Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Johor's silent Tionghua revolution

Dear Olde (though not too old) Hishamuddin Hussein is on panic mode. Politically accident-proned, the Home Minister has a natural talent in offending the Chinese and Indians, so even he would have realized by now, the Chinese and Indians won't be too fond of him.

Because his federal constituency of Sembrong has 40% Chinese voters wakakaka, he has correctly assessed he'll be stuffed in the next general election.

Hisham’s fear has found firm grounds in The Malaysian Insider’s (TMI) latest report that In Johor, Chinese set to snub BN in polls.

According to TMI, Professor Abu Hassan Hasbullah of think-tank Zentrum Future Studies (based at UM) revealed that “… its end-of-year surveys have seen Johor Chinese catch up with and possibly overtake their northern kin in terms of backing PR. Opposition leaders in the state estimate that they won 55 per cent of Chinese votes in the last election but ….. support from the community has surged to close to 90 per cent.”

90%! Now, can you blame Hisham for his QD (quiet despair)? Wakakaka!

The Prof described the massive political swing as a “silent Tionghua revolution”.

According to the Zentrum survey, Chinese approval of Pakatan in Johor rose to 68% after the last election, and climbed further to 79 per cent in 2010. With the lastest figures, this could effectively enable Pakatan to pick up 15 federal and 30 state seats in Johor (compared to 1 and 6 respectively on 08 March 2008).

There are now rumours of Hishamuddin cabut-ing (scooting off) from Sembrong to Kota Tinggi. I hope he doesn't forget to take his keris along with him.

Chinese Malaysians, even Penangites, are by nature political conservatives, desiring political stability and economic prosperity, which has been why Penangites tolerated Koh TK and his spineless Gerakan Party for almost 40 years.

But among Chinese Malaysians, those in Johor are probably the most conservative, preferring to stick with Tunku’s Perikatan and subsequently Tun Razak’s BN even as late as 2008. Unlike their Penang counterparts, who swept away both ruling parties in 1969* and 2008, the Johoreans seemed to be far more tolerant of Perikatan/BN excesses and arrogance.

* just a note on someone’s assertion (which I read somewhere) that Anwar Ibrahim was responsible for the change of government in Penang on 08 March 2008, let me as a Penangite say that’s taking hero-worship too far. Sure, Anwar Ibrahim played a major role in inspiring the 2008 political tsunami, but Penangites always have their own political say, with or without Anwar, as demonstrated in 1969 when Anwar was a mere Muslim student activist of 22 years old. Penangites change government when they themselves wish, and not because of any particular person.

Now, an example of Chinese pragmatism - UMNO ultras, whenever it suits them, like to accuse their fave punching bag, the Chinese, of being biadap (ill mannered) to the Malay rulers. But as former UMNO bloger, Sakmongkol AK47 wrote (words to the effect), that’s nonsense because Chinese would be more than happy to do the contrary, like hormat, ampu and even bodek the sultans (including ministers & MBs) so as to be able continue their commercial-economic ways unimpeded.

Some Chinese businessmen have been known to chase after and even 'purchase' datukships, not because they want to be datuks per se but because the datukships give them access into privileged circles to canvas, conduct and cari-makan business deals.

In short, most Chinese Malaysians aren’t really all that interested in politics (whether of the Mahathir, AAB, Najib or Anwar's variety) so long as the political system allows them to work hard and prosper. But when they are forced into a corner, as they were in 1969 and 2008, where allegations of corruption against Perikatan and BN were just too overpowering to close one eye to, they would vote 'wisely'.

In the latter case, especially during AAB's time and continuing into Najib's premiership, UMNO and its apparatus like Perkasa and Utusan, plus a reborn Dilemmatic Malay, became a frightening bigoted monster which troubled many Chinese enormously. There was too much yang which unbalanced the Tao, that was, the commercial-enonomic Tao.

The other factor that would (and had*) agitate Chinese Malaysians is their children’s educational rights, or more correctly, their rights to good quality (high standard) education. Education has been a central pillar of Chinese culture for thousands of years, seen by the Chinese proletariat as a means (then, probably the only avenue) of breaking out of their labourer/working class lot.

* in 1987, the Education Ministry under Anwar Ibrahim appointed 100 non-Mandarin educated senior assistants and principals to vernacular schools, leading Chinese to protest against what they perceived as a deliberate tampering of their education standard. The Dong Jiao Zong (Chinese educationists) protest was joined by MCA, Gerakan and DAP. UMNO Youth, then under Najib with his blood-dripping keris, wanted to counter-protest. It led to the draconian Ops Lallang.

Because successive UMNO Education Ministers turned the national education system into the lamentable political football it became, and consequentially with perceived abysmal standards, Chinese gave up on that and quietly sought alternative streams, leading them to Chinese vernacular education (in pre-Merdeka days and even some years after that, the gold standard in education was English medium schools).

As we have just read, the Johor Chinese have reached their political breaking point. They want to send BN out.

If we remember an election truism in most democracies, voters generally vote a political party out of power rather than vote it into power. This translates into an incumbent political party or candidate losing, while the challenger becomes the winner by default. Thus, the Johor Chinese will focus on giving the BN a belting the latter long deserve.

And Pakatan will by default pick up BN’s lost seats – according to Zentrum, 15 federal and 30 state seats in Johor (compared to 1 and 6 respectively on 08 March 2008).

If we accept that, I just wonder which Pakatan component party will pick up the rewards.

I ask because 3 online news portal, Malaysiakini, Sin Chew and wakakaka Malaysia-Today have reported a rift between PKR and DAP over some seats, two of which I can name right away, Gelang Patah and Johor Jaya, both currently held by wakakaka, MCA.

It hasn’t help that the PKR Chair in Johor is Chua Jui Meng, a PKR newbie who was formerly from MCA. He is under pressure to show his stripes, and in like fashion to what Tian Chua had attempted in the past, likely at DAP’s expense.

PKR wants a monopoly on mixed ethnic constituencies (on whatever nebulous basis it has claimed) while at the same has been avariciously eyeing the attractive blue ribbon seats with Chinese majority. DAP which has traditionally contested in the latter type also wants a share of the far more numerous mixed constituencies.

Ironically, we saw a perverted version of this in the last Sarawak election where sore loser PKR groused about DAP staying safe in urban areas instead of venturing forth into rural constituencies, conveniently forgetting that it was PKR itself which unilaterally and pre-emptively grabbed 52 (subsequently 49) seats out of an available 71 in the Sarawak State election.

As I wrote in May 2011 in a post PKR's green-eyed monster:

….. a disgraceful petulant sour grapes merajuking Baru Bian … told The Malaysian Insider PKR wants DAP and PAS to prove they’re multiracial, but obviously targeting the DAP.

He claimed that PKR “...wants its Pakatan Rakyat PR partners to contest in ‘black seats’ in the next general election and dismiss the notion that they cannot cross the racial divide.”

