Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nurul Izzah & Chegubard backstabbed by PKR insider!

Extract from The Malaysia Insider (TMI) - Despite claims, Zaid says not rejoining PKR:

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim today denied rumours that he would be rejoining PKR, saying that allegations of discussions between him and Nurul Izzah Anwar on the matter were untrue.

The KITA president was responding to the contents of a letter being circulated on blogs, which alleged he had met the PKR vice-president to discuss his return to the Pakatan Rakyat leadership.

Before making any comments, please reflect carefully on what I wrote in January 2011, in a post titled
The Poison within PKR - Part III wakakaka (extracts follows):

In spite of my hero Karpal Singh condemning Zaid, I have written in support of the latter – see my previous post
Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly.

When he was in PKR at the time leading to the party polls (before he tossed his hat into the election ring) Zaid Ibrahim was criticised for being erratic because one moment he said he would not challenge the deputy presidential post IF (initially) Nurul Izaah took up the challenge*, then (subsequently) IF Khalid Ibrahim did so, and the next (only when both Nurul and Khalid didn’t) he took up the challenge.

* Azmin Ali went into a panicky tizzy when Nurul casually mentioned her interests, and ‘advised’ Nurul against it because people would talk. Bet you Anwar had a few private words with Nurul

The standard anwaristas' cries against Zaid Ibrahim were his inconsistencies (in supporting Nurul, then Khalid, before standing as a candidate himself), and their accusations unimaginatively attacked Zaid for his lust for power.

But I didn’t see any inconsistency in Zaid’s manoeuvrings. In fact there was a very consistent objective in his support for firstly, Nurul, and subsequently Khalid Ibrahim, before he personally challenged Azmin Ali in the party election. That objective was to prevent Azmin Ali from coasting home on an Anwar-provided free ticket into the deputy president post. He wanted Azmin Ali stopped!

Yes, Zaid was invincibly against Azmin Ali, the man for whom Anwar Ibrahim instructed Nallakaruppan to stand aside in a party VP contest some years back, and which drove Nalla out of the party in angry frustration. Nalla would have easily won that VP position because of the strength of his Indian supporters in PKR.

Subsequently, Zaid resigned from PKR for what he saw as unacceptable, unsalvageable and unforgiveable dodgy party polling to ensure the election victory of a favoured son. And he wasn’t the only one to complain. In another of my January 2011 posts
Gobalakrishnan leaves the poison behind I wrote:

So the virtually impossible has happened - Gobalakrishnan, once PKR’s chief bodek-er of Anwar, has resigned from PKR in disgust. Who would have ever predicted this prior to the recent party polls - a poll which had led many party stalwarts as well as notable and neutral socio-political observers to question the integrity of its process.

Silence from the party leaders, or their caught-with-pants-down inability to reply the challenges by the complainants have invited the inevitable destructive implosion.

And instead of pressuring the party leaders to be fully accountable, predictably, the moronic PKR fanatics lambasted Gobala as a snake, frog, UMNO-MIC mole, running dog and with various animal appellations. Will they do likewise to other complainants like Chegubard, Jonson Chong, Mustaffa Kamil as they did to Zaid Ibrahim, Gobala, Nallakaruppan, etc?

Read also Malaysia-Today’s
The sour grapes syndrome where RPK wrote:

Whenever anyone resigns from PKR or Pakatan Rakyat, the opposition supporters always say it is because these people are ex-Umno or ex-Barisan Nasional people; so what do you expect? These ex-Umno or Ex-BN people are not reliable or honest and eventually they betray the opposition cause and go back to their old party, is the argument we are given.

Does this argument apply to all ex-Umno or ex-BN people in the opposition who are yet to leave the opposition to go back to the ruling party?

… ex UMNO and ex BN people like Chua Jui Meng, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, Azmin Ali and wakakaka Anwar Ibrahim?

Anyway, Jonson Chong left just as did Zaid, Gobala and Nalla, and a host of others. Mustaffa Kamil was given a high party post, an act of mollification which incidentally Chegubard resoundingly rejected.

