Monday, January 30, 2012

UMNO sinking feeling about unsinkable NFC

Free Malaysia Today - Forget NFC, go for Mindef, says Zaid.

Zaid Ibrahim is of course absolutely correct, that the snout in the Defence trough is slurping up greedily by frightening billionS of ringgits, not just mere millions, as compared to mere cow feed.

However, as many, especially RPK, often said, politics is all about perception, and the NFC mess is certainly a political ‘steak’ that to the public is a far more juicier and easily identified scandal than the Defence Ministry questionable purchase of multi-billion dollar (not multi-million) Second Generation Patrol Vessels (SGPV) from Direction Technique des Constructions Navales (DCNS), the company which Malaysia also purchased the unsinkable Scorpene submarines – unsinkable because they won’t submerge in the first place wakakaka.

Because the PM has refused to, or couldn’t, or dared not sack Shahrizat immediately to put the matter to rest, it has become (for Pakatan) a Heaven-sent-come embarrassment against UMNO which the rakyat in the heartland can easily comprehend and tut-tut (or p'tui) in disgust, ...

Laksamana Hang Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

... whereas they (rakyat) won’t in the case of the SGPV because Laksamana Hang Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will chong them kau kau that it’s necessary to defend the Malays against unpatriotic 'elements' or the Nepali or Laotian Navy.

KD Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - RMN Scorpène-NFC class beef-submarines

Anyway, Zaid hit the spot when he declared: “It’s comical and unfair for some Umno leaders to ask Shahrizat to resign when they are all in the same pot.”


  1. KT,NFC compared to Mindef,PKFZ,MAS,Sime Darby and on and on,is just peanuts.

  2. That is the reason Shahrizat said that she will not go down alone.She will take some of her Umnoputra buddies down with her.

  3. Umoputras,watch out for a lady scorned.Will be back with more.Now got some painting to do.

    My buddy Monsterball will take over for now.

  4. When a lady cow gets mad...all the male cows and the calves like Buttercup will run like hell.
    She will run amok.
    Buttercup's cup and her Dept he is so proud to collect millions every month..for Najib and his crooks to spend..presented with a Rolex watch for her good job.
    Police arrest her...she tells all....end of Mhuyiddin...Dollah and Najib.

  5. I talk he and her for Buttercup from now he can be a she and back to a he..depending how dry or wet his/her cup is.
    It's very taxing and hard to catch one that can change sex instantly.

  6. It's not comical and unfair.
    Mahathir suggested that..all UMNO b leaders must follow...even they know Mahathir is full of cow shit in his head.
    They must always be united.
    Divide...they not only fall. They will go to jail.
    PR parties divided...the may lost the 13th GE....that's police will come knowing at the doors to arrest anyone.
    Najib cannot afford to be defeated at 13th GE.
    Shahrizat right now...don't care
    UMNO b looses or win.
    All she is concern are the RM250 to use her credit cards and spend all away...buying properties.
    Remember her credit cards have no limit..all guaranteed payments from the RM250 million.
    We don't care what PRK or any others are saying..KTemoc.
    Facts are facts..and UMNO b don't care you are factual with proofs.
    The situation is...Mahathir have made so many amendments.......that they dare to steal as much as hey like with no fear of getting arrested...for all UMNO b leaders are drunk with money...high lifestyle...expensive cars and houses....all bought from money stolen from us.
    It's for PR politicians to expose all their crooked ways.
    KT and I cast our votes or change....that's good enough.
    We have done our job.
    But Najib's night creature will pollute clean water..throw shit to blogs and commentators against them....and the dirty job to be blog cleaners falls into Bruno and few loving Malaysians hands.
    Monsterball..don't waste time..find them roll and knock them bowling pins.

  7. All those billions won't go to just one person, surely. The herd of scoundrels will most likely go to some expensive foreign vacation spot, on taxpayers money, of course, where they will divvy up the booty among themselves. Yes or not? What are you guys' opinion?

