Friday, January 06, 2012

Apple of discord by a rotten apple

As I have stated so often, I respect Haris Ibrahim very much. Currently Haris is pushing the current campaign mantra of ABU or ‘Anyone But UMNO’, urging the voters to vote for any candidate (from any political party) standing against an UMNO candidate in any federal or state electoral constituency.

However, as in any concept, policy or practice, there have to be exceptions. I do not apologise for raising this reminder, because of what I read in Malaysiakini’s Nik Aziz, Hadi for PM if Anwar convicted.

That pompous treacherous solar-powered Hasan Ali is at it again. At best I would say he’s sucking up to the two Pak Hajis, to ensure he retains a place in the list of PAS candidates for the next election, but I am not confident he is not, again, doing UMNO’s work again, by deliberately throwing into the Pakatan leadership ring, an apple of discord.

According to Greek mythology (from Wikipedia), Zeus held a banquet in celebration of the marriage of Peleus and Thetis, the parents of Achilles. However, Eris, goddess of discord was not invited (for she would have made the party unpleasant for everyone). Angered by this snub, Eris arrived at the celebration with a golden apple which she threw into the proceedings, upon which was the inscription καλλίστῃ (kallistēi, which meant ‘for the fairest one’).

Three goddesses claimed the apple: Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. They asked Zeus to judge which of them was fairest, and eventually he, reluctant to favour any claim himself, declared that Paris, a Trojan mortal, would judge their cases.

To cut the story short, Paris selected Aphrodite, who in turn blessed him with the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, who was the wife of Menelaus the Spartan King. Their adulterous elopement led to the Trojan War and numerous tragedies including the total destruction of Troy.

As I mentioned, there should be exceptions to any policy or campaign thrust. If PAS won’t get rid of Hasan Ali, then wherever he stands we must make an exception to ABU for he is the greater evil than an UMNO candidate.

Other possible exceptions to ABU would be his PAS pro-UMNO partner, Nasharudin Mat Isa, and also Zulkifli Noordin the Kulim Wonder, assuming he doesn’t stand as an UMNO candidate, and likewise our dear Ibrahim Ali.

Hasan won’t be able to stand as an UMNO candidate because his usefulness to UMNO is only valid if he remains in PAS to cause trouble among Pakatan. He'll be finished if PAS sacks him because UMNO will then not touch him with a ten-foot pole.

So, rather than ABU in his case, it should be ABHAAsal Bukan Hasan Ali or Anyone But Hasan Ali.


  1. Mixing with Greek Mythology...KTemoc is unique and comical with his style of writing.
    I am glad...he knows Hasan Ali is an UMNO b mole in all smart Malaysians do.
    Anwar in jail..missy takes over temporary.
    Anwar dies...missy need to serve one full term.
    That is..for Muslims not to get shocked that another race can be long as that Party have majority seats and votes.
    Have a nice day...KTemoc.
    I will be spending some nice time with a Bhikkhu from India visiting Malaysia.
    Buddhism has helped me to open my eyes and mind...and fear no death.
    Open my heart..sacrifice myself for the betterment of others.
    And in split as an eagle..watching for Buttercup and his sidekicks..F them..for carrying Najib's balls.

  2. ABA -Asal bukan Anwar
    Anyone but Anwar

    Remember ABBA, the Swedish wonder band ?

  3. monsterball, spending time with a bhikkhu and yet you're cursing Buttercup? - why waste time with the Bhikkhu then wakakaka

  4. I will meet the Bhikkhu...ask for his forgiveness and curse Buttercup again and again.
    All God's Representatives are to forgive sins.
    They are not suppose to judge anyone.
    I am not wasting time ti meet a dear old friend...a Bhikkhu..who loves me like hell......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA only get cows to love you like hell.
    One day..all the cows will assemble and tremble you to death in a bad dream you have..and that's the need a Bhikkhu to forgive your sins and sleep well like a me......HAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. I only remember ABBA sexy one...whose bum is welknown.
    But ABBA songs..mamma mia......all fanstatico.