Given this background of unmitigated dissatisfaction, distaste and disgust with the EC-type party elections/management, signaling the utter corrupt rot in the party, do you think a man like Zaid Ibrahim, who could have remain within UMNO as a minister, would consider rejoining PKR?

TMI also reported that: Online portals and blogs including Malaysia Today have claimed the letter was written by Nurul Izzah’s political enemies within PKR following speculation that she would become PR’s future candidate for prime minister.

For more, see Malaysia-Today’s
Nurul Izzah nafi surat beracun.

I’m not in the least surprised at the attempted backstabbbing of Nurul, considering someone in PKR recently framed Chegubard (Badrul Hisham Shahrin) with a falsified twitter. Someone is sh*t scared of Nurul becoming No 1. Oh, PKR is indeed a nest of vipers - the acorn hasn't far from the oak tree.

And just who would be Nurul's political enemies within PKR?

Just go through this post again and you should be able to find the answer.

KITA - the example of Zaid Ibrahim
Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly
Anwar & Zaid Ibrahim's - chalk & cheese
PKR party election - the horror stories continue
Gobalakrishnan leaves the poison behind


  1. KT,the fact that people within PKR is afraid that Nurul might emerged as front runner for PM is always in many peoples minds.If your's truly and many critics say that Nurul is not PM material why are frontrunners in her own party,PKR scared of her.Words for thought.

  2. KT,last sentence should be 'Words worthy for thought'.Cheers.

  3. No doubt PKR party has shown weak management in the past.
    Anwar released from jail....thousands rushed to join the party....and Anwar is to be blame for choosing candidates based on his so call good judgments to stand for the 12th GE.
    Penang DAP government is suffering from that...and Anwar has apologized to Lim Guan Eng.
    Why must old story retold again?
    Why must Nurul be the target of criticisms?
    Mother and daughter are the hope for a future female PM and both are loved dearly by Malaysians.
    Has Nurul cheated millions like Shahrizat?
    Go to Malaysiankini and veiw the few photos of her RM10 million Condo at Scott Road...S'pore.
    With so much proofs MACC taking their time yo investigate...where all investigating are done already by Malaysians that cares.
    You think Lim Guan Eng...Lim Kit Siang...Hadi Awang...and Tok Guru Aziz will just sit around and let Zaid and Nurul spoil their chances for 13th GE?
    Rumor mongering...for what reasons?

  4. If we can tolerate two idiots as PMs and a Dictator for 22 years...all corrupted like hell..why can't we give Nurul a chance...if Malaysians want her to be the first lady PM?
    Why are we building up a case to list her out from moving forward?

  5. monsterball, you missed the point, that PKR insiders (not BN people) are the ones backstabbing Nurul and Chegubard (after they had already backstabbed Nalla, Zaid, Gobala, etc etc, and ignored Jonson)

  6. OK KTemoc...I apologize ..missing the point...and fully agree with you.
    I am sure a rare one like her will be well protected by PR way or another.
    Happy New Year KT.

  7. When one is trusted and love and respected by Malaysians for being a good and sincere Lim Guan can expect all sorts of shit thrown to him.
    Nurul is no exception.
    In an way it is good to know who are the crabs in PR parties.
    Most of them are out or sacked..and I think...their candidates for 13th allocations for each party will be based on not race but Malaysians voters....wanting who and who to win.
    Lim Kit Siang has openly challenge BN for Sarawak.
    Anwar is to focus on Sabah with PAS..for East Malaysia.
    In call West Malaysia...much easier.
    Outcome of few States results are assured....mostly due to young first time voters...wanting change.
    Why do you think Najib's 13th GE "around the corner" is the longest corner with no two ends meet at all.
    He is Pekan or wherever he chooses to stand for election.
    He is a real disgrace to all Muslims....and vast majority Malays hate him like poison.

