Tuesday, January 17, 2012

shortest story for monsterfella on (harapan) lompat BESAR by ? wakakaka


Raja de factofrog and its blue-eyeskin boy

[p/s shortest possible lah, just 3 numbers, monster wakakaka, but with nice pretty picture, no 'nid' to read 'oso']


  1. This monsterfella has only 1 large monsterball.... does this mean that his other ball is small, such as moleculeball?

  2. Hahaha, three insults to the mentally-challenged Ball in a row. Serves him right. Sock it to him KT.
    If he still does not understand picture story, then he is a goner.
    Next posting: Vamoose, vermin.

  3. Can you post a bola besar jumping from blog to blog. No, chased away from blog to blog!

  4. Love to see Buttercup back and laughing.
    I wonder does he understand picture stories.words or letters hints.
    Anyway...this is about KTemoc's new style.
    Three new style posts and perhaps more to come...from KTemoc...can be translated to meet Bruno and my requests not to be long winded and write with bombastic words.
    It seems like when KT make up his mind to change ...he has to do it at 360% frog leap.
    180%...no style.
    Buttercup is telling KTemoc to put out next post..."Vamoos" which is what his boss will need to do..get lost out of PutraJaya ...soon.
    Frogs leaping started from Perak...and now all sorts of ideas come to bloggers and commentators about frogs jumping here and there....everywhere...and even back to the original hole...after traveling round and round...getting nowhere.
    And it seems Buttercup idiotic conclusion does have a ghost supporting him.
    I cannot wait to read what Anon 2.06 has to say.
    Bruno can relax.....I can put all these toads and tiny frogs into my garden basket which I normally collect and shoo put them in football field..not my lovely garden with money trees.
    After CNY some frogs will be crying...no water{money} ...all lost in gambling.

  5. hhhhhhmmmm.....King frog and his blue eyes skin boy.
    916...Sept 16th.
    All hinting at politicians and a date prediction.
    Where got insulting Monsterball?
    He even write like a idiot with lousy english.
    He is desperately wishing to join the crowd and joking is the best way.
    ok....Buttercup...here is the translation to his message.
    Mahathir telling Najib to have the 13th GE on 9th Sept.
    Now you need to wait for KTemoc's bright new ideas how to explain to all .....like Red Indians smoke signals...or pictures.....more pictures.
    It is a hint that KT maybe trying to fucked up his own blog and close shop ..after 13th GE.
    He brain swing like a clock pendulum...to be or not to be....that's the question..he is asking himself.....like Hamlet.
    If Buttercup is soooooo smart.....why no more high 5?
    Crying ...saying he cannot stand my insults...now back happy when Buttercup's cup is filled with yum yum ..creamy.. buttery juice. That's was his own exact words....which shows he knows his cup is for service..not for drinking.
    World Cup Football coming.
    That kind of Cup all Malaysians want...not Bettercup's stinking..yaaak..cup.

  6. In Penang...for these kind of jokes...blogger Justin Choo {"Black & White}is the best...but sadly...no one support his blog.
    Susan Loone blog too.
    "Middle Ground" dead and gone...all from Penang.
    And all will support DAP in Penang.
    I guess..all including KTemoc know Penang DAP ...gone case for UMNO b .....no fun...no real challenges at all.
    All UMNO b can think of are frogs and phantom votes by the thousands...to win by cheating...before and now...if they can.
    Only idiotic Buttercup does not know...a picture tells a thousand words.
    In K.Lumpur you have
    "kickdefella" put out all funny pictures...and make a name for himself.
    His personality.. behaviors and mentalities...SUCKS!!..useless to talk about him.
    KTemoc trying this new style is sooo out-dated and copying other wholesale.
    Please don't make a fool of yourself.
    Go back to old ways...shorter message......no bombastic words.
    I can imagine KT's father have a hard time to teach KT anything.

