Monday, January 16, 2012

short story for monsterfella on THICK skin fella about BIG missing money

Bruno has urged me to keep my posts short and in kindergarten English for monsterball’s benefits. Okay, here it is:

The Malaysian Insider - ‘Corruption is like cancer’, Zahid Hamidi tells Ambiga.

Wakakaka – don’t forget he’s the man in charge of the ministry purchasingbuying armoured personnel carriers (APC), and who couldn’t explain the huge discrepancydifference between the price of RM1.7 billion paid by DRB-Hicom for the APC and the RM7.65 billion paid subsequentlylatter by the ministry for the same goods

RecallRemember also he was captain of DPM Anwar Ibrahim’s shock troop to dislodgekick out Dr M from UMNO's No 1 post in 1998 through accusationsblames of Dr M’s alleged corruption and cronyism. Dr M turned the tableattacked back and showed a list of UMNO leaders’ family members and relatives who received favoured treatment from handouts.

On Dr M's list were names of Anwar Ibrahim’s and Zahid Hamidi’s families.


  1. It's more than two hours since you put up this posting. Strange - there's no sign of monsterball.

    Shouldn't monsterball be showing up here to express his gratitude to you for giving him privileged treatment?

  2. Those who smear and shame Anwar will bear all Anwars's sins there after said PAS Spiritual leader..Nik Abdul Aziz nik Mat.
    This means...Buttercup will be polishing shoes and KTemoc will be the gardener for Anwar's and hereafter.
    KT seems to have problems writing a post with simple bombastic words..with a touch of his sarcastic personality ...written all over his post.
    Half the mind is willing...the other half...still no change.
    Commenting on the post.... who cares what Mahathir is saying with no evidences.
    Wain Barry has written a thick book saying Mahathir cheated RM100 billion in 22 years.
    Now Ling has to bear the RM12.5 billion and maybe RM 8 billion by Anwar too?
    Very simple....Mahathir's son had RM1.2 billion from EPF...and Ling's son is a multi millionaire at age 21.
    Now show us proof Anwar had taken billions and pocket some.
    While in UMNO as Mahathir tell you to do...or else.
    Those talk too much...Operation Lallang under ISA.
    Anwar talk too much...Sodomy 1.
    Monasterball talk too much...exposing that mamak slapped by Agong..luckily he was powerless...and Abdulah...for whatever he was.. was not a dictator.
    Najib is and idiot.. acting like a dictator with more tricks that Mamak....all got backfired.
    How can anyone talk what Mahathir said or is quoting what he said...when he is the dirtiest crooked politician in Malaysia? my lips...Anwar will be PM.
    He has paid the price for all his sins...supporting corruptions...and now is laying down his life to defend the country and people from his one time.. friends.

  3. Hi ANON 4.35 PM..I said I went shopping for my 7 grandchildren for CNY la.
    Shopping ghost one shopping...more bad bad news for Najib...great news for Anwar..if KT understands people with better brain that his...speaking..not like a Kindergarten small boy...but write like a great school teacher...every idiot can understand. a terrible terrible..terrible sarcastic man.
    Never met one like him before.
    Lucky he is not cunning.
    I can read characters too...where KT cannot.
    Where is Anon 2.06 who wants the last laugh..when the first..was never his at all...just laughing like a stupid braggart.

  4. Anon....4.35PM I thank no one trying funny with me even tough it looks like not so.
    But Ktemoc must be congratulated to put out the shortest and the simplest post in his life.
    Bruno sure can make him to things.
    I request...he will ignore.
    He talk money with money no talk...long long ago..ayam bulum ber my holy Pope...holy my ass....want to be paid..then
    perform...typical BN corrupted Chicago cooks style.
    His long comments make me groggy.
    His kindergarten comment...makes me mad.
    That's his mission now....PATRIOTS Vs TRAITORS plus the in betweens.

  5. Greetings from Anon 2:06

    Hi Monsterball (aka Simple Simon wakakaka....)

    Missing me already ? Missed the hentaming ? Wanna some spanking ? Are you into masochism ? ( Masochism - The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself ), wakakaka

    Don't worry, i will make your desire come true in my spare time.

    Was kinda busy lately harvesting huge money tree lah, but this tree was planted with honest blood, sweat and tears, with a liberal sprinkling of creative strategy and thinking. So desist in your bragging that ONLY old foggies are loaded, hehehe.

    You the da man, KT......just love this post, hehehe. This is real Special Service to our dear SS monsterball. Save him so must hassle diving into the good old dic.....haha dislodge = kick out, discrepancy = differences, recall = remember

    Mosochism = suka di dera, suka di f*cked, suka di Anwar-ed.