  8. When a party like PKR suddenly become so popular in such a short time..and when Najib can keep throwing money to buy is not easy to know who is sincere and who is not..until..things go out of control.
    Take Hasan Ali of PAS as an example.
    He has apologized ....but can he be trusted?
    Yet...PAS leaders need to play along the game...for PAS do have Islamic fanatics like in UMNO b too...and if Hasan Ali resigns..maybe few hundreds may follow him.
    I am sure...Hadi and Tok Guru know how to play along to maintain PAS's position in Kelantan.
    keDAILan has Selangor and Perak.
    Look what happen to Perak?
    And in Selangor...Khalid does not escape criticisms too.
    In away..the delay in13th GE is good for keDAILan party needs more time to manage well.
    DAP is actually the ROCK of PR group...and Anwar knows ghat too well,
    And with Anwar expecting to go to jail...PR will be much much stronger...for PR day..Anwar will be released and be PM.

  9. You do not want to obey the mighty USA? Then you get 'cancerized'

  10. ;-) monsterball, regarding your statement "... In an way it is good to know who are the crabs in PR parties. Most of them are out or sacked ..." I believe you've missed the point again.

    Those so-called "crabs" sacked or had left the party (with some exceptions like the Kulim Wonder and a golf course enthusiast wakakaka) were "done in" kau kau (and thus forced, compelled by frustration & fedup-ness into leaving PKR) by the very same PKR people who are now backstabbing Nurul and Chegubard wakakaka.

    The thread of this post is NOT about BN, Najib, Lim GE, DAP, etc but about the most rotten treachery within PKR = a treachery so insidious that those poeple would even "sabo" Nurul.

  11. Don't trust politicians especially those in BN and ex-BN.
    There have too many complains on PKR's elections and yet the ex-UMNO deputy leader, Anwar, refused to comment. How did ANWAR became the deputy leader in UMNO by deposing Ghafar? Where did ANWAR obtain the funds to gain his votes to become the deputy leader in UMNO? Is PKR's elections have the same unsavoury elements in UMNO's elections, vote buying and vote rigging? You maybe a fantastic ORATOR but you are a useless administrator and a lousy leader. Time to replace ANWAR with a more capable leader but definitely NOT AZMIN ALI nor CHUA JUI MIN, the slimeball from MCA.
    NOTE: I AM NOT AN UMNO CYBERTROOPER. IF PAKATAN WINS GOVERNMENT, PAS should their leaders as the PM and not anyone from PKR, except NURUL.

  12. As usual monsterball is out to jump on BN. It's got everything to do with PKR people.
    BN don't care about Nurul or Aunty Jijah or the leather king.
    There's so much behind-the-scene acrimony between Nurul and mother and Azmin who is the father's crown prince.
    How to wrest Putra Jaya when they themselves are bickering.
    It's best that Bontoti is send to Amazon forest, Zaid to Borneo jungle and Azmin to Papua New Guine highlands.
    These three cannot work wih others. Let them be king of their own jungle.
    Let them wear loin cloth, jumping from tree to tree, like Tarzan in a kingdom of one.

  13. //It's best that Bontoti is send to Amazon forest, Zaid to Borneo jungle and Azmin to Papua New Guine highlands.//

    It's also best that buttercup be sent to saiful bukhari azlan for a non-stop 48-hour long anal session, and then get AIDS in the process

  14. Yip Buttercup......I am one of the millions of traitors that Najib must fight to defend Putrajaya and I apologize to no UMNO b crooks...nor a skunk like you for reading the post wrongly...except to KTemoc.
    You put out tons of nonsense.
    It is the mentality and behavior of lost souls captured by Mahathir...which I am sure you will kiss his arse if you get the opportunity to do so.
    "As usual monsterball...bla bla bla"..said Buttercup.
    hi do you earn your millions?
    I repeat...say..."Monsterball please leave the blog. I beg you"...then I leave.
    If can never comment to fool anyone.

  15. Anon 7.57AM...Non stop 48-hour boom boom boom Buttercup's cup...her cup will need surgery to sew all the cracks and make the size smaller to fool all customers..and AIDS take 10 years to kill.
    She has to keep on going when the going is good ...dreaming..all the millions she can earn.. BOOOM BOOOM BOOOM

  16. "F her no time" or .."FOOLING with time" it.....KTemoc??
    Be versatile!!