  7. Monsterball,I can see that you have everything under control while I am away.Keep up the good work.

  8. KT,since after GE 13th,the frogs will be coming from Umno/BN,why not celebrate with cartoons from Umno/BN leapfrogging from Putrajaya into the hands of PKR in anticipation of the big day.

  9. Blue frogs are leapers.
    Red frogs are Traitors.
    Black frogs are Patriots.
    White frogs are holy.
    Yellow frogs ....best...People Power frogs!!!
    Buttercup is a frog with many shades...the result of trying all sorts of pricks into his cup,

  10. Where the fuck has Buttercup gone to now?
    One happy comment...run away...always like that.
    His buddy buddy..Anon 2.06 has tongue infection....cannot talk.
    But I think his boss fucked him right and proper..for talking nonsense and not working seriously.

  11. Never Wrestle with a Pig, you'll only get dirty and the pig likes it.


  12. All BN frogs behaving.
    Now I can rest......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    After that..bathe and go shopping again....shopping shopping shopping.
    Can Buttercup and ANON 2.06 do that?
    Cannot... SHUT THE FUCK UP...stop insulting me.
    Come CNY cannot talk bad words...but a movie name "PAUL"...real real funny...even ET love talking vulgar words and he said...speaking with vulgar words is fun. That's talking my language.
    See you later....Aligators....crocodile....toads and frogs.
    Hound dog like KTemoc and me...same kind la...where got vamoos this vamoos that to me.
    We hunt and pin them down.
    But I am a better hound Dog than KTemoc.
    Buttercup can swear from his mother pussy......it is true...very true.

  13. The PIG with a monstertball will pin all you BN frogs and toads to become pancakes...and roti channi.
    Takot tak?

  14. Ball, get it into your small head that 916 is gold standard. Frogs have jumped to Najib's side.
    916 was also the date that Anwar has his march to Putrajaya scuttled.
    Better go help your wifey make loveletters. She has complained to me that you have been in your Chungkiaw singlet and blue striped underwear typing away at the keyboard.
    She said that you took the RM500 Bantuan 1Malaysa for a massage at Milady escort centre. What a cheapo.

  15. All Quiet From The Western Front.
    Now lets travel East and see Hornbills strapped up with DAP rockets...training... to fire dead center shots..to Tiab Mahmud crooks...in Sarawak.
    See you all 7 hours time.
    "7 lonely days..make one lonely week.
    7 lonely nights...make one cry and cry."...dedicated to Buttercup aka Anon 2.06..aka QD.

  16. Bloody Buttercup want to teach me gold standards..and start talking cock.
    Even the most uneducated Malaysian Chinese know what all the gold standards...and they have he best or nothing.
    99.999 is best....you idiot.
    915...not 916 is not pure.
    And many alloys are sprayed with gold liquids...like watches...and many cheap rings braclets...robes and twines.
    GOLD???? Buttercup?? you know NEXT TO NOTHING.

  17. aiya...Buttercup keep talking grandfathers stories and nonsense.
    Best..he call me..."small head man"...not a man with a pea brain...like his.
    Small head man...with PIG body and a monsterball....why.. that's ET!!....can perform magic.

  18. My ex wife are all millionaires.
    Which one complained to you?
    I get my lawyers to take back the balance.
    My present most desirable wife...live life First Lady in waiting for Emperor Monsterball...and all the Emperor's children and grandchildren love the Emperor and First Lady.
    Buttercup DO have weird dreams.

  19. Keep telling him "Ball" is a famous watch brand and name of the inventor.
    All never learn...including KT.
    You have students like that in your class...you better resign and go teach the Ibans..Bugis..Dyaks about rockets and bombs..in Saba...help Anwar and keDAILan win that State.
    Difficult to teach all trying tp be too smart..exactly like Mahathir and Najib.

  20. monsterball you real nutcracker, wasting so much time typing on your computer with one finger. Your great Empress is yelling for you from her "throne" - she has just berak and she commands that you go and wipe her royal ass. So, go do it NOW!

