Monday, January 30, 2012

We both support Evil but .....

The Malaysian Insider - Anifah: Malaysia does not support ‘all efforts to protect Israel’.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 — Datuk Seri Anifah Aman insisted tonight that despite supporting a “two-state solution,” Malaysia has never supported Israel in its conflict with Palestine.

The foreign minister said this differed from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that he “supports all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel.”

“His statement clearly shows his acceptance and support for actions taken by Israel against Palestinians up to now.

“Actions interpreted as security measures by Israel include military attacks on Gaza causing the death of thousands of innocent Palestinians including women and children,” the Kimanis MP said in a statement sent to The Malaysian Insider.

Actually, both the Najib government and Anwar Ibrahim have taken the correct political-economic action, but one which real intention has not been announced, namely, to please the USA by showing Malaysia (or an individual) is showing due reverence to the USA’s master, Israel.

In reality, in the best case scenario, both Najib and Anwar don’t give two figs about Israel’s security, and I don’t blame them. But Israel in her evil draconian behaviour has become a useful issue in mainly Muslim Malaysia for Najib and Anwar to label each other as being disloyal to the ummah wahida, and thus less Muslim and therefore not worthy of being voted by the Heartland into office as PM.

Anifah is merely playing semantics in claiming BN's policy towards Israel is less dark (or obsequious) than Anwar Ibrahim's, though I have to admit he (Anifah) has done it rather well.

My personal take is that, as mentioned above, Anwar Ibrahim is beholden to his supporters in the USA and people like his mate Paul Wolfowitz. He has to play a hypocritical or 'political' game (the latter if we want to be kinder to him).

Najib's UMNO on the other hand have been outright hypocritical, because their condemnation of Israel, if at all any in recent times, is hollow in the shade of their own behaviour towards the non-UMNO people, especially the non-Malays.

As I had written in a post a year ago, titled Why 1Malaysia = 1Israel as follows [extracts only – see post for more]:

Israel has always been a hated entity for Muslim Malaysians, because Muslim Malaysians feel an obligatory if not sympathetic requirement to do so, to stand in solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine. In recent years I have come to share this dislike of Israel though my reasons are more specific than being obligatory or just sympathetic. I have been utterly appalled by Israel’s blatant, unmitigated and feral racism.

Yesterday I posted …
Neo-Nazis' 1935 'Nuremberg Laws' in Israel to highlight the Israelis’ neo-Nazism. Isn't it just ironical that the so-called children of the Holocaust behave towards the Palestinians in exactly the same manner as the Nazi oppressors had towards their European forefathers! ...

But don’t be surprised by the Israeli* savage and racist barbarism being similar to those demonstrated by the Nazis or white Afrikaans. One only has to open the Old Testament to read about the proclivity of their Israeli-Hebraic forefathers to murder, massacre and commit genocide against non-Hebrew tribes, to seize the latter’s land and property and take their wives and daughters as slaves. The Hebrews-Israelites-Judeans-Israelis all shared/share the national characteristic of evil barbarism.

* note that not all Israelis or Jews are racist

Naturally the Judean (Israelis) authors creatively put all those acts of atrocity as approved by God, in the same way as our Biro Tatanegara indoctrinators have creatively written to justify ketuanan Melayu, and that the other races as lesser beings, undesirable and unclean for Malaysia – thus we get the mata sepets and kaki botols, and 'sons of Chinese prostitutes' and 'Indians leashed by their wrist like animals'.

Ironically, for a government which tells the Muslim Malays that Israel is to be condemned for its persecutions and oppressions of Palestinians, it behaves in an almost similar manner as the Israelis – I've underlined the word ‘almost’ because to be fair, Malaysia is not yet as bad as the evil Israeli rightwing government. But we worry for the future.

Nonetheless it’s racist and plays on racist issues, to divide the people and conquer their support.

Maybe that’s why Anwar’s accusations of Najib’s 1Malaysia have struck at the very core of Najib’s (and UMNO's) heart, because it raises embarrassing questions about the parallel parochial policies of both 1Malaysia and 1Israel.


  1. Luckily this is KT pasting a Malaysian Insider comment and not his long winded old style again.
    About Israel..Anwar is performing a hypocritical political act....while Najib is an outright hypocrite.
    Which do you prefer?

  2. KT,
    Israel's behaviour towards the Palestinians has been nasty and brutal, but "the children of the Holocaust behave towards the Palestinians in exactly the same manner as the Nazi oppressors"....the statement is factually inaccurate.

    Please go back to reread your WWII history. Then compare it to what's happening in Gaza and the West Bank...

    Getting too overboard doesn't help the Palestinian cause....

