Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UMNO fears DAP beachhead

Lim Guan Eng and his Penang government, and not Khalid Ibrahim and the Selangor government, represent the greatest threat to Najib and UMNO, and therefore every attempt must be launched to destroy it, impossible as this task may seem.

In the immortal words of Cato the Elder, a Roman statesman, "Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" (Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed).

Thus, to UMNO, in similar thinking, DAP in Penang must be destroyed ........ well, as much as is practically possible, given that an overwhelming majority of Penangites has rejected Gerakan and MCA parties as their political representatives.

Hence we have witnessed the relentless waves of terrible fabrications against Lim’s government in general, and Lim GE in particular, even down to the shameful sleazy salacious lies about his teenage son. Those fabricators surely threw their religious God-fearing beliefs and values out of the windows.

It has been anti-DAP carpet bombing all the way by both UMNO apparatus and affiliated bloggers (either sympathizing with UMNO or just being anti-DAP).

They have used not C4 but 'C3', namely, the alleged evils of Lim GE’s Christianity, Chinese ethnicity and Charborkooi (devil women) DAP colleagues, where the lies cover:

(a) Lim's alleged Christian evangelism and proselytizing,

(b) Lim's alleged ultra Chinese ethnicity, thus making him anti-Melayu in his governing of Penang, and depriving Penang Malays of their due rights and privileges, and

(c) by some bloggers spreading the net around the DAP wider than just Penang for the 3rd ‘C’, Charborkooi-ism, namely, the alleged evil DAP woman MPs & ADUNs in such personalities as Teo Nie Ching, Hannah Yeo, Teresa Kok, etc (who the bloggers take pains to point out, are not only Chinese Charborkoois but also the dreaded Christian evangelists).

But why has there been such an identification of the Penang’s DAP as its principal foe and the unprincipled, unceasing, unscrupulous campaign of lies against a political party which UMNO once sneeringly dismissed as a kutu irritant and only a MCA/Gerakan’s problem?

Is it because Lim’s Pakatan government in Penang is Chinese dominated? Or, has it been Lim’s C.A.T policy that’s embarrassing UMNO? Or, has either Koh TK or CSL, or both, been crying on Najib’s shoulders until the BN Chairman has to resort to the campaign to spare his shirt from those wet hot tears (and yucky, the discharges from runny noses, wakakaka)?

No, but I reckon it’s DAP’s beachhead in the heartland that’s terrifying UMNO.

Aspan Alias, Mohd Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) and Hata Wahari have joined party VP Tunku Abdul Aziz and many other Malays in the DAP.

The three new DAP members are high profile political/journalist personalities once affiliated with UMNO, where all are formidable communicators with the last being a former Utusan Malaysia journalist. This constitutes a DAP's Normandy-like beachhead not just in UMNO's membership, but more terrifying for UMNO, the heartland.

Recently, a pro Pakatan (PKR?) blogger lamented on why Hata Wahari opted for DAP instead of PKR, but 'twas a rhetorical question it seemed because the same blogger evoked the possibility of Hata being put off by the PKR marginalization of Zaid Ibrahim. As Zaid had openly mulled prior to his decision, he did consider DAP but alas for him, opted for PKR instead.

But that Hata Wahari, a former Utusan Malaysia journalist and the former president of the National Union of Jorunalists (NUJ), has joined DAP has sent chills down UMNO’s corporate spine. Hata’s decision will be a force multiplier for DAP’s voice of C.A.T and good governance in the heartland.

And to prove this point, Aspan Alias has just penned
Nak tengok Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah? ... ada di Pulau Pinang — Aspan Alias in The Malaysian Insider, where he wrote (extracts):

Kerajaan PR yang di tunjangi oleh DAP telah berjaya melaksanakan slogan Bersih Cekap dan Amanah anjuran Dr Mahathir itu. Walaupun kerajaan tunjangan DAP itu baru menghampiri empat tahun sahaja banyak dari apa yang dimaksudkan oleh slogan Bersih Cekap dan Amanah itu telah dapat dilaksanakan dengan sepenuhnya.

