Friday, January 27, 2012

New Quakers in Malaysia

I am sure you have heard of The Renaissance Man of Asia, wakakaka.

But there is a real renaissance developing in DAP, a renaissance of awareness by independent minded Malaysians of all ethnic groups, but specifically and specially Malays.

The word ‘renaissance’ in this post means a renewal of interest, rebirth, revival and even vigor in the politics of DAP, in other words a political renaissance for DAP.

OK, ‘renaissance’ has been defined well and good, but pray tell what significance does it have?

If there is a renewal, it must mean there was something in the first place, something that existed long ago, but is now re-awakening, being reborn and revived. Basically, there were already Malay members in the DAP ages ago, people like Ahmad Nor, Che Rose, my Penang kinfolk Zulkifli Mohd Noor, and several others.

In other words, while DAP should be elated that high profile Malays like Aspan Alias, Mohd Ariff Sabri, Hata Wahari, Tunku Abdul Aziz, Zairil Khir Johari and others have joined the party to promote, project and push policies of good governance a la C.A.T, and justice and freedom for all, it must not forget those Malay pioneers in DAP, and not just the equally high profile ones like Ahmad Nor but also those old timers like my Penang larng Zul Noor and more so, those who valiantly struggled against the UMNO juggernaut in earlier years and even lost their candidate deposits, like Che Rose of Perak and company.

DAP, while cherishing the present members and nurturing the future ones, please remember and respect the party Malay pioneers.

Now having saluted the DAP pioneers, on to the current ‘renaissance’ - recall my recent post
UMNO fears DAP beachhead where I narrated UMNO’s alarm of today's DAP to such an extent that it has now re-classified the Rocket Party as its principal foe, when once in its heydays of unbridled powers and take-Malaysians-for-granted arrogance, it sneeringly dismissed the DAP as only a kutu irritant and a MCA/Gerakan’s problem.

Now, it trembles in shock, anger and fear as it seeks to destroy the unprecedented DAP's beachhead in the heartland.

And as proof of this new UMNO fear, Aspan Alias wrote in The Malaysian Insider (TMI) that:

Khairy Jamaluddin, Ketua Pemuda Umno Malaysia, telah meminta DAP mengeluarkan senarai ahli-ahlinya dari kaum Melayu jika benar DAP sekarang sedang mendapat sokongan dari kaum Melayu.

[my translation, dodgy one lah wakakaka]: KJ, UMNO Youth Chief, demands that DAP releases a list of its Malay membership to prove it has the support of the Malays.

Khairy berkata setakat tiga orang Melayu yang menyertai DAP itu tidak melambangkan yang parti itu sudah diterima oleh orang Melayu.

[again my dodgy translation]: Khairy says 3 Malays joining DAP thus far don’t translate into the DAP being accepted by the Malays.

Aspan Alias (probably with a wry chuckle at the cacing called Khairy kena ABU (pun deliberatedly intended wakakaka) replied in the TMI’s article
Khairy Jamaluddin: Musuh saudara dalam Umno, bukan DAP — Aspan Alias:

Saya tidak yakin kenapa penyertaan orang Melayu di akhir-akhir ini menjadi isu dari Sabah hingga ke Perlis.

[my very loose translation]: Why make such a Malaysian mountain out of a molehill about Malays joining DAP recently?

Aspan continued: Saya hanya hendak memberikan komen yang pendek terhadap cabaran Khairy ini dan saya rasa boleh memberikan jawapan kepada kenyataan Khairy itu kerana saya adalah salah seorang dari orang Melayu yang telah menyertai DAP baru-baru ini.

[kaytee’s translation]:
I only want to provide a brief response to Khairy’s demand. I believe I can answer him because I so happen to be one of those who just joined DAP.

This was where Aapan drove the stake kau kau into the vampire's heart wakakaka.

Untuk pengetahuan Khairy DAP tidak membuat pengasingan ahli-ahlinya mengikut bangsa dan agama. Di dalam borang permohonan menjadi ahli tidak ada petak yang bertanyakan dari kaum apa pemohon-pemohon tersebut kerana sebagai sebuah parti yang memperjuangkan untuk semua tanpa mengira kaum dan budaya. Bangsa dan ethnik ahli-ahli tidak menjadi perkara penting.

