Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An Evil Man

This man is the absolute pits in human decency. He is an absolute disgrace in any language, society or environment.

Bill Handel, host of a Los Angeles radio KFI640, has the disgraceful indecency to made fun of the death of Muslim pilgrims during a stampede in Mecca recently.

Yes, MAKE FUN of people being stampeded to death!

Regardless of whether people killed in some unfortunate accident or natural disaster were Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists, not one decent human being would laugh at the tragedy of another human being, let alone hundreds of them. It would be akin to laughing at the sufferings and tragedy of the victims of the Holocaust or the Asian tsunami.

When called upon by the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to apologise, he said he will, BUT ONLY if an Islamic civil rights group denounces terrorism and acknowledges Israel's right to exist.

What the f**k has that got to do with his making fun of people being stampeded to death? Indeed, what the f**k has that got to do with his shameful behaviour?

CAIR responded that its record against terrorism stands for itself, that it has always stated its opposition to violence. It called Handel's conditions nothing more than a stubborn smoke screen for his refusal to take responsibility for his indecent remarks.


  1. So, it's not ok for the rest of the world to say anything bad or make fun of Islam but it is ok for al jazeera to openly broadcast extreme Islamic view of calling for the death of non-Muslims world wide? Someone writes a book that criticizes Islam and the Ayatollah wants him dead but it is ok for Muslims to call Christians infidel and want them dead?

  2. Liked your death and bestiality joke, by the way. Just watch out or CASR (the Council for Australian Sheep Relations) will ask YOU for an apology...

  3. laughing at people being stampeded to death - fun?

    I don't recall al Jazeera laughing at other people's miseries! Hellooooo, it's a newsbroadcaster - meaning it broadcast startling news, sensational or otherwise. It's called a scoop! Remember Pat Robertson - he called for teh assassination fo Hugo Chavez. Inciting the killing of a foreign Head of State is a crime, so is he behind bars?

    Regarding you comment on Salman Rushie, hang on, I'll be blogging on that! Though for the moment, there's no denying Ayatollah did call for his death.

  4. some people can't distinguish between real life evil (laughing at people being stampeded to death) and a joke (no matter how macabre) based on traditional trans-Tasman friendly rivalry, but as they aren't from hereabouts, I suppose one can't blame them. Of ocurse, OTOH, they could eb desperate!

    I wonder how they would feel if a radio jock from the ME, Africa, South America or Asia makes fun of people jumping off the TT? But don't worry, that won't happen elsewhere!

  5. Quote
    I don't recall al Jazeera laughing at other people's miseries!
    End Quote

    What kind of ignorant statement is that? Read rafeedah bigbuns' comments.

  6. al Jazeera laughing? or al Jazeera showing clips of people laughing?

    American radio jock laughing or reading/announcing scenes of people laughing?

    No, the sad ignorant statement has been yours.

    Look up the archives and read how, many years ago, an American radio jock sang "Happy Birthday" on 06 August and was sacked the next day.

    Sadly today, we read of another American jock laughing of people being killed in a stampede and remained totally unscathed, defiantly refusing to apologise for his indecent shameful immorality.

    What's the difference? Well, in the former, those killed were Japanese, close friends of the USA post-WWII, while in the latter case, those killed were despised Muslims from Arab or Muslim nations!

    The other difference had been an ignorant segment of Arab public living under severe Israeli persecution and full of unjustified anger (to their shame), against a supposedly professional making public announcement over the radio waves in such disgusting irresponsible manner. Has Americans come to this to even equate the two scenes?