Wednesday, February 15, 2006

US & Israel plans to destabilise HAMAS govt

According to the New York Times, the US and its ‘master’, Israel have been planning monkey tricks, namely, to isolate and destabilise the democratically elected Hamas, unless of course the Palestinian majority party recognises Israel’s right to exist, renounces armed resistance and accept previous Palestinian-Israeli agreements.

The plan to destabilise Hamas has been made at the highest levels of the US State Department and the Israeli Government. Does that mean Condoleeza Rice and Ehud Olmert? Or, if Rice doesn't know, has she been treated like a mushroom [kept in the dark and fed bullshit] like Colin Powell was? US and Israeli officials even alleged that Hamas won a smaller election mandate than previously claimed, said the discussions to

The plot goes like this - If Hamas fails to comply, the US and Israel will work to deny it financial assistance from whoever has been giving the Palestinian Authority to function as a government. Currently Europeans provide the largest portion of the financial aid necessary for effective administration such as health, security, schooling, etc. That is now rather iffy given the way the Arabs have reacted against the Scandinavians in the caricature business.

The aim is to reduce the Hamas administration into a improverished shambles, and turn dissatisfied Palestinians against the government, and ensure Fatah's re-election. In fact, the Israel-US plotters have been brazen enough to reveal (or leak out) to the NYT that once that happens, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President will call for frssh elections. This kind of revelation, apart from its arrogance in interfering with the wishes of the Palestinain people, and treating them like subordinate colonial subjects, won't do much good for poor Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah.

It reminds me of what former US State Secretary James Baker, who acted as Bush’s recount representative in the dodgy Miami voting during the 2000 Presidential Election, said of Al Gore’s insistence on recounts, “We cannot keep counting until we get our desired votes.”

Well, James Baker should tell the Bush Administration (full of neo-con Zionists) and Israel, “We cannot keep having Palestinian elections until we get our desired candidates.”

On 1st February, after Israel and the USA had gone hysterical over Hamas democratic election victory, I asked in my posting Which Israel does USA want Hamas to recognise?

In that posting I wrote:

And the constant demand for Hamas to recognise Israel begs one important question. Which Israel?

The Israel of pre-1967 War?

Or, the present Israel with an expanded border and a sinister Berlin Wall that snakes itself around choice Palestinian land in the West Bank coupled with a avaricious resettlement scheme that embraces the entire city of Jerusalem?

Now, one of Hamas more moderate leaders, Aziz Duweik, told al Aljazeera last week:

"Which Israel do they want us to recognise? Is it Israel with the West Bank, Israel with the Golan Heights, Israel with East Jerusalem, Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, let Israel show us its borders, and then we talk about mutual recognition."

Nope, Hamas didn’t ring me up. Hmmm, they might have read my posting? ;-)

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