    I am so glad Saiful's father wants an appeal soon. He knows they cannot fight big-shot Anwar, but justice must be done.
    They have lost everything so it's alright they fight until the last recourse.

  15. Buttercup is saying Anwar is so powerful.
    What when Anwar is PM?...super duper powerful?
    God shows Anwar is evil?
    God's living messenger has said Mahathir is devil reincarnated....not one word from him...true or false and defend his hero.
    They meaning PR parties..have lost everything.......hahahahahahahaha....this Buttercup's cup is leaking...gone coocoo.

  16. Anon 3.48 PM...great observation. Great conclusion.
    You are one of the smart Malaysian.
    Buttercup is an idiot and the blog owner simply love to fan for trouble...getting Buttercup confused..conceited and bewildered.
    It's like getting drunk...waking up..cup is filled with buttery yum yum stuffs...don't know he did and not pay..for his/her butter and bread.

  17. If AI is convicted, Najis can be assured that what happened in 1999 GE will happen again in 13th GE; except there will not be any Chinese votes to save the many Barisan Najis's assess this time around.

  18. KT
    When LGE said that if PR take Putrajaya ,God's gift will still be the PM even if he is incarcerated, I almost fell off the floor laughing . Guess LKS's son got a better theory or hunch than RPK or Haris. Twisted muruku or folded love letter, take your pick.

  19. Haven't read so much monster-bull for a long time

  20. Yes..Anwar...dead or alive will be PM.
    I guess Buttercup is blinking ....don't know what that mean.

  21. Nothing to say?...Kanineh?..just make sure your name Ling Liong Sik's wife...rushing out to hug Chong make sure her face appear in TV?
    And look at Rosmah...what a worried and sickly face she has.
    The guilt have finally seep into her escape....she knows it too well.

  22. Actually, this looks more like Sikander Kutty a/l Kutty Muhamad's putu mayam than Arumugam's marukku. Please, Arumugam is many times more innocent than the fiendishly evil Sikander Kutty! Yes, there is conspiracy involved here, and I suspect that it's Monsterball, who's got his b____s stuck at the door when KT slammed it on him (thus making them swell to monstrous size), which eventually led to the judge acquitting Anwar. Far-fetched? Illogical? Look: nothing in Malaysian politics or legal system is far-fetched or illogical! ;)

  23. Can't blame Arumugam talking that way.
    Must have too many glasses of compounded whiskey{imitation whiskey...not real stuff}..on this small Indian festival day.
    No one dares to touch my balls...unless I give getting a fantastic balls servicing the balls to keep them healthy and well.
    So many drunkards now.
    Why....sick of life jilted...or just plain alcoholic.

  24. "So far I have not seen any pictures in the internet about the heavy presence of the FRU like they had the Bersih rally. I even got the impression that there was not much police presence. It is as if they knew that he was going to be acquitted."

    You gotta be kidding. I wa sthere at 4.30 a.m. and so were some Bernama and Mkini reporters. You should have seen truckload after truckloa of FRU and patrol car after patrol of car of policemen who made their way early to the roads behind the court.

    I was told that 1,000 enforcers in toal were deployed and the figure could be as high as 3,000 vs an eventual public crowd of 10,000. The public were not allowed into the grounds of the court at all!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  25. Monsterball,no matter what buttery juice and scenario Umno's lovelies are sprewing,they forget that ABU'S FUC...G STEAMROLLER is now on cruise control.Anwar or no Anwar this ABU'S FUC...G STEAMROLLER will go full steam,steamrolling and crushing Umno/BN into pulp on polling day.

    Just look at Umno wanita head,Shahrizat.She is now on forced vacation.A percusor to her handing in the letter.The curtains are coming down for Sharizat.Soon Umnoputras will be falling down one by one like ninepins.

    At the rate revelations are coming out about Umnoputras on the take,come election day there will not be any candidates left on PM Najib's winnable candidates list.

  26. Correct assessments of the present situation....Bruno.
    PR is in cruise doubt about it.
    Once the rouges talk too much...out come all PR leaders pledging no corruptions in PR Govt and anyone caught will be sack....clear and straight forward promise..a direct shaming Najib and his crooked government.
    It looks like..13th GE..PR candidates need not talk too much.
    All they need is to keep promising no corruptions..if they are elected.
    Keep drumming .."NO CORRUPTIONS with PR Govt."...and that will shut BN candidates mouths.
    S simple to win PutraJaya Chong Wei...had the easiest win in the Malaysian delightfully predictable...result.
    That's cruise control result too.
    PS: Notice Buttercup aka Anon 2.06 extremely quiet?


