Saturday, January 14, 2012

Malaysian justice poked in the eye!

Blogger uppercaise excoriates Defence Minister in his post Defence minister talks cock. Poke him in the eye.

uppercaise was furious with Ahmad Zahidi Hamid for his bullsh*t. In using the word bullsh*t I’m actually being far more generous than uppercaise who called Zahidi a liar, wakakaka.

He wrote: Ahmad Zahidi Hamid, the defence minister, talked poppycock on Monday about the mangled Engrish used on the ministry’s web site that featured “Clothes That Poke Eye”. He said the mistakes have been corrected.

In fact, no corrections have been done on the web site. At 5pm on Wednesday the two-word headline still says “Ethical Clothing” (instead of “Dress Code”). A notice still says “Translations are not available”.

Ahmad Zahidi was lying. Does Ahmad Zahidi or anyone in Mindef have eyes? Or have they all lost sight by being poked in the eye?

I am personally aware of the Malaysian Ministry of Defence (Mindef) using Mangrish (Malaysian mangled English) on its website, as I had on a couple of occasions accessed it for some information, only to encounter such horrors. They would be better off sticking to only Bahasa.

My uncles who were in the Malaysian military in the 60’s and 70’s told me of Malay generals and colonels who spoke English as if they had just stepped out of Eton, Sandhurst or Whitehall, or perhaps the officers mess of Her Majesty’s Coldstream Guards in Aldershot. “I say, old chap, jolly good show, what!”, wakakaka.

If those generals are still alive and read (or rather, 'see' because they won't be able to read) the Mangrish on Mindef's website , they would be squirming like cacing kena abu, but if they had already gone to a better place, their corpses would no doubt be rolling in their graves.

But alas, thanks to our remarkable system which has mangled, mutiliated and mafulat-ed the standards of education for half a century by a succession of UMNO education ministers who put their personal (political) self-interests above the needs of our students, we ourselves have arrived at a standard of English we once used to attribute to Thais, Indons and Cambodians.

And those Education Minister Wonders were the ones who frightened and drove Chinese parents into the welcoming arms of the delighted Dong Jiao Zong (Chinese educationists).

But this post is not about the lamentable education system where for example, Form V students could score A1’s in (I could never understand this) a ridiculous number of 17 subjects as if they were born with speed reading skills of the highest order and an IQ greater than Albert Einstein. One dreads to imagine the superficial coverage of those 17 subjects.

The issue here is related to the minister’s poppycock, to borrow that delightfully appropriate word from uppercaise. We can’t do much about UMNO politicians as it’s the nature of the beast to how-siao (bullsh*t) wakakaka, but we need to consider seriously the sad lack of professionalism observed in our BTN-ised civil and defence service staff.

If I may persuade you to recall what Dr M Bakri Musa wrote about the very recent and unexpected verdict on the Sodomy II case, in his article Hold the accolades published at Malaysia-Today, as follows (extracts):

Foreign governments too have been effusive with their praises. Some now brazenly call for Anwar Ibrahim to apologize for his earlier criticisms of the system.

Hold the accolades! This sordid trial reveals everything that is rotten with the Malaysian system of justice. This case should never have been prosecuted in the first place. That it was reflected the level or more precisely lack of professionalism on the part of these career prosecutors. As for the trial, there were many instances where the judge could have thrown the case out, as when the physical evidence was introduced. Now the learned judge used that as the reason for acquittal. [...]

There is only one possible redeeming value to Judge Zabidin continuing this trial in its squalid entirety, and that is to expose the pathetic lack of professionalism of not just the prosecuting team but also the other professionals involved. This included the police officers and crime investigators to the forensic scientists tasked with the crucial DNA analysis and the senior specialists who examined Anwar’s accuser.

“...pathetic lack of professionalism ...” of government professionals! Hell, should we even be calling them ‘professionals’ then?

But Dr Bakri’s description is spot on, and already shared by millions of Malaysians.

Just recall those half-past-six 'professionals' who had dealt with the mysterious (but then, perhaps not so ‘mysterious’) death of Teoh Beng Hock, yes, the MACC, Police, government employed pathologists, the inquest tap-dancing magistrate, members of the RCI and horror of horrors, the inquest government legal officer who claimed a person could strangle himself to death, though sadly he didn't show us that to its ultimate conclusion, wakakaka.

Now, do you know why Teoh BH’s family will never receive the justice that’s due to them?

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever - Thomas Jefferson


  1. The blame game
    Is there anything new?
    The ameeno leaders
    They think they are kings

    Don't they proof reading it?
    Now they blamed Google translations
    For the comedy of errors
    They don't admit mistakes

    If they can't understand English
    As you say stick to their mother tongue
    Let others make their own interpretations
    Now we cry of our low standard of English

    The people should realize
    Languages passport to knowledge
    The marketing communicator
    We shine with our gifted languages

    When mistakes are found
    Admit it and correct the errors
    A good leader should take responsibility
    He shouldn't pass the buck

  2. Our grasp of the English language have definately gone to the dogs, no thanks to all these politician education ministers, as this letter shows :

    "In the course of going through application forms for jobs meant for graduates, I increasingly come across applications which indicate that they have an “honest” degree instead of an honours degree.