DAP tidak pandai untuk mewujudkan retorik dan slogan besar tetapi parti ini pandai untuk mencapai matlamat kepimpinannya iaitu pentadbiran yang Bersih Cekap dan Beramanah.

Bersih Cekap dan Amanah yang di wujudkan oleh Dr Mahathir ini di amalkan oleh DAP kerana DAP mengikut formulanya dengan betul.

Seperti kita menjawab soalan ilmu hisab kita mesti mengikut formula ilmu hisab itu. Jika kita hanya menghafal formula tersebut tetapi tidak mengikut formulanya dengan terperinci kita tidak akan mendapat jawapannya dengan betul dan tepat. Itulah sebabnya Umno tidak berjaya mendapatkan jawapan kepada soalan-soalan penting dengan betul kerana tidak mengikut formula yang mereka wujudkan sendiri itu.

Wakakaka, after rubbing UMNO’s nose into the ground about the DAP-led government of Penang successfully implementing Dr M’s concept of Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah after a mere 4 years, whereas UMNO only mouthed them (NATO – no action, talk only) for 30+ years, Aspan continued:

Kerajaan Pulau Pinang telah diperakukan oleh badan-badan penilaian antarabangsa sebagai sebuah negeri yang paling bersih dan beretika kepimpinannya. Pandangan ini bukan diberikan oleh saya atau sesiapa dalam PR tetapi oleh badan-badan penilaian antarabangsa yang terkenal di peringkat antarabangsa.

Banyak lagi yang dicapai oleh pentadbiran Lim Guan Eng tetapi satu soalan yang mesti diketahui umum kenapa PR Pulau Pinang berjaya melakukan segala-galanya ini.

Apa yang berjaya dilakukan oleh Lim Guan Eng ini jugalah janji-janji Umno sejak 30 tahun yang lalu tetapi tidak juga kunjung Berjaya.

Apabila PR Pulau Pinang berjaya melakukannya dalam tempoh kurang dari empat tahun ia tidak menyenangkan Umno pula. Daripada berlumba-lumba untuk menjadikan kejayaan kerajaan Pulau Pinang sebagai contoh yang patut diikuti, Umno dan BN mengambil sikap menafikan kenyataan yang jelas tentang kejayaan PR DAP itu.

And that’s why the DAP's beachhead in the heartland must be destroyed before it makes further inroads in making the rakyat realize that DAP is truly a multiracial party which can deliver its promises in a C.A.T fashion, and thus successfully secures the invasion of good governance.

Thus, to UMNO’s thinking, "Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" (Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed) where it sees DAP as Carthage.


  1. UMNO b hitting below the belt...creating false rumors...instigating.to name some have always been their tactics.
    They are applying the simple logic...that if you keep on talking about it...then it becomes truth to readers.
    Strangely....they dare not sue all accusing them as rouges..thieves...liars.. hypocrites....and many more.
    Even such accusations that they are murderers...especially pin pointing at Najib and Rosmah...also no suing.
    But Lim Guan Eng did sue and is suing more.....so is Anwar suing..rumors mongers.
    Both have won cases and compensations.
    Why is Najib or Rosmah not suing anyone?
    Why is Mahathir not suing Barry Wain accusing him stolen more than RM100 billion from Malaysians in his 22 years as PM?
    In a hard cover book...sold all over the world?
    Is Mahathir and BN government.. hoping...accusations by other to them..also easily forgotten...and voters will cast their votes based on so much good news from papers and TV news..daily told...non stop?
    If so...why delay the 13th GE?

  2. KT,the state of Penang will be under the PR for a long time.LGE has done a good job in Penang and many of the Malays have supported him.Umno has tried all the dirty tricks to sabotage his administration.But each time he has come out stronger.

