Friday, January 13, 2012

Marking RPK's final assignment

RPK shares with us his final assignment (maximum 1000 words) for his Oxford course in Philosophy of Religion. He selected the topic of What is a religion?

As usual, RPK has written well and in an interesting way, subtext included wakakaka. Yes, we could nitpick here and there but generally it flows well. However, there is a sentence that I believe won’t be accepted, that is, from an academic point. It’s likely to invite a red inked question mark (with lecturer’s comment: “you did not explain why!”) on the right hand margin of his paper.

I refer to the 3rd last paragraph which went as follows:

Had freedom of choice been allowed and had no one been forced to adopt the religion of his/her political masters, there is no guarantee that, say, Islam would be the dominant religion of the Middle East. Most likely the majority in the Middle East today would be Zoroastrians. The Nestorian/Coptic Christians plus the Jews of the Middle and Near East also faced persecution and were forced to embrace either Islam or the Roman version of Christianity.

The sentence is “Most likely the majority in the Middle East today would be Zoroastrians”!

In academic papers one can’t toss in an assertion like that without explaining why one believes so – in other words why does RPK claim such?

He could have stated, just as an example (with subtext included as well wakakaka):

Zoroastrianism was the state religion of Persia, which was the dominant superpower around 600 to 500 BCE, thus conferring enormous prestige on that belief and its practice.

symbol of Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism was not unlike the Abraham-ic faith which subscribes to monotheism. But Zoroastrianism did not support monasticism, which (based on our experiences) was a plus for the religion, because that would have omitted the most powerful but insidious element and its corrupting influence in any religion, the priesthood/monkhood wakakaka.

Without priests introducing their man-make (not God’s) laws of ‘prohibitions and punishments’, it would have kept the religion uncorrupted, simple and of love (rather than fear) and thus a joy to embrace.

There were two practices in Zoroastrianism which put it on par with the more atheistic Buddhism, namely, there was to be no proselytizing, which today would have prevented many heartaches in Malaysia, nor was slavery permitted, which would have made Malaysians more considerate, caring or at least careful of how they treat their Indonesian maids, wakakaka.

The no-slave policy was why Cyrus the Great released the First Diaspora Jews who were slaves in Babylon, from their Babylonian lords and allowed them to return to Judah.

Cyrus the Great

Bloke left such a lasting legacy on the Jewish religion through his Edict of Restoration, he is referred to by the people of the Jewish faith, as "the anointed of the Lord" or a "Messiah”, the only gentile so honoured by Jews as a Messiah, ever, and immortalised forever in the Bible.

"I will raise up Cyrus in my righteousness: I will make all his ways straight. He will rebuild my city and set my exiles free, but not for a price or reward, says Yahweh Almighty." - Isaiah 45:13, and

"In the first year of King Cyrus, Cyrus the king issued a decree: ‘Concerning the house of God at Jerusalem, let the temple, the place where sacrifices are offered, be rebuilt and let its foundations be retained, its height being 60 cubits and its width 60 cubits; with three layers of huge stones and one layer of timbers. And let the cost be paid from the royal treasury. ‘Also let the gold and silver utensils of the house of God, which Nebuchadnezzar took from the temple in Jerusalem and brought to Babylon, be returned and brought to their places in the temple in Jerusalem; and you shall put them in the house of God.’ - Ezra 6:3-5

Without Cyrus' benevolence there won't any 2nd Diaspora or Israelis in this world. I suppose this explains why Zionist Israelis today are the ungrateful feral beasts they have become for wanting to bomb Persia (now known by its modern name, Iran); maybe they want to erase a 2,500-year old I.O.U, wakakaka.

The Israelis’ ingratitude is exactly like that of their hero, the adulterous murderous King David who deliberately sent his most loyal general, Uriah, to the forefront of the battle to be killed because he (David) bonked Uriah’s wife and made her pregnant while the poor soldier was fighting valiantly for his King.