He also told reporters that PKR “... could not continue shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone."

Shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone? My bloody foot, don't make my toes laugh!

This is the state head of a party who pre-emptively grabbed 52 seats without even a thought for its coalition allies in an unrealistic expectation PKR could be the winning PR member with the majority of seats, with him as CM wakakaka.

Here’s a case of a greedy gluttonous grabbing beast which had refused to share and ate more than it could practically swallow, and now blames DAP for its tummy ache. Padan muka.

Of course in Johor it sings a different tune where it sure as hell doesn’t want DAP to “ contest in ‘black seats’ in the next general election and dismiss the notion that they cannot cross the racial divide”


that PKR “... could not continue shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone."


Anyway, Johor PKR election director Steven Choong admitted that the State PKR and DAP people stopped discussing seats allocation since July 2011, with the matter now escalated to the Pakatan presidential consultative council.

Man man lai – Johor's 'silent Tionghua revolution' is not only among the voters, wakakaka!


  1. woohooimthefisrtonehere2:19 pm, January 11, 2012

    I'm the first to comment. Next is the monster...kah...kah...kah...

  2. Re: "... the Home Minister has a natural talent in offending the Chinese and Indians, so even he would have realized by now, the Chinese and Indians won't be too fond of him."

    Not only just the Chinese and the Indians are weary of him because if you visit some of those pro-UMNO blogs you'll find that this minister's name is usually included in the list of ministers that they want Najib to drop from his cabinet as these fellows are considered to be too clueless and deficient in competence. Another perennial favourite on these "please-dump-them" lists is that old geezer, that Rais fellow, who is famous for wanting to filter/censor the internet.

  3. Quote: Because successive UMNO Education Ministers turned the national education system into the lamentable political football it became, and consequentially with a perceived abysmal standard, Chinese gave up on that and quietly sought alternative streams, leading them to Chinese vernacular education (in pre-Merdeka days and even some years after that, the gold standard in education was English medium schools).

    Absolutely right you are! Up until 1970, National Type schools were able to turn out students who were at least competent in the use of the English language. But from the 1970's onwards, due to a parade of dim-witted and horribly inept education ministers, the nation finds itself burdened with thousands of students who are woefully inadequate in Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, and the English language. These unfortunate young people's shaky command of any one of these three major languages can barely enable them to join the job market. Those education ministers' dunderheadedness and bungling have inflicted an incalculable injustice on young Malaysians.

  4. WTF can DAP possibly offer Johor voters ?

  5. BN destine to loose the 13th GE.
    Loose Johore..Anwar's government may need to bring some UMNO b losers back from back doors to have a voice as Oppositions.
    Najib and his cousin decline the offer.
    Nazri retire from politic leaving Moohooodin to moo moo here...moo moo there...and all Malaysian unite forgive and forget...Malaysians supporting BN..and all will see.. OIL prices go promised by Anwar.....toll fees go down.
    Only then...those supporting BN will wake up to the rich our country is and all the billions ..belonging to all Malaysians...stolen away.. every year.
    Many UMNO b present and previously as ministers..will run away like rats.
    KTemoc proposed to be a Senator.
    His balls shrink..declining gracefully.
    Buttercup's cup price also go down.
    Any Tom Dick or Harry will do.

  6. DAP can offer some rockets to Johoreans.... Kanineh alias kan ni neh to poo his nia boh

  7. Wakakaka.....our recalcitrant Mamak now a reborn Dilemmatic Malay?

    May he lives long..... to see a new government take over the country. That will be his just desserts.

  8. Kanineh said "WTF can DAP offer Johor voters?"

    He should first ask himself WTF can he and his BN assholes offer Johor voters. Otherwise shut his his stupid mouth and don't try to confuse or divert the attention of the readers of this blog. You really deserve the name Kanineh.

  9. DAP dream to have thousands more Muslim members from Johore coming true is...frightening Kanineh.
    He totally forgot Lim Kit Siang roots is from Batu Pahat..Johore.

  10. "I'm the first to comment. Next is the monster...kah...kah...kah..."

    Right as rain, the monster is not far behind, keh...keh...keh...

    Some olde folks are wise
    Old monster is otherwise

  11. monsterball, I'd appreciate if you stop using the phrase 'pu nia bor' or variations of it. To me, a Teochew nang, it's a terrible swear word directed at someone's mum, which should never be the case even if that someone is a person you hate. Thank you.

  12. That Mamak will never change.
    He is the Father of Corruptions.
    He change...his sons get arrested faster.
    "Man man lai"...KTemoc advising PR government.

  13. okay...KT...lost my cool over Kanineh...whom you know is also coining foul words into his nick.
    I am so used to straight forward let him know...his coin nick cannot fool others.
    My mission accomplished...but you are right.
    How about "motherfucker"..can or cannot?
    Check it's an expression out of anger and all blacks love their mothers equally to others.

  14. You know WTF means don't you..KT?
    So he F back..but he is smarter...he can F with code words.
    You think all reading do not know he is f'ing Lim Kit Siang?
    Once again...I humbly apologize.

  15. Yip...Anon 6.13 pm..."monsterball is otherwise"..a genius...hahahahaaha
    Seif praise is no praise....correct?
    Why ...I just got F by KT.
    Who is going to praise

  16. Itu monster....tau tak, even when in some one's house, don't have even an iota of decency especially when the host has been more than generous.

    Tak malu lah....must have the last word.."How about "motherfucker"..can or cannot?"

    Oi, sudah makan kenyang kenyang here, must you also shit on the carpet ?

  17. hi Anon 6.41 PM...don't rub it in.
    KT knows I am trying to be
    "cute" to him and that needs talent.
    You one track minded sontoloyo learn more...mix more .see more..than talk to me.
    "makan kenyang kenyang here, must you also shit on the carpet?"
    That's too deep for me....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    All I know...he is trying to build up a fire...or trying hard to poison KT's mind...EXACTLY like Najib.

  18. There is a House in Penang
    They call it ...KTemoc
    Some spend their time to hero worship Najib there.
    You will find monsterball help KTemoc clean all the idiots out.
    Next show...3 hours later.

  19. With the grab for seats in Johore, PKR will again show its true Umno colours, no fear.

    This time, they will say accuse its partner DAP of wading in into its 'rightful territory' of 'black seats'. Kah...kah...kah

    Are politicians the only breed that can get away with saying black is black and at the same time, black is white?

    With such greedy leaders on both side of the divide, who could blame the fence sitters? Merambus lah PKR !

  20. i thought people say don't play race anymore in malaysia.oh! wait stupid me ! only the chinese has right to talk about race when it suit them!karma is going to hit the chinese so hard ,it's gonna be sweet!

  21. What ever it is, MCA can go to Holland after GE13 as said by Chua DVD.

    KT , do you think now is the best time to join MCA; so that I can share the assets when the party closes shop for good ?

