Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Which Israel does USA want Hamas to recognise?

An impasse has evolved in the Middle East related to the incoming Hamas government. The Islamist militant group has rejected Western call for it to cease violence against Israel, and recognise the Jewish State.

Hamas has now turned to Arab states for funds to keep the Palestinian Authority running. The USA appears to be playing a double face game, publicly threatening to cut off funds while secretly asking Arab nations like Saudi Arabia to increase their funding to the new Hamas government to make up for the reduced or cut-off American aid.

The US motive is of course centred around its own Middle East policy, for a Palestinian Authority deprived of funds will collapse into chaos, taking down with it President Bush’s plans for the region. You can bet that everything the USA has planned for the region will be in Israel’s favour. A chaotic Palestinian situation will add greater violence to the region. While Israel may be militarily superior, the constant harassment by aggrieved Palestinian insurgents will impose an unaffordable security, economic and financial strain on both Israeli and US resources.

The Europeans are also wary that cutting off funds to a democratically elected Hamas government will make them look like hypocrites, as well as driving the Palestinians into the Iranian and Syrian camps.

Up to now, not one, yes, not one Western country has turned 180 degrees around from Hamas and stared Israel in the face to say, “You too should cease your violence.”

Such has been the Holocaust-guilt cringe of the Europeans that they fear criticising the Israelis, and such has been the obsession of the US Christian Right for a Holy Land that is once again trodden by “Hebrews” in order for the return of the Messiah, that they would sacrifice common decency into helping the Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians, some of whom are ironically Christians like them.

And the constant demand for Hamas to recognise Israel begs one important question. Which Israel?

The Israel of pre-1967 War?

Or, the present Israel with an expanded border and a sinister Berlin Wall that snakes itself around choice Palestinian land in the West Bank coupled with a avaricious resettlement scheme that embraces the entire city of Jerusalem?

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