  6. Anyone But UMNO (ABU)1:47 pm, January 06, 2012

    Ktemoc will not vote for PKR because of Anwar Ibrahim.
    I have a lot of Malay friends who will not vote for DAP because of (perceived)past anti-Malay behaviour by Lim Kit Siang and the DAP leadership.
    Many Chinese friends will note support Pakatan Rakyat because of fear PAS will push through Hudud laws.

    Add up all these ifs, buts, doubts, suspicions, prejudices etc., that is how decent, honest people end up keeping Corrupt and Rotten UMNO in power for 54 years.

    That's why I support the beautiful simplicity of ABU.

    Vote for anyone but UMNO !
    Once UMNO is out of power, then many things become possible.

  7. Lim Kit Siang needed to defend the minorities..particularly the Malaysia Chinese in the past...when there is no strong Opposition...defending the helpless and poor ...except DAP.
    UMNO b promoted race and religion to the extreme..under Mahathir.
    Half truths are always told...even about Chin Peng.
    Right as much as you like.
    All Malaysians do not treat DAP as a racist party...and almost all Malaysian Chinese will support DAP or PR..and Anwar as PM.
    That's facts...right now.

  8. DAP and Lim Kit with Lim Guan Eng...Karpal...and few more are real freedom fighters...recognized and respected so much by Malaysians..that Penang is given as reward to Lim Kit Siang for all his sacrifices done for Malaysians.. more than 35 years in the lone voice to exposed corruptions.
    Soon DAP rockets strapped into Hornbills will bomb BN out of Sarawak.'
    Main city Sibu is taken...Rajang Park also taken.
    Sibuhans are sick of Najib... bribing for votes.
    Poor like all Malaysians...Sibuhans value dignity and principles in life....more than money.
    Just look how thick Mahathir skin is...and why not...he can steal RM100 billion in his 22 years...a for all crooks.
    Taib Mahmud is the other hero.
    Both are Tuns. The more you can steal...the higher...the title you get.
    Stolen money and false titles.
    When will all idiots like Buttercup ever learn the truths.

  9. hi KT...Police give green light to PR guys..demonstrating outside the courts compound.
    That must get Najib hoping mad.
    True or not...KT.
    And Chua Soi Lek....Koh Tsu Koon...both can go fly kites.
    Real disgrace and scumbags to Malaysian Chinese.

  10. One has a fish head look..a good for nothing..puppet...accepting backdoor appointment dare not stand for 13th GE...knowing he is finished.
    The other...a typical shameless idiot...showing and playing his tootsie for the whole world to see...yet talking morals and truth to Malaysians.
    That's Najib's quality ministers from the minority.
    From his majority...they are animals of the lowest plane of life...crackos and weird ones.

  11. any one NOT with 'poke eye' clothing.

  12. Actually I am willing to do ABU if it come with ABA. Otherwise I will probably abstain from voting.

  13. Well Kt, ABU is all fine with me. The Kulim Monster, Nasha, The Toad King,Hee The Jelapang Witch, Gobala The Loud Mouth.......and not forgetting Hasan The Beer Catcher - they are for all intents and purposes UMNO affiliates if not outright UMNO members!So ABU is just fine................

  14. Why no one here dare not say LKS or LGE for PM since you are not in favor of St Nicki or Hadi.
    Hassan Ali mentioned at length in an intervew on TV3 that a PM should not be morally quetionable.
    This clearly means Al Bontoti is a no-no.
    So of course, he proposes his two top bosses.
    Fair summation, isn't it?