  22. KT,if your guesstimate or to be more polite,appraisal of Chinese support for PR is correct,and at an all time high then Johore Umno/Bn will be getting the real big thorny end of the stick this time around.Although I will have to take the figures with a grain of salt,yours truly,a very responsible blogger should be given the benefit of doubt.Afterall this is what friends are for,isn't it.

    In this case,Hisham will be trembling so much,that his sarong will be getting loose and falling off soon.Then he will be doing the strip dance.Maybe we should get Rosy Chan to egg him on.Just make sure you guys have plenty of single ringgit notes on standby.

    Even weeks or months ago a prominent blogger was predicting a humilating public spanking for Hisham,and that he will surely chicken out for another safe seat.Even former Johore 'taiko' Mr Moo is contemplating moving on to another safer seat.Latest news is Mr Moo is still searching as for him no such thing as a safer seat is safe for him.Please go figure.

  23. Only one fence sitter..laughing.
    The sings are clear...wind of change is clear too...but week by week...votes re running away from BN...and in Johore...Tionghhua can now feel their dreams will come true...just like DAP feelings at 12th GE.
    13th GE will be nightmares for all BN candidates.
    Monsterball have spoken.Let it be written. Let it be done.

  24. 6000 ready to kick asses at court yard.
    Last minute instruction...."Change verdict!. Not guilty. I repeat...not guilty."
    Guess who gave last minute order to Judges..CRYING...boooohooohooooboohoooo that mamak has to come out and say something to stop him crying.
    Mooo keep mooing...cannot stop the crying.
    Only the godfather.

  25. Buttercup is dead tired.
    No comments..just like Najib.
    Seefat father beg AG to appeal and defend his son.
    This time more sting power. Will AG be that support dirty politics again?
    Good night to KT and all.

  26. bruno, overwhelming Chinese support for Pakatan has not been my personal survey but that of think-tank Zentrum Future Studies (based at UM) headed by Professor Abu Hassan Hasbullah - if Zentrum's forecast of Pakatan picking up 30 state seats )out of 56), this will mean Pakatan will govern Johor.

    The MB-designate will probably be PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub, a Pontian-born Johorean who's curently federal MP for Kubang Kerian in Kelantan. He has been instructed by PAS to return to Johor.

    Chua Jui Meng can forget about being MB, not so much because he's Chinese (even though this is a big negative factor for his eligibility) but HRH doesn't like him - had his Johor datukship tarik balik.

  27. Is 'Kanineh' actually Saiful Bukhari? The one who 'kan nin lau hnya'?

  28. KT,if Johore falls to PR,Umno/BN at the federal level is definitely a gone case.I personally strongly believed that is the case.That is the reason Umno/BN kept pushing back the date of the inevitable GE.Or else why not Najib get his own mandate from the rakyat first and strengthened his position within Umno.Soon there will be a mass exodus of members from Umno and Mca into DAP,PKR and PAS.

  29. bruno's "... Soon there will be a mass exodus of members from Umno and Mca into DAP,PKR and PAS".

    Too right matey, rats leaving the sinking ship. At least I'll still have a modicum of respect for those who stay on and sink with the BN vessel.

  30. The word "kanineh" should be banned from this blog.

  31. KTemoc...You should respect those who are brave enough to leave BN...the more the better.
    This is about not supporting thieves....puppets...double standards..murders roaming freely...intentionally lowering the education system...many many case you have forgotten the reasons why 13th GE must have change of government.
    Remember...with no actual majority support....UMNO b always win the elections in the past...with phantom votes and frauds spreading rural areas into so many constituencies ....depending on the rural racists Malays all the time.
    UMNO b have cheated for decades..and at this finest hours of our want to see BN guys have guts and stay pick to fight to the last?
    If you think for the country and poor....especially your all the mothers you respect so will never talk like that.

  32. nice if hisham can cabut to my voting station ... i sharpening my pen waiting for him. wakakakaka!


  33. Hisham is hiding in a rat hole...right now.
    Najib is thinking and thinking...for reasons to go oversea.
    Mahathir's comment on court verdict was the shortest..just few word to console Najib.
    Read the moods..the signs..the after effects.
    Malaysians are celebrating..all over Malaysia....but Najib is sad and somber.
    FOR and clear.
    Sitting on the fence...pooo all of these balls carriers...selfish..two timers.
    You poooo with complete frustrations...anger using street fighters get warnings from KTemoc.....but it will be the Street Fighters and Kopitiam fella...protecting KTemoc's mothers ....if ever a showdown is the last act...Najib dare to save his own bloody skin.
    I think he will do it..if he thinks he is so powerful to command people to do as he likes.
    This time...Rosmah better give Najib the right advises.
    It's about life and death.
    The idea to stay with the sinking ship and show how brave one is...SUCKS!!
    Muslims supporting UMNO b are not like normal Malaysians. The have been brainwashed for decades.
    If they leave BN...KT should be very happy.
    If they have waken up and leave UMNO b...I am so happy for them too.
    Concerning the MCA..Gerakan and MIC...politicians they can stay put brave to the last....keep carrying Najib balls...who cares. Puppets they are.
    It's UMNO b against PR.

  34. monsterball, there are BN people and then there are BN people. So my earlier comment on respecting those who remain in BN depends on who specifically leaves to join Pakatan.

    It's not a blanket description applying to all. For example, if a good bloke like Hsu Dar Ren (Darren Hsu) from Gerakan leaves his party to join DAP, I'd recommend welcoming him as a true and sincere asset for DAP-Pakatan. On the other hand, if Liow "My beloved PM" Tiong LIE wants to come across, then I would consider him as a deserting rat.

  35. See the difference..
    When PR politicians keep cool guiding all to have patience and tolerance...PR gain more respect and votes.
    Now UMNO b copying that style...still loosing more votes.
    Hisham talk alot...makes Malaysians sick of him.
    Keep quite..more sick of this big brain actor.
    Najib is legendary.
    Mother knows best...found Rosmah for him.
    He needs needing air and water.
    And Buttercup needs his cup runneth over with polishing balls of them ..or else is daily bread and butter will ration will be reduced.
    His millions he claim he is earning...all gone.
    All his sweet young things gone.
    From Suzuki motor bike.
    Old man like me...staying power proven..plenty SYT lining up for me to choose...but Alas!!...tool is also choosy as age catches up.
    Last time not so fussy.
    Tool controlling...mind to be mindful over what;'s right or wrong..clearer and clearer.
    Pity the frogs...the apple polishers and two timers...stooping so low...all for money and self interest.
    That's why religions are so powerful and needy by vast majority....if not all.
    Come 13th GE...the power of he mighty hands will guide all... sink the devil supporters and worshipers into the sea...and fence sitters.. ..will be cast away with all the money...they an kick outside...treated as useless chicken heart ..full of shit buggers.
    Chua Soi Lek...need not worry about clothes or video cameras.
    He can keep playing his prick to harden it..for coconuts trunks ....drilled with holes...for his all night long performances....with Buttercup ready to jump into the act...anytime Chua wants him.