[translation]: Khairy may wish to know that DAP doesn’t differentiate/segregate its members into classes in accordance with ethnicity or religion. The DAP’s membership application form doesn’t have a field [box] to indicate the applicant’s race, for the bloody* reason DAP is a party which represents and fights for all regardless of their racial origin or culture. The ethnicity of its members is no big deal.

not Aspan’s word; just kaytee taking blogger’s licence to spice it up a wee bit wakakaka

Bravo Aspan, you have hit the DAP nail of steel squarely on its head ..... right into Vlad Dracul's black heart, wakakaka.

However, I have to admit Aspan’s brief to Khairy wasn’t brief at all wakakaka. He went on to advise Khairy to mind his own (UMNO) store, especially his own constituency in Rembau where there's trouble a brewing, instead of fretting over DAP’s Malay membership, hence his article's title of
Khairy Jamaluddin: Musuh saudara dalam Umno, bukan DAP wakakaka!

But Khairy’s attempt to disprove Malay acceptance of DAP has unwitting reveal the deep fears of UMNO vis-à-vis the new kid in the (Malay) Heartland. They know the disciplined, ascetic-inclined and Spartanic DAP isn’t like other parties and thus difficult to attack with UMNO’s usual tactics of sex, sleaze and slime.

Thus UMNO quakes with fear.


  1. Buttercup!....Now that's twisting at it's best by KTemoc.
    It's witty....harmless...entertaining and a touch of shit here and there too.
    Lets see if you dare to tell KT off.
    As far as I am concern....when DAP is proven not a racist party...Chua Soi Lek and Khairy do not know where to hide their faces.
    Especially MCA sex President..Chua..keep insulting DAP for weeks...and all of a quiet.

  2. DAP is the next generation political party to be.Many Malays including Buttercup and all anons will be lining up with their new members application forms.KT will be in the line too.

  3. KT,just wait till you see trails of water leading to parliament house.Reason?Umnoputras wetting their pants because of Malays joining DAP.Hahaha.

  4. Khairy is big mouth,but penakut inside.Talk big about NFC,but when time comes to debate he played the chicken little game of quack,quack,quack.

  5. Before Umno considers DAP a thorn in the flesh.Now Umno is very afraid of the DAP.Because DAP will be the party to send Umno's little sibling Mca and Gerakan into political oblivon.Maybe Mic too.DAP will also win some seats from Umno.

  6. Oh my, Mr Ball is really a bad influence. Badly contagious.
    Bruno, my beau man, is slowly becoming like him.
    Bruno, KT is a life card-carrying DAP member. It's ball who is not and don't even vote. Just jumping here like a monkey. The only space he got in the cyberworld after being declared persona non grata by other PR bloggers. More's the pity.
    Just like the pitiful, pathetic DAP who portrays pure Chinese Zaril as a Malay, He's Malay after mum married Khir Johari.
    And going to town with the 3 nobody Malays. Trust me they wil not get anywhere in DAP. Just mannequin display in boutiques.
    Which DAP Chinese won't to vote Malay, ma.

  7. Buttercup, wake up you old fool. The real person sodding the malaysian rakyat is an old mamak hag by the name of Shahreezat who is doing it by wearing a strap-on. RM300 million is already in her pocket and more expected soon

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    darn, DNA contamination.

  9. better shut the fuck up.
    Just read all those commentators sick of your nonsense.
    I have been voting even before you are born.
    This is a classic example of you spreading false rumors an idiot.

  10. Idiot like Buttercup does not know more than a million UMNO b life card members are voting for change of government.
    He thinks a life card member is like need to think..just mark "X" ..supporting your party....when the party is full of robbers and thieves...con men and murderers...not important.
    And the said party is for one race only.
    You can say...Buttercup is a racist and a bloody useless fool.

  11. I wonder how Bruno feel...reading Buttercup calling him.."my beau man"
    Only females and pondans talk like that.
    Now you all should be more convinced he is like Saiful..selling seefat..his Buttercup's cup.

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  13. Door bell.."ding dong"...police coming?
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    Got to go.

  14. That must be the SB coming for Ball.
    Or is it the Association for Obedient Wives coming with CNY hampers to reward him for being a hen-pecked hubby?

  15. Hahaha......have to admit Buttercup have me in stitches ! Political affiliation be damned for such occasions,hehehe.....quite priceless to see how the butter man pushes the monster's button.

    Buttercup - 1
    Monsterball - 0

    Ding dong - SB at the door for the Ball.....hahaha

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    Anon for ABU

  16. KT,for a moment, i was at a loss trying to find the New Quakers in Malaysia in your latest post. Ah....finally your last line ties it in...."Thus Umno quakes in fear". Another LOL - today good day for laughs, courtesy of good old Buttercup and now you,KT. Thanks much, guys ! hahahha !