  15. Lim Kit Siang for PM.
    Lim Guan Eng for PM.
    But both will refuse for why waste breathe to propose anyone of them to be PM?
    Hasan Ali is a nobody...who cares what he says.
    Why that idiot..that shameless balls carrying...that wheeler dealer...hoping all his non stop ambil bodek can get him a raise in continue his stupid li8festyle...smoking weeds and that he can open his buttercup's cup a saiful gig....a sort of a "lady in waitin...for for Sondomy3..for his sifu....should Anwar be found not guilty on Monday.
    All you need is to read all his comments..and then you will know..he will do anything...for Najib..even offer his him for a quickie at the toilet..or his front..which all can use your imaginations.
    When one supports and appreciates Hasan cure...sperms attack the brain and only kataks will pity him.
    hhhhhmmmmm....KTemoc did not accuses him...hating Anwar so much ...that he will not cast his vote for change of Govt.
    I know Buttercup loves to high 5 with him.
    Buttercup tries to thrill touching hands...hoping KT will accept his cup too?
    From free milk to a cuppa...that's Buttercup talent and skills..if he can convince KT.

  16. Buttercup will say...
    One for the money. Two for the show.
    Three..get ready...go man go..hentam as hard as you like.
    I like it..I like do do more one more time.
    Customer happy happy...he starts all over again with next in line...same act..same Chow Kit Road...balakang mati..lane.
    KT high 5 him...touching his hands...asking for real trouble.
    Slit seconds..worms crawl into his blood vessel...finito...AIDS on the way.
    I will take my ABU fishing rot..go fishing...feeling sad for two do to me...I do to you..DONE UP..all because crazy this.. free that..when nothing free is any good..

  17. After one half of a century of toxic misrule, Malaysia is broken and needs fixing badly.

    Since the Umno government has so heinously played the religious and race so effectively to ensure their longevity for so long, it is in the best long-term interests of voters to vote ABU.

    I would even recommend voting for a self-serving, professional s... stirrer like Hassan Ali just this one occassion in GE 13 to ensure the demise of Umno. Let him then in no uncertain terms show the rakyat how dishonourable and slimey a politician he is after that should be decide to back Umno all the way.

    After getting rid of the Umno government, the rakyat can then concentrate on getting rid of all corrupt and useless politicians in GE 14 and in every election after that. The trick is to think long term and ensure that everyone who is eligible is registered to vote.

  18. Definately ABU ! No question about it. The rot have seeped in everywhere for too long, the gangrene have eaten into the very core.

    Yet we find Umno apologists and Umno bloggers, who themselves can't help but find the stench overpowering too, calling for what they termed as 'REFORM' instead of pulling down the entire house. These people insisted that all that's needed is to sack some politicians and senior civil servants ( and get some of their wives to behave well in public ), and all will be hunky they put it, 'fix some roof leakeages' and all will be fine.

    The very foundation of the house is giving way and the entire floor needs to be sanitized and here they talk about changing some roof tiles.

    The whole house of Umno needs to be razed to the ground and a new, clean one to replace it. So we all should ABU ! And after ABU, get rid of the mini Umno within the Pakatan. Although there's not much time to split hair now, it is not wrong to keep pointing out who's the culprits with die-hard Umno sentiments within the ranks of Pakatan. ABU. ABU.

    Now for some lighter moments.....where's our monsterball ? Grating as he is when he starts foaming at the mouth, surprisingly he could be funny, maybe unwittingly so. Once he gets a bee in his bonnet, any word or comment could easily set him off to one tangent....look at this....."I know Buttercup loves to high 5 with him.
    Buttercup tries to thrill touching hands...hoping KT will accept his cup too?" Hahahaha...this is quite invaluable, hahaha, ROFLMAO

    And this..... "KT high 5 him...touching his hands...asking for real trouble.
    Slit seconds..worms crawl into his blood vessel...finito...AIDS on the way." Hahaha....this very senior guy is cute in his own way, hahaha. Sorry guys, think i just got into a laughing fit with monsterball's antics. For some laughs, i think i could bear with his grating moments :)

  19. Laughing makes you young and healthy.