  36. I'm sure Zentrum got it wrong, or its based on one of those "guided surveys".
    There are lies, damned lies , then there are statistics...

    Here in the part of Johor I live in, everybody, Malays, Chinese, Indians, are still solid BN supporters. Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Hadi, are all just an outsiders with little traction.

  37. KT,how about your matey,Ti Lian Ker from Mca.He seems a nice guy.One that I would like to prefer to be in the DAP that in the soon to be decimated Mca.

  38. Dr.Hsu is a good and decent human being...and most qualified to be a great freedom fighter too...but he stayed too long in Gerakan and in politics...that does not suit him at he now have bad habits..has a touch of trying to use people to sing to the tunes according to his a cunning politician.
    In short...Dr.Hsu is one hell of a cunning selfish bloke too.
    If he is that good...and trusted...and resigning from Gerakan...all PR leaders will go after him.whether he likes it or not...and doc... will say...for country ad people....I am back in politics...bla bla bla.
    I have been commenting in his blog for years.
    For votes..he ALWAYS write and fight fir change.
    In his private a blog owner...he loves to accuse others...the dirty politics personality he learn as a politician.
    If you get into his good books...or into his good are like angels to him.
    I left commenting in his blog when I fought do hard to exposed and chase BN cybertropers away..all quiet down...with his admissions...people like one "Ellese" is a mole from BN....and all of a sudden..Ellese is welcome back...and I wear the label as an Agent Provocateur...which he denied calling me that and said he called me a son of a bitch and apologize....closing the issue..with typical cunning style.

  39. bruno, yes absolutely, Ti Lian Ker will certainly be a great asset for Pakatan - I apologise for omitting mention of him.

    monsterball, I totally disagree with your comments on Darren Hsu.

  40. Batu Pahat

    I think you are wrong. As a silent Johorian, I am going to campaign against UMNO. I am encouraging all my friends working at Singapore to come back and vote. I want to encourage more Johorian to encourage their friends to register to vote! Would you buddy Dr. Chua Soi Lek dares to come to Bandar Penggaram to run for office for the next GE?


  41. Come on KT....face FACTS!!
    You will find most doctors love to join MCA or Gerakan for selfish and cunning reasons.
    First and a doctor they stand very good chance to be somebody in the party....beating other degree holders hands down.
    It's all about getting close to Mahathir 30 years ago and on going .to be with the right circle of UMNO b corrupted crooks to do something...all be filthy rich...through tips of what shares to UMNO b can do wonders with the economic situations in Malaysian too...with all the billions in their juggle around.
    Dr.Hsu maybe the exception...joining Gerakan for a noble cause as he said that...but I think he is also after power and recognitions get closer to play same game....make money...but he has not the personality to succeed ..thus as an elected Gerakan committee member amongst so many more elected...he is still a nobody in Gerakan and had to resign.
    MCA top guns?....why ALL are opportunists knowing crooks are governing and they want to get close and listen to UMNO b crooks like long as they can be millionaires too.
    From Liong Sik time...MCA shame the Malaysian Chinese to the extreme.

  42. agree or's your rights.
    After all both of you are political bloggers ad I am just a commentator.
    It seems you are claiming your abilities to understand people is better than me.
    It have sixth sense...I have none.

  43. Totally disagreeing with me on Dr.Hsu?
    I put out his good and bad points...all you disagree?
    Are you saying he is a devil or a in between?.
    Now which is are claiming him to be?

  44. monsterball,

    for a senior citizen,you sure has power like the energizer bunny.Thats the way to go.Dr Chuah will be embarassed.Cheers.

  45. It seems that mb is getting personal with Dr Hsu who I believe has not been letting his comment being published at his blog.

    Come to think of it mb is a parasite that lives on others blog. He can only exist with his machinegun comments with the generosity of the host but cannot offer his own view per se in his/her own blog.

    A parasite lives off on a host environment.

    nb: mb may be a woman for all we know.

  46. You are talking cock Anon 2.35PM.
    Read all the comments at Dr. Hsu's blog.
    All my comments....all approved.
    Read my LAST comment...then talk.
    I guess you just can't wait a chance to insult me....and who is the real parasite?....depending on hand outs...easy job..easy money..supporting UMNO b are the real parasites...yet these parasites also develop thick skins like those dirty crooked politicians...why so? because their brain have stop developing..and become like bed bugs..sucking and sucking and sucking shamelessly.

  47. Yes, mb's comments were approved. Dr Hsu had, in the spirit of a tolerant host and responsible owner of free speech, allowed mb's comment. But eventually things got out of hand with mb's parasitic squating of the good doctor's blog, that he had to implement some form of control for manners and civility in the discussion. Nowadays, mb's no longer appeared in the comments list.

  48. MonsterBall has either been banned or been hounded off from many sites before - Dr. Hsu, Susan, Malaysia Today, Rocky...the list goes on.

    Now this piece of pollution has attached itself to Ktemoc's blog.

  49. yip Bruno...this discussion can lead many voters to support Gerakan or MCA in Penang...with KTemoc disagreeing with me on Dr.Hsu...thus painting idiot not to be serious ignore all my calls to support DAP in Penang.
    Street Fighters only know how to master.. knock out punches...most self employed...where got brains like those smart cunning doctors..try luck...becoming filthy rich in politic.
    Fail...go back and practice medicine...still can be filthy rich..but have to work bloody fooling around.
    But hawkers can char char char kiow teow also filthy rich....many of them.
    The problem...they love gambling...while doctors love traveling and music...and don't be surprised...doctors love shacking like MCA President has shown how.
    Yes...these doctors... ALAS!...all Malaysian Chinese is shaming the Chinese community...for decades and anyone telling me all doctors in MCA or Gerakan are noble people needs the brain to be examined.
    Like DR. Chua Ju Min...resigned and welcomed by different story.
    All doctors..not welcome by any PR party...means a useless balless bum clever to talk cock only.
    Imagine a dentist can buy a RM4 million house and live like a King.
    If not for People think that broom stick Toyo will ever be charged in court?
    And look at the sentence..ONE year jail ...out in 7 months...a free man cheating millions.Property confiscated is another story. He could have made many more other businesses. We are no fools.
    This means Najib encourages all to cheat by the millions and go to short time jail time..if caught...hoping all will support BN again and again.