  3. Carthage (present day Tunisia and Libya) was not only destroyed by the Romans, but salt ploughed into its fields to ensure it would never rise again to challenge Rome

  4. fitnah is islamic in the laws of UMNO?
    pathetic and they thump their chest untuk agama?
    err..i better steer clear of buttercup-type.

  5. What below the belt? You haven't seen anything yet.

    - Lim Guan Eng arrested by balaclava-wearing commandos for sodomising Lim Kit Siang.
    - Lim Um Mi accuses LGE of raping her somewhere.
    - Datok D shows videos of LGE on orgy with Thai women.

    Lim Guan Eng with his hands full of legal problems, is accused of being an immoral person by RPK and asked to step aside.

    Now, that is when you know UMNO is afraid of DAP.

    Meantime, I wish the best for LGE and also hope the latest entry by Hatta, etc will entice a lot of Malays into DAP. Who knows, once BN is finished off, we need PKR vs DAP+PAS in the next elections.

  6. Now you are true to yourself, KT. Kudos, way to go. I love you more for this.
    Enough of this beating around the bush. Say it like it is. Stay true to yourself.
    Why be shy to say you are only for DAP?
    That's why I said your tagline should be DAP ONLY.
    Yes, UMNO is not worried about Selangor which has a good chance of being back into BN fold.
    So it's Penang they are after. They are realistic that it's tough to unseat LGE in Chinese kingdom. But no harm fighting for it.
    I see there are more BN flags now fluttering in the island. Don't discredit BN's dream.
    Must remember, Gerakan and MCA are putting in fresh candidates. Maybe the fresh faces, can help some.
    And why are you making much to do about the three Malays who have joined DAP?
    They are small fries and UMNO is not bothered at all. Not even a squeak. Its good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Who is Hatta, whatever? Just another journalist who cari makan.
    Actually it's Anwar Ibrahim who's feeling the pain. Why don't these Malays join Keadilan?
    It's really a smack in the face to the leather king who desperately need some learned Malays.
    Of course they don't have ulamak credentials or the religious type to join PAS.
    I would join DAP too if I am a bitter, disappointed or jobless politically inclined men like the trio.
    What other choice for me besides DAP when I am UMNO discarded waste

  7. The ameeno and gang
    They spin their tales
    Of the decades in service
    They only enriched their minds

    They tell you
    “Hey don't rock the boat!
    They are afraid to get wet”
    So they hide with their spins

    Don't we all realize
    The drawbacks they do
    Our nation's face has graffiti
    Yet they say “don't rock the boat!”

    Enough for these spinners
    The rule of 55 years
    Now we have to change
    We shouldn't be afraid

  8. Dream on....winning a few states and taking away UMNO's 2/3 majority is one thing....it is Very, Very Dangerous to actually attempt to disloge UMNO from Federal power.
    Anwar Ibrahim already has a taste of it at a personal level...most likely he has had to strike a dark-room deal with UMNO to avoid 20-years jail, which is what he is staring it.
    Mark my words... IF UMNO actually loses power, in the early morning hours after GE13, a state of emergency will be declared in Malaysia. All PR leaders will be rounded up and thrown into the slammer.

    UMNO forever

  9. If pure fabrications, slanders, false charges don't quite work, then outright blatant threats the likes of 'Umno forever' will be the mantra very soon - Very, Very Dangerous, thrown into the slammer, State of Emergency....and not forgetting our Ah Jip Gor's 'Over Our Dead Bodies'.

    But these Umno lembus are still thinking with their 1960s otaks. 80% of the chinese and at least 50% of the malays are the new generation..... prison cells and tear gas no longer make them cower in fear. In fact, with the Umnoputras holding all the reigns of big businesses in the country, they in fact fear emergency rule the most, and will try its utmost to avoid any international sanctions.

    That's why you see Ah Jib Gor doing the rounds overseas visiting the churches with the Pope, talking about Moderation, Civil Society and such craps.