  21. Dey monsterball you going shopping kah? Actually you want to go somewhere else no? When your isteri not looking you quietly sneak into Milady Massage Center and get good rub rub right or not?

    Biar aku nasihat you. Tell the lady to rub rub gently. Rub too hard it might come off - dah patah, habis! Then you cannot call monsterball anymore. After that you must call new name like monstercup because now you got no ball only got cup. So sad lah!


  22. Lim Guan Eng better watch out for his Bagan Federal Seat, as well as his Air Putih State seat.

    BN may have very little chance to regain power in Penang, or to regain the majority of Penang Dewan Rakyat seats.
    I hear they are planning on pouring everything ("money", "money", "money") into the fight for Bagan/Air Putih to severely damage Pakatan/DAP's position in Penang.

    If you are fighting with a disadvantage, you focus all your efforts to threaten the High Value target.
    In chess, the strategy is called "Attacking the King".

  23. Anon 5.25PM talking cock.
    Butterplate talking bull.
    These two cock & bull quite funny.no harm done...if disturbing MONSTERBALL..thrills them.
    Buttercup cakap banyat...I hentam kuat kuat.
    Yip....went shopping again...just buy some fruits.RM1000 gone!!
    Buttercup's cup needs to poke poke 10 more times...than can spend like me.
    Last night..liow la..just one Samsung mid range size computer plate..RM1800 .for my U daughter. She has a lap top...now all carrying plates.
    7 grandchildren...only ang-pows and makan...maybe sport shoes like Lee Chong Wei's...for 5 boys and dolls and bears for 2 girls.
    That should come to RM1500.
    Betul bankrupt...this year of DRAGON.

  24. Frogs sometime look like purple..sometimes look like blue to me.
    Just like...KT...sometimes so smart...sometimes so stupid.
    And all those BN toads reminds me of one saying to the hyenas..."Call me Mr.Pig!!!"....and scare the shits out of those bloody fools.
    Now...."Lion King"
    series in 3D formats...so nice..so clear....but better still..."Kung Fu Panda 2" in 3D.

  25. BN can pour millions..all take the money and vote for DAP.
    Don't underestimate... smart Malaysians now.

  26. The Nian has been reincarnated as monsterball wakakaka.

  27. Waitng and waitung dfor Buttercup to say.'"yippy yippy doo. KT..take thigh high 5"! ....never appear.
    It's smoking pot time..for him.
    Well.if KTemoc is happy....I am happy.
    He rub it in...I rub it back.
    If I am really the Nian...I will save Malaysians millions..scare the hell of all those rouges sand thieves..132th GE..declared PR winner...no BN oppositions.
    Then I am worshiped as a hero...and my request to all Malaysians is to let me have KTemoc ...chop off balls..make into a eunuch...to be my foot inspector...through out his miserable life.
    I make sure my food is digested..before opening this blog.

  28. That Nian story fits Mahathir like a tea tarik and roti channi....like jam and bread...like Buttercup's cup and the potter.
    Who is the potter?.....KTemoc..who else.

  29. Anon 4:05 PM said :

    "Never Wrestle with a Pig, you'll only get dirty and the pig likes it."

    Very true.

    But luckily for me and also for Buttercup and some others ( if i may speak for them here), we keep a wide berth from the monster pig, hahaha.......perched high up on a tree branch and occasionally when our badders are full, just pee down to the incessantly squealing pig wallowing in the filthy mud down below in his pen, heheheh.

    So no wrestling with the pig lah.No dirt on us. We are just simply out of his reach. Try harder, dear monsterball. We have patience :)

    Anon 2:06

    PS : Thanks KT, for taking up my challenge to put up an even shorter post....hahaha, gorgeous looking frogs. Don't think you could surpass yourself after this.

    Simple Simon must be delirious with joy to be able to comprehend an article so completely and in the shortest time possible.

  30. oh..admit peeing like monkies from tree tops?
    You think pigs are idiots standing still to let your urine touch them?
    That Anon 2.06 is way way behind time..trying to ambil KT's balls..which is an art he learn to apply to his bosses ...to keep his job...really really useless unproductive salesman...now demoted to be in charge of a shop in shopping complex...a 10 to 10 job..no one wants....except no choice...bad luck guys and failures.