  50. Oh yes...continue promoting me being ban here ..ban problem.
    Anwar is free and I get being promoted. Who cares about me..a nobody?
    Why you care so much?
    Like Anwar said..
    "It's not about me. It's about the country and people." same same sickening BN worms.
    Move on...don't talk about me...but then they love talking about me for years.
    Very difficult to be humble...I like IT .....I LIKE IT.
    Now that will make them mad.
    Some Like it HOT...correct KTemoc?
    hhhhhmmmmmm M M..."There's no business like show business" singing "Heat Wave"....that's the stuff of

  51. Unbelievable!!
    After 8 years commenting and is still faarking UMNO b non stop...I get all the attentions .asking blog owners to ban me.
    I tell you what..Anon..I stop commenting completely..and ban myself ..once 13th GE is over.
    Is that OK with you?

  52. But then...I maybe requested to keep commenting.
    I think you better keep on you mission impossible .. make it possible.
    Here's updating your banning record.
    Steven Gan of Malaysiakini banned me for one month faarking Haris Ibrahim.
    I faaaaak Steven Gan and told him to ban me for life.
    He dud!!!.......HAHAHAHAHAHA

  53. I refrain to comment for a while because i am sick of monsterball. He cheapens this blog. And i dont want to be a cheap-skate.
    Monsterball keeps on mumbling filth on and on.
    And he is so enamored of me. Thanks for the thots, ball.
    And he can keep on dreaming that BN will fall in Johor, its bastion.
    If its NS or Perak,maybe.

  54. are a cheap-skate.
    You dare not debate but keep on promoting BN this BN that...and insult Malaysians...People Power.....all don't know.
    OK la...Johore is the stronghold of UMNO. and now UMNO b...who does not know that.
    But the strength is weakened like a Mr.Malaysia to be Mr.Kampong Jawa...from sooo strong to mere holding on to the the Zulus teaching the British not to be arrogant and talk big. Spears over guns and cannons...who won?
    And as for Negri...50/50. Perak..PR will wallop your BN with a clear Penang where frogs and royalty cannot help.
    It will be Sarawak and Sabah Malaysians are looking for real unity.
    So you dream...I dream...Najib dream....Anwar he bangs ..she bangs..that like it?
    By the is your cup getting on?
    PS: One of the rare moments I talk nice to Buttercup. I do miss his funny idiotic mind.

  55. "I don't want to be a cheap-skate",,said Buttercup
    I want to be like Najib...
    "You help me. I help you" smart.
    Better still like Mahathir..."I forgot.I forgot I forgot"..even his Indian ancestors.
    'Thanks for the thots , ball"...there...he is dreaming I am screwing him. What a pitiful lonely man he that Najib is in no moods for whatever cups offer to Koh Tsu to make excuses and retire....perhaps like his balls are giving him problems...need to go overseas for major operation. Anwar has hinted to him....don't try to be funny.
    I am TELLING Buttercup...don't paint and spread bad rumors about me. You Cup cannot take my MONSTERBALL.

  56. Joy to the world...the Lord has come.
    He will huff and puff and blow all thieves to the Kingdom of Hades.
    He will lead all Malaysians for 40 years and 40 nights...till all sinners don't throw stones to another sinner.
    Buttercup will be singing the Blues in some clubs...earning his butter and bread.
    Millionaire status gone. Smoking too much...pipes and ..spend his millions to cure or die.
    So he is cured...thank God for that..but his hope...still talk like a child.

  57. Sai Nee Neh Kucong9:30 pm, January 12, 2012

    Kanineh asked what can DAP bring to Johor? The answer is whatever LGE is bringing to Penang.

  58. hahahahahahaha...'Sai Nee Neh Kuchong" teaching
    "Kanineh" a thing or two.

  59. I sai or neh...sure get warning.

  60. Shahrizat take two week leave.
    That's always the sign corruptions killing UMNO b.
    You bet..the two weeks will be forever.
    Rafidah refused to take over.
    Nurul frightens the Wanita UMNO b one dare to challenge her in 13the GE.

  61. Just got back home and came on, what's this i find?

    Uh oh, that monster got banned from SOOOO many blogs ah? This olde man made so many enemies but of course to him, everybody salah and he's the only one in the right....hehehe

    Make the best of the time left for you here, dear monsterball. A little advice - you could buy more time by cleaning up your act....get rid of that chinky apek swearing and foul language first, hard though it might be for you, since that's the nature of the beast, hahahaha.

  62. Here come. a faceless...nameless...balless.. chicken heart braggart talking cock to me again and again ..same thing.
    They are never shameful to support a bunch of corrupted crooks in the government.
    They are like puppets on the strings...just because they work for a BN company.
    It's a good day and..a good good day for me. So yell and insult as much as you like.
    The more the merrier.
    Wait till tomorrow.
    Good night to KT and all ..excluding the BN ghosts and goblins.
    Anwar is resting too.
    Najib must be and night and...
    Chua Soi Lek...making it out....somewhere in a hotel in Batu Pahat again....for only in BP.. he gets discounts and special services.

  63. monsterball & KTemoc, you both have differing opinions of Hsu Dar Ren. Now, a question - what do you think of Ong Tee Keat if he were to join PR?

    monsterball, some people want you to stop commenting. I say you should continue. Your comments are like the cream and juice on KTemoc's steak (blog) - you make things interesting and lively here. So, please do soldier on!!

  64. Anon 1:12am

    Fully agreed 100%.Without monsterballs active participation,Kt's blog will be as dull as Jack without Jill.Buttercup has taken a long deserved break due to exhaustion to consolidate his energy for a rematch with monsterball.All the way behind you buddy.Cheers.

  65. Just can't help coming back and thank Anon 1.12AM...and ever faithful friend Bruno.
    Some like it hot...Some like it cold.
    Some like it in a Cup...nine days old..smelly... creamy...buttery.
    Ong Tee say?
    Well I never pay any attentions to MCA politicians..just like I never seldom or politics in newspapers.
    I buy papers to read sports news and gossips.
    i always mixed up with Ong Tee Keat and Ong Ka Ting.
    But if you are referring to the ex President oust out by Chua Soi Lek....I think he is putting out his character and intentions...very clear..and hope to serve any PR party...but 13th GE is too close...and I think not one...particularly...DAP or keDAILan will take the risk to welcome him as a 136th candidate.
    He join any PR party..most welcome...but not with a condition he become Chua Jui Meng.
    PR is riding high...why must they consider and MCA or Gerakan politicians to stand for election on a PR ticket?
    Again...thanks to both of your encouragements and compliments.

  66. sorry for my "136th GE..." which should be 13th GE
    That 136th GE comes....most of us are dead and very old......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I am sure dead before Buttercup.

  67. Wow....with some his buddies egging Monsterball on, our pompous, vain prima donna who self-proclaimed himself a genius, a freedom fighter, a has-been hugh hefner with sweet-young-things lining up for him, a wanna-be Bob Hope...blah, blah, blah, will be more enboldened than ever.

    It looks like we have to resign ourselves to see more same-old same-old frothing and foaming, mostly aimless ramblings which his buddies mistaken for 'cream and juice' on the steak, wakakaka.