    If Sabah and Sarawak step up their own agenda to an even higher notch, we might see a more frenzied snorting up at the pig's trough.....the last of the gravy train before they make the big escape to their Brazilian planatation/range hideout, their luxurious Oz villas.....

    So all these blatant threats of emergency rule, jails, 513, and whatnot will have fallen on deaf ears.

  10. DAP will win many seats in the upcoming election. But it has to make sure that it doesn't have as its flag-bearer the person whose only ball is a monstrous one. This is too dangerous for the party! If this happens, many voters will jump into the sea or leap from the Petronas Towers. Or they will do something worse than killing themselves: they will vote for the BN, horror of horrors!!!

  11. DAP parti Rasis.
    Cuba bagaimana put tak dapat nafikan.

  12. Buttercup keep on saying Anwar is feeling the pain and the heat...since AG made an appeal on behalf of seefat man.
    Why is is he such a dum dum ass?

  13. The name "Zombie" speaks for itself...the living dead with no brain.
    Monsterball have been WINNING votes for DAP for decades...since the day I said Mahathir was slapped by Agong..the late Sultan of Johore..for quarreling with Tunku Razaleigh.
    As much as the late Agong is far from perfect...the late Sultan of Johore loves the people and country and will not sit still ...seeing Mahathir totally no manners and bragging.

  14. Buttercup!!...Anwar's keDAILan... no need to show Malays as members like UMNO B..bragging with 2 million members.
    First and foremost...it is not a Malay party..like UMNO b is.
    Secondly...Anwar being a Malay and a Muslim..will defend his race and religion...like all goo Malays.
    UMNO b is just fooling all Malays and Muslims.
    UMNO b is a party not for Malays. It is a party to call Malays to join them and use stolen money to buy up the country.
    More and more..but like to say to you .Buttercup..the most idiotic UMNO b supporter here..that Anwar have more Malays supports that you can ever imagine.
    Why do you think Mahathir and Najib want Anwar in jail at all cost?
    Buttercup..you better stick to your cup and use it to win votes than open your mouth to lure cocks in.
    It will not work.
    Your Cup is needed .since Saiful's Cup...hole too big now.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Where have all the BN ghosts gone to?
    Buttercup's cup ..start work...after dinner time.
    At least 10 rubber must burn in his asshole...or else...no money to pay house and car installments.

  17. hahahahaha....No more high 5....now burn condoms.
    Health inspectors gave him warning...so filthy and smelly house.
    Soon "burning rubber" also gone.
    Must bury the condoms..more hygienic.

  18. Monsterball,

    I can see that you are still as energized as ever.Must have made a lot of money from gambling during CNY.Did you cleaned Buttercup too.Hahaha.No wonder Buttercup has to get even with you,saying such nice things about you.Will be back later to join in the fun.Take it easy on the guys,okay.

  19. DAP used to be a good doggie to UMNO in the days before PKR (and definitely before Semangat 46).

    LKS was barking with all his might in parliament, only to amuse the BN gang.

    The setup was perfect. DAP and PAS, the irreconcible extremes, giving some challenge to UMNO here and there and being 'proof' of our perfect democracy.

    Anwar changed the game. That bastard have to go. Now, this bastard LGE is insinuating that ministers should declare assets. Why can't it be like the good old days? LGE barking about BN wrongdoings and getting some urban votes with BN laughing at him the way they laughed off LKS.

    LGE had asked for it. The asset declaration is the last straw. This bastard too has to go. This will be Sodomy 3.