    At first I took it lightly and laughed it off as I thought it was just a one-off thing.

    But when a number of applications mentioned the word “honest” instead of “honours’” (even for senior positions), I begin to wonder if the candidates had actually made an honest mistake or that they were not able to differentiate between the two words.

    My guess is that a number of local graduates are not aware of how an ‘honours’ degree should be spelt.

    I’m really appalled. It does not reflect well on the standard of English of our graduates.


    Kuala Lumpur"

    Recently in one tv drama show, the cops were chasing after the baddies and when bullets were whizzing about, the hero shouted to his friend to duck, so as to avoid the fast flying spray of bullets.

    The subtitle at the bottom of the screen read "Itek!". Hehehe, too delicious for words.

    And a friend of a friend who is now tempting as a part-time teacher in an outlying town found this in one of his students' assignment essay :

    "Dear Father and Mother, are you in the well....."

    Obviously, he meant well, hoping to find his parents 'ada dalam kesihatan'.

    There is also that one famous celebrity singer who made it to the top and even got invited to greet the British queen when her highness came a calling here a few years back. The story goes that the singer was asked by a waiter how she likes her coffee. The reply : in a cup.

    Our signboards all over the country are replete with these horrors......with suspension bridge changing to hanging bridge, etc

  3. KT,your articles have too many words and take a long time to read and understand.But the time I am half way through,my mind is already tired.No wonder my buddy monsterball hasn't commented yet.Make it interesting and simple to understand to encouraged readers active participation.Thanks.

  4. KT, please don't lower your standards for dullards like the monster, on pain of.... err, death ?

    Monsterball can't comment intelligently or coherently to save his life. So it makes no difference if the article is short or long. We all know what he's good for.....wakakaka.

    Personally, muah here find the length of your postings just fine. Keep 'em coming, KT. Much thanks !

  5. Anon 12:32am or anon 2:06am

    My best buddy monsterball will be going after you when he gets online.Better watch your asses.He will not be so nice to you guys as I do.

  6. Wooo....bruno dear, should i now pee in the pants with fear? Wait til your dad comes home, wait til he gets online....wakakaka

    The gasbag will most likely shoot off from his hip...err mouth again with same old, same old. The last time, he tried to fry my ass with a string of 'BN idiot, floating drunk from a snake womb, a piece of shit, crazy nut, cow brain and tong sampah' etc etc.

    Now he sort of clean up a bit but he still ask me to go f*ck a spider....wakakaka

    Nice is as nice does, bruno dear. Even if your life depends on it, you just can't bring yourself to imitate your alter ego's propensity to spew out all the gutter vocabs.

    Anon 2:06

  7. Kaytee wrote: "We can’t do much about UMNO politicians ..."

    Except show them how much we, the lowly rakyat, love and respect them by giving these Right Honourable Gentlemen the Salute as described by one of your commentators earlier, viz,

    1) Drop thy pants
    2) Bend over, and (this is my recommended refinement to the act)

    3) Tighten your abdominal muscles so that a rush of air is released with a popping sound.

    I think our beloved UMNO ministers should rightfully be this way honoured.

  8. Our grasp of the English language have definately gone to the dogs....

    definately = definitely --> i not a

    And a friend of a friend who is now tempting as a part-time teacher --> Surely it's temping as in "working temporarily" unless it is that the teacher is trying to persuade (tempt) the student into doing some extracurricular activity of the naughty-naughty kind! ;)

  9. Anon 2:06

    It is with my best greetings now that you have come to acknowledged my best buddy monsterball as 'dad'.Now my buddy monsterball will not be bashing you publicly so often anymore.But once in a while he will give you a spanking,but privately when you come home late or argued with him too much.

  10. Anon 2:06

    You know that I enjoyed getting the two Umno diehards QD aka Buttercup and Kampong man all riled up.Make them get real freaking mad that they will jump from their seats and hit the low ceilings with their head.Hahaha.

    Luckily for you,you have accepted to be by best buddy's adopted godson.Or else I will let you joined QD and Kampong man and made it into a trio.Hahaha.

  11. Not so fast bruno dear.

    Him as daddy-o? Not on your life ! First of all, he's way too long in the tooth to be my dad. Secondly, my dad is my hero and monsterball is a zero. Thirdly, my dad speaks perfect English and doesn't need no dictionary to understand articles written in plain,simple English. Fourthly,....well, this could go on and on through the nite, so i'll just stop here.

    Suffice to say that when you wrote "Wait til he comes back online...." this reminds me of the song/ditty Wait Til Your Dad Comes Home.....

    So don't jump too hastily into all this acknowledging dad stuff....the very thought makes my skin crawl, hehehe

    Anon 2:06

    Ohh....just saw that you have made me into his godson now. Heaven forbid.