  68. Buttercup taking a break to consolidate his energy.No way.He is penning under anon.Water is dripping from his tastebuds,too juicy to stray away from KTemoc's blog or that juicy piece of steak.

  69. Buttercup taking a break to consolidate his energy.No way.He is penning under anon.Water is dripping from his tastebuds,too juicy to stray away from KTemoc's blog or that juicy piece of steak.

  70. Yes ANON 2.22AM...keep rubbing in.
    I am inspired to hit you all BN tiny monkies hard until 13th GE.
    I also have ghost riders helping me.
    This blog will stay colorful....exciting because it is a Penang blog...and Penang belongs to DAP.
    Jealousy is all written in comments.
    Buttercup's cup...all dried up..poor fella.

  71. Those monkies read every word I write shows how interesting my comments are to them.
    The Superstar I am.....yes a new self proclaimed title.........I AM SUPERSTAR and I will give you jokers more bullets to fire me...that is if your water pistols got the power.
    My class is above you all sickos.
    As old as I am...I am better qualified to be Home Minster....and so are thousands SUPERSTARS and Street Fighters....real genius all making millions....from god gifted talents and hard work... refusing to be millionaires carrying UMNO b balls....and you all tiny tots working for daily bread and butter....want to challenge a SUPERSTAR who has seen everything?
    What kind of brains you have?
    Old man are fools?
    Maybe your fathers la...not kopitiam fellas...all SUPERSTARS.
    In religion....only Jesus is SUPERSTAR......hahahahahahahaha

  72. monsterball,

    Cannot agree with you more.Penang is a DAP state and will stay a DAP state for umpteenth GE's to come.Penang Malays love LGE and DAP.The Malay contractors have got contracts with the state which they otherwise would not have got under Umno because of cronism.And the ordinary Malays are well taken care of in terms of employment.So in Penang Umno/BN will sit on the opposition bench till the next century,at least.Taking a break and will talk to you guys later.

  73. Good night...sleep well...sweet dreams...Bruno.

  74. That BN Anon idiot has gone to sleep too.
    Signing off.

  75. Anon of 1:12 AM, January 13, 2012, Ong Tee Keat would have been the man to drag MCA out of the grave it dug itself into, but alas, more than half the MCA central delegates preferred Chua Soi Lek.

    The Malaysian Insider published a Merdeka Centre poll showing Tee Keat is favoured choice of Chinese voters to be party president, but that means diddly squat because it won’t be the Chinese voters electing the MCA president but party delegates who are already immersed in party rooms’ dealing and wheeling.

    Ong TK position as MCA’s president was already dead when Najib refused to attend the MCA AGM as the traditionally principal guest of honour to open the meeting for its ally, in his capacity as Head of the BN coalition

    Njib’s decision was unprecedented and unequivocally, blatantly anti Ong Tee Keat as the president of MCA. It sent a message to the MCA delegates on whom UMNO preferred to work with, namely Liow Tiong Lai and if need be, CSL but not Ong. Those MCA cowards were only too eager to heel to Najib's whistling.

    One way or another, UMNO showed it could control MCA, MIC, especially Gerakan, etc. While there has been bad blood between Ong and Chua as well as Liow, the lamentable observation was there are MCA leaders who are prepared to play to UMNO’s tune, to remove Ong Tee Keat.

    For quite some time prior to the MCA presidential election, Muhyiddin indicated in more than one way his displeasure with Ong.

    It was then obvious that UMNO preferred Liow Tiong LIE, who had lovingly described Najib as 'our beloved PM' wakakaka. UMNO has always preferred lap dogs like Koh TK and Liow Tiong LIE.

    Ong has been unpopular with UMNO since his deputy ministerial days when he ran foul of Hishamuddin. Ong then had exposed corrupt officials in the Education department which sent Hishamuddin ballistic.

    Then DPM, Najib had argued in support of his cousin that the fact of corruption (embezzlement) was beside the matter, and that Ong had not followed proper channels to raise the issue.

    Najib had then stated: "I don’t want to talk about facts, that’s another issue".

    The DPM of the nation didn't want to talk about the facts of embezzlement? Dei man, that's stealing, a crime, an act of sheer corruption and you don't want to talk about it?

    And he gave the excuse that form (of cross-ministerial procedure) should have taken precedence over substance (a crime of embezzlement of public money). What a f* joke of a government!

    I had then written in a 2009 post UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out:

    Bull! It's everyone's duty to expose corruption, not just Ong's. And in fact, Ong did not air that alleged embezzlement as a racist issue. He merely highlighted corruption. There was no mention of race. That the schools were vernacular in character was never the issue - the missing 90% of the maintenance funds was.

    It was cow-head Hishamuddin who turned it into an anti-Ong issue because he obviously didn’t like the idea of an MCA bloke highlighting alleged corruption in his ministry. His act of political intimidation against Ong could be seen as an act against the exposure of corruption.

    Of course we know that had Ong raised the issue through ‘proper channels’ the issue (of corruption in that embezzlement) won’t see daylight ever again wakakaka!

    Incidentally, Ong TK was also the Transport Minister who convened an inquiry into the scandalous PKFZ corruption.

    I have also like Ong Tee Keat but I am not sure whether a proud straightforward man like him would join DAP?

    It is likely he will stand in the next election as a quasi independent (whether MCA nominates him or not, as he has indicated) because it’s probable CSL with UMNO blessing won’t put him up as an election candidate.

    If he wins, perhaps after that ...

  76. KT,first let me add in my two cents worth.Half of the Mca central delegates were sucking up to the money thrown on the floor openly by Umnoputras.They have the blurdy spineless guts to pick the single digit bills up.Only for a couple of ringgit these pariahs were willing to sell their daughters,wives and their souls.

    Umno want OTK out to quite the PKFZ scandal and these pariahs of Mca delegates obliged them.That is the reason why the lowdown Mca will be decimated this coming GE.

  77. Ewah, Mr ball is sucking up to Bruno. If only he is well-mannered like Bruno.
    I have seen Bruno's comments in other blogs. But no one is chasing him out like Ball who is considered a pariah.
    But give him the time of day. He's riding supreme since at home he's a hen-pecked hubby. A push-over dad.
    He's covertly in love with juicy lucy me.