  27. hi Bruno...long winded KT message is confusing la.
    The more I read...the more I get groggy.
    Imagine..."Romance of the Three Kingdom"...putting out....Mahathir..Najib and Anwar as the 3 Kings.
    Why can't he say...2 against 1 mother of all battles.
    Then muruku also got Buttercup confused.
    We have Cicak-Man..but KT is Rojak-Man...Lim Kit Siang..Rocket-Man...Aziz Holy-Man..and Anwar..definitely...Powerful-Man...and we know..who is Cup-Man and Arm Chair Critic Man..don't we.
    We are the Dynamic Duo..the Kick Ass Men in this blog.

  28. kt,

    still at your anwar rejoin UMNO conspiracy?

    last nite over dinner, this oldman swore DAP will replace MCA as mate for UMNO! He is so cocksure that he is prepared to bet big with me. this will take place after GE13. HMmm..I missed my chance for a couple of good whisky-single malt of course from him.

  29. Bruno..can you understand what the shit Anon 11.33PM is talking about?
    KT's have more than usual crazy nuts here.
    I guess...a NUT do attracts other nuts.

  30. Monsterball,you are totally correct.What anon 11:33 pm is saying is describing about his dreams,maybe a crush on Anwar?Hahaha.Good night,buddy.

  31. And I also firmly believe that Elvis Presley is alive and well and living under an assumed name in Kajang while keeping a low profile and running a satay joint called El's Presidential Class Satay.

  32. Talk, talk and talk... nothing much to gain.. just to satisfy our 'hati'

  33. Bruno,
    Spare Kaytee laa.....He is suffering the disease called Salim disease. Watch "Don't mess with the Zohan". In that show, Salim was traumatised when his beloved goat is taken away by Zohan, Isreali. Ever since Salim saw Zohan in New York, he tried to hentam the Zohan

    Do watch the show! Ya!

  34. looes74,
    Thanks.But where to watch the show.
    On tv or at the cinema.

  35. Wow! I was thinking the same... But my version is Triple M (Mahathir, Mukhriz and Muhiddin) vs NAK (Najib, Anwar & KJ)... Even Papagomo has been attacking Najib lately....

    So, indeed, GE13 will be d dirtiest GE in Malaysian history...

  36. I have DAP friends, though not of the LKS/LGE camp, who strongly suspect UMNO will do a deal with DAP after GE13 and bring DAP into the ruling coalition.

    I think the theory has as much merit as Ktemoc's speculation about a Najib + Anwar deal, don't you think ?

  37. Rocketman, alas, you're like monsterball who shoots off accusations without actually reading my post - let's be very clear, though it's kaytee's blog and post, it's not kaytee's speculation of a Najib-Anwar deal; it's those of 3 bloggers, 2 of whom are pro pakatan. I merely present them here, wakakaka.

  38. KTemoc...How to understand?
    You are so smart and I am so stupid and I get groggy reading your long long comment with so many bombastic words.
    Not yourself taking but merely put out 3 bloggers ideas here? for the money...2 for the show?
    Yours is the mos exciting blog...that to the biggest bullshitter....Raja Petra Kamaruddin....fantastic story teller that can fool..move...Malaysians to do anything....but his personal character ...all exposed by himself...through his frustrations..disapiontments...selfishness.. will power are not even close to to compare that with Anwar the Great? remind me of my nutty school HM...who talk all nonsense to earn a living.
    Cut your messages much shorter.....write with simple English...don't show will be Blogger the Great...all will love you...not only Buttercup.

  39. Rocketman...don't let Imagine Man {KT} guide you to the riverside and high 5 you.
    Buttercup will be fuming mad.
    And when Bruno wakes my reply to NON 2.06 at previous post..he must hint back to me...have I done my job well.

  40. Rocketman,

    DAP will not make a deal with Umno,just for the sake to be in the federal government.As long as Kit Siang and Karpal are still in DAP,this will never happen.If it was just for federal posts DAP is after,Kit Siang and Karpal would have been ministers many times over.And my personal opinion is that LGE will follow his father's footsteps.I sincerely hope that will be the case.

  41. KT,so you are back after taking such a long break.Recharging your energy for a rematch with my matey,monsterball,I guessed.Did you get my message not to post such long articles.There should be only a maximun of words that you are able to post.Monsterball and myself are getting kadang kabut trying to figure out what is being posted.cheers.