Beasts reward generosity and loyalty with adultery, murder and deaths!

Cyrus' tomb at Pasargadae, Iran

Cyrus the Great was a great bloke who respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered (remember, no proselytizing permitted in Zoroastrianism). He founded the Achaemenid empire, which was very successful in its centralized administration that worked to the advantage and profit of its subjects.

History tells us that Cyrus is well recognized for his achievements in human rights, politics, and military strategy such that his influence is felt in both Eastern and Western civilizations.

Cyrus' Achaemenid Empire

Surely, with such a liberal religion under such an awesome and benevolent ruler, people of the Middle East, if they had the freedom of choice, would have willingly embraced Zoroastrianism, making the followers the majority in the Middle-East.

It would have screwed up RPK’s limit of 1000 words, but WTF, I enjoy helping him wakakaka.


  1. Wah, your grasp of the Persian Empire is admirable (admirably British? hahahah).

  2. "However, good and bad are subjective and different religions have different value systems (e.g., the concept of Jihad, suicide squads, and the killing of apostates in Islam)."
    In other words, relative. So, I will give him an F for this paper. Why?
    Relative ma.

  3. eh? mb got meeting meh? so quiet one on friday the 13? or having wedding dinner? or hiding from jason

    a little quiet leh...

  4. KT,how many times have your comments posting reach a century.It is difficult if you ask me without our buddy Monsterball's participation.Cheers.

  5. secretly he may be zoroitsm *however u spelt it( high priest reincarnate

  6. Whether one wants to admit it or not, decades of Mahathirism have corrupt virtually everyone, even those who now shout ABU ! ABU !

    Bruno might shout ABU but like Doc M, he too seems to subscribe to this 'more is better', to hell with quality. The good old Doc's thinking is that if the number of bumi passes in schools is not impressive enough, then the lowering of passing mark should do the job, and presto ! suddenly we have every year literally hundreds of bumi students scoring with a string of straight A's.

    So, to those with such thinking, it is perfectly ok to have KT's site filled to the brim with crass comments from odious old gasbags, as long as the numbers look good !

    Actually, Monsterball have been making the rounds in the blogsworld and recently alighted upon KT's site, most likely thinking to make mincemeat of KT who is not exactly kissing the very ground upon which Monsterball's hero walks on.

    Alas, his machineguns are outgunned, having crossed more than one 'line of decency', wakakaka.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  7. Anon 2:06am

    Sometimes one has to take well intended things or greetings whatever it is,whether you agree or not to agree with good humour.

  8. One who quote from the Old Testaments to talk the roots of religion SUCKS!
    Religions started from stone age era.
    And since one of my comment on religion offended Ktemoc...I just leave it at that...Stone age era.
    For that Anon 2.06am knows next to nothing.
    Knowledge is power and Anon 2.06am general knowledge is ZERO.
    The fact that he said.."Good riddance to bad rubbish" to me..shows how shallow his brain is.
    Lets see he comments on .."What is Religion"

  9. Bruno,

    I know you are one of Monsterball's buddies who is "all the way behind" him, wakaka, but my comment at 2:06 are made, contrary to your assertion, with good humour, albeit with a good sprinkling of hard-to-dispute facts.

    Oh, i see the reappearance of our dear Monsterball again...hehehe, very difficult to keep a good man down, right? Who said he left ?

    Welcome Monsterball, you are more bearable now when you cut out all those filthy name callings. Even when one disagree with someone else's political view, ( or any view for that matter ) there's no call to mow him down with a string of expletives and swearwords.

  10. You go fuck spider Anon 3.20AM.
    "Welcome Monsterball" if this is his blog.
    Braggart he is.
    I will give you tons of reasons to mow me down...provided you have the technique and strength to mow me down.
    "I see the reappearance" said that if I have gone.
    hi idiot...go and read the 100 comments....and see who is the one or me.
    Say you miss me to comment in this post la.
    hi..scumbag....get far far away from me...and high 5 with Buttercup.
    He desperately need a skunk like you for companionship.