  78. Mr. Ball who invented the first pocket watch that kept the trains on time to the last seconds..avoiding delays makes life easier for all.
    The watch is "Ball"
    And now the "Ball" wrist watch is the first powerful clear...illuminate watch for life..using no mercury.
    So when Buttercup want to insult me..he better write Mr.. Monsterball....and what have we from him?....calling me a pariah and comparing me with Bruno.
    Notice the constant usage "hen-pecked hubby"....describing me?
    His sense of studying personalities and behaviors is ZERO!!
    Buttercup is being pressed and hen-pecked for better services and results with his so doing his best with no complaints...frustrated why his miserable life is like that...working for bread and in day out....frustrated no beautiful sweet young thing wants to be his girl on a trade in value..6 year old Suzuki motor bike.
    But many motor bikers can attract sweet young thing ...not Buttercup.
    His IQ....his pariah face...his mentalities and behaviors...all show in his face...a typical no future man ...stingy...and he wants a sweet young thing?....hoo lan le.
    Read his last sentence...his repeated illusion or his dream for his cup.
    With my money and do as I whole life...can you imagine this idiot saying I am crazy about dot dot dotting him?
    Actually he loves being spanked by me day and keep him not feeling the wantings.the yearnings to fill up his cup...non stop.
    Prostitutes do that for a fee...sort of earning bread and butter like that choice.
    "BUTTERCUP! where are you?
    Hear that he runs to his many many a pondan...and such guys hates to be hen-pecked but that's their lives....they chose and to cover all up...behave just the opposite.
    Good morning dearest Buttercup.
    Want to high 5 me?
    You do light up my life....and all know what that means...except you.

  79. ".All the way behind you buddy" - Bruno

    Wah....Tualampar is about to get F*cked cukup-cukup from behind..

  80. When the going was good....MCA is a party many rush in to be a member..for seeing a no brain man like Ling Liong Sik with a smile and skills to talk sweet nothing..can make's easy and inspiring.
    Certain areas .especially red light house ares...where tourists party 24 hours a day.. Hong Kong..are rushed by many.. to be chosen as a policeman...bribing the selector or final decision the hundreds of thousands....and the biggest briber gets the job...for they know..within few months...they can make back all the money given as bribes and all are millionaires...once promoted to be a need wait to be captain.
    MCA is most corrupted under Mahathir's Premiership for 22 years....controlling Ling Liong Sik for 18 years.....and that decades of rotten foundation is like UMNO b....a party fucked up by selfish ..cunning opportunists always prepared to be puppets and second class citizens.
    For present MCA under OKT...or OTK..or CSL...what's new?
    Losers quietly vanish away or stay as fighting cock...for what?
    The day...Najib's "1Malaysia" is trying to bullshit all Malaysians and MCA is supporting to fool all.
    Remember!!...Malaysian Chinese voted out MCA at 12th GE.
    MCA is gone...but now we are talking about if they have Malaysians great interest and support....and some Malaysian Chinese want to do see MCA alive like Najib bring back few as back doors ministers.
    I repeat...MCA is rejected by more than 90% Malaysian Chinese.
    oTK or Okt and even Chua soi lek know that too well.
    Forget MCA.
    Focus on the individual you are talking about...what good can they do for the country and people and by what means and methods.
    DAP...keDAILan...PAS riding high.
    All are welcome to join any party....but stay as ordinary members only.
    Understand their ULTERIOR MOTIVES ...daily actions and speeches.
    Finally....if MCA want to help the minorities .especially the Malaysian Chinese...they should pull out and join the PR group...long long ago.

  81. lo hor nan kan...kanineh writer.
    Tualampar pak si boh chow.
    lo oui lampar boh?
    Go hide under the yum yum tree and smoke the cup..kanineh..and stop talking cock about me.
    Tell me...who does not know me in blogging?
    Who knows all of you kuckin kurap BN low class worms.

  82. Get it very clear..the MCA with guys like Tan Siew Sinn is over.
    Mild mannered..yet he dared to scold UMNO being unfair to the minorities .threatening to pull out MCA ....where Tunku needed to cool him down..and apologize.
    MCA at that time was helping Tunku in Nation balls carrying ..and non corrupted politicians...even Tunku.
    Draw a line what CORRUPTIONS mean.
    Corruptions is everywhere...and in that sense Tunku was also corrupted...and so are all UMNO ministers.
    But they take enough to have a good life..and not live like multi billionaires kings.
    Tunku gave more millions than taking back some when he needs it.
    When he needed Malaysian Chinese will arrange a poker session and loose as mush as they can to make Tunku happy...and in Genting Highland the missy gamble and stay enjoy herself. You can say...Lim Goh Tong was a grateful man and stayed grateful till the last day of his life.
    Once dead...all changed.
    You want to talk about need to trace their movements fro day one..up to now.
    When a 2-system is needed and opportunities knock at MCA doors..before the 12th GE...they supported to divide and be second class citizens.
    MCA?..gone forever in Malaysian Chinese minds.
    You can say...Teoh Beng Hock's death is partly contributed by MCA having no balls to fight for his own race for justice.
    And when UMNO b drum up any problems...especially Educations and Christians..MCA always apply..MYOB attitude.
    MCA shame Malaysian Chinese.

  83. Where was MCA in May 13th 1969?
    Blaming Lim Kit Siang the mastermind when Lim Kit Siang was away in East Malaysia.
    Tan Koon Suan cheated the Chinese...Ling Liong Sik cheated Malaysians RM12.5 billion...bought TAR college and converted into a U making Malaysians Chinese happy...make MCA kitty bank stuff with millions and the rest he pocket them so much so his son at 21 years old..shouted proudly..he is paying RM100 million income tax per year.
    And when Mahathir was questioned how his sons became so rich ..with billions...his answer was.."they are smart sons" and when one lost all..he took RM1.2 billion EPF money to save his son...with no fear..for MCA is already bought.
    Just look at how Chua Soi Lek is talking now...typical shameless low class balls carrying Najib.
    Yet ..okt..otk..and all stay as members of MCA?
    It's the ordinary members ..all resigning...for dignities and principles in compromise...but all those MCA politicians have so much reasons to stay put...and you all can keep talking ..OTK or OKT..or is MCA..TKO now.
    Particularly it Gerakan or MCA...they are both history.
    It will be UMNO b Vs DAP in Penang now and forever...and Malaysians know DAP is not a racist party.
    If we want a Malaysian Malaysia...forget MCA la.
    Who cares which puppet has changed for the better .this and that.
    They resign and help MCA close shop...I say then OTK is doing the right thing.
    Stay put and talk sweet words for Malaysian Chinese to one keep MCA alive..and that to dirty politics for selfish reasons.
    Kanineh...Tualampar plenty smart..yes?.......hahahahahahaha
    You insult me...few will kan you...right and proper.

  84. Now going to Lim Kit Siang's blog and help opening young voters minds.
    Kanineh and Buttercup...come la...insult me there too.
    Why here only?
    Penang done for Najib.
    Try Selangor...better still Kelantan and we talk sodomy and holy holy stuffs there.

  85. monsterball, I urge you to get your facts about Tunku right. You have outrageously slandered a good man who is no longer here with us.

    Tunku was deposed in a 1969 coup d'etat by Razak after 513. He was so poor (virtually pokkai) on his ouster that Razak had to pass an act in Parliament to provide him with a house (Tunku requested it be built in Penang, at Batu Ferringhi) and a decent pension appropriate for its 'retired' and first PM, which would not shame Malaysia.