  42. Monsterball,it is good you show anon 2:06 who is the boss when I am asleep or not around.That is the way to go.We have KT's backing to do the pushing around.

  43. I failed in my School and changed school..passed with flying colors..known as ...most intelligent student..great organizer of picnics...with bus loads..for all schools...males and females...where some got married to each other...having wonderful life...because of my picnics.
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    I like Special Service...I gave to all sweet young all grand mothers.....and not one ever complained.....hahahahahahaha
    Where the fuck is that braggart....Anon2.06?
    I know his hospitalized..nursing his cup...soooo painful...trying to be too smart...befriend a heavy weight like Mike Tyson.
    Get well soon..Buttercup.
    After 13th GE...I will be your friend.....OK?
    Right's TRAITORS against PATRIOTS...and the fence sitters SUCKS!! bloody selfish...what kind of men are those?
    Female fence sitters?...I describe them....KT will say I am so uncultured.
    I don't know how to beat around the smart smart smart KTemoc.

  44. are awake.
    Yes Bruno...I do KNOW KTemoc is a damn nice witty fella.
    I can never forget he resigned as my Pope...complaining not salary...for his job.
    And his cartoon post on me in the boxing ring with Big Dog running away....that makes me laugh alot.
    I do have a memory an elephant.
    KTemoc irritates me as much as he likes...all OK...except I may get very angry and fire back..if that's OK with him too.
    After joke no son.

  45. Half of what KT wrote to Rocketman...make sense.
    Half using me as an example..SUCKS!!
    "Oh Lord..please don't let me be misunderstood"....sing KT .like an animal..just like RPK...when caught with his pants down.
    How can a nice guy like influenced by snakes and yummy yummy cup?
    One for the show...the other for personal pleasure.

  46. Got to go shopping for CYN...7 grand children waiting for grandfather nice presents and angpows.
    Pokai ...after CNY.
    Thank god I got a money tree and got help Anon 2.06...sure pokai like me...but no money tree to turn around to slog and save all over again.
    My cars road tax cost me a fortune...cost me more than the resale values..but that's all done...last week..even before road tax expires.
    Anon2.06 may have strange visitors with a lorry nice evening...before CNY to load up his car..installments not paid for few months.
    Braggarts like to show off..pocket money. money...suck suck suck...all money problem solved..with great tips...if the sucking can get rid of all the shit from the holes stuck the hard and the .....the....the....TOILETS!! you this time KT.
    See U all...few hours later.

  47. Bruno, back in Singapore, one great man, goh Keng swee expects civil servants to write in simple English.i am absolutely sure his England even more powderful than his. Idea to get message. As for the show, you can't watch in Malaysia tv channel or cinema. Download from Internet. The ending''s good. Palestinians & Israelis reunite to fight against the real enemy

  48. KTemoc..did you tread what "loose74" said?
    Smear Anwar...smear have to bear both our sins in said PAS Spiritual leader.
    I dare you to make fun at Nik I do to Mahathir.

  49. SS Goh - Sexual Sicko Goh

  50. hhhhmmmm...more titles.
    Condo go go go fuck spider.

  51. Najib wants to get rid of Hatir?

    Simple, just send Saiful to be his coffee-boy. Just make sure Hatir's dna is applied thoroughly in Saiful's anus horribilus

  52. Hey you smart guys,it's a deal to save najib n Rosmah's asses,it's simple really,as Steadyaku47 says,Najib tries to change Umno(well at the same time make as much money as possible,DSAI did that too when he was Finance,remember Abrar)Najib n DSAI together can cancell Mahathir n gang,do the deal with DSAI for the nextGE14,while he tries to cleanup Umno n Mahatahi's warlords,threaten to investigate/charge them,you'll see how fast they change side,with that done,reshuffle cabinet,pasturized Mahyuddin,sent Muhriz to the padi fields n other Mahathir's cronies,charge them all but leave najib n family/cronies alone,come GE14,have a joint govt,by then Umno/Bn will be much more cleaner,it's always Mahathir n him alone that started all these,bring in Ku li as advisor or something,that should work,for at this moment,PR is in disarray,wondering down a blind alley,get Nurul or someone to tackle the youth that will be voting come GE13,it's their generation n their ballgame now,we old folks just take aback seat n guide them,LGE,Pak Nik.Karpal ecetera2,sort of guidance council