  11. Bruno..where Anon 2.06am have the grey matters to absorb and understand intelligent humorous comments.
    He knows only.. Std 1 politics..and mostly by memorizing..and talk.
    He appears and project Arm Chair show he is smarter than me.
    This is a SERIOUS POST!...about religion...where some believe the very existence of our lives are created by a Super-star.
    Malaysians know who RPK is...and that long comments with so many bombastic words..not worth reading.
    Isaiah said this...Ezra said that..all from the Bible.
    Muslims and Christians think alike.
    Get any one to talk of the origin of religion....they will quote from the Bible or Koran.
    Get Scientists .experts in this subject to talk....the history is totally different.
    Get free thinker who has a passion to do research... and the closet to the truth..."What is a Religion?"
    Believing what RPK has written concerning religion...he is trying to win Christian and Muslim confidence in him.

  12. Monsterball,you are correct.Anon 2:06 am will have more grey matter,if you kept going after him non stop.Keep him on the defensive and grey matter will turn into white.Maybe then he will convert back to Buttercup or QD.

  13. Funny you should mentioned about RPK's "final" assignment. Given that the guy has laid down on the tracks willing for others BUT is he losing it?

    After having marked tons of papers, we can give an overal F-- (minus-lah, not the "F" word!!) to the guy. Considering that its an assignment to Oxford, no proper footnotes, critical analysis of the subject matter etc. Summary - long grandfather stories and definitely not academically convincing (we never said we agree or disagree with his view since religion for religion's sake is bad in any faith. That is why some more open minded Muslims advocate "dheen" rather that the letter of the law).

    However, our dear brother in arms RPK is trying to prove he still has it in him... well we are not sure this assignment has been helpful as his "final" parting shot. At least, after posting it, he understands that he should stick with what he knows best & that we can't all be the "jack or jack ass of all trades".

    By the way, nice coveraged on the Persian do...

  14. RPK as usual is just teasing you guys - so don't take it too serously. I'm playing along for fun too wakakaka

  15. KT,before RPK went into self exiled,I always or rather most of the time find his articles interesting for reading.It is like reading spy or dectective and thriller novels.But since he went to London his articles are rather dull or not that interesting.But I have never commented on his blog before as sometimes his writings are hard to believed.

    But since he came out screaming that Selangor Pakatan state government is corrupted to the core,with no iota of any evidence or facts,just empty accusations,I seldom went to his blog anymore.

    Whether he is with PR or Umno is irrelevant as one man is no river.But blowing hot steaming air into the cool chilly skies make no sense either.

  16. There were two kids playing & shoving each other on the playground. Each time, they pushed, "its for fun-lah, don't get so serious!" After a while, the joke was over and it wasn't getting funny anymore - we get the rift.

    After opening his blog to all & sundry.. we must admit that the racist language started to get rough by anyone's standards (bad side of the Malaysian or should we say human nature let loose unbridled). Then he huff & puff, then blew the whole house down... Sadly, his strongest rejoiner was to call every Chinese in Malaysia a son of a whore. How does it make it different from the other racist bigots in the comment section? Two wrongs don't make it a right. Tit for tat..

    I think since then, he lost his marbles and its been a slippery slope, then culminating in his "magnum opus" in Singapore.

    We still want to believe in him, so better not throw in something so "final" like this. Don't believe, look at the comments on the assignment from the prof. after it gets graded.

  17. It surprises me that you can quote the Isaiah 45 passage without realizing that:

    1) Isaiah lived about 150 years before the birth of Cyrus

    2) Isaiah named Cyrus even before he was born

    3) Isaiah predicted Cyrus would be a King

    4) Isaiah predicted this yet to be born person called Cyrus would release the Jews back to Jerusalem

    5) Why, the Jews were not even in captivity yet!!!