    Tunku was not perfect which he admitted himself but pray tell me, was such a pokkai retiree corrupt? Additionally, Genting was only opened in 1971 when Tunku was no longer in power. Do you believe Lim GT would entertain a powerless Tunku or his wife?

    I don't care if you think Anwar and Azmin are angels (that's your personal opinion) but I want you to be careful about slandering good people like Tunku, a man still loved by many of us, when historical facts don't support your slanderous gossip. You have just stepped over the fucking line of decency.

  86. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. I've just deleted monsterball's last comment where he insensitively criticized the deity of a religion. One can, to a reasonable extent, criticized the personal non-standard practice of some religious followers, but to badmouth a deity, say as an example, Tua Peh Kong, is an unacceptable effrontery to humanity.

  88. KTemoc,

    With Buttercup and monsterball both slamming away at each other, and in the process drawing supporters to both sides, the hits on your blog must be going stratospheric.

    Right now the total number of comments to just this particular topic of yours has reached a rather impressive figure of 85!

    Maybe you should put a hits counter on your blog. Like - are you a millionaire yet? (ie the total of number of visits to your blog)

  89. hi CAREFULLY!!'
    I love Tunku as much as anyone...but he is human...not perfect.
    I put out the corruptions under Tunku is NOTHING compared to Mahathir...and corruptions are all over the world.
    Malaysians are dead against UMNO b massive corruptions stealing by the billions...afraid of no one....because Mahathir focus on race politics....while Tunku love all Malaysians sincerely..but at his declare all are Malaysians..our people not ready yet..because education was very poor to the Malay race.
    You keep saying I am slandering when you don't like w hat I write.
    I repeat...Tunku is a noble kind PM..but he also love to gamble and love betting in horse racing.
    He was a joker ..if you know him well.
    Have you ever talked to him?
    I did...and I live him very much.
    Please don't paint a picture of me...which I am not.
    Read again....and be humane.

  90. OK.. KTemoc.... you can conclude and delete anything you like.
    I am putting facts with jokes and all know...what religions have done to innocent people.
    No need to defend myself.
    It's offensive..I know...but it's also how one wish to conclude over this deep deep subject involving conscience and lives.

  91. KT..I NEVER insult believers of any religion.
    I have always say all religions teaching good.
    Why do you keep accusing me what I am not?
    Don't just proofs with every of your accusations.
    Your comments to me is enough proofs for pick out a sentence and not read the whole contents.
    Worst of keep accusing me...this ad that.
    To provoke and wake up minds is my objective with no selfish ulterior motives.
    I repeat...have you ever mixed with the late Tunku....a wonderful warm hearted down to earth PM.....never boastful.
    And you are right...Razak played him politics.
    Mahathir bury Tunku's party...and our Father of Malaysia forgotten by the racists.

  92. "step over the fucking line of decency" said KTemoc about me.
    Fucking line of decency have all been fucked up by the government.
    So many interesting topics to prove it..and lets all fuck BN up...right and proper.
    Again.."decency" is not always being nice and sweet talking like Mahathir or any politicians.
    They are trained to be decent.
    I am my daily life for 72 years.
    No one has accused me as indecent...except bloggers.
    So stuff your opinion about me..into someone ass...for all I care.

  93. Shows and documentaries have been made to make fun of all religions.
    "Jesus Christ Superstar" done 20 more years ago.
    Debates about..."Who is God?" many in Europe...between Muslims and Christians.
    I know nothing bout Tua Peh Kong...and never ever insulted anyone praying to him.
    I am a Tharavadian..yet I respect Mahayans Buddhists...praying all..which I traced back..are most Chinese cultures creep into harm done.
    I PAY RESPECT to BUDDHA as a great teacher and not as a God almighty.
    I pray to Kuan Yin Ma for help..not for my personal benefits...but for others...all my life.
    And if you think such a man like me is be in blogging..we speak to many ghostly people too.
    Penang Buddhists are very pious is Singapore and Malacca.
    So be mindful..and not simply accuse..out of angers...clouding your mind.

  94. Strangely....I do find some Penang folks...extra sensitive...and one or two bloggers are experts to build up tall stories about you...just like BN rouges.if you are not inn his good book. not one of them.
    He looses his cool and like to argue and forgive and a gentleman..
    A Street man I am....because I choose to mix with the poor and them as much as I can.
    I wonder does KYemoc know...I formed the Retail Music Association in Penang and was elected as their Chairman..with photos ...and awards to prove it.
    And all over Malaysia..I helped the poor Chinese in the Music retail business..which after 40 years...few have become so powerful in the music business and still remember me..father and sons alike.
    I keep taking the humble pie in blogging...for the sake of parting my know;edge and winning votes for PR...yet some accuses me a two Agent Provocateur from Dr Hsu when no want dares to insult and expose him...except me.
    He called me a wise old man...when we met...when he was still in Gerakan...than his "Third Force " nonsense...gunned down by me...and that's how you make enemies in blogging...a dirty one make sure voters stay put to vote for change.

  95. KTemoc:

    Thank you for responding with an insightful and penetrating reply to my question about Ong Tee Keat's likelihood of joining PR.

    It is absolutely appalling to read of the duplicitous dealings and totally amoral conniving that take place in that Den of Thieves aka BN. Tony Soprano and his mafia friends would feel very much at home there!

  96. Good thing Tualampar hasn't shown his face in Johor yet.
    If he does, we will Kan him thoroughly.

    BTW Ong Tee Keat is much dirtier than you realise.

  97. Tsk,tsk, tsk......the Bola should exhume that Chubby Checker number 'Twist' which was one of Daddy-O's faves : let's do the twist....twist... let's go twisting,twisting, oh baby, let's twist, and tear the house down...yeah, yeah...

    See how the monster twists and turns, just like how he likes to accuse others of being snakes, floating drunk that came out of snake wombs....hehehe

    So predictable now his modus operandi - first he will slide in softly....Tunku, Dr Hsu etc, noble, humble, good men, principled, much loved by citizens, blah, blah, blah, then come the slammer : sly like all politicians, cunning, selfish, crooked with ulterior motive....and unsubstantiated gossips.

    Then when slapped down for being slanderous, he will be defensive til blue in the face, twist, twisting, his tirades running into several comment postings at one go. Running at the mouth.

    Monsterball, you doth protest too much lah. Seems to always get into trouble because the mouth too big which couldn't match his tiny brain...yet wanna be a 'hero.

    Wanna bet how he will respond to my criticism ? As usual..... BN Idiot, Rubbing In, Jealous ( haha, sooo jealous of his sagging wrinkly buttocks).

    So another piece of advice to addition to cutting out foul, filthy language, try to cut out slander and unsubstantiated gossips in the guise of facts.

    Have a good day,or whatever remains of the day.

  98. 'BTW Ong Tee Keat is much dirtier than you realise' Kanineh

    We don't realise. So Kanineh, care to elaborate ?