    Anon for ABU

  17. well well well uncle monty! (monsterball to the rest of you). fancy meeting you here. hehehe.

    for the uninitiated, uncle monty was the self-appointed 'protector' for commentors of susan sloan's blog until he got kicked out for sheer overbearing boorishness.

    uncle monty, its me la, tokio_rain! from subang jaya. remember?


  18. Monsterball,I take no offence in Buttercup calling me my 'beau man'.
    Remember my comments in the earlier article about two gals licking asses.Well,I expect Buttercup to be a gal,but now you has confirmed to me that Buttercup is at least a female if not a pondan.Monsterball,may I ask you a question?Were you in the Special Branch before,to know so much about Buttercup.

  19. got new supporters.
    Good for you.
    "SB"..hhhm... Shaw Bros? offering me a movie roll to kick asses at this old age?
    takio-rain...the young chicko!! Sure I remember you. You can say anything..OK la.
    It's only a matter of few comments from you...than all will know you who you are...sooner or later.
    How is Susan's blog now?
    She did ask me to post comments there..I refused.
    I pick and choose few blogs now.
    I love to post in Rockybru's blog and dance with the UMNO b idiots here..but no more. Once a while ....yes.
    So...tokio-rain sharpen your tongue and help Buttercup as much as you can.
    "SB"..and that "Anon for ABU" laughing...enjoying
    Don't be confused with the "ABU"
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  20. hi....Buttercup!
    SB...Police...Special Branch?
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    Tell me...what does police SB do?
    Heard of "E" Branch?..within the SB?
    Don't talk cock when you know next to nothing...with your stupid young chicko.. "Anon for ABU" laughing...thinking SHE knows so much too. "Anon for ABU" your wifey?...or an admirer of you CUP.
    Come on...tell us...don't be shy.

  21. Anon for Abu and Tokio_rain

    Hey guys welcome. Let us taruk the ball kaw-kaw here. Till he's ball-less if he is not already.
    Oh you guys know him from Loone's blog? I know him from Rocky's.
    There also he always kena from Rocky.
    Pitylah this monster.
    He must be born on Wednesday. Remember Wednesday's Child is full of Woe.
    Lucky I was born on Sunday which is loving and giving.
    Giving him for all he's worth.

  22. Bruno...there is nothing important to know about Buttercup.
    I do not need Special Branch to do me that favour to check on him.
    Yes Special Branch...the "E" branch brings me many many fond memories. many keep flashing into my mind for sweet sweet memories.
    I have a team of great NGOs that the ...strong..tall ... black but not an Indian..a King Kong...and Buttercup will pee in his pants..if they do me a favour to cup him up.

  23. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. sure is loving and giving...your own words..not mine.
    That why your Buttercup's cup is so famous.
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    Me and my buddy Bruno and few friends can handle 10 times more.
    The more the merrier.
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    KTemoc should be proud his chosen to fry all pests...and clean the country ...once and for all.
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    He promised KT he will only stop after the GE ! OMG.......let's pray that the election come sooner, hehehe.

    Anon for ABU

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  69. OK...Bruno...Good morning to you too.
    But if he ask for it...kid or no know me...too well to let anyone spread all sorts of rumors about me.
    Signing off....

  70. hi Bruno..this "kid" tokio-rain is a cunning one.
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  76. Now all Chinese coffee shops open.
    I miss my Vietnam kiow teow soup.
    Wife went out and buy now....real tasty kiow tiow soup with chunks of pork meat....pork liver..pork intestines.. and minced pork.
    Do you eat pork?

  77. You should know Tokio Rain is the name of a computer-based Role Playing Game usually played by teenage kids.

    tokio-rain is likely an underaged "Budak Belum Kering Hingus", furtively posting on Mommy's PC without her permission.
    He'll get his ears twisted if Mommy finds out.

    No point arguing with him...he deserves to get..ignored...

  78. Too much rich food during CNY.
    Will go for tosai and sotong rendang..for lunch and maybe chapati...with beef the home cook food today.

  79. Thanks for the info...Anon 10.35 AM.
    I really don't know...but he is friendly now...I will respond.
    If he change...I will advised.

  80. For a long time, "Quakers" was not a complimentary term, in fact sometimes used in a derogatory manner. The original Quakers were very conservative Christian fundamentalists who moved from England to the New World to found their own communities.