  17. OK, guys, take a brief break from politics and contemplate something totally different. Here's a rather charming and astute remark, from today's newspaper and attributed to Nick Nolte (the actor), which seems to hit the mark squarely:

    "When you start thinking about death more than sex, you know you're getting old."

  18. I never think or fear death.
    I am 72 years old...still thinking how to shaft in Buttercup's cup.
    Death is part of living.
    Nick Nolte is a great actor.
    I like "Lorenso Oil" he acted....a true story....very moving and great acting skills.
    I try not to miss...watching.. all his movies.

  19. Methinks Buttercup is a guy lah....and methinks he is "QD" in Sakmongkol's comments section, a diehard Mahathir's fan.

    He wished Anwar, Zaid and Azmin would vanished off to the various jungles/highlands.....may I add to this wish list. If only Mahathir would ride off into the sunset in his Braziland range, taking Ibrahim Ali with him......malaysians really do need some peace and quiet.

    Re the traitorous backstabbing within PKR....there shouldn't be any surprise there. You can take an Umnonite out of Umno, but you can't take the Umno out of him. This cliche is ever so true. It's the nature of the beast - forever taiko, king of thugs.

  20. Anon 7:09pm

    You beat me to the gun.After following monsterball and Buttercups tit for tat for a while,Buttercup's latest comment mentioning aunt Jijah has me wondering if he is actually QD,as QD only called Shahrizat Aunty Jijah in Datuk Sak's blog.

    It has to be QD as he is very quiet in Sak AK47.Maybe posting under another identity.Is it actually you,my buddy QD.

  21. Hi, monsterball ... looks like you enjoy movies. Yup, quite right, Nolte is a competent and likeable star. Richard Gere is another actor in the same league, whose recent films Shall We Dance with Jennifer Lopez, and Hachi: A Dog's Story are charming and heartwarming, esp. Hachi. At IMDb grown men have confessed to getting all teary-eyed towards the end of Hachi!!

  22. hahahahahaha...Buttercup under concluded a QD.
    What is a QD....Quack Doctor?
    Don't tell me he is Queen Dressmaker.
    oh gosh!!...not a complicated..Quasi Dude!!
    He claims to earn Distributor?

  23. Anon 11.50PM...Yes I love and collect movies.
    For last two years crazy over 3D ...bought 3D TV...player and buy all 3D Blu-Ray movies.
    So excited to see "Avatar" as I saw in cinema got tired of it.
    Do you know Richard Gere speaks excellent Japanese language and made a Japanese movie...talking Japanese only?
    I like "Hachi"....very moving and sad. I love dogs all my life.
    His live in partner for 15 years....Cindy Crawford....which I suspect..he is gay...and she is a lesbian.
    I collect movies by actors and actresses the thousands...changing from VHS..and now...from DVD to Blu-Ray DVD...with so many duplicates I gave away to my friends and relatives.
    Now...almost all my movie collection are very sharp and clear...nice to watch.
    The one actor...I like most is Robert Downey Jr...with his excellent performance in "CHAPLIN"...and forgotten for 15 years as a drug addict.
    Now he is back...
    "Sherlock Holmes"..."Iron Man"...making millions.
    Go see..Al Pacino
    "Scarface"...and all his movies...great acting too.
    For my rare collection...I found Johnny Weissmuller "Tarzan" movies...all in DVD.
    If you like old nice movie....I suggest you look out for "The Good Earth" and "Inn of the 6th Happiness"
    Right now...watched "AVATAR " in 3D for the 20th time..the one and only movie ...produced in 3D format...and all others are copying the producer...James Cameron...who also produced..."Titanic"...both blockbusters movies.

  24. Anon 11.50PM...I am English educated and I had to deal with all Chinese educated customers.
    I speak few Chinese dialects well.....but not Mandarin nor understand China's history.
    Bought books on China history...even comics on Chinese famous plays....and master the knowledge of "The Romance of the Three Kingdom" and shocked all my customers talking mandarin and China history....and all become by faith customers....making me a millionaire overnight.
    That was 30 years ago.