    Cheerio Monsterball

    Anon 2:06

  6. KT,I fully agree with my buddy monsterball.Anybody can please point out any minister who has not got his hands dirty going into the cookie jar.

    I am not a fan of Anwar's.But whatever Anwar has sinned during his spree as DPM and during his time in Umno can and must be forgiven.Having him and his family going through sodomy i and sodomy ii,the sex tapes,blue blacks all over his body,black eye and years of torture in prison.

    Anwar has paid his price and punishment for all his sins.So now is his time to reap the rewards of his suffering.

  7. PAS spritual leader..Nik Aziz had said it all...Bruno. one dares to insult Nik Aziz defending Anwar...not even KTemoc.
    I too not a fan of Anwar and I believe so are millions of Malaysians....especially the Malaysian Chinese..but for country and people...all will support PR and Anwar to be PM.
    Since the day he left UMNO b ...Anwar has not given one reason not to trust him.
    His prediction to take over .soon after 12th GE can b considered human error..nothing more...nothing less....and look at those BN scums talking...using that to smear Anwar.
    Internet comments do influence voters...are all the smears and insults hurled at Anwar...what happen...not one vote jump to support BN....but all the commentators smearing and insulting Najib and convert BN voters to switch camp and support Anwar or PR parties.
    Am I talking nonsense..or facts..KT.

  8. eerrrr cheerio anon 2.06
    Can't wait for more. little spare time....OR is it? hard to think what to write?
    Never mind....take your time...think harder.
    Bruno so time to fuck you taking serious stuff.

  9. Now that's call...versatility serious and next minute...switch to fuck a worm...and then switch to joke around.
    Try that.. anon 2.06
    Buttercup definitely cannot.
    His mind is under strict say what his master wants him to say...and his master is an idiot.
    Right now since Anwar found not guilty...even Rosmah presenting the prizes to Lee Chong Wei...her face is all written with sadness..or she is inside sick to the stomach...feeling so shameful.

  10. The issue here is not so much about wanting or not wanting to 'forgive' Anwar for his Umno past.

    Many suspected that if he had not had a fallout with Mahathir then and was made PM, the word 'Reformasi' will never cross his lips.

    But even this is not an issue.

    The real issue is that Anwar is telling the people that he IS now the Reformasi man, that things will be transparent, that there will be democracy, that multiculturism is alive, that there is no more racism, that there will be fairness, blah, blah, blah.

    However, as events had revealed, contrary to his rhetoric, the Umno man is still very much alive in Anwar, and that that whiff is growing into a stench at times, so overpowering that now the whole country knows that PKR is the weakest link in the coalition of PR. Some even go to the extent to warn that if PR form the next government, and if the Umno behavior in PKR is not stamped out completelty, then there is not much difference from the current admin with PKR (read Umno Baru II) calling all the shots.

    So let's be very clear that this issue of 'forget and forgive' the past for Anwar did not arise at all.

  11. You are right...Anon 11.52PM...but we need to start to forgive and go to the real issue.
    To me...his
    "REFORMASI" slogan and promise to reduce oil prices and get rid of corruptions...over and over again getting no rebuttals nor saying he is a mad man prove enough...UMNO b thieves are indirectly admitting they do steal by the billions.
    And diverting attentions with all sorts of stunts..all know what they are...shows Najib knows exactly where he stands...if 13th GE date is much so...for the first get Mahathir said.."Loose 13th GE never mind. Get Anwar into jail"..hahahahahahahaha
    That old man sure can make Najib more sick.

  12. Support divide and rule...the BN Govt PR...promising a non corrupted government to treat all equal.
    So choose.
    PR wins..who is PM...they MUST listen to their supporters.
    Another way to think is...
    Be a how UMNO b treated somebody when you have a group of parties respecting People simple language...freedom and democratic rights given to all.
    Hope KTemoc can understand.

  13. For me, it has come to the point where you are either against a corrupt government, or you are for a corrupt government.

    There are no more ifs, buts, maybes...there is no middle ground for this issue any more...

  14. One can still ABU for the coming GE, but there will be NO,repeat, absolutely NO condoning of the corrupt behaviour which we are so keen to erase to appear in any form or state in our new champion.

    The more we turn a blind eye to the Umno behaviour in any component parties of the PR, the more brazen this group will be and it will be akin to nurturing a monster just like the one we are so keen to get rid of.

    These little monster must know we are forever vigilant and watching them and will NOT keep quiet and allow them to bully their partners or ride roughshot like what and how Umno is now bullying its coalition BN partners.

    NO Umno behaviours in the current or the new adminstration. Period.