Thursday, February 02, 2006

Different Year of Dog for Kenyans

Now, it seems starving Kenyans have said YES to a Kiwi’s offer of dog food to feed their hungry.

They have agreed to their starving children eating dog food rather than starving to death. Thomas Oddo, who recently lost a child due to starvation said: "It is better to eat dog's meat than succumb to death." And man, that’s a parent of a lost child speaking.

Kenyan parents accused their leaders of opposing the Kiwi woman’s offer only to satisfy their nationalistic egos, but unfortunately at the expense of milluions of malnourished children. They said the dog food would have saved the starvings. I truly sympathise with the Kenyans' dire predicament, though I must admit, I wonder why the Kiwi woman has offered dog food when New Zealand has more sheep than it needs.

Those Kenyan parents also accused some Kenyan senior government officials of corruption, taking and selling away relief food meant for Kenya’s hungry.

The situation sounds real bad. I think it’s time to dig into our pockets to help our fellow beings in Kenya. Visit the Red Cross or Oxfam and help those less fortunate than us.

Kiwi offers dog food to Kenya's hungry

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