    Btw, there are thousands, if not millions more of Kampong Mans and QDs out there....all have 'made it' and living very cozy lives, i've seen them all shooting the breeze in Bangsar and other nite spots; and to such ilks, as long as they are happy and comfortable with their lives, politicians could do with whatever they pleased.

    Nefarious people found their way into leadership of governmental positions because we couldn't be bothered with politics.This is what i mean by Depravity of the Malaysian Citizen. We have allowed the situation to happen ourselves.

    I am not saying you are wasting your breath engaging in civil discussion with such as them. But if you are even entertaining any thought that they could make U turn after years of BTN programming and having this entitlement culture deeply embedded in them, then you are heading for a huge disappointment. People like Sakmongkol and Aspan who joined DAP are the exceptions.

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    UMNO b political bloggers love to write with bombastic words to project their high education background.....but no high IQ upstairs.
    I fucked many and now all write with simple English.
    Have you ever heard CNN or any International newscasters speak with bombastic words?
    Check out Opera Windfield...self made billionaire....speaking simple English to make sure all understand what she is talking about.
    So many of our Malaysian bloggers.. like to brag and show off......typical...."style moa...kalar tidakapa"
    Sad KT has yet to learn to write well and precise.

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    But one thing i do have to admit the very least, our dear monsterball realises enough that his engrish sucks and is humble enough to ask for help and have no problem revealing he needs to resort to dictionary even for the simplest of article written in plain English.

    Good nite everyone, or rather good morning !

    Anon 2:06

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  21. Poked in the eye?

    Do justice for Saiful's poked in the anus!

  22. "... temping as in "working temporarily" ..."

    yes, nowadays it's shortened to "temp-ing", though be aware this is highly informal and only to be used in internal memo's, personal short notes (or between colleagues) and wakakaka blogging

  23. Monsterball,my six sense is telling me that the style of smooth writing and speech of anon 2:06 is aka Buttercup aka QD.

  24. The mangled Manglish of honest (honours)grad, wakaka, can be made into a compendium of idiots guide to English.
    I often interview these grads for my company. I always end up in stitches.
    Sample: "I want big money because I want to eat eat wind."
    Poke, poke sounds like Mr Ball. Always poking me, here and there.
    Welcome to poke me in my facebook.
    I see Bruno, joining in to irritate and annony me.
    You are a fine species, Bruno. So stay above that Chinglish nicompoop.
    Quiet Despair, who on earth is he? Is that a compliment or an insult to me, I wonder.
    I don't go to fanatic PKR or Umno bloggers.
    I only comment in KT's blog since we share the same passion in disliking th great Anwar.
    But I like Anon 2.06's comments. He fixed Monsterball real good.
    I noticed KT's blog have received good hits because of me. In the process Monsterball is also having a ticket to ride.

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  31. my daughter just scored an 'A" for her Form 3 English. Knowing the low standards, Just decided to enrol her for advance english (cambridge) tuition thats gonna cost me RM5,000 a year. she sat for her entrance test and mind boggling, she was advised to take EFL first (EFL is English as Foreign Language) before proceeding to basic advance level 1. she is so behind in her english competency and goodness gracious, i wonder what will happen to her classmates who have a B or worse in English. By the way, the tuition school is packed and I now know why.

    Thank you, UMNO for screwing up the country.

  32. If they don't screw up else do you expect drivers...become filthy rich as ministers?
    When one speaks perfect English...made if equal to the King's Counselors.
    They not only screw up the English language...but screw up their own race.. characters ...behaviors..and bring your children stay backward....and their children go overseas to become your children future smart...speaking perfect English...and all look at little gods have landed in 100 years ago...looking at Europeans like special human beings..far far more superior than us.
    The British had dome it....Mahathir was copying it.

  33. Bruno, oh bruno....

    Apa macam ni? How could i be Buttercup aka QD ?

    Your so-called 6th sense had gone awry, way off course ! Did you not see me hentaming QD in my very recent comment, lumping him with Kampong Man?

    Of course Buttercup (aka QD) shares with me an aversion to Monsterball, but that does not equate to me being Buttercup lah.

    My dear Watson, you fail big time here... F minus, minus.

    Try harder next time, eh?


    Anon 2:06

  34. Saya taroh sama engkau, engkau terbaring. Translate that one KT.

  35. Bruno...expect Anon 2.06 to admit is like expecting Najib confess he stole RM700 million and he knows Atlantuya...and who killed her.
    Your 6th sense is sharp and lively.
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    Keep it up buddy.

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    Anon 2.06 looks like a MCA or Gerakan son of a gun.

  37. is your Bahasa?
    Your England very powderful la.

  38. There is a chinese saying which translates to - gauging the heart of a gentleman with one's own mean measure.

    Dear Monsterball, take that and smoke this in your pipe.

    If i am indeed Buttercup as alledged, it would be almost sacrilegious to beat up oneself in the manner which i, Anon 2:06 had done to him in my recent comments.

    Anon 2:06

  39. Anon 2.06 beat up Buttercup is for show..trying to fool all.
    Bruno got it right.
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    Anon 2:06

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