Thursday, February 16, 2006

Courageous Israeli soldiers killed extremely aggressive 8-year old "terrorist suspect"

Just slightly over two weeks, the mighty Israeli army shot dead two young Palestinina females. The first was an 8-year old child, Aya al-Astal. She was shot four times, twice in the neck, on 27th January. Her bullet riddled body was discovered hours later. Then 2 days ago, 25-year old Nayfa Abu Imsaa'id, a goat herder, was killed when an Israeli high velocity bullet penetrated her heart. She died next to her home near the Israeli border.

Very accurate shooting - first, twice right in the teenie weenie little neck of a small girl, then downwards through the shoulder right into the heart.

But the Israeli military said that it was difficult to discern who people were at night. When asked whether the soldiers were wearing night goggles or using binoculars, the spokesman evaded the query by claiming the soldiers had fired warning shots first.

Hmmm, but somehow the so-called warning shots, which were supposed to be fired into the air, killed the two young female on the ground next to their houses on Palestinian land.

Yasir Abu Imsaa'id, a cousin of the dead young woman, said:

"Just before the afternoon prayer, she and her friend went outside for a stroll. They were taking a walk near their goats, when suddenly they were fired at from the east, beyond the border.”

"Anyone that gets near that area, even as far as 1 kilometre away, is shot at immediately, suspicious or not. They have no mercy for any human who lives there, even though it is clearly a Palestinian area. It is their home. But they shoot at anyone anyway, and this has happened time and again."

"She was a peaceful young woman who kept to herself. May God accept her soul."


  1. oh my goodness, this is so repulsive!

  2. From being victims of the Nazi Germans, the Zionist Israelis now have become worse than their former oppressors!

    Britain who robbed the Palestinians of their lands is responsible for creating this Monster!

    The British treacherously handed over Palestine to the Zionist Federation at the expense and loss of the Palestinians!

    Click the link below to see the British Lord Balfour declaring Palestine to be made the new home for the Jews!

    Today, these Israeli trespassers are wantonly committing genocide against the Palestinians right before the whole world and the USA is their sugar daddy , supplying money and weaponry to keep the Zionist Jews in power!

    Talk about the greatest injustice being perpetrated upon the Palestinians by the world's major Terrorist Countries in the likes of America and it's Mother England!

    Hypocritical Mass Murderers with their offspring in the likes of the terrorist Israeli regime!!!