  3. KT is pasting another person's opinion for our discussions.
    All I know..Hitler killed millions of Jews siding that race is most evil.
    And on the Palestinians and Israel conflicts...Arafat have always been trying to have a peaceful, solution..and when it is so closed to have is always the Israel government breaking it.
    Behind it all..US govt. is always backing Israel for USA economy is largely controlled by the Jews.
    For 350 years they have been fighting.
    It is clearly a war between Christians and Muslims....for God sake.
    And only the one true God knows what's all about this fuss...where millions died for nothing.
    You can say..God is confused humans can use his name to fight for something that earthlings will benefit...not God at all.
    As for the rest of 2 billions earthlings that believe in many gods...they are the smartest of all homo sapians.

  4. Good one Anwar. Dig your own grave and we will collect your ABU after we cremate you.
    But of course being double-faced, you will say another thing in this country.
    And you will conveniently blame the AWSJ for misquoting you. For taking your comments out of context.
    Like the Ball here. Always double-talk, always spinning, always twisting people's word.

  5. KT,this article is so boring.No wonder the cats are away,the mice comes out to play.

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  7. I think Buttercup's cup is seriously infected by joy stick germs.
    He does not seem to understand pros and con discussions.
    His one track mind is singularly talking that a message like mine is considered spinning ..twisting...yet Mahathir's famous spinning and twisting...lying and cheating...he cannot see that when millions of Malaysians can.
    The more SHE speaks...the more she is making a fool of herself.
    I guess 10.54am is tea time...than prayer time..and in no payers pay her salary for nothing Govt. office...but keep talking cock all the time.

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  12. Anon 11:14am

    Buttercup will be a more reliable and believable witness that Saiful.Anwar is in real trouble if Buttercup takes the witness stand.

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  14. I do wish that KT establish some mechanism for thoughtful commentaries from his readers. It is quite a pain at times to know that we have to skip through some of the comments which are quite an assault to good sense and decency.


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  18. to anon 11:23 AM, January 30, 2012

    Totally agree with you. A lot of crap here from a loud-mouth who 'guard the fort'.

  19. Anon 11.27AM...bear with us.
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    Those UMNO b worms are disrupting the good flow of thoughts.
    Leave them to us Freedom Fighters.
    You bunch of cultured and well educated...visitors and commentators...concentrate on KT's post and comment.
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  30. Israel and Palestinians matter is out dated.
    It's Mahathir's favourite subject....long long ago.
    Now are defending Putra Jaya from help me I help you..submarines..Atlantuya ..Teoh Beng Hock...Kugan....timber...and many many more.
    It's the final countdown year.

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    How many Penang blog owners are there in Penang that has KTemoc's character and skills....still active in blogging?
    This is the let them know...I AM BACK..

  47. Most Malaysian Ah Bengs and Muthus know little about the history of Israel vs. Arabs and care even less.

    But given the strong sense of injustice and unfairness at the hands of the UMNO-dominated government, most Nons would hardly shed a tear at the sight of Palestinians being blown up by Israeli bombs.

    Me, I'm openly an admirer of the Tzahal...

  48. the-monster-has-woke-up6:36 pm, January 30, 2012

    SS Goh IS back!

    Be NOT afraid, be very, very NOT afraid of the monster with no ball...

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  50. KTemoc....I know you love and hold dear to your true democracy and freedom of speeches and rights for all Malaysians...totally lost in Malaysia.
    Check it out...tokio-rain is not one to be given such freedom and rights...for he is using your blog .by using upset it...making it low class....but first it must be be proven to be low class.
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  52. In the first place, where is monsterball's blog? Can you kindly provide a link and we will quietly NOT make our way there? Leaving the monster to battle his own monster for all anybody care.


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    Young freedom fighters...street fighters...U students and char kiow tiow sons...are logging hands...united to fight for freedom openly with no fear.
    That's the group I admire most...for these street fighters have always chase dictators out most effectively..laying down their lives for country and people.
    I have no said.
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    My late father knows Lim KiT Siang well.
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    7:36 PM, January 30, 2012

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  66. Najib paid UD71 million to a Jewish advertising company in USA for ONE YEAR to come out ideas .how to win votes.
    The starters are the .."1 Malaysia" "People First. Performance Now" slogans...which are identical to IIsreal...all exposed by Anwar....and so Anwar must be proven a sort of US agent by keep dirty politics keep rolling on.
    Malaysians do feel Anwar is being helped financially by many US billionaires who sees Anwar is sincerely fighting freedom for is DAP by generous good Samaritans from Malaysia.
    You can observe...that both do not misused one sen donated....and that's why...we must vote them to govern our country.

  67. thats the way uncle monty. still..a bit rojak but ok la. keep it up! hehehe

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