    Speaking of incomplete explanations by others, you too failed.

  18. Wang Tak, we have to be (religiously) brave to appreciate this cold truth.

    Even though the book of Isaiah was written long before (about 120 years) the rule of Cyrus, modern biblical scholars are convinced that the passages mentioning Cyrus as the saviour of the Babylonian Judeans (not yet Jews) were added by a Judean author after the end of Babylonian captivity, as if they were pre Babylonian prophecies wakakaka.

    A careful scrutiny/study of the book of Isaiah will show evidence of, for example, mention of the destruction of Israel in the near future while another passage would talk about it as in the past, etc. These inconsistencies had attracted the attention of scholars and their conclusions.

    Biblical scholars inform us that the bible (Old Testament) was written during the Judeans’ captivity in Babylon so a wee amendment/addendum to their history, post release by Cyrus to show heartfelt appreciation to their Persian Messiah, was only natural.

    It’s called journalistic license, not unheard of in Malaysia wakakaka.

  19. Don't care two hoots about RPK. More so when he talks about religion. Don't even know his religion. Wakakaka.
    Mr Ball is again ranting and raving.
    Never fail to talk about me like an unrequited lover.

  20. Mr.Ball...maker of "Ball" watches read and say to himself.."Who is this Malaysian lunatic talking cock about me"
    One lunatic Najib is enough. Is this his son?
    I will catch you..toss you up ..spin you a yoyo...than pass to Anon2,60 am.. to do whatever he wants with you.
    Any free cup for the offering...that Anon will never refuse.....hahahaheheehehahahaha
    RPK?....When all fire on...KT said he is making fun at Malaysians.
    I guess he fucked Anwar is also making fun at Malaysians too?

  21. Buttercup said I am ranting and raving.
    That's why he left....putting out a sad sad comment..looking for tea and sympathy from KT.
    Buttered his creamy and yummy..ate all the juices...happy happy..back here...crying pout loud..."I WANT MORE!" Oliver Twist..looking for a spanking....feeling hot hot..hand up...ready to high 5 blow KT crazy......waitng for KT's high note...yelling......."aiyayayaya"
    This not ranting and raving...idiot.
    This is story telling.
    Can you tell stories to make readers happy?

  22. I like the Book of Love..."Kamasutra"...the 34 ways of making love.
    All religion books make me sleepy.
    I actually read those dull books to make me sleep...and Pat's "Theology" book at toilet to make me release faster.
    This blog owner is a pain in the arse ...if he chooses to be nasty.

  23. By birth certificate says I'm "Cina" based on Malaysian government definition.

    However, on my maternal side, I have ancestors who were practicing Zoroastrians, descended of immigrants from India, but probably originaly from Persia somewhere in the dim past.

    I've never known much about the history of that part of my heritage, thank you for your interesting post.

  24. This Anon 2:06 here has a smidgeon of suspicion that that very civil and well-mannered Bruno found his release in his alter ego Monsterball.....going out of his way to egg our freedom fighter on, 'behind him all the way' heheh.....basically endorsing all the indiscriminate name-callings.

    What is it about mild-mannered man who themselves are polite and civil to the t but secretly and even openly revelling in the antics of characters their exact opposite? Superman and Clark Kent? although it is a stretch by any immaginative to even equate our Bola to Superman, wakakaka.

    Hi Bruno, saw you battling valiantly in Sak's blog.....ever so civil and buddy-buddy, with that Kampong Man and QD ( aka Buttercup over here). Like your style, man.

    Could tell you straight off you could 'debate and discuss' til the cows come home but you will not budge those two. They are implacable and true diehard Umnonists. It is a myth that only the rural heartland malays are staunch supporters of Umno, the main fallacious reason usually given being that they are ignorant and naive.

    You could see Gratitude with a big G dripping from every pore of Kampong Man, an engineer by profession with a thriving business of his own, to his god Doc M and people like him are serenely unperturbed by the massive plundering and corrupt-to-core practices in the current adminstration.