  20. Another cow brain...good for nothing..sicko..by the name of Bala..drank too much samsu at Brickfields talking cock and bull.
    To him...Anwar and LGE are bastards.
    That's why Street Fighters are ever ready for such BN gangsters.
    To restrain...ignore...hold back temper..practicing tolerance and patience ...like Gandhi...as much as we can.
    These BN gangsters can provoke as much as they like.
    We will stay void ....like water.
    13th GE will come and go...without fights in the streets.
    We will not give Najib a reason to declare Emergency Rule....so Bala ....the BN bastard can shout at the top of his voice...who cares.
    "13th GE around the corner"

  21. Cheers to those Malays that have joined DAP,how I wish I was 20 years younger,would like to join n fight the real fight,alas all is not lost,as my vote goes to them n I 'd llike to think myself as right thinking,Muslim Malay,a non clutch,non rent seeker citizen that has every right,without the Ketuanan bit,Umno's are at it's death throes,it's when the Muslim believe,when the angel of death are slowly n painfully pulling your soul out thru your feet.All we need to do now is,place the Batu Nisan unto it's grave n be done with it.Cheers again guys,Sak,Aspan,Hatta,Tunku n the other nameless Malays in DAP.

  22. Bruno!!...Never gamble anymore. Each year I win...I make few sad..celebrating CNY.
    I love playing with my grands..all together...once awhile.
    They do give me a knock out punch.
    Buttercup you say?...yea...he sure trying to be nice to me. You noticed that?
    He can be nice...but the REAL Buttercup is always revealed...as you read on.
    An UMNO b worm like him will never change.

  23. monsterball,
    Why would you need to fight in the streets if PR wins?
    And why would UMNO need you to start a fight?
    And why would they need a street fight to declare Emergency?
    'Threat to Malay and Islamic supremacy' is a good enough slogan to declare Emergency. You just need the royal accent.

    I have seen Burma/Myanmar. I have observed their country run-down without the people able to do a single thing. That in a country where all are one race, no religious baiting and with an immense political support for Aung San Sui Kyi.

    This is Malaysia. 35% of the people of all races are solidly licking BN's butt. Then we have the race/religion baits. Not to mention a 'free' election where a lot of foreigners are free to vote.

    Balik India
    Balik Cina
    Balik Bangla ... oops! Sorry Tuan.

  24. Bala,it is not nice to called people bastard,especially good honest people.Do you know what is bastard.Maybe you should ask your parents.Next time think first before you jump.

  25. bruno,
    my mistake. I was continuing on my previous post, of putting myself in UMNO's shoes.

    I think they (UMNO) will have far worse words than bastard. They already have peliwat-tegar and so on.

  26. Bala missed my point..and he does not understand my comment at all.
    He should balik where he came from.
    He is so badly brought up...talk cock and bull.
    Bruno is too kind to him.
    This kind of idiots...will be the disgrace to our country..thanks to UMNO b education systems.

  27. Bala..you need not try to be too smart ...putting yourself at UMNO b's shoes...when you are an idiot.

  28. Next time...be polite and don't ever call Anwar and LGE bastards..twist like a snake and say...you are thinking how UMNO b blighters talking...like that.
    A double headed snake you are...so young...so cunning...so idiotic..so badly brought up.

  29. Bala understands what
    "bastard" mean.
    He addressed that to the wrong people...and he will be saying all his comments are to tell us..how UMNO b ministers.....the real BASTARDS... talking.
    It's not Bala talking....so SHUT THE FUCK UP...young cow!!

  30. In case you don't understand....I am also giving a message to UMNO b bastards..not to keep on creating trouble for nothing.
    I know guys like you will hide under your mother's sarong....OK la..but don't try to teach Street Fighters..how to defend the country and people.
    They want it..they get it.
    You keep on ignoring how much provocations ..insults...instigation.. thrown to Malaysians by Najib.
    That is the personified BASTARD and his band of robbers and thieves.
    I presume you are an Indian.
    Why don't you defend poor Kugan's
    Throw all your bastard words right at their faces....and don't twist like a snake.

  31. Bala...don't start again and tell me Kugan got what he deserved and said that's how UMNO b Ministers are thinking.
    If you cannot learn to feel for the country and people...cannot learn to be generous...then start learning now...and don't brag where have you been and seen it all.