  8. I am so lucky...I have a buddy at Dr.Hsu's Street Fighter.
    We teamed up like hands and gloves.
    I left...he left.
    Same in Susan's blog...a "bamboo river"
    I left he left.
    Lim Kit Siang's blog....."tak tahan" is actually "Street Fighter"...and we have "cintanegera" to bash around.
    But all the night creatures following me around seems to be the same...with different nicks.
    These are buddies and jeepers creepers from different blogs. seems KTemoc attracts more idiots that usual.
    I guess....Ktemoc "forgive and forget" kind of nice guy image....make those BN idiots think they can pull some over to vote for BN in Penang.
    Penang is most important to DAP...Aand DAP is the most powerful force amongst the three...while ANwar is indispensable to pull Malays away...supporting Najib....while PAS will leave the Muslims racists to choose..between UMNO b and PAS...between holy one and the devilish one.

  9. You are right...Anon 2.42AM.
    The problem matter how much they is always not enough.
    These are like drug addicts...taking so much... nothing is enough.
    And Najib must always find ways and means to feed these living dead ...Mahathir and he created.
    Especially Najib...he got Rosmah...will do anything for her loving husband....even kill to silence.
    There is no better wife Najib can find....because no one wants to marry him. Mother chose the bride.

  10. Anon 2:42 - "All those billions won't go to just one person, surely".

    Sabah has its own chief warlord & gang to clean up the top of the cream. As for Sarawak...well, this is best described by Mr Soros.

    George Soros on Taib: “Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; … 'you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas.” “while thousands of poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river.”

    Over in Peninsula, the Umnoputras rules, with some crumbs thrown to the lackeys.

    So actually they do believe in sharing.

    "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand' - Milton Friedman.

  11. And what about the submarine that cannot dive.500 million euros and a pretty mogolian lass gone.

  12. Monsterball,good morning.I have finished my work for now and can see the kids are all still asleep.So I will come back later.

  13. Good Morning Bruno...everything under control.

  14. Anon 4.02 AM!!
    Thanks for the 2 funny quotations...especially one said by Milton Friedman.

  15. What about it....Anon 4:11AM?
    It's all rumours Najib will say..and what he says are always the truth.

  16. Bruno..they are not sleeping.
    They are half drunk and will take MC today...cannot report to work...bad headaches...backaches..tool aches...cup aches...all certified by their own authorized clinics..RM5 per day many days depend on how many RM 5 they can bribe.

  17. Monsterball,when the cats are awake the mice are staying away.I will be back later.

  18. Bruno...yes very quiet because we are here.
    And I spent sometime to educate one young man about eating habits at Cow post.

  19. The $ amounts spent on the arms deals are almost beyond the comprehension of the ordinary the issue is difficult to connect to. In any case, arms deals everywhere are shrouded in secrecy, making any "market value" assessments difficult

    The NFC relates to agriculture, which many rural people can understand - and get upset about.

    Its a running sore because UMNO finds itself caught in a trap.

    The most practical damage control solution - cut loose and let those directly involved take the full blame, is painful, because Shahrizat will fight all out for herself and her family.

    She's already served notice on the battle ahead by stating "Which UMNO leader doesn't have problems?"

    The latest UMNO spin effort - pressuring the Auditor General to downplay the severity of the NFC scandal.

    Very sad if the Auditor General allows one of the last remainding respected and independent government watchdog offices to be corrupted , just the same way as the Police, Attorney General, ROS, Judiciary have all been perverted...

  20. When Zaid talks, I am wary. He is another Anwar in the making. Different speeches for different audience.
    And you must know, he is Kelantanese like Shahrizat's hubby.
    They always support each other.

    P.S. Balls, I see you were here at the ungodly hour of 3 am. You wife chased you out of bed because you stink of leaked diapers.
    Change it and go back to sleep, oh geriatic one.

  21. Buttercup is awake and whole body itchy.
    Everybody against UMNO b is an Anwar in the making.
    He can count 1-10 only. Millions are Anwar in the making...he.she cannot count.
    I am sure..many of her customers short changed her ..for her services...she also does not know that.
    I think she cannot differentiate RM1 with RM50 notes...collecting RM5 total instead of RM250 from 5 customers...and so no original whiskey....always compounded imitation one.
    Lucky she works for the Govt.
    Open stall to sell food..sure go bankrupt in no time.
    Who knows...she maybe owing MARA loans so much...have not paid back one sen....and that's OK with long as Buttercup's cup is like Seefat and ready to go into action....PLUS must die die vote for BN..

  22. Bruno should be asleep...based on where I think he lives...

  23. No he is at current post..very much awake.