  25. Aiya why you all bother about Buttercup. He pliagriaze people's comments and made is his own. He must surf every blog to pick up some quotes. Same for Monsterball also. Surfing everywhere and copy and paste.

  26. This Arm Chair Critic eyes need specs and brain need check up.
    I read mostly from reading news to gather knowledge...and put out my thoughts.
    I guess this Anon 7.00AM idiot is used to copying to pass exams.
    My thoughts and comments are most original with knowledge gathered here and there.
    I wonder where did he learn to speak...from school or from his mother's arse hole?

  27. Previously this Anon supports Buttercup.
    Now he insults Buttercup... pulling me along.
    Typical UMBO b mentality and behavior...behaving nice but cunning and idiotic.

  28. Guys....I know he is trying to irritate me...and I need my blood pressure up in the harm done to my health....only make me feel younger....hahahahahaha
    I wonder how Buttercup feels?
    I guess he is out to make millions time to talk.

  29. Hi, monsterball, looks like my guess that you like movies hit the jackpot! ;) Changing technologies can be somewhat of a headache though - just when a person has amassed a nice, comprehensive selection of his favourite movies along comes the new tech that renders all the older media more or less useless and so the collector has to start collecting from scratch all over again.

    You mentioned Al Pacino's Scarface ... yes, that's a wonderful piece of film-making, one of my favourites, and my favourite actor too - and breathtakingly violent!

    Directors too are vital to the quality of the film, and there're many outstanding ones - Brian dePalma (Scarface, Carrie), Spielberg, Ang Lee, Michael Mann, etc. Michael Mann's "Heat" with Pacino and Robert DeNiro is superb, and also his version of "Last of the Mohicans" is unforgetable!

    Oh wow! What was intended as a minor diversion from talking politics has morphed into a major hijacking of Kaytee's topic. hehehe Mea culpa, Kaytee!

  30. Finally....I am talking to a
    "Rover...not Anon anymore.
    Yes..Rover...I collect movies under different{British...Roman and what have you}....Directors films....Comic hero characters...on and on.
    Especially "Star Wars"..I spent thousands on the movies...from VHS to current format. My prized toy is not Darth Vader which I spent thousands buying from ....but in a remote Indonesian Thai village...where on guy make the figures from nuts & bolts...and I found the two robots...done unbelievably real...with old bicycle and motor cycle parts...not expensive to buy too.
    This is not polluting the blog la...KTemoc.
    This is parting knowledge and experiences for readers to enjoy reading...helping your blog to be more colorful...HAHAHAHAHA

  31. "Rover" is a poor man's Rolls Royce.
    That's how Rover advertized their cars..up to today.
    Yes...advance in technology have their good and bad points.
    But it will not replace good acting skills for sure.
    I have a unique collecting of clowns and comedian figurines...more than 400 of them.

  32. Happy New Year to all.

  33. In Anwar's blog...there is a post where Anwar put out ..Nurul open all Malaysians...relating to KTemoc's post.
    Give her your support...if you can and put out a comment at Anwar's blog.
    The more Malaysian Chinese..supporting her..the better.
    She is still young...and sensitive.

  34. Happy new year everyone. Whatever Petra said in the NST today i have said before. There's nothing new there. Petra is as irrelevant as mr bontot.

  35. UMNO b supporter said it.
    PR supporter like me said it 2 years ago...that Raja Petra is for sale to the highest bidder.
    Anwar bought him for awhile...Mahathir too.
    Swing here .swing there...and before the 12th more money from Mahathir...swing back to Anwar...focusing on his daughter's election campaign...and keep exposing corruptions and murder.
    He was banished from Malaysia and PR keeps an arm length away from him.
    Now he is back...saying Anwar cannot be PM...indirectly echoing Mahathir's reasons.
    This man is a just a political blogger..a nobody like all of us..but political bloggers like ...Rockybru...zorro...kickdefella...are4 looking for jobs and opportunities.
    Be friends with them...but never trust any political blogger.
    Get it clear...Lim Kit Siang is not a political blogger.
    He is an elected politician...blogging.

  36. hi Rover..Bruno...what does QD mean?