  32. How to defend Kugan's death? I myself am afraid to drive at late night these days nowadays.

    They might catch me just because I am a "keling" and force me to admit I am the notorious laptop/sarong/whatever thief of Sg.Long.

    By the way monsterball, since when you started hating Mahathir? It is 1988 for me.

  33. I have deleted, edited and now repost monsterball’s comments of 7:41 PM, January 24, 2012.

    But before I post the edited comments, let me say that one of the most difficult tasks of a blogger is to ensure visitors don’t libel specific persons. I hope you can help make my task easier by posting comments which [OK lah] may be acerbic, pungent and even hostile, but at least NOT libellous or, in cases of religious opinons or on racial characteristics, NOT insensitive. Thank you.

    Edited version of monsterball’s comments of 7:41 PM, January 24, 2012 follows:

    **Anon 6.25PM...DAP party defends the minorities ....helpless and the poor.
    Mana ada rasis? Lim Guan Eng went to 2 years jail defending a Muslim girl [alleged to have been statutorily] raped by [deleted] a certain politician..
    Lim Kit Siang went to jail so many times...defending Rakyat's money being stolen by UMNO b crooks.
    You got COW BRAIN.**

  34. KTemoc...I do not know how to hint or write in an ambiguous way.
    Business sense have always taught me to be totally truthful and direct.
    Please do the needful to protect your blog
    I am sorry to make you work so much because of me...but in my own ways...I am sincerely trying to make your blog lively and interesting.
    Have a nice day.

  35. Bala...I hated Mahathir long before he became PM.
    Tunku Abdul Rahman was far sighted and wise to sacked him from UMNO.
    Trace his time and friends within UMNO...that all helped to oust Tunku out as PM...then killed hid party.
    Take care and think before you write.
    I am glad you know who Mahahir is...and you are not a "keling".
    You are a Malaysian.

  36. Is there a way to filter out the comments of the person with a monster ding-dong ?

    I appreciate his need to ramble but how about our sanity ?

  37. Anon 10.36 AM..your sanity is intact if you can be like me.
    If you be like Najib...keep lying...cheating and fooling Malaysians..your sanity is gone.
    I will keep talking till 13th GE...and if you consider all my comments are rambling...that's the sign of guilty conscience pricking your hard.
    My needs and wants..is not to ramble.
    My needs and wants are to be alive and vote at 13th GE...and live long enough to see one by one...roughs and thieves being charged in court..and lets see Najib can pull strings to get Judges dance to his tunes.
    We have suffered enough by racists ...down right corrupted...under insane UMNO b leaders.

  38. monsterball,
    you must be older then. I was Form 4/5 when MM sacked the judges. Unfortunately not many those days lost a single minute of sleep over it. Chinese and Indians kept licking his but and the Malays so dumb as to be fooled with Razaleigh's Cross on head.

    I knew something will go very wrong later but seeing how selfish and stupid Malaysians are, I purposely avoided reading any Malaysian politics until the Hindraf rally.

    Anyway, I hope things turn out well this year. Being of below-average means, the best I managed to do on my part this year is to get some friends to attend the 901 gathering.

  39. Bala...majority Malaysia Chinese do not carry Mahathir's balls.
    It is a era...with no strong Opposition...except DAP...where Lim Kit Siang took the task to be a watch dog...exposing all corruptions.
    Don't keep labeling minorities..especially the Malaysian Chinese...who made what Malaysia is today.
    Malaysian Chinese have suffered in silence and lived under a corrupted...dictatorial government for decades...but never carry balls.
    They prefer to die than shame their ancestors.
    As for Indians...their minds are simply too weak and their snaky personalities seems to be inborn.
    However...it is the Indians that are the greatest Freedom Fighters in Malaysia.
    So your race is n extremist race.
    Don't mix the Malaysian Chinese into one basket..of your own kind.
    We are miles apart in behaviors and personalities.