Friday, February 10, 2006

Ball's now in Israel's court

Maybe Hamas has heard KTemoc’s proposal for peace in the middle East as suggested in my posting Realistic choice for both Israelis and Palestinians ;-) or maybe it’s upping the ante after it heard Israel’s acting PM Ehud Olmert appropriating Palestinian land as posted in Should Hamas recognise double-talking Israel?. But Hamas has just offered Israel a long term truce if the Jewish military withdraws to the 1967 borders.

This has been an amazing concession by Hamas who has hitherto refused to recognise Israel and vowed to destroy it. The USA and the world must realise that Hamas cannot publicly renounced violence against Israel completely unless Israel demonstrates some reciprocal concession, such as a withdrawal to the 1967 biundaries. Of course things have been made more difficult by Olmert declaring Israel wanting to grab and keep large chunks of Palestinian land.

Surely, the ball is now in Israel’s court so the world must now judge Israel and not Hamas. It's high time the Israelis be made to account for their unacceptable land stealing crimes.

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