    Over time, some of their values of Honesty, Thrift, Hard Work, Sober Living became key success factors in the Capitalist economy, and the Quakers acquired respectability.

    Yes, Malaysia needs more Quaker values...hahaha

    Too bad...we have instead...Kulit-fiqation, Know-Who, "You Help Me, I Help You", Race-Based Inalienable Rights, I-Want-More-Projects, I-Want-More-Submarines....

  81. The vast majority of Malay voters are not thinkers like Arif Aspan and Sakmongkol AK47.

    Many, both rural and urban, are looking for Bantuan Kerajaan, and will support whoever can benefit them in a personal, immediate sense.

    Hence Najib's RM 500 BR1M is very effective in winning short-term support for BN, though it is actually wasteful and largely useless if you look at the broad picture.
    Yes, we all know its Wang Rakyat, but it has "Undilah BN" pasted all over it....

    Being a very fluent Malay speaker and having a rural kampung upbringing - my childhood home was really far-out rural, I've been involved some of DAP's outreach efforts in the Malay community.

    I can tell you, it is still an uphill battle, even in Penang.

  82. uncle monty, take your medicine already ah? you know, the one that helps you remember things. hehehe.

  83. Malaysia needs a change of government desperately.
    UMNO b is an evil political party.
    For past 35 years...under Mahathir's UMNO b...all adults around age 35 have been brainwashed and controlled.
    We don't need Quakers or Mormons way of life.
    Our three old cultures and races...the Malays...Chinese and Indians have enough great examples.
    It will take some time to straighten out the confused and weak minds for the better.
    Nothing is impossible.
    Just get rid of the Evil UMNO b government...all will be well...within 10 years...that is if PR keep all their promises to the Rakyats.
    If PR out..and try news parties.
    People Power must be in control..exactly like USA.

  84. fuh, i think you forgot to take your medicine lah, uncle monty. why do you keep repeating your comments wan? fed up lah reading the same crap everyday. hehehe.

  85. We must not underestimate the intelligence of the 2 million young voters.
    So far...all are pointing they want change of government.
    Penang...and uphill battle??
    Anyway...all will be clear if Najib announce the 13th GE date.
    The fact that he delays and delays...shows UMNO b is not confident to win...even with their cheating and phantom votes.
    12th GE....UMNO b Government already defeated narrowly....but they still govern.
    Try that stunt again in 13th GE...and win again that will really be suicide case for many UMNO b politicians.

  86. hehehe. uncle monty boiling. tahan! hehehe.

  87. Its an uphill battle to win positive support for the DAP among the Malay community, yes, even in Penang.
    Don't confuse that with anger at BN...anger can dissipate quickly.

    My knowledge is real ground-level stuff, where the tyre meets the road, as they say...

    That's why I'm adding a word of caution to Ktemoc's optimism.

  88. Yip boiling hot water to pour into your big mouth.
    U boleh tahan?
    Half mama san.
    Now tell you know the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
    If you don't know that...what a stupid fool you are.
    Talk about false teeth...peeing...take my pills...repeating and repeating..mana boleh tahan......hahahahahahahaha
    hi guys...don't worry...I love playing with this monkey.

  89. Monsterball,yes I just got back on line and am reading back your comments with tokio_rain.I am seeing that this young brat is really getting on your nerves.Don't worry after I read what he said I will be going at him.After I go at tokio_rain I got to take my dog for a walk.

  90. i say, uncle monty. i think you took the wrong medicine la. now like very confused like that. what have you been sniffing? hehehe.

  91. 0K ..OK...Rocketman...caution noted with thanks.
    Lim Kit Siang ..Lim Guan Eng..Karpal and all DAP kingpins..all are not having one iota of worry about Penang....why must you?
    Lets have your views about Sarawak..and Perak..since you know so much.

  92. tokio_rain,while I have been away you have been rude and naughty with my best buddy,your uncle monty.Do you know what Monsterball and me do to naughty boys like you.

    If you do not behave we will put you,Buttercup with the pondan Saiful and lock you boys and gals together.Maybe we will add some lembus from NFC to have more fun.You know what lembus can do,eh.

  93. Well Bruno....I know him too well...and now you have the chance to enjoy yourself.
    He is god sent to keep us happy...enjoy him.....hahahahahahaha
    He will run away before when his allowance is all used up...playing computer games and talking nonsense with bloggers.
    His mother will catch him by the ear..spank him for wasting money at Asia Cafe.