  31. hi idiot Anon 2.06...go to current post and show your skills.
    Even here..one picture...I can put out exciting an intelligent comments.
    Your bloody jealous mind is gone case long long ago.

  32. Hi dear monsterball,

    I was at the current post lah....it's just that i revert back to my original Anon nick.....hahaha, catch me if you can or if you are so inclined or have the time to burn.


    Anon 2:06

    PS : 'Exiting' ? 'Intelligent' comments from Monsterball ? Ooo....masuk bakul dan angkat sendiri - must be damn heavy with the monstrous ball in tow, hehehe.

  33. There....the Anon 2.06 is admitting he is playing mouse and cat and think he is so smart.
    Bruno is right...he can change from Anon206..to Buttercup...to QD..and now another Anon.
    He is the most nicky.. sicky...dicky dick.. micky mouse in this blog.
    He will run away again.

  34. Who wants to catch you?
    Who do you think you are?....a cup with buttery..yummmy yum yum ...like Buttercup?
    You are a NOBODY!!

  35. Hehehe.....monsterball mengamuk dah? Like having his beehive poked !

    Originally i was Anon and was Anon for years. Since you and your buddy bruno wants to see my 'face', so i obliged for that short span. Now am back to my normal self, hehehe.

    "Like Buttercup" ? I thought you were adamnant that I WAS Buttercup a while back? Now you finally accept we were 2 separate entity eh? Finally came to your senses, dear monsterball, hehe


    Anon 2:06

  36. Roti channi back to 80 sen. tea tarik..80 sen...veges...meat all prices reduced...toll fee...electricity all reduced..all because Anwar keep his promise to reduce reduce oil prices..once PR takes over PutraJaya.
    Can you imagine Nik Aziz.. Karpal...Kit Siang..Eng Guan..all supporting a liar as PM?..the very first term they take over PutraJaya?
    Relax and trust PR...trusting you god gifted brain to cast your vote...supporting ...CHANGE.

  37. Bruno...that idiot Anon 2.06.. does not know who had the first laugh at all.
    He need to check all his past comments...begging us to believe he is NOT Buttercup....hahahahahaha

  38. Afternoon...that braggart whole life will be slogging for his bread and butter...for you can read his comments... his brain is not very good...but he has the skills to change from one idiot to become another.

  39. Frog Nab...What should we do now?
    {big one} Things not looking good.
    Frog Ros:..Be patient. Relax. I will thinking of something.
    Frog Nab....Think fast...not much time.
    Frog Ros:....Please la...my brain very painful now. Got to sleep and relax.
    Frog Nab:...We can sleep in jail..if we relax now.
    Frog Ros:..aiya....jail or hanged...that's God's will. Alive...Atlantuya keep haunting me.
    Frog Nab:...I told you kill ok...you must blow her into pieces.like a jealous cracko.
    Frog Ros:...Don't rub it in. You cried and cried for help...saying PM position.. gone case...because of her...beg and beg me to do something. Now you compliant? Sooner or later...all will know. Why worry?
    Frog Nab:...OK plan B...we run like hell.
    Frog Ros:...Now you are talking my language. We must do it with no one knowing it...not even Mhiyuddin. It must be another important oversea trip...to Russia or India...and get all bodyguards relax and enjoy. Before this...get the Swiss bank and accounts documents ready..for withdrawals.
    I think best is...deep in the heart of Texas...where you can be lookalike..Roy Rogers and I be Dale Evans.
    Frog Nab: Great idea. That's why I love yo so much.

  40. But one commentator said Najib is learning Mandarin and Tamil ... surprising all minorities....for votes.
    You think you...waiting for soul mate shopping all track shoes...no dolls..or toys...all imitation Niki...not even RM250.
    I saved RM750!! How to be poor.....impossible.