    Perhaps only when we turn Greece will they wake up, but even, they will rationalize their viewpoint, finding a thousand and one excuses....that's human nature.( Carnegie wrote that NOT a single criminal in all the prisons he visisted admitted to have committed any serious wrong-doing, especially those big-time convicted murderers).

    Here's Anon 2:06 signing off for now, whose grey mataters will NEVER turn white, no matter how buddy-buddy Bruno and his alter ego Monsterball keep on pummelling, wakakaka.

    Have a good day, guys. Cheerio

  25. Bruno...that idiot want to keep you in his good book.
    Me new title....."alter ego Monsterball"
    'alter" is where Gods of placed...depending on your beliefs...or where we go and kneel and confess all your sins...before being shot or hanged.
    "ego" is self praising....a braggart.
    Now compose his sentence again..."Monsterball is an alter braggart".
    What the fuck is that??
    I told you...this Anon is an Arm Chair Critic....with no brain..exactly like Chua Soi Lek...his Johore hero.

  26. Bruno...look!..he self praised himself like hell too..with bombastic words .explanations and brag his power of the English language where one needs to read and have a dictionary book besides him.
    A true good writer...writes with simple clear sentences...making readers enjoy reading...relaxing.
    Check all authors of great books....all not so smart as Anon 2.06....making millions with one book with simple English writing....but an idiot like Anon 2.06 will need to "Hit the Road" a salesman...or chase out by Jack.

  27. He is talking like a wise he will vote for change too...but these kind of guys...don't rely on their votes.
    PR have millions to spare ..where two-timers ..frog jumping will not mean a the foregone conclusion....that PR going to win big .

  28. Hi dear monsterball, come on, admit it, you have to use the dic too when you read KTemoc.....heeheehee, don't be shy.

    Kind of puzzled for a moment re your accusation of my using 'bombastic' words....was obliged to scroll back to check whch word/s which i have written that were beyond your grasp such that you have to resort to the good old dic.

    Have checked but still puzzled......unable to find any word/s which were deemed bombastic to you. Look man, i can't help it if your engrish not up to you read KT's next post where he deplores the standard of English and professionalism in our country, although i think he's talking about the young 'uns, not old foggies, as far as English is concerned.

    Hehehe, have a good day.

    Oops....almost forgot about your dig that i'm trying to butter up bruno, hehehe. Well, he's definately civil, well mannered, able to string his arguements sensibly without resorting to foul and filthy words....what's not to like eh? Unlike someone here, he's miles better. Geram ke? Just because he had pass out some negative remarks about me doesn't prevent me from seeing his good points and there really is no point going mengamuk and melenting like you whenever certain remarks doesn't please your ears.

  29. "where Gods of [sic] placed"

    altar, not alter!

  30. Bruno and I are a faceless ..nameless...shameless toad wants to be Bruno buddy.
    He reminds me of a salesman...being trained and copy like a saying...his products can do this...can do that...where customers don't care two hoots what they can do but what are beneficial to them and why should they buy them.
    Car salesman are mostly like that.
    Don't tell me...this Anon 2,06 is Proton Car Logistic Sale Representative...some time call...Area Sales Van delivery boys...with "Logistic Rep" name cards...great titles...simple jobs.
    The way Anon 2.06 writes...he is a lousy salesman that cannot last three months working for in International firms.
    First month after training...keep quiet and let him write the and question him..and listen to all the good news.
    Second month....question him again.
    All excuses for delay closing sales...KIV.
    Third month..simple sales target no achieved...sack the bugger.
    But Anon have a life long sales career Buttercup in govt. sacking as long as you are smarter than the bosses and most BN bosses are enjoying life..easy golf and Buttercup's cup.
    Anon 2.06 bragging ...putting out a message only Bruce Almighty can understand.