  94. tokio_rain,have you ever heard of the COW's(club of obedient wives).
    There they teach wives to better service their husbands like sex slaves or whores.I might enroll you there if you do not behave.Then you will be a wife instead of a husband.Hahaha.Monsterball will be very happy to hear this.

  95. where got rude? poke poke uncle monty mah. he talks too much la. meaningless comments all over the place. hehehe.

  96. Monsterball,when I sent tokio_rain to the cow's,he will definitely run away.

  97. aint runnin' away babe. hehehe.

  98. Monsterball,now tokio_rain said he just poke poke uncle monty mah,not rude lah.You see what I can do to tame tokio_rain,lah.Now I can take my dog for a walk.Be back in half hour.Bye monsterball.Tokio_rain,be good to your uncle monty while I am awah,okay.

  99. We will have a shindig with these dumb asses......performing cow dance..cup dance and rain dance for all.
    Actually cup dance by Buttercup must be...behind closed doors.
    Rain dance...tokio-rain...will swirl and roll like a yoyo...with hot water pouring to him...crying for help.
    Only when he promises to dance and sing in the rain...than we give that stupid kid another chance.
    Cow dance...ANON 206 is still preparing...which we all know is Buttercup in disguise.
    This Cup thinks SHE is so damn smart.

  100. uncle monty, you still banned from entering your hometown alor gajah ar? hehehe.

  101. OK... brave running away.
    Stay...I said stay.
    Now sit..and read my lips.
    The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
    Do you understand this?
    I got rythem...I got class.
    You got cow brain.
    Alligator and crocodile...which one is bigger and stronger?

  102. Ban from few blogs..he ban from Alor supposedly home town.
    This NUT is full of shit...and imaginations.

  103. serious man. take your medicine now uncle monty! you are not making sense. hehehe.

  104. wah! own hometown oso dowan to admit. very sad lah uncle monty. hehehe.

  105. Have anyone heard Alor Gajah ban Malaysians from entering that town?
    Football legend....big shot in Alor Gajah....the towkay..Soh Chin Aun will arrange to put him in Telok Mas...bad boys town.

  106. see, alor gajah your hometown, right? just now dowan to admit. kena ban not your fault, so happen your ic number belongs to a female. i remember from kickdefella days. haiya. hehehe. by the way, i know chin aun very well. his brother chin leh was my housemate. hehehe.

  107. Try harder....tokio-rain.
    Putting out a bundle of shit with an excuse to insult is the one..people are laughing at.....not me.
    I keep responding to you...because you light up my FIRE...burning hot hot good.....I got you...thinking you got me..when all know who got whose balls grip hard.
    Mine is one. Yours is 2 peanut size balls..squeezed too faint.

  108. haiya uncle monty. you still talk like small kid la. remember the last time you came looking for me with your son in asia cafe? want to fight summore. you thought i was camping there. hehehe.

  109. Monsterball,I am back and can see tokio rain is not behaving.

    Tokio_rain,you heard of Wan Hasrina Wan Hassan.She is the president of COW's.I told her about you being rude to my buddy and she said she will be coming for you.If the doorbells ring it will be her.Do not run away,okay.

  110. Dream on and repeat.
    I am so glad you remember all the details published about me by UMNO b members....and I am still so important to you all toads..carrying Najib's balls.
    To bring me down...for years...still standing tall....actually..getting stronger.
    I guess...mine comments did swing votes to PR too.

  111. hey bruno. that was a quick walk with the doggie. qd waiting for you in sakmongkol, bro. hehehe.

  112. Wah..Ktemoc's blog has been invaded by pre-pubescent juveniles...

    There goes the neighbourhood...

  113. take over and enjoy.
    Buttercup appear to help tokio-rain...I will attack like Iron Man....hahahahahahahaha...and id few of our friends join in..I keep quiet and watch the fun...but you can be sure...they will try to lure me in for a war dance.

  114. anon 12:59
    sorry to disappoint. it was long invaded by an octogenarian spewing nonsense. hehehe.

  115. Anon 12.59PM...the friendly neighbourhood atmosphere is still here.
    Don't "ADIOS" la.
    Help to chase rowdy bunch out.
    What do you expect KTemoc to do..ban all commentators?
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    So no "Adios" ...if you value KT.

  116. tokio_rain,i didn't know that you are a fan of sak's.tell qd after i have my nap i will go over to sak's blog and tame him.five hours from now.i will tame you guys first.okay.

  117. So....tokio-rain is saying he is here to chase an octagenarian Spider-Man.
    Every comment he makes is more and more shit added in.

