Saturday, February 11, 2006

Malaysian Wannabe Kamikaze Pilot - 2nd 9/11?

President Bush, desperate to justify his illegal wire-tapping, a crime in the USA, has revealed a plot involving a Malaysian to carry out another 9/11 in Los Angelos.

Zaini Zakaria was funded by al Qaeda some ¾ of a million ringgit to train as a pilot (with 2 others) so he could fly into the 310-metre high US Bank Tower a la the air prangs at Twin Towers. al Qaeda decided to mask its intentions from the US authorities by using Asian rather than Arab operatives, hence Zaini was selected. But the terrible outcome of the Twin Towers attacks made Zaini changed his mind.

I think there is a considerable difference between a Malaysian kamikaze pilot and a wannabe kamikaze pilot. Zaini wasn't trained yet as a competent pilot, so Bush's revelation was exaggerating a bit on the sensational to justify the importance for wire-tapping phones of Americans, and perhaps to show that his security measures had paid dividends.

Currently Zaini is enjoying nasi campur (rice) at Kamunting, Malaysia’s security detention centre.

Hope those PAS hotheads that I advised against listening to its Youth Leader swearing about ‘willing to die’ in PAS: Wrong Target, Wrong Slogans, Wrong Leadership! should take note that al Qaeda’s leaders themselves never ever become suicide bombers or kamikaze pilots, only others did.

It’s not a behaviour unique to al Qaeda because, as we can see, bellicose US Vice President Dick Cheney and his neo-cons had never ever set foot in a combat zone as soldiers, but they haven't hesitated sending other people's children - young ordinary American men and women - to war. Dick Cheney took 5 deferments from duty in Vietnam.

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