  31. yea need to correct my bad English.
    It's wellknown and young readers and vote for change is my main concern.
    I have too many teachers floating blogging...but not one keep parting knowledge to others.
    They prefer bury all they know in their graves..or perhaps they don't know and pretend to know. want to correct my spellings...then correct also my bad grammars and sentences composition.
    How about a Kopitiam fella like me have a debate with a smart guy like you on any subject you choose..concerning religion or daily politics.

  32. I don't read KTemoc comments every word like Anon 2.06.
    I glance through and can feel what he is talking about.
    Time is precious to me all my life.
    In blogging's kick supporters of BN asses I like most.
    Why do you think I choose the nick...."Monsterball"?
    From day one...I have been kicking all sorts of BN.two-timers...racists.
    Too bad if some of them are PR supporters. I still kick their asses not to show bad examples to young Malaysians.

  33. KTemoc....Are you ready to debate with me?
    I hate all my schools teaching me how to have no faults in life...where their faults are hundred times more than mine.
    My fantastic religious teacher got me mad...bragging all the time...but a man with many me...and I challenged him to talk souls..and khamamrs.
    He confessed to me..he is a religious teacher and not a holy man..and from that day onwards...he love me more than before.

  34. Biblical scholars are not necessarily bible believers, and have put forth all kinds of speculations against historical records of the bible. Archaelogical finds have over the last 100 years put much biblical scholars to shame for their speculations, among which include the claim the the Hittite people never existed, King David never existed or Pontius Pilate never existed. Too many to list here. Bible prophecies have been historically fulfilled in many instances, including the Isaiah predictions. There is no evidence to suggest that these passages were added in. All suggestions are speculations of the sceptic scholarly mind. There are even claims that Jesus never existed despite documented evidence from non Christian sources. These writers have been abusing their literary license. Wakakaka. The joke is on them.

  35. Wang Tak is talking my language without foul words.
    Chong Wei hentam kuat kuat..Chin Long seefat lau sai. ..last rubber game...21.14.
    I am ready to hentam some BN and bragging seefats here.
    Be it FOR or AGAINST...disturb Monsterball...all system go.
    "These writers have been abusing their literary license"..said Wang Tak...CHEERS!!

  36. Monsterball,we are buddies and we will stay as buddies,no matter what our critics say.Now all we have to do is unveiled anon2:06am find out who he is,and maybe have him converted to our side.What say you,monsterball.Cheers.

  37. Hi bruno,

    Glad to see ya here. Sudah bosan 'ngan monsterball lah....same old same old spewing from him, even his venom sudah lose its supposed sting, tak shiok lah....boriiing !

    Convert ? what convert? If you are talking about bringing me over from the dark side to PR, please be informed i have always been in the opposition camp since the time i could vote.

    What else to unveil about me eh? Am a malaysian male, 31 years old, exactly half of monsterball's 72, not inclined to religiousity and not very fond of hypocritical self-deceiving loudmouths.

    Here's cheers to buddyness. May the brotherly love b'tween you both flourish forever! Bromance here we come !


    Anon 2:06

  38. Bruno..Anon 2.06 giving info of his age...and a touch of his so call good character...but he appreciates loving kindness Malaysians.
    There is time to forgive and forget and you can see...sports do bring all Malaysians together.
    Even Mrs. Ling Liong Sik rushed and hug Lee Chong Wei.
    If she has a pretty sexy daughter...she will lay a trap to hook Chong Wei as she is wellknown to be the mastermind of her son's wealth..
    Chong Wei better stick to non politic parent's daughter.
    I bet you....his bosom buddy in badminton..Taufik Hadiyat love to see Wei marry a girl he recommends.
    "No nightclub" is the famous advise Lee Chong Wei give to sportsmen.
    I am so very happy to 2012...he beat Lin Dan and Chin Long.
    Now he will hut all critics he is not world No1.
    Sorry I got carried away..watching Chong Wei...humbled Chin Long.
    Notice...that Anon now register as "Anon 2.06" improvement from faceless with an identity.
    Something better than nothing...yea?
    To conclude....he maybe saved to support PR..but Buttercup is gone case.