  118. in any blog that the octagenarian squats, it is the same old same old lousy crap that he writes. hehehe.

  119. Monsterball,what happen to KT.He is missing.tokio_rain is trying to aggravate me.But i am keeping my cool.No need to lose my temper on tokio_rain as he is just a kid.i will save my energy for qd.will be back after my nap,okay.see you guys later.

  120. hey bruno. i am not aggravating you. pls read thru my postings. i never had an issue with you. with uncle monty different story la. always liked your jostlings with qd in sak. hehehe.

  121. I wonder what fresh new crabs did tokio-rain bring into this blog?
    Not one comment related to the post.
    All about me....and that's not crabs...that's pure shit.

  122. crap, uncle. not crab. pls refer to your 1967 hard-cover dictionary. dont worry, i can wait. hehehe.

  123. waa....playing to Bruno's heart...exactly like Buttercup.
    hahahahahah...these creatures do think Malaysians are idiots like them.
    "with Uncle Monty...different story"..what story?
    Always the same story...with no story at all.
    Stop calling me "Uncle Monty" I am not your Uncle.
    Get that into your thick skull.

  124. And stop correcting my English,
    Is that all you can do?
    Lets see some brain waves from you.
    I am not irritated!!
    I am enjoying your stupidity of the highest order.

  125. wah angry already la. call uncle also cannot. ok la, i address you as monty baby now. hows that? hehehe.

  126. I will put you in my pocket soon.
    Now...choose the words " my pocket" and fire on.

  127. ok la monty baby, lets deal. you pipe down i pipe down. boring already la. and you are corrupting this blog.

  128. OK call me whatever names you like...but I am Monsterball to it?
    That's the famous name you hate most.....correct? why change it?
    Anyway...your style is typical childish and full of shit.
    Has your mother arrive yet?

  129. There he goes again...corrupting the blog...and blame it on me.
    He has been exposed...and try to twist it.
    I repeat...not one of his comment is about the post or important message to read...and learn.
    It's all about insulting me.

  130. there you go again, monty. cant leave well alone ya? childish and full of shit eh? you got a mirror in the house, monty baby?

    lets leave this space for serious commentors, unlike the 2 of us eh?

    cabut first..hehehe.

  131. "unlike the 2 of us eh?" if the 2 of us are so similar.
    You are miles and miles behind my lifestyle.
    Have some decency to be shameful.
    Don't copy and be like Mahathir.

  132. haiya want to stop oso cannot. we are siamese twins la monty baby. joined at the hips. u dono meh? hehehe.

    ok la..see u later. hehehe

  133. Make sure you put out a comment relating to the post or debating with another commentator..on your next comment.
    You come back and chase decent readers and commentator away ...I will handle way or another.

  134. No, tokio_rain, not joined at the hips...joined at the Arse.

  135. Look at that idiot talking...we are 'Siamese twins"..claiming he is my long lost brother.
    Really unbelievable thick skinned one screw loose dumb ass.

  136. One arse?..and I am Monsterball.
    No wonder..tokio-rain shit from his mouth.

  137. My blog's purpose has been spelt out at the top as "A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. Keeping these civil and courteous would be appreciated."

    It's not a public arena for personal tiffs.

  138. timely reminder. my apologies to the blog owner and all commentors. take care ya, uncle monty! hehehe.

  139. 'They know the disciplined, ascetic-inclined and Spartanic DAP isn’t like other parties and thus difficult to attack with UMNO’s usual tactics of sex, sleaze and slime.'

    KT I understand your admiration for the DAP but I think you should explain in more detail how we as common voters can become a very big force multiplier for the DAP. Charging head on against UMNO's very powerful election machinery is futile. The Chinese support for the DAP today is at historical highs. The MCA claims that even if every single Chinese voter voted for the DAP UMNO will still get enough parliamentary seats to stay in power. What the MCA ignores is the fact that the majority of BN held seats are actually in constituencies with large Chinese populations. This is where UMNO's Achilles Heel lie. I am sure you can explain this point better than I ca.

  140. Wow! Kaytee - as of now there are 140 comments - this must be a record of sorts for you. You must have hit something that resonates with many people. But of course monsterball helps in no small measure with his prolific profoundities.

  141. wah lao! quantity over quality?
    Being rogue is in vogue?
    Molester, mobster and monster.
    Creating havoc in Ktemoc?
    Torrents of comment or torment?
    Pollution, corruption and disruption.