  39. Good night...Bruno..KTemoc and all.
    Lets kick asses 10 hours later.
    Buttercup not commenting....not siok anymore.
    Anon 2.06 am...too dull and useless bugger.
    Buttercup...when he speaks...the blog rocks too...and I love to dance dance dance with BN clowns.
    You can say...Buttecup lights up my life...and KTemoc ....damn jealous.....hahahahahahaha

  40. Err....31 years old, NOT exactly half of monsterball's 72. Sorry for the maths error.

    Anon 2:06

  41. Monsterball, aiyaa KTemoc will sure get jealous one lah because you say Buttercup lights up your life so that means Buttercup will High 5 with you and then KTemoc will have no one to High 5 with!!

  42. Anon..252AM..."You light up my life" have many interpretations.
    One is...Buttercup actually keeping my blood pressure boiling hot..and circulation faster...thus making me feel younger.
    What you are thinking is one in love ...all all know...I hate B Buttercup and all BN supporters..even fence sitters...which are the make up their minds...bloody selfish blokes..thinking of their personal benefits only.
    For some..."You light up my life" can mean one use C4 light up her life..into pieces......hahahahahaha
    As we all know...KTemoc will take anything that's FOC.
    Buttercup itchy for him..after going so many rounds with others...high 5 him..he will accept with open zip.
    KTemoc is not the jealous Baginda Razak...share and share alike..with PM.
    The problem with Tiger Woods..he will tell all the cups to be loyal...only to him..and all think ...Tiger will marry one of them..someday..bullshitting everyone...with sad sad bed stories.
    Are you learning?
    Now I go back to bed.
    Each time I pee..and open the need fucking me or talking to me.

  43. Bruno...ANON 2.06 cannot add and subtract properly.
    If he wants to join our clique...he has to fuck Buttercup hard as a rock.
    PAS..MatSabu...founder of ABU...has revealed...many in UMNO b and in Govt services...police included...are secretly helping PR to topple UMNO b government.

  44. Wang Tak, you are a fundamentalist Christian believer, meaning you take every words in the Bible as the gospel truth (excuse the pun) so I don't see any point in referring you to the findings of biblical scholars many of whom are American and European Christians and of the Judahist faith. The Bible is known to be written by Davidic supporters in Babylon, around 530-ish BCE, though there were other sources that contradicted their staunchly pro-David accounts (David-ristas wakakaka).

    Staunch fundamentalist faith such as yours won't match with findings of scholarship.

    Incidentally, no one is so silly as to deny the existence of Pontius Pilate, as he's a historical figure in Roman history, independent of what the bible says.

  45. The Bible is known to be the biggest seller of false stories telling book.
    Not all who claim to be a faithful believer of any religion...faiths are what the say they are.
    Observe their selfishness will reveal many things.
    Some are sincere fanatics... generously doing good long as you belong to the same faith or religion they belong to.
    Forget about politicians using religions.
    I am talking about daily life human beings...and for that...Wang Tak is better than many....believing what he sees and not what he reads...for the world is full of shit and sad events always involving innocent lives dying for nothing.
    Yes...history have proven ...there was a Pontius Pilate....but who was he ..what was he actually cannot simply believe what the Bible say....for the biggest lie in the Bible is from the very first sentence.."In the beginning..God created the heaven and earth"
    The word God should be plural....and the Muslims believe everything the Christian says...including Jesus .a might Messiah...but not God Begotten Son.

  46. I quote again what KTemoc said.."RPK as usual is just teasing you guys...."
    Now all know why KT hates Anwar too....and a weird one like RPK have so many hero-worship him...including the so call "Zorro unmask" blogger.
    There is a limit to everything.
    Defending RPK now is fanning for trouble...and make sure your fan is made of steel.